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Father and Husband. Hard working man. In love w my long time babe. MaryJ!!
I started my life long affair w MARYJANE around 25 years ago. I was born w, what is known as, a hemangioma. My fourth finger on my left hand grew painful; along with a size increase, tissue discoloration and decreasing consistency in tissue texture. It grew to the point of not being able to put on my work gloves, boxing gloves and latex gloves for sanitary reasons. At first I was a child(9 yrs old) and I only knew it hurt. Everyday pain became another normal feeling.
At 11 yrs old I tried marijuana for the first time and realized I couldnt feel the pain from my nerve endings in my finger!!! I knew thereafter that I'd likely search for this sweet relief constantly. Constantly searching for the release of my pain. Mary Jane saved me years n years of tormenting pain. Excruciating at times. The slightest bump or nudge would send shockwave after shockwave of pain shooting up my arm. I lobbied year after year w the Dr.'s for a way to fix it. None could.
Therefore, though not in a state where it's legal, I smoked and smoked day after day because the pain regimen (Norco 10s) I was finally prescribed, after 9 years of unrelieved (besides Mary) pain, didn't fix anything. It just made me sick of pills and feel loopy. Mary acted instantly. She literally saved my life from that much more excruciating pain. In 2013, I had a procedure to remove the offending digit!???
I now have 7 fingers and 2 thumbs to roll the finest J's and spark the box?. Now Mary is utilized to desensitize my phantom finger and make my day enjoyable even more. She is a part of my life and welcome.
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