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So I decided to spend the weekend at my lake house, I bought it as an investment so I have not spent much time here. I went to the marina bar to see if there was any entertainment, but due to the high water level the marina was closed. I final went to a neighborhood bar and grill. Her heart fluttering in nervousness, Candice pushed the door to enter the darkened establishment as loud blaring music suddenly hit her ears. Blinking her eyes to get
them acclimated to the darkness, Candice shivered in realizing that there was not a many women in the crowd. Feeling self-conscious with all eyes upon her, Candice gazed about in hopes of locating someone one she knew. Finally, seeing me wave to her to join me, she nervously made her way over to the booth I was in. Seated in the booth, ordering a vodka tonic, Candice didn't object when I told the waitress " Make it a double!" She could only nod, then I introduced myself to her, " I'm John." " I'm Candice, thanks for letting me sit with you." she said. " Tell me about yourself, Candice." I said. " I'm 33 single never married, no children and I'm an art dealer." she said.

Glad that her drink came quickly, though normally only one to sip at her drink, Candice took a large gulp and then another. Too nervous and scared to continue a conversation with me, Candice can only tremble in fear as she
finished her first drink. As the waitress passed, she called out to her, saying, " I'll have another, a
double!" Unaccustomed to drinking alcohol so fast, nor in such quantity, Candice feels a bit relieved that her
senses are numbed. At least it allowed her to bear my hand pawing at her nylon thigh under the table and beginning to slide up the hem of her dress. Fear and nervousness filling her body, Candice basically cannot comprehend all the things I'm telling her, being so pretty, so nicely dressed, etc, etc. But the one thing that registered is when I asked " If she had a boyfriend?" Up until this point, Candice held out hope I would be satisfied with some talk and companionship over a drink. But that hope had all dissipated with my last remark, making it all too clear that I was expecting to have sex with her.

Woozy after downing half of her third drink, having made the decision that she would have sex, Candice blinked back the tears and stammered in asking, " Y-you will put on a... a condom, aren't you? I-I can't take that kind of chance!" Shuddering from the caressing hand under the hem of her dress, Candice cringed as I chuckled in advising " Don't normally wear one, honey! Takes forever to get my rocks off!" Seeing the beauty's frightened eyes, I added, " But if you insist, sweetie." Candice flushed with embarrassment, my hard on is ready to bust through my khakis.
With her fourth drink delivered to the table, gulping down a swallow of the drink, she tried to steel herself, trying not to show any reaction to my hand rubbing her pussy through her panties and pantyhose. Finger pushing into her indentation, she feels so embarrassed as a gush of juice begin to seep out of her. Drink downed, I assisted her to her feet, " Where, where are we going?" she questioned, as I lead her out the back door. " Don't worry sweetie, my house is near by." she is told.

Alone in my bedroom with me, Candice staggered over to the bed and sat on it to clear her head. Seeing me kick off my shoes and then pull my shirt over my head to bare my chest, Candice frantically fumbled with a condom. As I approached, dressed only in my pants, she nervously held up a condom to me. Condom packet taken from her and tossed back onto the bed, she is advised " Not quite ready for that yet, sweetie!" I can't believe how fuck'n innocent this little bitch is, apparently thinking that it will be a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kind of fuck. I wanted to test just how innocent she really is, figuring I'd enjoy some fun in making her think she still got a chance to save her virginity. " Tell you what, Candice... you get me off with your soft hands and just maybe I won't be able to get it up again to pop that precious cherry of yours!" Anxious for the chance to save her purity. Candice had some hope remaining. With me standing a foot from the bed, Candice closed her eyes and blindly reached out with her hands. Shuddering as she made contact with the rough fabric of the khaki pants, Candice feels the unmistakable feel of the metal zipper. Tracing her trembling fingers up to the tab, she slowly pulls it down.

That task done, left hand pulling the opening wide, Candice reaching in with her now shaking right hand. Expecting to feel the material of a softer jockey shorts, she gasped as her fingers immediately came into contact with sticky flesh of my cock and a pad of short kinky hairs. Fingers tracing down the length of what feels like a baby's leg, she trembles 'Oh, God, it... it can't be... no man could be this, this big!' Struggling with the opening of my pants, pulling with all her might, Candice finally manages to get it out. Unable to believe what she is now grasping with two hands, one on top of the other, Candice can't resist the temptation to actually see it in the flesh. Opening her eyes, Candice gave a loud gasp of astonishment and fear in seeing just how immense a penis I possessed. 'God, I'd never be able to take anything like that! It'd kill me! I've got to make him feel good with my hands, whatever it takes to keep him from putting it in me!' she realized.

