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Similar has been the case with me despite efforts my activities remained confined to looking at those lovely girls that comes to shopping in the markets.
One day I was sitting in the bookshop being run by my close friend that a girl wearing white ‘Shalwar Qameez’ strolled into the shop. She began to run her eyes across the wall against which magazine of different flavor were hanging. My friend got up and went near her to ask her choice. "I am looking for a book containing critical appreciation of essays of Bertrand Russell." She inquired.
As she was telling her choice to my friend, my eyes got engaged exploring her body. She was wearing so tight Qameez that I can measure the contour of her body. Her waist was slim. Above her belly were protruding two little globes confined by green bra. The Qameez was so see-through that I could see a little button ingrained in the center of her belly. My eyes begin to feast on her plump ass. I gazed her hand stayed on the glass-counter. Her fingers were thin and skin was so fair that I could see her thin veins. It aroused in me the feeling of erotic pleasure. My dick began to swell. I was so engrossed that I could not perceive her eyes exploring my absent mindedness.
"Don’t you have a book published by Oxford University Press?’ she spoke, with her inquiring voice my raptness broke.
My friend tuned to me, ‘Abbas, please help her,’ my friend requested, ‘looking for a good book relating to the critical appreciation of Russell’s essays.’ Simultaneously with a notion of hand he directed her to me. My heart began to strike against my ribs. For a while I found my face going yellow but I soon composed myself and say hello to her. As I had already gone through the critical appreciation of essays, so I offered her my-own prepared notes. I convinced her that preparation from the original books required a considerable time, so she had better take notes from me. Much to my surprise, she did not hesitate a little and said okay.
Evidently, I did not have notes at the spot, therefore I promised her the notes in the next day.
‘I have come’, she said, ‘from a far distance. It will be very difficult for me to come tomorrow, as my mother will not allow me to visit the market again.’
I did not want to miss the golden opportunity. I offered her provision of notes at the place where it was possible for her to come. Eventually, we agreed to meet at a place in the evening not very far from her home.
All the daylong, time continued hanging heavy on me. In the long run clock chimed five and I began to get ready. I stepped in my most expensive suit and departed to reach the meeting point.
Much to my surprise and pleasure, she was standing there waiting for me. I rushed to her and generously excused for being late. ‘Never mind’, she said bringing a smile over her cheeks. I stretched my hand out and gave her the notes I have brought along.
‘Thank you’, she said, to some extent, in a seductive voice.
The weather was pleasant. The fluffy clouds were flying over the sky. The drizzling has stopped which has not only washed the roads and trees planed on either sides of the road but also have instilled a stream of exhilaration into the people,
‘Why should we not have a cup of tea?’ I found myself muttering over the words.
‘As you like,’ She paused and ogled straight into my eyes.
I looked around; my eyes catch the sight of a restaurant.
‘Okay, this way,’ I steered her towards the restaurant.
We have not strolled the half way that I stopped pretending to be pondering over something. ‘Why should not we go to the house of my friend who is living not very far from here as it does not seem sophisticated to sit in the restaurant.’ I threw a plan.
‘It does not matter.’ She said shrugging her shoulders.
I felt delighted. I hired a taxi and went to my friend’s house.
‘Damn idiot!’ I exclaimed having found the door locked. ‘I think he has gone to watch the movie.’ I explained.
‘At times he hands over the key to the nearest shop.’ I expressed the hope of getting key. ‘You please stay for a while.’ I headed towards the shop.
Fortunately he had given the key to the shop owner. I got the key, waved it in the air before her cheerfully and opened the house.
I made her sit in the room and headed to the kitchen to prepare tea. While I was fooling around with the relevant material for the tea, I found her behind me.
‘Are you going to make tea?’ She inquired.
‘Yeah, I will not ask you help me as you are my guest.’ I said courteously.
