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My name is Monica and I belong to a prestigious magic school. It's a school that's so wealthy that students have nicely appointed private dorm rooms and even magical items for the wizards to instruct with.

One afternoon after I had just finished my final exams I slammed my bedroom door behind me and fell back on it too tired to move. I was done for the semester and didn't know what to do-- my parents were vacationing in Europe for the summer and although the college allowed me to stay over summer break, I hadn't anything planned until resuming studies in the fall.

As a start I thought about getting changed out of my restrictive school formals but didn't have the energy to do so....so I stood there panting from exhaustion until my hands hiked up my skirt and automatically found my flaming red pussy. As I was alone in my room I didn't think anything about it. I was a nymphomaniac and had known for years. While not the ideal situation, it was better than screwing all the boys in school trying to find the right partner-- or partners-- to meet ones deepest needs. Word does get around after awhile too-- parents hate that.

I began friggig myself right there were I stood-- barely even vaguely aware that I was even doing it. While better than nothing, even two fingers were too small to get me going without a lot of effort....but I had toys in the nightstand by the bed for that. They almost had me expelled by almost getting caught at inspections on more than one occasion. School administrators frowned on sex paraphernalia in the dorms. Assholes.

Finally I couldn't wait any longer-- as good as they were in an emergency-- my light-skinned fingers just weren't getting me there fast enough so with a grunt I stopped frigging myself and shoved off the door toward the nightstand.

I remembered putting my 9 inch vibrator back where it belongs in the nightstand after last week's inspection. That's what I remembered anyway. After yanking the bottom drawer open and rummaging around for several moments, it wasn't there. Now I was unhorny, tired, and decidedly annoyed. I just needed some time on the bed pleasuring myself as another pick me up and then everything would be fine. Ripping the closet open and moving the step stool in place, I quickly cycled up the stairs and popped the ceiling tile, feeling around for my favorite hiding place. Still nothing.

More frustrated and angry than anything else, I was too tired and pissed off at not being able to give it to myself to keep looking for it. Away with the step stool and I sat down on the bed and debated on taking a nap and hoping that my fingers could do their magic before I feel asleep.

It seemed like nothing at the time....I opened the top drawer of the night stand and fumbled around inside knowing that it was the first place that anyone would look for-- just about anything. I grabbed something that felt long and thinner like it could be a penis-shaped vibrator but it was way to hard and bumpy. Bringing it out I immediately recognized it as an old magic wand that I found in one of the attics while I was looking for something for one of the wizards a few days ago. Realizing that I had no business sneaking it into my dorm room I quickly slammed it to my quite ample bosom and looked around the empty room to see if anyone had noticed. As a first-year student they had drilled it into us that the magic wands were not toys and if used incorrectly, we would wish that we had turned ourselves into a toad-- or worse.

....I was also tired, bored, and looking for some sort of action to pick up my day....

I waved the wand in the air like I had seen the instructors do a couple of times and waited. Nothing happened....or so I thought. Disgusted, I tossed the wand back in the drawer and was about to lie down when suddenly this six-foot tall dark complected Amazon woman-- in three inch pumps-- walked into view from behind me and stopped in front of me within easy reach....inside my personal space.

"Who the FUCK are you and how did you get in here???" I demanded. The door was locked.

"Hello Monica." even more in shock, I spat back at her:

"How the fuck did you know my NAME?"

"You should know-- YOU're the one that called me here." She was wearing a black decorative mask like the ones you see at masquerade parties, a black halter top tied at the base of her huge breasts, similar black pumps with black panty hose to her thighs, and a loincloth flowing down to her knees tied around the hips by a thin golden chain. After a split second's thought, the magic wand came to mind. This wasn't rocket science, I had used the wand incorrectly and it was a freak show-- and I was the star!

"What do you want?" I was trying to get rid of this woman and it was all I could think of.

"More imporantly Monica, what do YOU want? I am here to fulfill your wildest dreams!" she declared. Enough was enough...even if I did have time for this I certainly wasn't in the mood to humor "Amazon bitch".

"Oh yeah? Well I don't do chicks."

"Good. I have something for you." This was not the comback that I was expecting, what happened next was much more of a shock. Amazon bitch-- or whoever she was-- reached over to her hip and undid her loincloth letting it drop to the floor. Underneath was a huge penis and she stepped one foot in and onto the side of the bed next to me bringing her dick almost close enough to touch my boobs. Fully limp it had to be as long as my vibrator and it was getting longer and harder by the second. My eyes must have been as wide as saucers.

