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Reaching the elasticated panty hem, a set of unrestrained fingers ventured inside to make the guilt-ridden though not unexpected discovery that she was soaked through again. The crotch of the panties glued fast to a sticky little shaven vagina, the eager digits eased down inside. Aroused beyond return, a third orgasm pulsed through her body before she'd even the chance to touch the rapidly-swelling clit.

~If you sign up to the link below, perhaps we can chat on a one-to-one basis?~

Emma clicked on the link immediately to reveal an adult chatroom. Thereafter she spent a few minutes creating a profile she hoped Dr Strangelust would approve of. Her user name was wetemma21, an apt choice. A cursory glance at the members' menu revealed none that fitted the Good Doctor's profile but, just to make absolutely sure, she typed a public message: ~Dr Strangelust, are you here?~

A dozen replies came back from various assorted desperate perverts, none of whom matched the wit or intellect of the only man she had a desire to converse with. Early evening still, she decided to return later. But for now she needed a nice hot bath to cleanse away the stickiness and to soothe the soreness caused by incessant fingering. Wrapping around a light airy kimono, she tiptoed off.

Chillout music spilled from Jess' room opposite, along with a soft green light that glowed around the circumference of the door. Doubtless the lucky bitch was entertaining David again, his room at the end of the landing blackened and deserted. Glancing around guiltily, Emma placed an ear against the door, serenaded by the sound of nocturnal activity, rhythmic bedsprings and light desirous moaning. It was almost enough to prompt her to reach for her pussy once more, were it not so sore.

Creeping down the stairs, she passed Kara's room, then Rick's, both unoccupied, the first floor of the shared house as quiet as a library. Hopefully that meant some nice long and undisturbed soaking time. Which was exactly what she did, the soap wonderful as it caressed her body like a fine layer of duckling feathers. Despite the ache, a finger slid once more into her slick love-hole, amid thoughts of Dr Stangelust and their imminent online liaison.

Having enjoyed a bounteous half-hour among the suds and the equivalent time doing her hair and painting her nails, it was almost as if she was preparing to go out on a date. Ready at last, Emma addressed the laptop with a deep inhalation. Yet sadly there was still no show from her elusive suitor, forcing the wanton nurse to go randomly surfing the net in search of fulfilment. Yet, even the more extreme porn sites with their quasi-rape and domination themes did little to satiate her burgeoning needs.

As another tiresome hour passed, the other housemates arrived home at intervals, doors downstairs banging as Emma grew ever more frustrated by the Doctor's non-show. When a further half-hour elapsed, she was on the verge of calling it a day when something weird happened. Emma nearly jumped out of her skin as the screen erupted in a lightning flash and a message appeared in its wake, inviting her to a private room. It had to be him. It could only be him. Stealing a deep breath, the hyperventilating redhead tentatively accepted the invite, finding emmawet21 in Dr S's Dungeon.

Awestruck, the first thing that met her gaze was his avatar, a freaky white skull with piercing red holes for eyes that flashed as they bore into hers like red hot pokers. It was really quite disconcerting and not a little unnerving, yet she found it hard to look away.

~Glad you could make it, Emma~

Her heart thumped like a metronome and she felt dizzy and disorientated. ~Hi, thanks~ she replied, finding her fingers and feeling somewhat timid in his presence. It would be no understatement to say she was mightily relieved to have the comfort and anonymity of the screen as a barrier between them.

~No, thank you~ he came back.

She chose her words carefully, anxious not to sound like a hopeless schoolgirl with a crush. ~Well I absolutely love your writing, so it's all true~ she typed, smiling nervously.

Taking a deep breath, she suddenly felt thoroughly mesmerised by the flickering red dots at the centre of that freakish skull. It was getting right inside her head, making her nauseous. Overawed and a little lost for words, Emma went into autopilot: ~God knows how you come up with all those ideas~

~Years of practice~ came the response.

Emma pursed her lips appreciatively. That sounded good. So much she wanted to find out about the man, she wasn't sure how to go about it without seeming crass. There were certain things she preferred in a man, especially if he happened to be a sexy older guy that would be awesome. Local too would be nice, but if not local, at least somewhere in England. From everything she'd gleaned, from the maturity of his writing to the nostalgic retro of his punny screen name, he had to fit the first criteria, somewhere perhaps in the forty-plus age bracket. As to location, whilst he wrote in the language, that didn't necessarily make him English.