During sipping tea, my eyes keep exploring her body. Her scarf had swept aside from her breast revealing tightly confined marvels in a bra. The vision of her breast naked made my dick erect. My eyes traveled down to examine the softness of her plump thighs. She was keeping one leg over the other. It had made the clothes stretched from the waist and knee. The sense of being alone with a girl without jeopardy of society was making me erotic and restless. I kept brainstorming how to make the move.
To my luck, her eyes fell unconsciously upon a magazine to lift that she made a sudden move. Her knee struck with her hand in which she was holding the teacup. She cried. Teacup flew in the air and simultaneously there was a splash of tea over her breast, arms and few drops also fell on her legs. She stretched her arms outward and looked at the tea-blemished placed over her clothes. Her face turned a bit pale. I stood, pulled out handkerchief from my pocket and began to rub the spots. My hands unconsciously held her hands and inspected them. Fortunately tea was not so hot. Her hands remained safe.
‘The blemish of tea did not evaporate even after deep washing.’ I expressed my suspicion.
‘My mother will not spare me at this mishap.’ She said frightfully.
‘You better wash the clothes,’ I suggested, ‘otherwise it will leave indelible marks of tea and I hope these will go dry within an hour.’
I found her convinced. She looked around. What would I wear in the course of washing?’ she inquired.
I looked around, saw a towel and advised her to wrap it.
She appeared a little reluctant. ‘Hurry, do it before the clothes go dried.’
She seemed still confused. I stepped forward, put my hand at the back to unzip her Qameez, before I yank the zip down, I stopped and asked: ‘are you wearing bra and panty?’
She nodded.
I, with haste in my hands, flung her Qameez over her shoulders.
Oh my God! Her inner body was fairer than her outer parts like face and hand. My mouth went watered.
I unfastened her Shalwar and let it drop down. A ripe girl was standing before me half-naked. I found myself about to explode. I, anyhow, controlling myself, lifted her clothes, handed her over, wrap the towel around the buttock, and took her to the bathroom. She started to wash the tea spots. This job hardly took ten minutes.
I showed her the pertinent place to where spread the clothes. I sank the same chair where I was before the mishap. I gestured her to sit on the chair. As she sat, the towel hiked up, revealing her thighs more than half. She tried to cover the thighs up to knee by dragging the end of the towel. Being too small, towel denied coming down. She tried to pull the towel down by force; it loosened from the waist.
She seemed puzzled and squirming into the chair. To dispel her shyness I ask her not be worried about the situation as we are alone here and no third one is here to see us.
To divert her attention from such situation, I began to talk her on different topics. In the course of gossip, the grip of towel from her waist keeps loosening little by little due to the smoothness of her skin and by the regular swelling of the belly. Eventually it went to the extent that if she stands, the towel gets dropped.
‘I think you like green color very much. As you are wearing green bra this time and also when I saw you in the shop.’ In inquired boldly.
‘How do you know I was wearing green bra when I came in the shop.’ She blushed.
‘I see it through your Qameez because it was reasonably thin to attract my attention.’ I explained with a quivering in my voice.
I continued. ‘Your ripe breast, slim waist, thin fingers, ingratiating style of speaking, all invited me to gaze at you.’ Do you remember in the shop,’ going towards her I said, ‘I have been ogling at you.’
Sitting beside her, I flung my arm around her shoulder, she squirmed a little. Uncontrolled, I whispered, you are so beautiful that I could not resist the temptation of you well-carved figures. Spontaneously I leaned over her and planted a kiss on her flushed lips. Her mouth was shut; I began to run my tongue gently across her lower lip. I was panting. After a while I found her mouth opened. I darted my tongue into her mouth and began to such her tongue. She happened to be responsive. Our tongues got intertwined. I showered a trail of kisses on her eyes, nose, cheeks and neck. I took her earlobe into my lips and began to roll my tongue around it.
