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I didn't think to ask before I ate them all." Smurfette looked up in horror at Gargamel. Papa Smurf had always told her all young Smurfs were brought to live with him by the stork. Never did he mention the Smurfs had parents, and what Gargamel did to them. Anger showed on her face for the first time ever," You Bastard!"

"Now, Now, such a pretty Smurf shouldn't show anger." laughed Gargamel. "I couldn't find any of you young one's except for Rina here. I had thought of raising her till big enough to snack on, but as you can see she has grown into quite the beauty. Even for human standards, and so have you too.," said Gargamel with a leer.

Sorry, you must be over 8 apples tall to meet minimum human standards of sexiness. Thanks for trying, though!

Smurfette felt a shudder of repulsion go through her body. "Pervert," she said. Turning her head away from him.

This caused Gargemel to laugh some more. "Rina, why don't you welcome our new guest. She must be hot. Go rip her clothes off," said Gargamel. Rina obediently obeyed, grabbing Smurfette's thin white summer dress, and pulling the material with a ripping sound. This also caused Smurfette's body to be pulled forward away from the table. Her topless body to bounce back causing her breast to wobble.

Ah, I see this episode was animated in Japan.

 "Nooo!," yelled Smurfette looking embarrassed. She had the urge to cover herself, but couldn't. There was a slight blush added to her blue skin. Rina reached for Smurfette's white panties. "Noo! Please not them!," pleaded Smurfette. The panties were jerked off without resistance. Now Smurfette was completely nude for Gargamel to see. She didn't believe in shaving, and had let her blonde virgin forest grow down south.

Well, no wonder all the male smurfs don't want to have sex with her.

 "Now Rina, Here's I want you to do this next," said Gargamel giving her instructions. Smurfette's eye's got big in disbelief hearing them. "You can't do that! That's disgusting! Why would you want to see that!?," she asked. Gargamel pointed to a pile of old nudie parchments next his dirty unmade bed.

I find the phrase "nudie parchments" to be as heinous and wretched and depraved as just about anything in FFF. 

Some titles of them were showing { Dungeons, and Boobs, Ye Old Torture Chamber, or Witches in heat }. There were images of lesbian BDSM on the covers. " Just a little fetish of mine," said Gargamel smiling.


 Rina was a little hesitant, after all, this was her first time seeing another Smurf herself. Gargamel pushed her forward with a big finger. Then pushed her unto her knees in front of Smurfette. Tenderly, Rina reached up parting Smurfette's hairy vagina lips. She could see a little pink bump at the top as Gargamel said. 

I'm surprised to Gargamal discover knows more about the female vagina than most FFF writers.

This caused the bound blonde Smurf to protest more, and try to wiggle her hips in hope to shake off Rina's hand. