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I immediately sent a text to my other daughter in law, Marie who replied by telling me Debra had already sent her a text that said; 'your secret is safe do not worry'.

I was in the living room smoking a cigarette when I heard a car pull up outside the window. Even after all of my years as a 'player' I'd never felt like this. My stomach was in knots as I awaited my pretty daughter in law to confront me about my affair with Marie. It would have been easier with a man – a husband or father. When that happened I was always confident of winning a fight; but with my daughter in law.....I was shitting my pants.

Debra let herself in as usual and stood facing me in the living-room doorway. I took a long drag from my cigarette and exhaled a large plume of blue smoke as I looked up like a naughty schoolboy.

My copper haired daughter in law had a disapproving look on her face as she lit up a cigarette before she began wagging her finger. "Who's been a naughty boy?" Debra asked in a husky voice. I thinly smiled and shrugged my shoulders then took another drag.

"Frank." She coldly addressed me, "how could you? And with Marie?"

"Deb," I coughed nervously, "she was putting it on a plate for me and.....well....you know my reputation."

"But why her?" Debra asked as she removed her coat then took a long slow drag on her cigarette.

"And not me?"

I nearly choked and my eyes were on stalks as she slowly placed her coat on the table then walked to the centre of the room and faced me.....only wearing a tiny red bra that hardly came up to her nipples, a matching deep 'waist-clincher' I think they call them, that held up a pair of expensive looking shiny black stockings and a tiny red g-string plus a pair of knee high leather boots.

"Debra?" I asked as I stubbed out my cigarette.

"I thought I'd been putting it on a plate for you for years but you always ignored me." She playfully pouted and wagged her finger again; "so; if this is what it takes...."

I immediately relaxed and slid back into the sofa to admire the view.

"Ray told me about your reputation as a .....Ladies' man when I first met him; but you've never come near me." She gave a cheeky grin and wiggled her hips, "What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing sweetie...absolutely nothing." I leered, "it's just that you….you are Ray's wife and that made you out of bounds."

Debra raised her eyebrows and stroked the front of her panties. "If my information is correct....married women have never been out of bounds to you."

"Your information?" I nervously asked while adjusting my stiffening dick.

"Sandy from the Kings Head? Lisa's mum; Shirley from the bookies? That blonde from Tesco's? Jeff Middleton's wife? Do I need to go on?" Debra grinned as she stood directly in front of me now seductively stroking her tits – her legs touching mine. "Girls talk to each other you know?"

"But that doesn't explain...." I waved my hand to emphasise her sexy outfit, "this."

"If only half of what I've heard is true about you I've wanted you to fuck me since I was 19."

I licked my lips and stroked a nylon stocking. "What have you heard?"

"You're hung like a donkey." She chuckled and bent forward to unfasten my belt and jeans. Her head was now resting on my chest as she fumbled with the buttons and her boobs nearly tumbled out of the bra.

"Good girl," I whispered as she eased my dick out of my pants and gently squeezed it.

She slightly rolled her head and coyly flicked her copper hair behind an ear and smiled, "If you can keep a secret; you can send me home with a cunt full of spunk tonight....and your son can lick it clean when I get home."

"What?????" I gasped.

Debra was now kneeling across the sofa and rubbing my cock against her fabulous tits. "He always licks me clean when I've been with another man."

"Ray does what?" I wanted confirmation.

"He loves to lick other men's cum out of my pussy." She giggled as her mouth approached my swollen knob, "I've got him well trained."

"I've always had my doubts about that lad." I sighed as his wife began licking my cock.

"You mean you fuck other guys and he knows?" I was a little stunned at her admission as I stroked her silken hair.

"Of course he knows!" She looked up and grinned while she tugged my stiff shaft. "He's only got a little Willie and he knows that I love big cocks." She lifted her hand and spread her thumb and forefinger 2 inches to demonstrate, "It was his idea before we got married." "So you've been fucking about since then?" I asked as I slapped my cock against her cheek. "Does he know that you're here tonight?"

"No." Debra giggled as she tried in vain to get the knob back in her mouth. "I just told him that I was going to see someone new and he should prepare for lots of lovely cream later."

I shook my head in disbelief then filled her warm mouth with my cock. She was good – very good at cock sucking and I told her so.

