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Something – hypnotism, magic, psychic brain surgery – has moved our relationship to a place we never knew existed. It’s what I suspected about our children all along. But I never expected it for my husband or my sister or myself.

We long ago had recognized that the children ‘touched’ each other with their emotions. Andrew calls it telempathy. But I must say that I was the first one of us to recognize the implications. I had guessed that they could ‘feel’ the emotions of others to the point that they understood what it was to be loved. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic.

Everyone knows what it’s like to love. But to feel the love of others, what would that mean? It would surely eliminate uncertainty in relationships. One wouldn’t need flower petals to determine if ‘he loves me’ or ‘he loves me not’. But what else would it mean? With Emma’s help we found out.

It’s the warmest, most comforting feeling in the world. It is equivalent to that first time you fell in love and for the very first time touched your lover. That first touch held so much meaning, was so warm and tender, at once exciting and fulfilling.

But this first touch is made inside your heart, touching not skin but souls. I was always sure of our love for each other. But it means much more to feel him inside of my heart, and to be inside his.

Other people must be so lonely. They can never experience truly interactive love.

After Emma had altered us, brainwashed us, programmed us, whatever, she left to allow us to explore our newfound sensibility. I was glad that Donnie had selfishly ridden Andrew for a quickie before Emma had come to us. I felt perfectly justified in taking my turn with our husband.

I’ve always been somewhat baffled but ecstatic by Andrew’s feelings about me. I knew he had them. He made that clear from the start, not just with his words but with his actions and his attitude. To me he always spoke with his heart. From our first time together so many years ago, I knew that the boy found me irresistible. I didn’t know why he felt that way, but it brought me more joy than I ever imagined.

I was his any way he wanted me. He was irresistible to me, too. He didn’t need to love me madly to have me. But love me he did.

Emma had left and I turned to look at my spouses. Andrew had fixed a gaze upon me, one that said everything. I suddenly realized that words were almost unnecessary because I felt what Andrew was feeling. There was love and adoration there. It made me feel proud and wanted. But rising behind the love, grabbing it and taking it higher was a rush of lust. I felt his lust and he felt mine. Our mutual lusts fed upon each other, not diminishing them but making them greater.

Love and lust, intermingled and indistinguishable, made us reach for each other, at first softly and romantically, but then with increasing urgency. I wanted him inside me. I needed to feel that gorgeous cock buried deeply within me, to be one with him in all ways.

He was already large and hard and seemingly growing larger and harder still. He rolled atop me and our lips met. My eyes closed. I didn’t need my eyes. I was seeing him with my heart.

I felt that huge bulbous head insinuate itself between my lips – my pussy lips. I let an involuntary groan escape my other lips. He slowly slid into me. I was already wet and ready. I’m always ready for him.

My eyes rolled back in my head as I felt myself become full to overflowing with Andrew. I’ve practiced several meditation techniques over the years, but here was the nirvana I had been reaching for - a transcendental feeling of bliss enriched with passion; my mind a perfect blank, my emotions one with my friend, my lover, my husband.

He began to plunge into me and it was as if I were plunging into myself. We had a combined soul! I felt tears flow from my eyes, my emotions too large for my small body to contain. He was inside of me. We were one. How empty I’ll feel without him.

We were touching in every way. This was the closest we have ever come to being a single being. Our passion was exposed, raw, and overwhelming. We were carrying each other higher and higher. My body clenched around him and I began to spasm in release.

My climax seemed to last a lifetime. My back was arched, forcing us even closer together. Suddenly I felt Andrew explode into me. He was a primal force of nature! I screamed my ecstasy as Andrew pumped his seed within me.

The aftermath of our first interactive fuck was almost as passionate as the event itself. Our emotions couldn’t seem to disengage. Our shared joy continued for several minutes until I opened my eyes to see Andrew staring at me. We smiled a secret smile of shared knowledge. I guess we really did know each other in the biblical sense.

Andrew’s Story

That was a distinctly unusual experience. All the while Dee Dee and I were fucking I felt Donnie’s hand on my ass. I remember turning to look at her right in mid-fuck. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be humping the air. I could feel her within me. Damn, she was into it almost as much as we were! This could be interesting.