They bantered back and forth, mainly about his story and how much it had affected Emma, and within ten minutes, it occurred to her how much she'd given away about herself in idle chit-chat and how little she'd gleaned about him. A usually sensible young woman, it did not go amiss how, in the story, the main character, the other Emma, had more or less given away to Max the rapist virtually everything about herself. There was enough information for him to track her down if he so desired, or when he so desired. The student nurse shivered at the thought and reminded herself to be more careful.

~So where are you from?~ she enquired, trying desperately to redress the balance.

There was a pause and she agonised whether it had been the right thing to ask. Yet she had to know, for peace of mind if nothing else.

~A long, long way away from you, as far away as it's possible to be~

Her heart sunk. ~America, no Australia? I thought as much~ she typed, part relief, part disappointment at the revelation.

A lull in the conversation as she chose her upcoming words carefully, Emma was drawn once more to the hypnotic blinking red eyes of the skull. In an odd way they made her relax but, in another, really edgy. Yet there was no escape, for even when she looked away from the screen, the image was burned indelibly on her brain like a white-hot filament.

~You want to swap pictures?~ she asked.

~Yeah, sure~

Before Emma could work out how to upload an image, the skull avatar disappeared, to be replaced by the face of a middle-aged man. Passable without inducing the wow factor on first sight, it was the face an older man nonetheless. Just a shame he was so far away.

~Very nice~ she replied, as much out of politeness as anything.

~Glad you like~

~Oh I do, I like older men~

With that, the face faded away and the skull returned, its eyes burning more intensely than ever.

~So, do you have a picture?~ he prompted

Emma followed the instructions carefully, airing the picture of her as a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding, taken the previous summer. Auburn hair piled up high and hands clutching the bouquet, she looked decidedly pretty and with a carefree air.

Dr S seemed to agree. ~Pretty picture~

~Thanks. Here's a more recent one~ she typed, substituting the wedding photo for one of the five housemates taken at the club they'd attended on Rick's birthday.

~Your friends?~

~My housemates. We're all training to be nurses and doctors, just like you~ she responded, relaxing just a little under the glare of the skull before providing him with a brief synopsis of each housemate.

Suddenly the tone changed markedly, the smalltalk swept aside when he enquired: ~So, have you slept with any of them?~

~Gosh, no~ she responded. ~I'm not that kind of girl~

~Oh, so what kind are you then, Emma?~

~A good girl, of course~

~A good girl, huh?~

Emma could almost feel the mocking in his 'tone'. It made her feel uncomfortable.

~So, answer me this Emma: do good girls chat to complete strangers with their hands halfway down their panties?~

Taken aback, the nurse's bottom lip quivered and her eyes welled up with salty tears. Yet it was true, a palm was cupped around her pussy, knuckles outlined in the panties. It was almost as if he could see her through those flashing red eyes on the screen. Before she could offer words of protest, he enquired: ~So, does it feel good?~

~Yes, very good~ she conceded almost without thinking.

~So wetemma21 is an apt name then?~

~Yes~ she admitted, for to claim anything else would have been a lie, her fingertips soaked.

Upping the ante, he suggested: ~Why don't you rub yourself harder and imagine that's my strong hands all over you~

"Oh gosh, yesssssss!" she groaned out loud.

~So, how about you and I play a game to get to know one another better?~

Emma's eyes slanted. ~What sort of game?~ she typed.

~A fun one. Ever played Truth or Dare?~

~Yes~ she confessed guiltily, thinking back to the revealing game in the aftermath of Rick's party.

~Okay, ladies first, ask away~

All of a sudden, Emma found her mind a total blank. ~No, you start~

He wasted no time getting to the point: ~Okay, Emma, when was the last time you had sex?~

She didn't need to think too hard, the date was practically etched on her brain. It was an unfulfilling experience with a younger poseur-type during the first weeks of university. ~Eight months ago~ came the reply.