'Soft small delicate hands stroking my cock, an innocent woman trying to preserve her honor, what more can
I ask for?' I smiled, enjoying watching her trying to jerk me off. " Ah sweetie, that sure feels good! You ever seen anything like that?" I tauntingly ask. Seeing her shake her head 'no', I then continue " You got a 'real man's' cock in your hands now, sugar! Yes, baby, stroke it, stroke it!" A little over five minutes of stroking, I see her cringe as her hands became slick from the leakage of my pre-cum oozing out of my piss hole, lubricating the piston motions. Seeing the pretty trim manicured fingers now greasy with lubrication, I twitch my cock some to provide more lube. Hands pumping up and down, wringing at my cock in an attempt to make me shoot, seeing the sparkling glint of her diamond nearly had me blowing in excitement.

Being the experienced cocks man that I am, I stop the urge and regain control of the situation. I see that the innocent young beauty is astonished that I had not cum as yet, especially as she had been feverishly jerking on me for over ten minutes. As she stared ahead at my flaring cock head, I see the alcohol and sexual act being performed has her mesmerized. Reaching forward slowly, placing my hands at the back of her head, I gently pull her a bit towards me. Bloated cock head just inches away from her staring eyes, pre-cum about to drip from my piss hole, I advise " Lick me, sweetie! Lick my cock!" My words snapping her back to her senses, I feel her try to pull her head back but my hands held her firmly in place. Edging forward, I grinned as she cringed in disgust, then pull her head forward. Beautiful lips clenched tightly, I guided her head from side to side, giving her a thick coat of lip gloss. " Come on, baby, open those pretty lips fer me!" I ordered. As the reluctant beauty refused to comply, I growl, " Open up bitch, Ahhhhh... oh, yes...yes....tongue me babe, tongue me!" I groan as she complied, parting her lips to admit my bloated and leaking cock head. Sawing in and out, fingers entwined in her long silky black hair, I savored the feel of this beautiful face fuck.

Hands on my thighs, trying to push me away, Candice desperately tried to stop me from pushing more of my filthy penis into her mouth as it is now about to go down into her throat. " Gaaaaaa... gaaaaaa...gaaaaaaa!" Candice gurgled as the thick piece of meat forced its way down her throat. Swallowing time and again, throat muscles constricting around the invading cock, Candice wanted to be sick from this act of degradation. She feels so ashamed, so degraded, not believing how anyone can want such perverse sexual gratification. Hearing her gurgle, seeing the whites of her eyes as she looks up at me for mercy, I ease my cock back out to allow her to breathe once again. As the color came back into her cheeks once she got the much needed air, I saw her eyes blinking once again as if saying 'thank you', I then resumed sawing in and out of her sweet mouth. " Oh, baby, oh, yes, suck it baby! Ohhhh yes, gonna cum soon!" I announced. With that announcement, Candice's eyes widened in horror as she realized 'Oh, my God! H-he's planning to... to do it right in my mouth! Oh, God, he's sick... he's out of his mind!' Struggling with all of her might, trying desperately to unmouth the filthy animal, Candice found herself being held firm and unable to escape my evil clutches. Suddenly Candice feels my cock expand in her mouth, heard me grunting loud, then hot sticky cum begin pouring into her mouth in spurts.

Cheeks bloated with her mouth filled, unable to spit out the filthy goo, Candice is forced to swallow or die. Survival instinct taking over, Candice swallowed, allowing the slimy cum to ooze its way down her throat and then slowly course down to form a hot lake in her belly. Still her mouth is filled to the brim as my cock twitched once and again, spurting out more and more of the vile cum. Drained and my dwindling cock finally pulled from her
parted lips, Candice can only sit there dumbfounded, clutching at her queasy belly. Mouth partially open, about to throw up the vile substance in her stomach, Candice quivered and shook as some of the vile cum clogging her throat made its way back up to pour out over her lips and chin. Clutching desperately at her stomach, thick stringy white cum dripped from her chin to fall upon the skirt of her blue dress as well as to puddle on her nylon covered thigh. Panting hard, body shuddering as she tried desperately to quell her stomach, her breathing finally begins to settle back down.

