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At 4'9 she was as small beauty. With fire red hair that curled like wood shavings. Bright emerald green eyes, big pouty lips that complimented her cute nose. Her breast were round globs the size of a small cantaloupes that ,it seemed, were all ways trying to break loose from her bodice and into the first available mouth. Her waist was small enough that a man could span in with his hands, which rounded out into a lovely set of hips. Her ass was round and perky, jiggling slightly as she walked and her hips swayed to the beat of what seemed to be a silent music.

She wore a sturdy wool gown with a lace and cotton pelted bodice that seated her breast, making them an automatic look when someone spotted her. The dark green wool curved down her body ,lacing up the back so her small waist was showed off, and her breast were pushed up and together. She wore sturdy riding boots and thigh high stockings tied into place by a garter belt. Her hair was braded into a fish tail down her back and over her shoulder and covered with a heavy wool cloak.

She was an apprentice of a local crone, and took to spending at least three day's a week studying with the old woman. She had stayed late this day and needed to get home before night fall, for it was fall, closing in on winter and soon she would not be able to stay out so late. Lillith saddled her horse and got ready for the long ride home. Manerva, the old witch that lived by Fairy Love Loch, walked out and handed her a couple of draw string bags.

"Ye ride carful and take heed not to mix these up. Remember what I told ye about da ice. It's a double edged blade." She patted the horse and it galloped into the sun set. Lillith thought of the need to get home. It was starting to get cold and she didn't know enough fier spells to keep her from catching her death out in this long fall night. She pulled the hood up over her long braided red hair and galloped down the shore of the Lock. It would take her at least four hours before she would reach home.

An hour into the ride she discovered that she was low on water. So deciding to stop she tethered her horse to a dead tree on a low branch. Getting down she looked around pulling out an old bladeless dirk handle she held tight onto it as she leaned over the edge of the shore to dip the water pouch into the water. She sat on the edge and tied it to a root to keep it from flowing away. Standing up she heard someone approaching. She felt Ice shoot down her arm, and she as she turned , the dirk formed a blade. Encasing her entire hand in the ice as well.

She saw an outline of someone standing on the edge of the woods. Her fear gave her strength and she was determined to make it home tonight. As the figure took a step forward she took one back.

"Ye will turn around and walk back into da woods. I will not gi' ye a second warning." Having said that she did not intend to give them a second chance and when he took another step forward she threw her arm as if to throw the dirk in her hand. The dirk never left though ,only a sliver of ice. As her hand extended , a shape piece of ice was thrown from the dirk and headed straight toward the shadowy figure.

The figure raised it's hand and the ice melted to water and he stepped forward.

"Tis my land you intrude on and I would know why ye have trespassed before I take yer life young Miss." He walked forward and into the light of the now setting sun. "Lady Lillith?" She takes a sep back and falls into the lock, soaking the sturdy wool gown she was wearing.

"How do ye know me?" She looks over his features and slowly started placing his face. She had seen him around town every now and then. And as of lately she had seen him around the Castle taking walks with her Uncle, Earl of Fairy Love Manner. Which was more of a large castle then a manner. "I know who ye be!" The suddenness hit her so hard, had she not already been sitting in the water shivering, she would have fallen all over again. "Yer Kris!" She had fancied him from afar for a while, but hadn't had the courage to approach him. Which wasn't usually like her.

He was 6'2 but lean. She had fallen on top of him once and knew there wasn't an inch of fat on him. He was lean, but the slim figure hid rock hard muscles. Which he had to spare. His hair was fire place red and his eyes were blue pools of beauty, as clear as any spring she had ever seen. He was dressed in a black pair of britches and a dark green wool shirt with a long dark green cloak, and knee high leather boots on. She knew he hid more then he showed. She could see the broad sword at his side. But knew he had knives under his sleeves too. Along with in his boots and one more on the back of his pants. What she hadn't realized was how well versed in protection magic he was. Which oddly enough made her even more attracted to him and broadened her respect a little as well.

His look went from curious to cautious. " Aeh. That would be me. And ye be the Mistress of Fairy Love." Extending his hand, Lillith took it and allowed Kris to help her up. But kept a distance between us as I shiver. "Wha' brings ye so far from the castle M'lady?" Kris's eyes roam over her lovely body. The bodice of her dress is see through and her nipples threaten to explode from her top. The heavy wool sticks to her form and shows off her flat stomach, wide hips , and the curve of her lovely ass. His eyes devoured her taking in every detail, including her shivering. "Ye'll not make it home in that without catching the death of a cold. Why don't ye come home wi' me and allow me to help ye get dry and warm?"