"Oh my God. It's HUGE." Her penis brushed up against my breasts as it hardened and whatever Amazon bitch was...all I could think about was that it was the best action that I had had in months. "Uh, I don't know about this. It's too big." Her bulbous head reached within scant inches of my mouth and it must have been some sight to see. I sat there with my chest starting to heave very slightly with a black mule cock in front of my face begging for attention. "What's your name?"

"You couldn't pronounce it." ...still I sat.

"Latoya?" It was all that I could think of that seemed appropriate for a darker skinned woman.

"That will do." and she added a wink. After that, deftly my companion grabbed her prick with one hand for aim and with the other quickly grabbed me at the back of the neck to reel me in toward her magnificent length and girth. "Oh just SUCK it why don't you!???" Another thrust and I was opening as wide as I could for her, taking her head in my mouth in small strokes. "That's a little better." A construct of magic or otherwise, her touch and feel seemed quite lifelike as she somewhat forcefully put her foreskin fully into my mouth then started pumping my face in similar small thrusts. Was it habit? I didn't really know for sure but inside my mouth my tongue started dancing around and over the very tip of her pride and joy for her pleasure. "....much better." she added and one at a time she moved her hands to grab one of the long pig tails on either side of my head. I continued to give her head for several moments until she uttered: "Deeeeperrrr." and her thrusts became more forceful, pushing her prick down the depths of my mouth. "Suck that huge cock!" she commanded. Like it or not this was still the best action that I had had in months and not only did my saliva glands betray me, so did my old habits of keeping one hand gently on the front of each of her hips for "push off" and control, and my mouth and throat very pliable and well lubricated for maximum pleasure. "Oh you little slut! I can tell you've sucked dick before now!" Like I said, betrayed, and guilty as charged. The one boyfriend that I did give it to I made sure that he had a dick almost as big as hers, and I had spent years practicing deep throat on my vibrators and dildos in the hope that someday I might find a cock worth the trouble that it was keeping one around even close to as big as hers. After a few more strokes she said: "Let's take this up a notch....deep breath...." fortunately I obeyed immediately and exhaled quickly-- this time her thrust wasn't nearly as gentle and she forced her cock down into my throat. "Sssssuck iiiit!" she ordered, and after trying once to verbally protest around the huge sausage in my mouth, I obeyed. It wasn't all that bad having such a huge member in my mouth anyway. Before long, I even began to enjoy it and quickly became an active participant in the full on blowjob I was giving this creature. "Now you're getting it...." she said before long. "....sssuck meeee...." she urged softly as she continued to face fuck my mouth. At his point I was more than happy to oblige. Easing up on her depth in me to allow me to breathe, I couldn't help but look up over her boobs and deep into her eyes, smiling at her as she worked over my mouth. It was another old habit with my X....to let him know that I was enjoying sucking his big dick before he would fuck the shit out of me....and guilt by association now hers too. "Oh yesss....you are enjoying this....I've got your number Monica...." she hissed and added: "....I've got a tasty treat for you!" Her tempo increased even faster and even though I was technically only giving her head, her first grinding of an orgasm produced such a huge blast in my mouth that I couldn't keep up....some of her cum fell down the front of my chin and out the sides of my mouth. Nor was this my style either. After a moment of heavy panting back to reality my companion noticed the creamy white on my face and asked: "Is there something wrong with the taste?"

"No...not at all....you tasted rather good actually. Want another?" Staring at me in askance she observed:

"I think that we need to get you out of those clothes-- epseically that tie. Now strip." At the prospect of having just swallowed cum and possibly even getting more dick-- in my mouth or otherwise-- I can't remember the last time I ripped my clothes off so fast. Meanwhile, Latoya seductively undid the front of her halter top, lusciously pulled it over each shoulder and then let it drop to the floor revealing a pair of breasts the size of a watermellon. All that remained were the mask, her pumps, and the pantyhose reaching up to her thighs. I still had my tennis shoes and over the calf socks on as well. Each of my hands wasn't really enough to heft one of my udders propoerly, but they were still smaller than Latoya's.

"You like?" I asked. She smiled and replied:

"Of course I do...but don't change the subject." Grabbing her girth again she added: "Now this time....no pretenses. Suck my big dick like I know you know how...." This time, there weren't any. After the inital grunt of getting her head back into my mouth I grabbed her girth with one hand and her balls in the other, masterbating her liberally. "Oh yessss....that's much better. Now deep throat me like before." Breathing in and out again, Latoya held the back of my head firmly with both hands and rammed her cock as far down my throat as I could take it-- almost to her balls. "You know you want it." And it was true...if for no other reason than sucking a big dick always makes me really horny and ready to go. Her breathing labored, after willingly giving Laytoya a blowjob for the next several minutes she said: "Ohhhhfffuck....here I come again...." Even though this time her ejaculation was a little stronger than before I was prepared for the whole thing-- not even a drop was missed. I hadn't lost my touch. "Yo really don't need these." she said referring to my glasses and then she carefully removed them and tossed them into the corner.

"Any time." I said referring to my best available blowjob and smiled. She smiled back and replied:

"We can talk about that later. For now, I want my dick between those tits!" Reeling my head in to rest against her cleavage, I turned to the side as if to nuzzle her bossom and she crouched her hips down to the height of my own crevice. By touch I took hold of my jugs and folded her stiff member between them, preparing to be titty fucked. As it turned out, she had my head just uneath hers such that her enormous length grazed up the side of my neck and her head kept bumping into the side of my jaw for added pleasure. "My those breasts are so soft and smooth."

"...and your cock is so hard between them!" I cried. At that point we got a rythm going and Latoya started fucking my chest in earnest. Bumping and grinding against my chest, her rythm was firm and slowly increasing the more she started gathering steam.

"Ahhhshit.....I'm going to have another load for you soon." And with that, Latoya pulled back on my head to bring my lips to hers before putting her tounge down to my tonsils in the fiercest of kisses. Not that I minded, at the rate she was going, soon mine would have been touching hers anyway. Not only did I not care, the other thing that I noticed was that Latoya was good at that too-- French kissing. In and of itself it started getting me hot and bothered as well. Just before she came, she pulled away and commanded: "Give me your face!" To my surprise, the next thing I knew she was emptying her load all over my visage, much to my pleasure. Before she was done squirting, she grunted about my mouth and without thinking I crammed myself wide open before she finished her jism all over my gums and tounge. Then I carefully masturbated the last of her juices into my waiting mouth before she reeled my head back up towards hers in another fierce French kiss. The last of her cream was heavenly and I think that its taste turned her on even more too. As our mouths worked, I couldn't help but press her massive cock up to the front of my chest with both hands and continue to masturbate her as lewdly as I could. I was in heaven as well until Latoya broke our embrace and said: "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No of course not. I really like it. What now?" Latoya was the leader as far as I was concerned and I would happily do whatever she wished.

"What do you think, silly? I'm going to fuck you with this huge dick!" she declared and then shoved me back flat onto the bed. "Ready?" Her prick was still fully erect and she wasn't giving me any time to think. That probably was a good thing. My X was big, but he wasn't THAT big!

"I hope so...it's so huge...." and without further adieu, latoya knelt down at the edge of the bed for better height, flapped her cock against my belly a few times, and then with a grunt inserted her head fully into my vagaina in one thrust. "OH FUCK!" I screamed without even thinking. The walls were thick...but they weren't THAT thick! To my horror, Latoya then grabbed me under each knee and then stood up again, hauling me halfway off the bed. I was pinned. It was all I could do to hang onto the bed and take whatever LaToya was going to give me-- and she did.

After the first few quick thrusts with just her foreskin, she then rammed the first several inches in all at once...whatever any reasonable woman could take in length.

"AH SHIT! Gawd you're so big!" God knows I was a screamer with my toys, there really wasn't any point in hiding it now. With each of her thrusts produced a small grunt out of my mouth and suddenly I had a front-row seat in what it was like getting powerfully fucked hard and fast by a brown-skinned gorrilla. Even though she still wore the mask, I could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying to proceedings and before long, I started feeling that little twinge in my pussy that I so desperately craved right now. The more she worked, the hotter I started getting.....

"Mmmmmm....you are good Monica....." Great. Yes I was getting horny as all Hell but I hadn't even cum yet I was just told that I was a good lay-- by a creature of the ethereal. Latoya kept pounding my pussy at that depth for several more moments as I kept getting hornier by the minute until she said: "Here comes another load!" and she started shuddering uncontrollably through yet another orgasm, pumping her juices deep into my cunt until I could feel them leaking down the back of my ass. "I hope you're on the pill honey...." For other reasons, gratefully I was. Being a carefully gaurded secret from the parents as a closet numphomaniac was another good reason....but they didn't know that.

"You could have pulled out first!" I cried.