With me having stripped off my pants and sliding up onto the bed behind her, Candice shivers as I run my large hand up along the spine of her back, stopping to caress the back of her neck where her dress ended. " Stand on up and give me a striptease, sweetie!" she heard me order. Glad to be able to move away from my rough caressing hand, she stood up and moved ahead several yards. Seeing the beauty trembling with fear as she fidgeted about, slowly turning to face me, I see that she is trying to stall the inevitable. Smiling as I gaze upon the frightened and hesitant prey, I then gave her a suggestion " Why don't you start with your heels, sweetie!" Petite foot slipping out of right heel as she used her left to step on the back of her spike. Then toes placed on the of her left heel, she stepped out of it to stand barefoot before me. As she hesitated once again, I said " Next!" as the scared young woman sniffled back the tears while reaching up under the hem of her dress. Slowly, the ivory white flesh of Candice's flawless legs begin to appear with the peeling down of her dark pantyhose, causing my cock to twitch with excitement. Long beautiful legs bared, stocking pulled to reveal her cute toes and petite feet, I can only lick my lips in hunger. With Candice shuffling about nervously, obviously stalling once again, I snarled " Do I need to tell you what's next? Or do you want me to come over there and tear it off of you?" My threat to go over had frightened Candice into responding quickly as she reached up behind her neck to unhook the clasp of her dress and pull the zipper down. Seconds later, the front of her shoulders bared as she held the dress up for protection, then the dress dropped to the floor as she sighed in resignation.

Dress puddled around her feet, Candice put her head down in shame and humiliation, knowing that any other garment removed would reveal her pussy seen by few men and her gynecologist. " Come on, sweetie, let me see your nice tits!" Came my gross demand, causing Candice to shudder in revulsion. Hand reaching behind her back, her trembling fingers unclasped the hook to her lacy white bra. Closing her eyes, Candice feels the shoulder straps slide down her arms as her bra cups fell from her breasts. Air being cooled only by the revolving fan, the sudden exposure of her breasts to the blowing fan resulted in the stiffening of her pink nipples. Feeling her nipples respond to the cold air, Candice feels so embarrassed at having me think she is actually getting aroused. Trying to cover herself, she brought her arms inward to cover her budding nipples from my lusting eyes. " Um... um... um... not much left, is there, Candice? Must have been a long time since you have been with a real man not one of those wanna be a man! Now for the unveiling of that pussy that's come to experience a big cock!" I taunted the sobbing Candice. As the matching pair of panties was tugged down to bare her pussy, wanting to humiliate her even more, I hollered out " Damn, that there is one beautiful little beaver!"

Crossing her arms once again to cover her stiff nipples, Candice used her hands to cover her pussy as she let her panties slip from her fingers to fall atop her puddled dress. Eyes widening as she observed me swing my legs over the side of the bed to face her, my monster manhood sticking straight up like a flagpole, Candice watched as I stroked myself. Ordered to " Come here, bitch!" Candice nervously steps out of her fallen panties and dress, now naked, she walks her way over to the bed with arms trying desperately to cover her breasts and pussy. Candice swallows in fear as I announce " Time, baby! It's time! Time you become a 'woman with a real man!" Standing between my widespread legs , looking down at the monster weapon I planned on plundering her with, Candice advised " You, you need to put on a condom!" " Uh uh, sweetie! You want to keep from getting yourself pregnant, you got to put the raincoat on me!" I advised, reaching over to grab the foil packet lying on top the bed. Tossing it up to a nervous Candice, watching her catch it, I went back to stroking myself and snickered " Going to stretch you and make you bleed now baby, but you can still change your mind."

Fumbling with the foil packet, managing to tear it open, Candice got her very first look at the thin object that is to provide her with the protection needed. Fingering the rolled up condom, trying to determine how to put it to use, then bent forward to unravel it upon the jutting cock. Unsuccessful from that angle, Candice realized that she'd have to get down on her knees between my widespread legs in order to get it accomplished. On her knees, my cock is now throbbing and waving as I smile letting go of myself, thereby forcing Candice to hold my penis steady in order
to sheath it with the protective coating. Never having performed this task, Candice swallowed as she tried to
hold the thick shaft steady while getting the condom rolled down upon it. Unsuccessful on her initial
attempt due to the moving cock getting away, then finding she had the condom upside down, Candice finally is able to breathe a sigh of relief in making some headway as the bloated head is covered. Thumb and forefinger unable to fully encircle my throbbing penis, Candice stroked at it in order to unravel the protective sheath. Job done, she then got
up off her knees and took a step back from me as I now partially close my obscenely widespread legs. " Come and straddle on my knees, sweetie!" she is told and Candice nervously moved forward to comply. Shivering as she straddles my legs, planting her feet flat on the floor, Candice suddenly placed her outstretched arms out as I reach out to drag her forward upon my knees.