Lillith looks at him then at her horse. She known's she'll be sick if she rides home like this, she doesn't want to put herself into a position were she can't get away if she needs to. "I... I don't know.." She looks causiousely at Kris, and backs up a step.

"Oh come now Lillith, I won't hurt ye, and I would be in fault if I let you leave as you are now. " She knows she should get dry, so she allows him to grab her hand and lead her to the shelter of the forest. Just under the branches ,between two large trees is a small ,but well built house. Opening the door, a blessing of heat spills out and over her, warming her front. She swiftly walks in, soaking the floor boards as she walks to the fire place and put's up her blue hands. Her skin is freezing cold.

Kris walks up behind her and pulls at her bodice string ,causing her to jump and turn. Backing away from him she holds up her hand again, the dagger, earlier forgotten in her hand ,now found again. "Ye are not goanna take advantage of me. I'm not a helpless maiden here for you amusement!" Picking up his hand he waves it and the ice turns to water, washing off her hand.

"Relax Lady Lillith, I'm not here to brutalize ye, but ye need to get out of those cloths or ye'll ney'ver get warm." While talking he had walked up to her and was only inches from her now. He twirled her finger , telling her silently to turn around. She turned silently and pulled her hair over her shoulder. Starting to get tiered, she didn't have the strength to fight him anymore. He unlaced her piece by piece, laying it over a metal rod to dry. Once only in her shive he tried not to look as he removed it. Even as the house was warm her skin kept to the blue tinge and she shivered violently. Shaking his head he didn't have a choice.

He started pulling off his own clothing. "What are ye doen'?!" As he shucked off his britches he pulled her to him, shivering as his hot body met her freezing one. Picking her up as she screamed and fought he carried her to the bed.

"Ye need to get warm. Look at ye, yer blue Lillith." Holding her to him she slowly stopped fighting as her body got warmer. Kris slowly ran his hands over the cantors of her body. Using the excuse of warming her to explore all her dips and curves. One hour slipped to two and the blue started to fade back to her celtic white. Her fire red hair making the pink tinge of her creamy skin almost unbearably kissable. He could feel himself grow and stiffen as she rested on top of him. Soon he was hard enough to be at her entrance and he noticed he wasn't the only one that had enjoyed the contact.

As the head of his shaft poked and pushed at her entrance he noticed how wet she was. Lifting her head her eyes were glazed and he noticed that her nipples pushed against the hair on his chest. Daring a chance, he leaned forward and kissed her lightly, a hungry growl coming from deep in his throat. And as he started to end the kiss he was surprised to hear a protest and feel the girl on top of him deepen the kiss. She sighs on top of him contently wiggling on top of him, pushing him in a little then pulling out.

Kris runs a tongue along her bottom lip and as she opens he explores the expanses of her mouth as her tongue battled with his. He ran his hand through her hair and the breast fell lose, and her hair with it, Falling in a curly fire curtain around them. Pushing his hip up slightly he sunk in a couple inches ,stopping at the natural barrier that let him know he would be her first lover. He could show her everything.

Rolling her onto her back her kissed her neck and shoulders as she laid back. He looked at her compared to him. Creamy silk compared with Rough Night. He ran a calloused thumb over one of her plump pink nipples and smiled when she arched to get closer to her hand. Pushing her back onto the bed he slid down and wrapped a mouth around her nipple. He heard her gasp as he gently tugged at it. Keeping his mouth around the tender flesh he ran his hand down her stomach to the fiery red patch of hair covering her womanhood and ran a thumb over her clit.

She nearly jumped out of her skin at the touch and arched aginst him to get closer. As he continued to rub her body started to get full and numb. She spread her legs wider to give better accsess. As she did Kris slipped a finger into Lilleth, brushing her maden head gentaly. With in a matter of moments she was on the edge of climax and was grinding over his hand in order to achive it. Kris removed his hand and replaced it with his hard shaft. He didn't go past her maiden head yet, but stoked out the three inches that he was able to get in.

Rubbing her clit he brought her to the edge and watched her go over the edge. As her world exploded into her first heart stopping orgasm, she thrust up to meet him, ripping her maiden head to shreads. She stopped as the pain ripped through her, and Kris worked over her knub again. Working the small nub till she was withering in pleasure again. Slowly he started to plunge in and out. As his body coupled with Lillith, he started to feel something take over her.

He grabed her thigh roughly and started to drill into her. Getting rougher as the moments passed. Slideing his hand into the sweet mass of red hair he pulled her head back and kissed and nibbled at her neck. Leaving a small mark at the crook of her neck and shoulder. Lillith ran her nails down his arms roughly leaving angry red scratches down Kris's arm. He growled down at her and kissed her passionately, taking her breath away.