~That's a long time for a sexy young girl to endure~

~Yes I know~

A brief pause followed. ~So, have you thought of a question for me yet?~

Emma agonised. As soon as something came to mind, it seemed to go as quickly. ~No, sorry~

~Okay, question two to me then. Let's see. Okay, how often do you masturbate, Emma?~

The pretty redhead exhaled before typing the response: ~Once every couple of days I guess~

~Emma. The game is called TRUTH or Dare~

The nurse blushed a shade of maroon before confessing: ~Three, maybe four times a day...but only since I started reading your stories~

~Well it's only natural~

~Yes I know. Look, I still can't think of anything I want to ask you~ she revealed, brain a void.

~Right, another question to me then. Mmm yes. Okay, if you had to have sex with one of your four housemates, which would it be and why?~

Emma looked down at the screen. The group photo was still in the display, doubtless having prompted his question. ~Remember Emma, total truth~ he added menacingly.

The auburn haired beauty exhaled hard, stumped by the question. At the same time she was unable to prevent her pussy from becoming ever wetter, with the mere thought. And whether she touched it or not, the damn thing just seemed to fizz and ooze, expelling copious amounts of precious love juice. Composing, she mused upon the Good Doctor's dilemma. Actually, none of them really appealed as a potential sex partner, all far too young and close to home. But if she had to choose one...

Working through methodically, she could rule out Rick straight away - he was just too geeky and nerdish, so not her type. She needed a dominant kind of man, if at all. Jess and David were virtually inseparable meaning opportunities would be strictly limited. That, she supposed, left just Kara. Before her sticky fingers could reach over to type, Dr S sent a message: ~The black girl, yes?~

Her jaw dropped. ~Yes, how did you know? Can you read my mind or something?~

At that moment something strange happened, something so strange it left her agog. The skull avatar shook from side to side and laughed out loud, a deep booming roar that made Emma's heart flutter and flesh go all goose-pimply.

~The power of deduction~ the reply read.

~But I don't really like other girls~ she contested.

~Oh? Never been with one before?~

Emma found herself revealing far more than she intended. Yet she seemed to have little control over her actions. ~No, not all the way. Not even a bit of the way. Kara and I did kiss on Rick's birthday, but that was just messing around~

~Did it feel good?~

Now he came to mention it... ~Yes it did~ she conceded guiltily, fingers dancing around her clit.

~Look Emma, I have to go shortly~

~Oh, you can't stay a little longer?~ she complained before it dawned that America or Australia or wherever he was was in a completely different time zone. ~Sorry, I forgot you're so far away. Though it does feel like you're right here with me~

~Yes, it does for me too. That's the power of the mind, Emma. Never let anyone tell you the penis or the vagina is the most powerful sex organ. For me it's the brain~

~Yeah, I guess so~ she conceded, the concept forcing her to ponder deeply.

~Okay, quickly Emma, a truth question from you to me before I leave?~

The flashing red eyes held her entranced and Emma found once more that her mind had gone a complete blank. ~Maybe I can think about it and ask you next time?~

~Sure. Well I'm going to leave you with a dare, Emma~

~A dare?~

~Yes, and I want for you to tell me about it when you awake tomorrow morning, okay?~

~Okay~ she acceded, finding herself in a totally suggestible state of mind as the red eyes flickered with the intensity of a nuclear meltdown alarm.

~Earlier you admitted you'd sleep with Kara over the rest of your housemates, yes? So, for your dare I'd like you to seduce Kara tonight~

What? Her brain screamed. Tonight? Now? He must be crazy. ~Yes, okay I'll do it~ her fingers typed treacherously, eyes bulging when she read it back on the screen.

~Good. Tomorrow morning, come and tell me all about it in great detail. Bye for now~

With that the screen blackened and emmawet21 found herself back in the lobby. The two fingers inside her pussy soon induced a shattering fourth orgasm that rocked her whole body.

Five minutes after closing down and having composed, Emma remembered the dare. She had a wary feeling that if she made up a story about seducing Kara, he'd know she was lying. It was better to be honest and face the consequences than lie, she decided. If Kara rebuffed her, so be it, at least she'd tried. And anyway, she was horny as hell, her libido in overdrive.

Wrapping in the kimono, she crept out onto the landing to undertake the dare almost like it was the most natural thing in the world to do. At least the task was made all the easier by the fact that Kara was a real insomniac, always the last to bed, and a confirmed bisexual.