Dragged forward till the upright cock is now pressing straight up against her stomach, the sight of her tummy serving as background for cock had Candice shuddering in fear and revulsion. Her agony is made even worst as I taunted, " Look at it sweetie, when I get it all the way up you, it'll be all the way up your stomach!" Forced to stretch her arms out and place her hands on my shoulders for balance, Candice is finding it impossible to keep her feet planted on the floor as the my thighs are stretching out wide again. Then just the tips of her toes brushed the carpeting and
Candice had to wonder what I planned next. Large hands grabbed under her buttocks, Candice is then told to push herself up with her hands as I assisted in lifting her. Feeling the fumbling beneath her, Candice quivering in fear as the thick rubber coated cock is pushed up against her slit. 'Oh, my God! My God! What's he doing? Not like this... not like this!' Cheryl trembling realizing the deplorable way she is to lose her virginity. All the romance novels, pictures, movie scenes and her previous experience had the woman lying in bed where intercourse would take place. But with her body being balanced upon my rock-hard shaft, poking up at her previously penetrated slit months ago, Candice's fears are obviously well-founded.

Candice's worst fears are about to come true as my arms are now tightly encircled around her small waist. I'm savoring the moment of truth, enjoying the panting fear expressed by her as I'm about to destroy her innocence once and for all. I'm going to 'ruin' her little body in a most evasive way, by using her as a pile-driver onto my thick shaft. Pulling the petite body down with all of my might while thrusting up at the waist, it is a quick and sudden end of her innocence. " AIEEEE! AIEEEHH!!" came the painful shrieks that signaled the sudden rupturing of Candice's previously tight underused vaginal canal. Her high-pitched screams are heard throughout the entire house but I knew no one would be investigating it as it is a private gated property. Another lunge upward while slamming her down upon me brought similar shrieks of pain as I buried another few inches into her tight vaginal canal. Then I feel the thick fluid escaping our union, feeling the fluid flow over the sac of my testicles to build at the bottom and drip to the floor. I knew what that fluid is, the evidence of the sobbing woman's ripped tight pussy! " Bleed, baby bleed!" I chuckle as more and more of the fluid escapes when I thrust up into her again and again till my nine inch long
cock is buried to the hilt.

It is sheer pain and agony for Candice as she sobs in pain. Gone is her innocence, the virginity she had
planned to save for a future man she would married. But the painful stretching and tearing of her tight pussy is so immense that she feels like she is about to die. " Please... please, John, please stop for awhile...just a bit, it hurts so bad!" she pleaded. Hearing her cry for mercy, I would not have taken pity normally. But with my devious mind still at work, I advised, " Okay, sweetie, push up on my shoulders and I'll lift your little ass up!" As she slowly came off my skewering prong, I deftly begin shucking at the ribbed end of the protective condom, rolling it upwards in the process. With the panting beauty catching her breath, recuperating from the stabbing pain, I then eased her hips back into position as I positioned myself into her again. The only difference this time, unknown to Candice, is that fucking is going to recommence 'bareback'! With her cunt stretched and split in pain, aided by the bloody lube, I had correctly guessed that the unsheathed cock will go unnoticed. Glad that she had so many drinks, feeling quite intoxicated, Candice managed to survive the horrendous ordeal. The loss of her virginity to me was embarassing. As the pain eased a little, Candice closed her eyes and wished the intoxicating liquor would put her too sleep. Then came that hot soothing balm that flooded her as she shuddered and went limp as darkness suddenly overcame her.