Afterwards, when Dee Dee had finally returned to the land of the living, we talked it over.

I said, "Donnie, what was that about? Do you get off or something?"

Donnie has this thing. I think she inherited it from Dee Dee. Sometimes when she smiles her eyes light up. Now her eyes were shining like beacons. "I didn’t mean to intrude, but you two were emanating such a huge ball of emotion. I could feel it over here. Andrew, I touched your butt and that seemed to make it easier to tap into.

"Wow! If that’s what we can expect from now on I think we should increase our insurance. Somebody’s not going to be able to live through that. Talk about death by fucking."

Deirdre looked at her sister. "Did you have an orgasm?"

Donnie actually blushed. "I’m sorry, Dee Dee. You took me right with you. I couldn’t help it. When you came, so did I."

I laughed. They both looked at me like I had two heads. But it is funny. "This is going to complicate our sex lives. I’m sure interested if this is going to mean more sex or less sex. At least now you girls will be able to have as many orgasms as I do."

Dee Dee smirked. She never smirks unless she has something on me. She said, "Andrew, we already were having at least twice as many orgasms as you were. And now we can tap in to each other’s orgasms? This could be sweet. Sorry darling, but being a man, you still only get to have one orgasm at a time."

Donnie and Deirdre were holding hands during this little talk. I could see the glassy expression on both of there faces. I said, "What is it? Are you two still coming down?"

Donnie nodded her lovely blonde head. "Dee Dee is still into post-coital passion. Sorry, but it feels so good just to join her. This still isn’t girl-on-girl sex Andrew, so you just get that thought out of your head! We’re just sharing our feelings with each other like always. Well, maybe a tad more intimately than before."

Then they hugged each other. That’s a sight I rarely see: two gorgeous and naked girls hugging; their soft little bodies touching at all the most interesting places. It’s enough to make a guy horny.

When they broke from their embrace, Dee Dee said, "Forget it Andrew. Don’t even go there. I swear you are an animal!"

Geez, she could sense my horniness! This could be a good thing or this could be a bad thing. But it’s not my fault. They may have been just displaying sisterly affection, but it looked pretty damn hot to me. I’ve got to keep my digital camera next to the bed. It’s a crime to miss a picture like that.

I decided to bring up an old and decidedly unhappy subject. I figured we might as well clear the air one final time.

"Girls, something occurred to me here and I want to pass it by you. You’ve got to agree this thing casts our relationship in a new light. Now don’t go flying off the handle or anything, but this telempathy thing sure makes it easier to be sure of another person’s feelings, am I right or not? I’m just saying, Donnie, is that if you want to try that ‘Jake thing’ again, this time I’m pretty sure I could handle it. I feel much more secure about our relationship now."

Deirdre and Donnie looked at each other and laughed. They actually laughed.

Donnie said, "Andrew you can be oblique sometimes. For what possible reason would I want to be with Jake now? As you so adroitly stated, our relationship is more secure now than ever. I know how you feel about me in your heart of hearts. It’s something you just can’t hide. I’m no longer worried about being attractive enough for you. And with us, sex was never a problem. Please, forget the Jake thing."

Deirdre opened her mouth in wonderment. "My God! Do you realize that this might be the evolutionary ‘reason’ for telempathy. I know that evolution doesn’t have any reasons. I mean that this might solve one of the human race’s major problems: fidelity in pair bonding. Think of it! A major reason for unhappiness is sexual incompatibility. One partner isn’t getting enough. Another partner isn’t doing it right. And neither one will talk to the other about it. Instead they stray outside the relationship to get what their partner isn’t giving them.

"But now talk will become superfluous where sex is involved. One will know how the partner feels. Uh oh, fake orgasms will be a thing of the past. Women won’t be able to play that game anymore."

I couldn’t help it. I had to jump in. "Fake orgasms! Are you telling me…"

Donnie hit me in the ribs. "Andrew, you are such a worry wart. If you think we’ve been faking all these years then we deserve one of Joanne Woodward’s Academy Awards."