Accustomed to her own company at this advanced hour, the black beauty was dressed - if it could be called dressed - in a tight white t-shirt and little pink panties. Her gazelle-like brown legs stretched down to a pair of cute size three feet, complete with the dinkiest toes imaginable. Though Kara had admitted publicly to being bisexual, Emma harboured grave reservations about the task ahead. "Damn you for making me do this, Dr Strangelust, she mumbled beneath her breath, sporting just the kimono that had a tendency to open at the middle every so often to reveal the fulsome bosom.

Taking a seat opposite her housemate, Emma explained that tonight she wasn't her usual tired self. And it was true, that vaginal workout with the Good Doctor was the equivalent of downing six cans of Red Bull. She was like a coiled spring unleashed, practically bouncing off the walls whilst tottering down the stairs. The airy kimono sagging at the front to display her assets, pussy in a permanent state of moistened anticipation, Emma felt a complete and utter slut. Kara could probably smell her lustful arousal from there. Catching sight of the pleasant surprise that sat opposite, it wasn't long before the other girl was feeling equally as horny, a desirous grin appearing on an otherwise cherubic face.

Yet Kara wasn't the only one in the house that night who would enjoy a pleasant surprise. For, as he returned from the kitchen having preparing a nightcap of cocoa and hot milk, geeky housemate Rick happened to glance into the sitting room. As he did, he witnessed Emma, the wrap loose, tits bouncing like softballs, shuffling across the carpet on her knees towards Kara. Stopping in his tracks, the nerdy and inexperienced teenager could barely believe his eyes.

Without a word, Emma reached out to Kara's beautiful bare foot, stroking lovingly across the top before lifting it to her lips and blowing into the gaps between the toes. The merest breath caused Kara to issue a guttural groan. Puckering up, the kneeling Emma kissed each tiny black toe in turn. Grinning wantonly, she pushed out her tongue and licked the ball of her housemate's underfoot before taking the big toe between her lips and sucking upon it like it was a stubby cock.

Shuffling on the sofa like she had ants in her pants, Kara went quickly into rapture, spine arching and head tossed back to let out a contented sigh. As it rolled from side to side, she happened to glance upon Rick who, craving to get close, had inched the door open and snook inside. His face turned a deep scarlet at the embarrassing discovery, though thankfully luck was on his side.

Perhaps not wishing to break the spell as Emma's lips travelled seductively up her instep, around the ankle and to the calf, the cute black girl placed a finger vertically to her smiling lips. Quickly getting the message, the awkward teenaged voyeur took a half-step back into the shadows, overjoyed that he would be allowed to continue watching the wondrous girl-on-girl seduction. But then again, with Kara's self-confessed exhibitionist tendencies, anything less would have been a travesty.

On the carpet, Emma elevated from the knees, flicking a few stray red hairs behind each ear and looking inquisitively at Kara for the green light to continue. A lustful dip of the chin and a wanton pout provided all the confirmation Emma needed. With that she crouched once more, continuing the snail-like trail of kissing and licking up her housemate's angular leg.

Getting into the hot scene in a huge way, over Emma's head Kara gestured towards Rick, her hand making an up-down coffee-shaking motion and causing his eyes to bulge. He could hardly believe she wanted him to masturbate. Compliantly, however, he reached inside his joggers to the rock hard prick within and gave it a good tug before letting the bottoms slide down. Kara smiled appreciatively his way as a blissfully ignorant Emma continued to kiss up the dark inner thigh, stopping only to nuzzle teasingly.

For Kara's benefit as much as his own, Rick began a slow, leisurely stroke, foreskin moving back and forth over a purple head that was glazed in precum. He was rewarded with a sensuous lick of the lips from Kara that just about surpassed anything in his wildest dreams. For a moment he contemplated taking things further and joining them, until the stern look from Kara told him in no uncertain terms to keep his distance. Frankly though he was only too happy to comply for the chance to witness this.

Turning her attention back towards Emma, Kara ran a long set of painted white talons through the other girl's chestnut hair, raking the scalp. It was the signal for Emma to leave the fleshy thigh and finally feast upon the delight that nestled in the apex. Reaching up, the horny redhead took hold of the panties by the waistand, glided them down her housemate's thighs and over her knees, letting them fall to her feet. In a balletic motion, Kara kicked the knickers away, landing at Rick's feet. Bending, he picked up the discarded undies, bringing the crotch to his face and inhaling the scent of aroused Afro-Caribbean pussy whilst tugging furiously at his hard cock.

