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Toulon-sur-Allier, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes


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About Me

CamGirl, sarcastic b!t*h, slight misanthrope, painfully honest, diehard introvert, misunderstood soul, natural beauty, anti-materialist, hopeless romantic, sexual degenerate (actually that's what I like to believe, I'm actually a bore...) pansexual, loyal comrade, well-travelled curious explorer, culture buff, cunnilingus err I mean cunning linguist, VideoGames freak, major cuddler, sensual lover, revengeful psycho, workaholic beast, selfie illiterate, Disney figurines hoarder, EcoManiac, (...You still reading away ?? :-/ ...don't You people have an occupation ?...) vice-free, political concocter, animal lover, loser in love, super OCD with neat/cleanliness/order & organising, I am constantly craving for new things to impress Me, new wonders to fascinate Me & new people to fall in love with...
For TONS more uber neat & interesting stuffs to find out, You only need to write Me!! :]
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