"God you're a fucking good cocksucker!" I sighed, "But; I bet you've had plenty of practice; haven't you?" Soon her head was bobbing up and down as her hands squeezed and stroked my shaft and balls as she tried to suck my balls dry.

The dirtier my language got the faster my eldest daughter in law sucked my cock as I sat on the edge of the sofa.

"You dirty little cocksucker.....swallow my cock, you dirty fucking slapper!" I growled as I grabbed her silky-smooth hair with one hand forcing her head further down on the shaft and roughly pulled her legs apart with the other. Her fanny was absolutely soaking as I pressed the gusset into her slit. I snarled "That's a good girl.....Get it down your fucking throat!" as I began thrusting my hips; forcing my cock into her throat. At first my daughter in law gagged but soon began producing lots of spit to lubricate her mouth.

There's always something special about 'nice women' when they are sucking your cock – I guess all women have an inner-whore in them; but so few get the chance to exploit it.

Her chest was heaving and her hips wriggling as I shoved my middle finger into her sopping wet cunt.

"Enough - enough." I ordered her to stop sucking as I pulled her off my cock by the hair; "get on top and fuck me."

My daughters in law's eyes were glazed over as she stood up. I permitted myself a loud laugh when I saw the threads of pussy juice that where sticking to her knickers as she slid them down her nylon covered legs.

She looked just like a porn star as she straddled my thighs and guided my cock against her clammy bald snatch. Our eyes were locked as she slid her weight down onto my 8 inches. I had to smile as she bit her bottom lip and rolled her eyes when her arse landed on my thighs.

"Is that good?" I asked as she wiggled her hips for comfort. Her eyes were closed now but she was still biting her ruby red lip as she nodded. Debra soon placed her small hands onto my shoulders and began sliding up and down on my big bone. I couldn't resist and began suckling her stiff pink nipples that were now hanging outside her bra and ran my hands over her cute arse as she slid up and down my shaft. For a 30 something MILF with twins Debra's tits were remarkably firm as I sucked and licked and ran the 3 day stubble on my chin across them.

Debra was now panting and gasping for air as she fucked me.

"How many cocks have you had since you got married?" I whispered in her ear as she rested her head on my chest.

"I don't know." She whispered as her arse slowly bounced on my cock.

"Ten? Twenty?" I continued, "More?"

With an impish giggle she replied, "More...I guess…a lot more."

"You're cunt must be nearly hanging out!" I joked; as it actually felt like I had my cock inside a wet velvet glove.

"Not all of them were as big as you though." She laughed as she playfully slapped my arm.

"How many does he know about?" I enquired as I stroked her nylon clad thighs.

"A few....maybe half?" Debra panted and threw her head back as I began thrusting upwards and filling her tight cunt with my big old cock.

"Do you make him do.... what you said every time?" I gasped as my thrusting became faster.

"Yes....yes....YESSSSSSSS!" She screamed as my bell end began hitting the top of her cunt and she had a mini-orgasm.

"Has he ever watched you getting fucked?"

"Yes...yeesssss....yeesssss." Debra snarled through clenched teeth as I began thrusting upwards with my hips.

"Have you ever let him join in?"

"A couple of times." She gruffly replied as her head was shaking while my cock battered her dripping cunt.

I laughed at the thought of my son fucking her with his little dick in front of a bull-stud. I'd done the same thing several times myself over the years – giving a married woman a well deserved fucking while hubby sat watching and wanking in the corner. Now my eldest son was a wimpy cuckold too. I knew I couldn't last much longer so began spanking her arse as I sucked hard on one of her tits; leaving a love bite for my son to find later in the evening.

My hips were now thrusting like a jackhammer and Debra was bouncing on my cock like a rag doll until I eventually let out a mighty roar and flooded my daughter in law's cunt with my old spunk; spurt after spurt filled her belly as she used her cunt muscles to wring it out.

My adrenalin suddenly sank to my toes; leaving me gasping for oxygen like the old man I am.

Debra neatly slipped off and began licking my cock clean; obviously savouring every drop of my excess juice.

We lay snuggled up on the sofa smoking post coital cigarettes and chatted. We were both full of questions. We laughed as we both confirmed names of previous lovers and surprised each other with the names of mutual friends and family members. I found out that my son even enjoyed dressing in her underwear while she was out getting fucked and he'd even wanked and sucked a couple of Bulls in front of her. She admitted to loving threesomes but most had been with Ray and a Bull and only one had been with two Bulls and she really wanted to try it again – even a gang-bang one day. Her nipples got noticeably stiffer when I began telling her about the threesomes my mate and I used to have and when I went into graphic detail about the time three of us fucked a barmaid in Blackpool she was stroking my cock back to attention and we were both ready for a second ride.