My fingers traveled down and started to run over her belly. Her panting got fast. I could hear her moans. My hands chafed her belly and impatiently cupped her breast and squeezed. A light moan came out of her mouth. She was writing. My lips traveled planting kisses towards her breast. At the cleavage, the presence of bra nauseated me. I threw my hand at her back and fumbled to unhook it. She let my hands unhooking the bra. The green piece of cloth titled down. To my pleasure the areola was small, as I dislike big brown circle around nipple. I cupped my grip and saw the red lines my fingers had left on her breast. I massaged the molested area and said sorry. In response she only heaved a long sigh. My mouth got watered. I lightly took her nipple in my mouth and began to roll my tongue around areola. Her nipple got tight. I pulled the nipple with the soft grip of my lips as if I was going to deracinate a little plant from its root. She moaned. I placed my lips on her mouth and began to knead her breast impatiently but softly. My lips began to travel, leaving behind the marks of kisses on his neck, passed across the middle of her breast, reached at her navel and strove to measure the depth of her navel.
I found my dick hard to control. My dick was overburdened and wanted to shower out the load.
I unwrap the towel from her thighs and much to my amazement there was, in the crotch, a spot of wetness. She was ready to receive my dick without inconvenience. I thought to end the foreplay. Before pulling down her panty I showered kisses o her inner thighs. She was oozing. Her pubic area had become wet. I inserted forefinger in her vagina. It was moistened. I thought to insert two fingers together but to my astonishment there existed an obstacle in the midway. Her revelation of being virgin was true. I gave a light pinch to the clit. She moaned and impatiently folded her arms around my chest. ‘Please fuck me slowly. I have not experience a dick in my vagina before.’ She gasped. The revelation created a storm in my emotions. The thought of fucking a virgin made my dick rock-hard.
‘Don’t worry, I explained dispelling the fear, you will find it delightful.’
I help her rose to her feet. I impatiently stepped out of my clothes and folder her in my arms. She was equally responsive now. She planted a kiss on my forehead. I measured the size of her buttocks. These were absolutely round, firm and silky. I squeezed them. Responding, she clung to me and began to rub her vulva against my pubic area. Her eyes were lightly shut. I steer her to the far end of the room where a big sofa was placed. I let her stretch on the sofa and began to shower kisses on the whole of her torso. I sucked her nipple, rolled my tongue around her areola and with my hands chafed her legs to make her reach at her highest erotic level.
I pulled her legs apart. Inner lips of her vagina seemed to me flickering a little as if anticipating the arrival of something very important. I composed myself between her legs and placed the bulbous head of my dick on her vulva. The touch of slippery vulva sent convulsive waves into my body. I tantalizingly rub the bulbous head against her vulva. Her moans grew higher. The head of my dick slipped inside; I felt a tight grip of her labia’s around the collar of my dick. For a while, I found my dick ejaculating but soon I divert my attention from the lust and got over my senses. I began to push the dick inside little by little.
‘Oooooooooooooohh!’ She sighed placing her hand on my belly. ‘I am,’ she groused, ‘feeling pain.’
‘Are not you feeling a salvo of pleasure in the presence of little pain?’ I inquired. She remained passive. Her lips got dried. I shoved in her, more than half of my dick went inside her ‘Sssseeeeeeeeeeeee!’ she lightly screamed that was a mixture of pain and pleasure.
I pulled out the dick a little and shoved in again and keep it doing for a while. I could sense the departure of pain from her moans. My eyes traveled down and saw a thin streak of blood oozing from her vagina. My dick was besmeared with her virgin blood. The sight of virgin blood increased the flow of erotic pleasure in my veins. I began ramming my dick in and out more furiously. She also began to move under me. I was perspired. I saw few drip of sweat on her forehead.
In the course of ramming I felt grave convulsion in my testicles and a barrage of sperm squirting from the tiny hold of my dick. I thirsted hard and fell flat upon her trying to submerge into her. I found my dick begin to shrink. I pulled it out and sat by her side and stretched my cheeks.
She kept there for a while, and suddenly she appeared to be coming in the real world. She stood, scurried to the clothes, and stepped in.
‘I ought to go now.’ She said.
I dropped her; in the way she told me her contact number and eventually we became good friend and played the game time to time.

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