Dee Dee kissed me sweetly on the cheek. "No, Andrew, we’ve never had to fake it with you. Sweetheart, I seriously doubt that any woman would fake multiple orgasms. Please don’t think you have to work harder to please us. You will kill us."

I was mollified, I guess. "So you’re saying that telempathy will cut down on infidelity? New Man will have far fewer divorces. People won’t be marrying each other for the wrong reasons, mostly. And everyone will be honest in their sex lives, mostly because they have no other choice." Hey, I can pick up a theory and run with it.

Dee Dee nodded. "Not only that, if our first session of interactive lovemaking is any indication, people won’t even stray just for the variety. One can’t possibly have the complete sexual experience with someone one doesn’t love, can one?"

I saw a hole in the logic. "But what about a situation like ours? Is it possible to love more than one person completely? If so, they’ll have to change the laws on bigamy."

Donnie was ready to put an end to this. "Okay, okay. We get it. Everything changes, again. You see, sweetie that I couldn’t possibly be with anyone but you from now on. The sex would be pale in comparison to what we have. Of course, that’s a theory I’m working on. I think we better test it out just to be sure I’m right."

With that Donnie climbed on top of me and started to rub that velvety skin, those soft round boobs against me. I got hard so fast that my dick practically lifted her off me.

She said, "Oh, yes. Still interested, I see. You are such a good boy, doing just what Momma Donnie wants. Now Donnie wants you from behind."

She crawled off of me and kneeled on the bed beside me, her gorgeous little ass sticking up. She turned her head, casting her glance in my direction. Her sultry eyes were so fucking hot! I got behind her. My dick slid easily along her lips as my hands reached around to cup those lovely little tits.

I could feel her impatience. That’s a very odd thing, knowing exactly how your partner is feeling. I’m the kind of guy who thinks it isn’t such a bad thing to make a girl wait a little. I kept stroking her pussy lips with my dick while fondling her, tweaking those nipples I so love to suckle.

Finally Donnie said, "Enough already, Andrew. You’ve made your point. Fuck me you little bastard!"

She can be so eager. How could life be better than this? I drove into her until my stomach was flat against her ass. I felt her cum as I bottomed out. This could be a problem. I was trying to remember who played center for the Browns in 1993, Steve Everett or Jay Hildenburg. I needed something, anything to keep me from cumming with Donnie.

Damn, I regained control. That was close. I moved one hand off of Donnie’s tit. It traced a path down her stomach and zeroed in on her pussy. I was slamming my dick in and out, retreating till just the head retained a foothold, then again sliding deeply within her. Man is she tight, that wet glove-like warmth just wraps around you. She’s built for comfort and speed.

I began to play with her clit, just circling it with my finger. As with Dee Dee, we achieved a marriage of emotions. I couldn’t tell where my feelings ended and Donnie’s began. She is one passionate woman! Her neck was arched, her head moving from side to side, her body driving back and forth with each plunge of my dick. Deirdre was sitting in front of us, her beautiful naked body filling my sight just as Donnie’s body filled my touch, my smell.

Dee Dee reached out with her hands to us. One hand touched Donnie’s face. Her other hand touched mine. Deirdre’s eyes lit up with the passion of the moment. Her face grimaced with the pain/pleasure that Donnie and I were feeling.

It was too much. Donnie went over the top, her pussy impossibly grabbing my dick even harder, pulsing her orgasm, drawing out my own. I pumped my semen into her as Donnie clenched her pussy around my dick till I thought she would rip it off. Donnie screamed. Dee Dee screamed! I didn’t scream. I’m not a screamer.

Donnie collapsed on the bed. I followed her down. This new thing we have, this telempathy, makes the afterglow of sex seem almost as good as the sex itself. I held her, my semi-hard dick still comfortably inside her. We were basking in the warmth of our combined fulfillment. We both reached and took Deirdre’s hands in ours. Dee Dee had that contented cat smile on her face, that look that means all is right with the world.

It is beyond logic. We’ve been together all these years. It’s impossible to love these girls more than I already did. But the impossible has happened. There is no doubt now. The next generation of man will be the happiest humans that ever lived. They will thrive on interactive love.

-- to be continued

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