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We have developed quite a steamy email correspondence chain while we are apart. We love to write each other steamy stories that we play parts in or sometimes she likes to relay her true sexual adventures she's experienced since we separated and she lowered her inhibitions. The stories that are made-up could be considered as true-stories, because they are always deeply rooted in an actual event we shared or a fantacy one or both of us really wants to act upon. I will post more of them as time allows, and I hope everyone enjoys them as much as we enjoyed writing them, reading them, fantasizing about them, or actually living them. This first one was my creation. She was out of town, and asked me "How would you ravage me dear? Tell me." So I placed the story into where she was staying and added the plot of one of her hungrily-desired fantasies...to be manhandled and taken against her will:

Hmmm.....so you want to know how I would ravage you tonight? Lets see.....there are many ways it could happen; how will I do it to you tonight? OOOH, I know! You get off work friday and made a quick trip to the hotel to freshen up before you go out. You go meet your friends for a few drinks, some flirting, and some dancing. The combination of the vodka, a bit of flirtatious fun with some guy, and the dancing that got a little "heated" with him....you find yourself getting back to the hotel late. You make your way to your room, insert the card, and at the click of the mechanism...you open the door and begin to enter the room. Halfway through the door, someone comes up from behind you and locks you in their arms and pushes you through the doorway. Covering your mouth, I whisper in your ear, "Its me, so don't you dare scream.....I am tired of your teasing and your flirting.....Im here to take what I want, and your gonna do it!" I remove my hand; you dont scream, but you try to squirm out of my arms, try to turn.....but I hold you fast in my arms' embrace. I grasp both sides of your pink, silk blouse and rip it open; buttons fall to the floor. I roughly caress your breasts through your lacy brassiere, but its not enough....so I grab your shirt and bra straps at your shoulders and yank both down forcefully to your waist. You again try to use this opportunity to pull away, but my arms flip up quickly; I grab your breasts, and pull you back against me. As I caress them, I also roll your nipples between my fingers and thumbs. You can feel me getting hard; it pressing against your butt as I rub against you. You begin to breath deeper and try to reach for my growing hardness...But I say "No!", spin you around, and rip open the clasp on your black slacks....yanking them down with your panties to the floor. I put my hands on your shoulders, force you down to your knees, and tell you to take out my penis. You do as I say as I wrap your hair around my left hand and pull your mouth onto my hard rod. I make you suck me and demand that you stroke it with your hand as you do. "Stroke it faster!" I demand. You seem to not mind this, so to step it up a notch, I order you to use your other hand on yourself. You try to embarrassingly object, but I cut you off and say, "Do it!". I lead your hand to your breast and make you caress your nipple as you suck and stroke me. I want you to do my will, to be punished for your naughty behavior lately, so I order you to touch yourself down there. You try to plead, but I once more cut you off with, "Do it!" and sarcastically add, "wild one?". You do as your told until I fear Im going to cum from your sucking and stroking....Im not done with you yet, so I pull you off and push you onto the bed. Before you can fully push me away with a foot, I grab your legs, kneel beside the bed, and pull you forcibly to my face. You squirm; you try to push my head away with you hands, but to no avail. I begin to gently trace your wetness with my tongue, and with no warning press my mouth firmly to you. Your resistance melts away to heavy breathing as you arch your back and grind yourself up to my face. Pushing hands turn to pulling ones as you moan, then squeal. You beg me to take you, so I prop myself over you as if I will...but I want to make you beg! I just tease you with the tip, barely parting your lips, barely feeling how wet you are now. You grab my butt and try to pull me in, but I force your hips back to the mattress with my hands. I begin to run the length of my shaft up and down, outside your wet lips...applying extra pressure when against your clitoris on every stroke. Your breathing quickens, your hips move faster, your pleasure builds...and then, wam!....I drive my whole length to the hilt into you. Your so wet and excited that it glides right in and elicits a scream from you. I give you no chance to recover; I begin to drive it all the way in over and over roughly. You try to roll over on top of me, but I grab both your breasts and push you back to the bed; squeezing them harder as I slam into you faster and faster. You say you can't stand anymore, but in answer to that, I just do you harder. You try to turn your hips away, backing off my throbbing hard penis; it glistens from your wetness. I use your momentum to spin you over, grap a handful of your hair, and pull your head back as I reenter you. I hammer you fast and hard; our skin slapping together. You try to object, but only moans and yelps come out when you open your lips to speak. I feel my climax building as my rod glides in and out of you....so wet and hot inside! I drive it in one last time; really far...as I explode deep inside you. I ease myself out and you roll over, exhausted and out of breath. I scoot up the bed on my knees until my penis is near your face.....I dont need to command you this time, you know what I demand you to do. You take me into your mouth and suck me hard; Im so sensitive that it makes me twitch. We both lay back on the crumpled sheets, glistening with coital sweat, exausted and sated. You drift off.....
and when you awake; I am gone, and you wonder, "Was he even really here?"

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