This time I got her to kneel on all fours facing my large screen TV; so it was like watching a porno as I watched our reflection while I pulverized her from behind.

"Yes...yeesssss...yeesssss....harder...harder!" My daughter in law screamed as I slammed her cunt with my solid 8 inches.

Her arse was nearly as pretty as her face as she flexed her muscles to accommodate her father in law's big cock in her tight fanny.

"My arse!" Debra began to pant, "My arse......stick it in.......please Frank.....fuck my arse!"

"Are you sure?" I wheezed as I pulled out of her sticky cunt hole.

"Yes....do it…..stick it in." Debra gasped as I nudged the knob against her ring. I couldn't believe how easily my cock stretched her anus; but stretch it did and my cock sank deep into her young bowels.

Debra was soon whimpering as I slid my cock back out pulling an inch or so of puckered skin with it.

"You've done this before; haven't you?" I sneered on a rough downward stroke.

"Oh God yes!" Debra replied through a cracked throat. I was in Heaven as I bummed my second daughter in law in three days. Her arsehole was a lot tighter than Marie's so I couldn't fuck her very fast but made sure as much cock as possible got buried deep in her shit hole. Soon Debra was clawing at the rug and tears were running down her face as my 8 inches filled her up with a second dose of hot spunk. My cock slowly eased out as I rocked back onto my ankles leaving her arse hole gaping wide open.

She instantly flopped onto her front gasping for air; but deliberately kept her thighs spread open so I could see my spunk lying in a puddle at the bottom.

After another cigarette and a cup of coffee Debra finally put her coat back on and left to go back to my son and her husband for a second sexual encounter of the evening. Unknown to Ray he would be licking his fathers spunk out of her stretched holes.

It became a regular thing over the next few weeks for my chubby daughter in law to visit on a Saturday for long lingering fuck and suck sessions in my bed and my elder prettier daughter in law visiting on a Monday and Thursday nights for a rough session of anal sex.

Both girls had their specialities but both loved swallowing a belly full of spunk and they both came like trains if I shoved a dildo in their other hole at the same time as I fucked their cunt or arse.

During pillow talk both girls confessed to wanting even wilder sex during the throws of passion; with Marie eventually confessing to wanting a threesome with Debra (who was well up for the idea!) and Debra desperate for a MMF threesome and a gang-bang. It was an amazing feeling knowing that I was cuckolding both of my sons and their wives were both willingly coming back to my bed week after week. Debra even coined a pet name for me. I was her Big Bull Daddy! As a caring father in law I promised to arrange both fantasies for my son's wives.

It took a couple of weeks for the girls to arrange time together at my house but we did it on a Saturday afternoon; when they colluded in going shopping together at the local Mall. They'd already bought things that they stored at my house so as not to raise too many suspicions and arrived together at 1.45; making me rush back from the pub!

The girls were sitting in the living room when I arrived home and the curtains were already pulled closed. They hadn't started without me but were in an excitable mood and very giggly as they sat linking arms.

Marie was wearing a short yellow cotton dress and Debra was dressed head to toe in black. Her dress showed more than it hid and she was apparently wearing her best black silk stockings and some very sexy shoes.

"You took your time!" Debra giggled, "We thought you'd changed your mind."

"No chance," I grinned as Debra began squeezing Marie's luscious tits while looking at me.

"Upstairs or downstairs?" Debra giggled again as her hand slid inside Marie's bra.

"I guess upstairs will be more comfortable." I said as I waved my hand in that direction. As they stood up I saw that Marie was wearing tan hold-ups, something she'd never done before.

Marie went first with Debra behind her lifting her dress and playfully tugging at the other girl's knickers; I did the same behind Debra trying to get my fingers inside her panties. By the time we got to my bedroom Marie's knickers were already around her knees. Debra immediately pushed her sister in law onto the bed and pulled the knickers right off and threw them at me. I examined them and ran my finger through the residue in the gusset which made the girls laugh even more.

"Do you want to see what caused that?" Debra asked as she pulled Marie's legs apart exposing her bright pink gash in the middle of her hairy pubes.