Pulling out he flipped her over ,pushing her up onto her knees and her breast to the matteras. As he slid back into her his hands dug into the sinsitive flesh of her back side and he couldn't help the growling moan that came from his mouth at the feel of her encasing him in her sweet folds. He pumped mercilessly in and out of her till she withered and squearmed beneath him. Her juice running down the inside of her thigh, and she made a whineing noise. Making her sound like a puppy begging. Kris slapped her ass hard, then rubbed the spot that he had hit before doing it again a little harder.

Lillith expoded into a world of pure pleasure. Screaming she sat up ,sinking Kris to the hilt. He reached around grabbing one of her breast roughly and pulling at the nipple. He continued to thrust in and out of her savagely as she ground back onto his hard shaft. And it wasn't until he was bout to cum that he realized how hard he was squeezing her. Letting go she fell forward onto the bed as he exloded, dumping his load into her womb then collapsing beside her.

It was dark out, and there would be no way she would be able to go home tonight, so Lillith rolled over and snuggled closely to Kris.

"Dat was amazen. What happened to yer wife? I thought ye got married last soltice." Kris looked down at her as she played with some of the red hair that was on his chest. He thought back to Mary, the small blond that had stolen a harte he hadn't realized he possesed. Then broke with no mercy of her own to show.

"Was married. She left for the farmer on the other side of Loch Fairy Love when I found out the brain she was pregnate with wasn't mine, she left me." Snuggleing closely Lillith wrapped a leg over Kris. No man should be left in such a way, she thought. She knew how painful decite could be.

"'Ave ye ever thought 'o tryen again?" Lillith sat up on her elbow and looked at Kris. He could he thought. He could fall in love with this wild woman and lover her fieryness. He could sit forever looking into those green pools she had for eyes. He nodded slowly and pulled her forward and kissed her tenderly. He had heard of love at first sight, but never love at first touch. He thought he had locked himself away enough to never be touched again, but this woman. He had watched her move the athoritey she commanded around the Earls estate was amazing. No one ever questioned her and she was thurouly respected.

" I , I have. Jus' recently in fact." Looking up at Kris Lillith saw him looking at her intently. She couldn't keep the question from her lips and before she had a chance to stop it it was out of her mouth.

"Who is she?" Even she could hear the jelousey in her voice and that made her blush. She wanted this man to herself. Lowering her eyes she wispered, "I'm sorry, it's no' my buisness. Ye don' 'ave to account to me." She feels his chest start to shake and as she looks up at him she sees his face pulled into a smile. "What is so funny?"

"Ye are, Lillith. On both counts. I would see all o' ye I would hold ye and love ye till we both slipped into the beyond and even then. " She felt her self smile and wrap her arms around his neck in pure joy. She had found love, though she didn't know how she had found love and didn't intend to let him go. He wrapped his arms around her,holding her firmly to him. " Would ye, would ye be my love? Marry me and make me smile?" He stroked her hair and though.

The land and house was all he had to give. He would get money as he needed it. But he was sure that the earl had found the boy he had given him the name of and cast Lillith asside, leaving her to the first suter that would have her. He would have her, and gladly at that. He would have her and see her have everything her harte desiers. "Lillith would ye hold it against me if I asked fer yer permission to ask ye Uncle for ye?" Lillith sat up so abruptly that she fell off the ded and landed on her hind quarters on the floor. She looked up at him shocked.

"Ye would 'ave me!? " She couldn't belive she was hearing this. Every one the earl had set out to marry her off to had turned him down. Or so he said.

"Yes, I would have ye. " He smiled widely at her shocked expression. Was it such a surpise? She was beautiful ,well spoken, and strong of spirit. What man would not consider himself lucky to have such a wife. "Would ye 'ave me?" The expression on her face went blank, just long enough for Kris to worry. Then her face split into a beautiful smile, and her eyes lit up like a pair of candles were placed behind them.

"Yes! YES I'll marry ye!" She stood up as naked as the day she was born and threw herself into his arms. Kris smiled and wrapped his arms around her. Looking at the window he saw the sky graying with the first sign of the morning sun. He knew the would have to start getting ready for the day, returning her and facing her Uncle. Earl Alex would not like it that he had taken her, nor would he like it that it was him that he would have to deal with. But he would accept it becuase it was Lillith, and he loved the girl that was his neice, but he saw as his own daughter. That and the fact that he had the last piece of Loch love land the Earl wanted.


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