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The story is fictional.

My name is Mistress Cain. Ironic now since that is also my favorite toy. Spelling is different as in cane. I have three. One at home and two here at My name is Mistress Cain. Ironic now since that is also my favorite toy. Spelling is different as in cane. I have three. One at home and two here at school. One is always prominent on my desk.

I am the Headmistress of a prestigious all-girls school, teaching girls to be ladies and to be at the top of the chain in big businesses from Finance to Technical. All students are eighteen or older. Some are in their early twenties. I am Third generation owner of this fine school. My Grandparents built this school. My parents upgraded it through the years to keep it up to code. I have since brought it up to code but added a lot of technology. I have cameras in every room. Yes, every room. I have 5 cameras here in my office, which is of course on separate recorders and not for public viewing. They are angled so those setting in front of the desk can't see. For discipline purposes, I have a straight-backed wooden chair with the legs shortened.

I noticed in one of my monitors my next appointment. Miss Candy Sweet. Who names there daughter Candy? I called one of my office ladies, "Sarah, can you show Miss Sweet in please?."

My door opened and in strutted Miss Sweet followed by Sarah. "Sarah, I know it's early but you and Lisa can leave early. Enjoy your weekend. I'll lock up electronically."

As Ms. Sweet walks in she tries to look innocent. Not working.

"Come on Ms. Sweet." She tries to look like the innocent lamb. Still not working.

"Before you sit down, please open this paper bag and place it n front of the door" I keep my professional look on my face.

"Now, have a seat, please"

As I said this chair is low and hardwood. She tries to sit all prim and proper.

"You are here for discipline issues" She doesn't seem to be worried about that smug look on her face.

"Let's look at your record" I glance at her school record on one of my monitors.

"Let's look at them. I have several from your teachers. They say you are disobedient, and disruptive in your classes. You seem to refuse to follow the rules."

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

"But Miss, I am not that way," she says. Still trying to look innocent.

"First of all, you will address me as Mistress."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Let's take a look at the dress code together, shall we?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Please place your shoes on my desk."

I pull out my little ruler and measure the heels on one of them. "It would appear that these 5" heels are not within the dress code."

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Yes, Mistress." She says quietly.

She looks around as if she is trying to find someplace to hide.

"No one can see you, my dear. The windows are all coated to keep anyone outside from seeing in." As she notices numerous classmates walkabout.

"Place these shoes in the paper bag I had you place in front of the door, please."

She had a bewildered look on her face as she turned and placed her shoes in the bag. Bending over as she did I had a wonderful view of her rear end, which provided a magnificent view of her thong covered pussy. Her pussy was enclosed so deliciously in its black cocoon.

She returned and sat once more. Sad looking as she raised her head.

"Now let's look again at our dress code. I see that the neck ware is not appropriate either."

Now she had a puzzled look on her face knowing that it was a school-issued scarf.

"You haven't tied it in the appropriate manner. Please remove it and place it in the bag, my dear."

So far she hasn't fidgeted too much. But she will! Placing her scarf in the bag again gives me a magnificent view of her. Long supple tanned legs, her beautifully shaped ass.

As she returned and sat down, I could see that she was mentally working it out in her head what she was still wearing that she shouldn't be wearing.

"The blouse you are wearing is also not the one issued to you. Please remove it and fold it nicely and place it in the bag."

Then she hesitated. I took my cane and slapped it sharply on my desktop. Sounding like a rifle shot, she jumped.

She slowly got up, shakily she folded her blouse, and took it and put it in the bag. Again giving me another view of her pussy mound. I had an involuntary shudder of joy run through my body, and my panties became wetter in anticipation of what was yet to be revealed.

There she sat. I already knew she was wearing a tiny thong. Now it was revealed that she was wearing a skimpy lacy black bra.

"Ms. Sweet, it appears that your skirt is shorter than allowed." By this time I was grinning. "Please kneel on my desk so I can measure it." She slowing and did as she was told. I could see it was uncomfortable kneeling on the hard glass surface.

"Let's measure now." As I got my six-inch ruler out and stood it up at her knee and measured to the bottom of her very short skirt, I said, "Well, it seems that it measures five inches above the knee when the dress code allows for only three inches above the knee." She is shaking because of how painful the desktop is on her knees and fear.

"You may sit back down Ms. Sweet.",I said.

I explained to her that her scores academically were the highest in this school, or any school in the world, had ever seen. I further explained that just before graduation a headhunter agency would get a list of the highest scorers and send it out to major companies. That she would surely get many offers for her to join them.