"What do you want us to do now?" Debra laughed as she tugged at the pubes making her wince.

"Take your dresses off." I grinned. My cock was aching when the girls immediately began unbuttoning and unzipping each others clothes only stopping to fondle each others tits; until they were just in their skimpies.

Marie looked gorgeous in a new pink lacy bra and tan hold-ups; but Debra was in another league in a black Basque with 6 straps holding up her expensive silk stockings and her black panties were see-thru exposing a freshly shaved slit.

I kicked my shoes and socks off then flung my trousers and shirt across the room before joining them on the bed. Marie pulled me into the middle and began kissing me as I stroked her nylon covered legs. Not to feel left out Debra rubbed my cock with one hand and nuzzled Marie's melons at the same time.

I soon felt two hands on my cock as the girls were sloppily kissing across my chest. I was tempted to lie back and think of England but decided to join in by unclipping Marie's bra and then pulling Debra's boobs out of the Basque. Still passionately kissing, my daughters in law moved onto their knees and rubbed their tits together as I stroked their legs and ran my thumbs across their pouting slits. Suddenly Debra lowered Marie onto her back and slowly spread her legs wide open. With a glint in her eye she beamed at me then buried her face in her sister in laws dripping fanny. Marie moaned and groaned in exactly the same way she did when I licked her. Debra alternated between long lingering licks and frenzied nuzzling; driving Marie crazy.

Debra was in a world of her own as she licked another woman's pussy for the first time. Feeling ignored I edged around the bed and presented my dick to Marie who's eyes were clamped tightly shut as she groaned and purred. I leant forward and dropped my dick into her open mouth. She gagged at first then greedily sucked it like a baby's teat. Both girls were groping their tits as I began forcing my dick further down Marie's throat. At this stage I turned slightly to see our reflection in my large mirror......it was like a porn movie.

Marie eventually came and squirted all over Debra's pretty face making her mascara smudge. "I need some cock!" Debra shouted at the top of her voice; "Fuck me Big Bull Daddy......Fuck me hard!"

I lined up behind her as she continued sucking on Marie's pussy. She was so wet my cock hardly touched the sides! I didn't want to cum too quickly so just gave he nice slow thrusts. I looked over Debra's shoulder to see her fingering Marie while suckling her clit. One....two....three fingers where twisting around making Marie curse like a sailor. My thrusting became harder and faster as Debra curled her small hand into a fist and edged it into Marie's soaking snatch making the chubby girl scream. I couldn't hold back any longer and began fucking Deb's as hard as I could while not taking my eyes off her complete fist disappearing deep inside my other daughter in law's cunt. The three of us were panting like animals until I shot a load of spunk deep into Debra which was the signal for Marie to cry and squeal as an orgasm from deep down in her toes overwhelmed her.

As I pulled out of Debra's swollen cunt she ripped her fist out of her sister in law making a loud rasping noise and leaving it gaping wide open. We all rolled into a heap and began kissing and caressing each other for a couple of minutes.

After going for a piss I returned to find Marie licking my spunk out of Deb's cunt and Debra ramming a big pink dildo into the blonde's stretched cunt as she spanked her flabby arse.

I winked at Debs then lifted Marie's top leg onto my arm then nudged my stiffening cock against her puckered arse hole as my other daughter in law fucked her harder and faster with the sex toy. Marie never battered an eye and continued sucking and licking the other woman's sticky twat as my cock slid into her well fucked anus.

Her eyes were soon bulging as; between us we filled all three of her holes. The fat little fucker was in her element as I fucked her arse while Debs took care of her mouth and cunt.

No one could speak a word and the only noise we could hear was the sloshing sound of the two girl's cunts.

"My turn.....my turn." Debs cried as Marie made her cum for the second time. She crawled in front of her younger sister in law in the doggy position.

"What do you want where?" I asked as she wiggled her cute arse.

"I don't fucking care." She panted as she began fisting and licking Marie again. I shrugged my shoulders and shoved the dildo up her cunt and forced my cock into her bowels.

It was like this for the next half hour or so until I collapsed in a heap. I must have fallen fast asleep because the girls were gone when I woke up an hour later.

We've been fucking each others brains out for 6 weeks now in various combinations, plus the girls get it on with each other at least once a week too and next week….well….I’ve arranged for a few mates to come around for a party….8 of them.

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