Sunlight creeping through the thin curtains, Candice blinked her eyes in an attempt to focus them. Not in the familiar bedroom of her apartment, a shudder coursed through her body as she glanced about the bedroom. Splitting headache as a resulting hangover, body aching badly, she then feels the wet sticky mess between her legs. Grimacing as she tried to move her legs, Candice reached down to touch her matted wet hair, then brought her hand up. Shuddering as her fingertips are coated in a slick mixture of blood and slime, the rather hazy memory of events begin to clear. Sniffling as she staggered to the bathroom. When Candice came back into the bedroom, I had returned waiting for her. I had returned to full hardness, before I begin another assault. I opened a tube quickly and poured some gel over my cock. Grabbing Candice by her hips I positioned her on all fours in front of me. " Now baby, now comes being mounted like a bitch in heat." With my hands I forced her legs apart--she hadn't realized that she had closed them--pointing my huge cock at her again. She looked over her shoulder noticing a big glob of precum already at the eye of my cock. I lean forward resting my chest on her back, I reach down between us positioning my cock at her slit. I wrap my arms around her grabbing her breasts for leverage.

I push, she pushes back. She feels the sore bruised tissues of her pelvis caving in. I keep pushing and she knew I would soon be buried deep inside her again. She didn't see how I could ever make it and it is so painful. She screams, as my big cock moves a little. The tip clearing her bruised and sore opening, her cunt lips spreading to the side, the pressure increasing as my thick shaft slips in slowly. Her vagina is again resisting me, fighting me as an intruder, but she is trying to relax. I'm still pushing hard, bearing down, slowly moving further inside by fractions of an inch. She feels herself stretching and stretching, then staying stretched at a frightening size as my tree trunk pushes into her again. Candice broke out in a sweat. She had never imagined feeling so filled two times in one night. Finally, I pause. " That was hard," she whispered. " Yes. Now I do the rest." I start pushing again. Candice screams, with the sudden force of my rapid thrusting hips pushing the thick shaft deeper into her. " Oh my god," she screams. Her eyes wide open, she is gasping for a breath, she feels like she is being torn apart by my massive cock for the second time. The searing pain rushing through her like a tidal wave, the feeling of being impaled on my shaft slowly turns the pain into pleasure, she has never experienced. My thrusts are hard, fast and deep, the massive cock is moving forward for what seems like an eternity. She feels a fullness in her. Then I hit bottom again. She thought, that is as far as I can go. Not so, to her horror she feels me hitting her cervix and feels her cunt expanding until it feels like there is nothing left in her pelvis but my monster cock.

The first thing that flashes through her thoughts is how hot my cock is, then she feels my seeping hot cum entering the depths of her again. As I continue to fuck her with force, the pain turns to intense pleasure, and she drifts into the world of pure lust. She never knew such pleasure existed, and she found herself pushing back against my cock. No longer aware of the things around her, her beautiful face is marred again with pain, and tears running down her face. The pressure of my cum filling her again became over whelming. The mere thought of her cum mixing with mine again brought a chill down her spine as she orgasm. I made an effort to pull back, but my effort tugged her body toward me. The pressure of my girth against the inside opening of her pussy is now extremely painful, but at the same time she drew pleasure from it. Now she feels she has become a woman and one with me, and I'm in complete control, and she is my bitch who has to endure whatever I demand. Candice became submissive, and did not move. I stood with my thick cock holding her in place. She lowered her head down on her arms and closed her eyes in an effort to gather her thoughts and to calm her body from the intense fucking I'm giving her.

Her pussy is numb, bruised and sore, the constant pain pulsating through her. No idea when my thick cock will go down, she remains still and thought about her ordeal with me. My cock and cum is hotter than she has ever experienced before, her experience has been like a roller coaster. Rising with intense pain, dropping to pure pleasure then rising to searing pain. My thrusts are faster and harder then she imagined they would be. She is over whelmed with massive orgasms; as her whole world has exploded. Candice has lost track of time, and with one brutal lunge by me, my cock slips from her, and the sudden gush of my cum mixed with blood rushing from her and down her thighs. The sudden rip of pain from the thick cock brought a scream from her. She never imagined being taken by older man, losing her virginity and being fucked against her will, would bring her to full womanhood. No man in her past had ever made her feel like a fulfilled woman. When my finger found and begin to tease and pinch her nipples, Candice again found herself adrift in a sea of all consuming pleasure. Then I shove myself back into her bruised sore cunt. Candice screams then she came over and over til finally beginning to come down when she feels the wash of my cum splashing against her sugar walls. It is so hot and feels so good she lost her self again to the waves of pleasure that I so enjoyed bringing her. She screams my name, and we both knew she is now mine.

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