"I am only fufilling your wishes honey!" and then came the final thrust.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!" I shrieked. Latoya rammed her cock balls deep into my pussy. I had taken all of her in one last push. I tried. I was totally helpless to resist Latoya's show as she began pumping my pussy with that huge mulecock for all her worth. One thing did change other than the volume of grunting and groaning between us-- Latoya just added nitrous oxide to my horniness..... Through it all I looked up at Latoya again to see a small grin on her face...as if she were happily helping me with whatever it was that was my wish....other than maybe to get laid....by a human!

"I'm coming again!" she groaned as I was getting close to my first-- and most badly needed-- orgasm. As she did so she thrust balls deep and held herself there throughout the entire climax. The instant her sperm hit the back of my pussy I was launched into a totally out of control mind-blowing orgasm. I couldn't even remember the last time I came that hard....so hard that even though LaToya had more than an ample grip on most of my body weight, I almost fell off the bed. Meanwhile, she kept screwing me with that massive cock of hers as I came and when I returned to back to full conciousness she asked: "Feel better?"

"Oh my God Latoya, please do that again. PLEASE fuck me!" I hissed. While before I was eating out of her hand, now I was truly begging for that huge of a cock to keep fucking me stupid.

"...but of course Monica. That is what I desire."

LaToya then screwed me like that until well after sunset and with each passing orgasm, I cared less and less who-- or what-- LaToya was. As far as I was concerned, if God made me a nymphomaniac then therefore LaToya was my God given right. Case closed. When she was done, she then carefully shoved me back onto the bed proper. I was spent.

"Wow LaToya, that was amazing-- even for a hopless nymphomaniac." she layed down on the bed next to me and gently pulled my lips to hers. This time...her kiss was loving, nurturing. Returning her kiss I still breathed heavily through my nose while I tried to get my energy back.

"Was? You've gotten your wish-- now I get MINE. Just rest for now."

"Thank you." was all I could get out. LaToya started French kissing me again and it was if she made a point of rubbing her boob against mine, which was helping. Sexual contact was what I needed and I knew it-- but that was about I could handle at the time.

Minutes passed and after I could sit up on my elbows I looked at all the cum stains we had created-- a good part of the bed was drenched-- I had to ask: "Don't you ever run out of semen or steam?"

"No. Never."

"My God LaToya-- you might have killed me." In a large way I was joking, in some small way I was not.

"Of course not. Then I wouldn't get MY wish."

"Anything." I said: "I promise....it's the least I can do after that amazing workout."

"You are much braver than I thought."

"Anything LaToya." I repeated, "...if you're not here to kill me then I trust you."

"Okay..." she said and then got up off the bed, "...just lie down like you would normally on the bed with your legs spread and get comfy." Pivoting 90 degrees took effort, putting a pillow behind my head did not.

"Ready." LaToya then walked around to the foot of the bed still sporting a horizontal errection sticking out in front of her proud and loud. As she kneed herself onto the bed between my legs with that raging hard-on she said in hushed tones:

"Okay....now we get to fuck my way."

"Okay....just don't kill me."

"I won't...." she said, " I promise." she then fell forward so that both hands were on either side of my breasts.

"Anything." I repeated softly as she was grabbing her member with one hand and placing it at the door to my vagaina with just enough pressure that it wouldn't fall back out or off.

"Now look at me Monica." I obeyed and then she continued: "This time while we fuck...do not be the first one to break eye contact."

"Okay....I promise." and then LaToya pushed her cock into me again...this time much slower and more gentle. Even then, this was more of a personal fuck...as if she were screwing me personally...not like I was some target on a planned mission as before.

Now you would think that even though my pussy was recently opened and "measured" for Latoya's mulecock....after being hammer fucked by the said same gorrilla....I would remember how big her prick felt inside me. I did not....not at all.... I tried not to complain as she worked her magic in and out of my pussy ever deeper and deeper but after about three-quarters of her length I couldn't bear it anymore. "Oh God LaToya," I pleaded into her eyes. "...you're so big."

"That's right-- enjoy that great big dick." she breathed back.

"I do...I just need a little time to get used to it....that's all."

"I know....just relax and gently come to orgasm whenever ou want to. Try to save your strength right now. I want you to save some for later."

"Okaaaaay." As LaToya reached her full length inside me both our breaths became more labored. I knew that she was approaching another orgasm and I wasn't that far behind. She shot me a wink to signal that her semen was coming soon.

"I know." I answered back. Before we were screwing...and that's all I wanted at the time....this was something different but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. As she came again her eyes closed as expected and her thrusts shot balls deep into my pussy and ground in and out qucikly there at that depth. Her entire length helped me cum that much sooner. As soon as I could, I resumed eye contact as requested and I was grateful that while I enjoyed the orgasm that she had just given me very very much, it wasn't the over the top exhasting ones that I was having before. "God you cum inside me so much...." I commented.