"Fortunately for you, we do not let anyone know of any discipline issues." She didn't seem anymore upbeat.

"Ms. Sweet, take off the skirt and place it in the bag." I couldn't wait once more for the view I was about to get. My panties were already soaked.

"You may sit down again, my dear."

Then she said, "Mistress, am I to be caned?"

I reach up and touched my cane and watched her begin to tremble. "Yes, but how many strokes remains to be seen, Ms. Sweet."

"That will also depend on you following instructions, not only now but in the future while at this school. You do realize why you are here in the first place?"

She looked confused as I told her, "You have not been following the rules. Some of your teachers have written reports about your manner of dress and how you have been acting in class. Seeing how you came in here dressed gives me confirmation of their misgivings."

"When we first started today, when you bent over to place your shoes in the bag, you gave me a view up your dress. In a business meeting that would distract the men and not leave a good impression on the women attending." I went on to try to make her understand. "Reputation in the business world is everything." I added, "Giving them a peep show would be a distraction, and not allow how brilliant you to shine through."

I gave her some time to think about all I have said in the last few minutes. Perhaps I have been moving too fast. Perhaps I was too anxious to see her sweet naked body and punish her and get my own pleasures satisfied. But that would cross a line that would cause problems. If later she regretted it and said something to someone and they, in turn, relayed it to the police, it could cause problems for the school. Even if nothing came of it legally, the publicity alone could ruin the school.

I am extremely turned on at the sight of her exquisite body. I want to caress it gently, enjoy all of its contours. Because of her athletics, she was so well toned. Her breasts are so well rounded, so perfect. Once I get her bra off I believe they will not even show signs of sagging. Since it turns out she was only wearing a thong her firm butt cheeks are spectacular and her magnificent pussy mound just straining to be released once again sends more juices into my already wet panties.

"Now Ms. Sweet, as it is your bra being black goes against our dress code it too much come off and placed in the bag."

As she was now doing an all too familiar routine, I got up, grabbed my cane, and moved around in front of my desk. I was looking out of the windows watching the students walk past. I noticed that she was seeing the same thing and not remembering what I had told her earlier about the one-way glass she tried to cover her almost nude body.

I looked back at her and said, "The windows are one-way glass, dear. They cant see you. You may remove your hands,"

"Take the chair and turn it a quarter turn to the left, please."

"Stand behind it."

I placed a small pad on top of the back of the chair which was just slightly lower than waist level to her.

"Bend over the chair and place your hands on the front corners of the chair."

Which, slowly, she did. Perhaps she was learning how to follow directions.

"Grasp the corners tightly."

"Move your feet so they are spaced as wide as the chair legs, please."

She quickly followed that instruction. She is learning. I stood to the left of her hip and gently laid the cane at the top of he butt. Little trembles started.

I stroked her butt from top to bottom several times. The trembles increased.

I gave her one sharp stroke with the cane. It made a wonderful sound and left a pretty red mark.

She jumped and yelped.

I once again stroked the cane up and down her beautiful butt. Then I moved directly behind her.

Oh, what a view I had. I stroked the inside of both thighs and across her mound. It seemed to glisten with moisture.

Was she getting turned on by this?

I gave her two more swift strokes with the cane. That makes three beautiful red stripes across her butt.

"You may stand up now Ms. Sweet. Turn the chair back to its original position, please."

"And you may sit down."

Her mound was glisteningly wet. She had snuck the cushion I had placed on the back of the chair under her butt.

"Ms. Sweet, I didn't give you as many strokes as were called for the was due to the number of clothing infractions." She was holding up well, trying not to squirm on her injured butt.

"If the dress code infractions continue, it will be one stroke of the cane for every infraction."

"If you need to speak to me about anything at all, you are most certainly welcome to come to my office." "All our conversations in the future will be strictly between you and me."

"Do you have anything you would like to say at this time?"

Quietly, she said, "I am deeply sorry to have caused any problems. I will apologize to my instructors."

"Very good dear."

"You may go now. There is a smock you can wear to get back to your dorm. You need not return it but use it as a reminder of what happened here today."

Meekly she put the smock on, picked up her bag, holding it tight to her breasts and left my office.

I had no further problem with her. I did, however, have continuing problems with one of my other my voluptuous students that were frequently in my office. Loved to wear black bras very short skirts without panties. I have many videos of her for my viewing pleasure.


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