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I am a single mom of a 25 year old son who was vaccine damaged multiple times. First by DTP vaccination resulting in encephalitic scream beginning before age 1 til beyond age 3...And then MMR at age 18 months (Sept. 9,1992) resulted in him falling into the abyss of 'autism'. He lost what words he had left after a tetanus shot at age 3 1/2. Now at age 25 he has no effective means of communication, severely impaired receptive language (understanding of the spoken word) no academic skills, limited personal care skills, severe tic disorder, OCD, ADHD, he must be supervised 24/7 for his own safety. My life has revolved around searching for the MANY keys that may unlock my boy from his prison so that he may live his life independently. Paul has 2 sisters, Jessica is his twin, Beth is 2 years older. His sisters have moved on with their own lives. My greatest fear is what may happen to him when I am gone. I am trusting God to watch over him.
I, myself have been suffering from a back injury 2 years ago in Feb. 2014, resulting in 2 herniated discs, sacroiliac dislocation, twisted hip and psoas muscle problems. This has resulted in excrutiating pain in the last couple of years. Although improved, bearing weight and lifting my left leg us extremely painful making it necessary to walk with 2 canes at the present time. I am hopeful that I may find help for both my son and myself through cannabis.
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