"I know....it's one of the perks of being a Djnn."

"Oh..." LaToya stayed on the palms of her hands and gently porked me for how long I don't know....but we both had another smaller orgasm...and then another. At that point after we both came back from....wherever....I came back to looking her in the eyes and said: "Even if you do kill me Latoya, it will have been worth it." she gave me another wink in acknowledgment and replied:

"Now you're ready."

"Ready for...." was all I could get out. LaToya laid down her full body weight on me as my X used to and started French kissing me again, in creasing the tempo of her cock inside me. Was it lust? Or something else? I put one hand behind her head to force her kiss into me deeper and she complied-- with enthusaism. With her full weight on me it quickly became blatantly obvious to me that she wasn't balling me like my X used to as much as she was fucking me like any man would. Quickly I became so excited I ground my ass as much as I could into the bed and then vaulted my legs up and over LaToya's ass to give her prick the best possible access to my cunt and do whatever I could to prevent her from stopping. She then continued to pound my pussy like that for several minutes until something snapped.

Disengaing our French kiss she moved her lips and tongue down to the side if my neck and proceeded to kiss, nibble, and lick me to higher arousal as she fucked me. But now was different again....now she was fucking me in earnest...the last four or five inches at least slammed in and out of my pussy and the affect was at first shocking then electric. "Oh God LaToya! Fuck me!" I called. "Fuck me!Fuck me!Fuck me!" I called again. As much as I thought it appropriate given the situation, I stopped shouting for the sake of the neighbors. It was also all I could do to whisper in LayToya's ear: "Cock....So....Big....." and with each of her thrusts it was if I was becoming just a little bit more joyusly hornier-- and I loved it. LaToya began grinding out orgasms and so did I.

This went on for how long I wasn't sure until Latoya scooped me up into another position with her kneeling upright on the bed, my legs still wrapped around her ass for control, and both her arms around the middle of my back for support. My sense of balance was going haywire so I clutched onto the top of her back for added support and then LaToya quickly grabbed each of my butt cheeks with each hand and....

"Now ride me!" she commanded. Other than the strength of the Ethereal I'll never know but she then proceeded to curl and release my entire body weight without an real other support than the rail spike I was being impaled on repeatedly.

"OH GOD YES LATOYA!" I started screaming again. "ANYTHING!!!" Latoya "forced" eye contact again and it was surreal the level of lust it added. Any count I might of had on the number of orgasms my lover had given was totally lost by that point nor did I really care. She released me so that her huge cock was fully engulfed in my cunt and then released me back onto the bed but then resumed the kneeling position only to resume lifting and releasing my ass on her length. In that position I arched my back and found that I had at least a little control again and I made good use of it, rotating my hips back and forth as she worked me over again.

"Oh yea baby, grind that pussy on my cock!"

"I wanna feel every inch." I declared. In that position, it wasn't that hard to do. I'm not sure how-- especially given LaToya's length but her cock then popped out. Instead of losing the moment, she hauled me in closer so that the door if my vagaina-- and my clitoris-- began rubbing up and down her entire legnth as she kept "fucking" me.

"....gonna....cum....again...soon...." she grunted. Before long she did, howling her lungs out and spraying her juices wildly all over me and on the bed. I felt baptized. It took hardly any of my finger work on my clit to throw me over the edge into one last mind-blowing orgasm. I was done.

When I came to I felt totally relaxed and at peace. At first I also thought that I was alone again. After I rolled over LaToya was still standing there next to the bed waiting for me to awaken, almost totally naked and half an erection to spare. Before she could speak I reached over and started masterbating her cock closer toward my face.

"I think I just fell in love with this dick." I admitted.

"Believe me Monica, the feeling is quite mutual." Latoya agreed.

"I really had a ton of fun today."

"Good. I think I'm going to be visiting you more often."

"I can't wait." I breathed. Her cock was getting harder but annoying out of reach of my hungry mouth.

"Just remember-- I'm only a wand away." she said brightly, "Promise."

"Mmmmm.....I'm counting on it." LaToya raised a hand as if to go and I shouted:

"NO! Wait...." LaToya stopped. "What was your wish?"

"Oh. That....I wanted you to turn away from humans....that's all."

"Mission Accomplished." I replied and LaToya went up in a puff of smoke smelling of sulpher.

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