As the black beauty moved her legs apart, a delicious crack was revealed. Open ever so slightly, the tasty-looking pink flesh within resembled a slice cut in a watermelon. Emma took a final gaze up into Kara's eyes for reassurance before placing her hands on her housemate's thighs and leaning in. In response, the other girl pushed her legs further outwards, bum elevating so that the slit split wider to reveal more of the juicy red inner cunt flesh.

Though she'd never been with another girl before, barely contemplated it even, Emma knew exactly what made her feel good, and thus she resolved simply to replicate it. At first she took little more than a tentative kiss in the centre, teasing Kara no end as she drew back, pecked lightly and drew back once more. Growing a little bolder, she placed her mouth firmly to Kara's pussy lips. The warm and buttery cunt felt exquisite as she enjoyed a whole new flavour experience. Every fold of Kara's perfect pussy seemed to quiver as Emma kissed and delved. Desperate to please the younger yet more experienced girl, Emma pushed her tongue through centre of her teeth, searching desperately. Her nose, so close to the other girl's clit it almost touched, was filled with delicious essence.

The sexy redhead adjusted, taking a deep breath followed by long and sensuous licks at the other girl's crack, roving ever more deeply. Each time she came up for air, there was a thick coating of juice on her tongue and lips. Thumbing her nipples as she lay back, Kara worked her hips in a slow, sensual rhythm, enjoying the stimulation of the novice's oral attention. Though she was excreting love fluids somewhat alarmingly, Kara remained calm and relaxed, giving little clue to her heightened state of arousal. That in turn made Emma more excited, marvelling at the self-control, more determined than ever to drive her housemate crazy with desire.

In fact, the only clue came from Kara's grip, tightening in Emma's hair as if she wanted to pull the older girl right up inside her. Angling for a more favourable approach, the lovely redhead guided her tongue directly towards a highly swollen and very visible clit. The pointy tip made contact and Emma lashed back and forth with purpose, very nearly causing the other girl to uproot a huge clump of hair as she battled to retain her composure.

Manoeuvring her lips around the prominent nub, Emma slurped with real purpose, finally sending Kara into a frenzied state from which there could be no return. She was rewarded with a glob of the black beauty's musky juice, which she savoured on her tongue like a melting truffle, before diving back in eagerly. Kara pushed her thighs as far apart as possible, craving deeper penetration. Emma licked and slurped, licked and slurped, until her tongue was sore and she was almost sick from the taste. Yet it had the desired effect, conferring upon Kara an orgasm that later she would confide was the most powerful she'd ever known. The room was filled with the aroma of excited pussy and Kara's heavy breathing.

As Emma rose back onto her knees and gulped in air, the mesmerised Rick ducked back out of sight, fist unerring on the hard shaft. Rocking forward, Kara issued a sly glance aside in his direction, before leaning further in to kiss Emma full on the mouth. She made a point of running her tongue all around the other girl's lips and inside her mouth, savouring her own pussy juices on Emma's lips and tongue. At the same time, she reached down to lift Emma's ample boobs into her palms, kneading the undersides firmly. As they kissed, velveteen lengths of tongue lashing, the redhead's groans of lust became muffled. Hands compressing tightly around the gorgeous orbs, Kara squeezed meaningfully, sending Emma into a frenzy. As she rocked back on her knees, spine arched, Kara ducked down to suck hard at each throbbing nipple till they threatened to explode.

Before Emma fully realised what was happening, a hand had found its way deftly between her legs, two fingers working in out of the wet slit to the knuckle, whilst the thumb circled firmly over her swollen clit. Every so often a long talon would scrape the sensitive button, causing Emma to squeal with unmitigated joy. Inhibitions shot to pieces, body a slave to lust, as Kara leaned forward they kissed passionately, tongues swirling.

Drawing back, a brief moment of clarity assailed Emma. All of this was Dr Strangelust's doing. And despite the distance, she could feel his presence in the room like a ghost, all-encompassing and controlling. As the strange sense of hedonism began to wear off just a little, every now and then Emma would wake up to what was happening and agonise for a nanosecond, before being drawn back in again to Kara by lust and the overwhelming urge for fulfilment.

Besides, Kara wouldn't have entertained a premature end, even if Emma begged and pleaded with her to stop. She wanted the auburn haired beauty to share what she'd enjoyed moments earlier: the orgasm of her life. Extending her arms, the black girl pushed Emma forcefully back onto the carpet. Pushing Emma's knees outwards, thighs almost flat, before she had time to contemplate, Kara's face was between her thighs, ardently returning the favour. She lapped like a lovely little black kitten, sending Emma's body into uncontrollable spasms. It wasn't long before she too was gushing obscenely and gazing up at the ceiling, eyes glazed.

And then, as she was forced ever closer, the panting turned to wails, low and guttural at first but increasing by each firm long lick. Her hands reaching up to take a hold of Emma's tits for leverage, Kara burrowed, tonguetip delving into the deepest vaginal recesses it could find. Moaning crazily, Emma thrashed from side to side, lifting her buttocks. No less than the fifth orgasm that night, she was not to be disappointed, body jerking crazily as she squirted Kara's pretty brown face.

As the climactic high retracted, out of her peripheral vision, Emma's glance chanced upon Rick's shadow then, elevating her eyes, she witnessed a hand thrusting so furiously back into a midriff it looked as if he was trying to stab himself. The shame hit her hard like a slap to the face though there was little time for it to fester. Almost immediately, a thick rope of cum spurted forth, lassoing across the room and pooling mere inches from her prone body. With that, the filthy little nerd tugged up the joggers and disappeared off like a thief in the night.

As Emma lay flat, inflated chest rising and falling alarmingly, Kara rose and blew a kiss goodnight, before leaving her housemate deep in reflection. The thrill having quickly worn off and, with her sensible everyday persona back, a pensive Emma realised she couldn't carry on living like this. For all his allure, Dr Strangelust was nothing short of a nasty manipulator. In the morning, she planned to sever all ties, getting rid of the laptop if need be to return to how things were before the story turned her life upside down. Little did she comprehend at that moment that she was in as deep as her namesake was in the tale.


After six hours of disturbed semi-sleep, waking the following morning, Emma found she just didn't have the strength of will to do it. Nor, she convinced herself, had she the inclination. Desperate to know what was going to happen to Emma in the story, she checked if Part V had been posted overnight. Frustratingly it hadn't.

But more importantly than what was going to happen to Emma in the story, what was going to happen to the real Emma now that Dr Stangelust had her completely under his spell? Like a mindless zombie she signed into the site as ordained the previous night, met almost immediately by that overbearing skull and its flickering red eyes. A little warily at first, she recounted for the benefit of Dr S all she could recall of the lesbian encounter with Kara. By the end she was totally at his whim.

~So Emma, do you have a truth question for me yet?~

The red eyes in the skull bore into a brain that was otherwise blank. ~No, Doctor~ she typed.

~Hmm, okay. I have something for you, another dare. I know you're up to it~

Another dare? Her heart pounded and her brain flashed a red alert, but her fingers paid no heed. ~Yes, Doctor~

~Good girl. Today I'd like you to wear to work your tightest top, shortest skirt and to leave your panties off~

Emma went to protest but found she was unable, replying simply: ~Yes, Doctor, okay, I will~

~Now let me have your mobile phone number~

Emma complied, trying desperately to combat the sinking feeling.

~Over the course of the day I will send you a series of commands by text. You must ensure to do exactly as I say, understand?~

~Yes Doctor~


Emma's hand drifted idly between her legs. Already she was soaking wet and horny as hell and it was barely nine o'clock. She masturbated to a healthy climax before traipsing off to the shower. Like a drug, when the euphoria wore off, the melancholy intensified. And as the water infused her muddled brain, rare moments of clarity surfaced. What lie ahead began to truly bother her. She had a nasty feeling it was going to be a long day under Dr Strangelust's control.

Had the pretty young nurse realised just where it was all going to lead, she'd have locked herself in the bedroom until sundown.


A follow-up is in the offing but, as ever, any comments or suggestions would be most welcome.

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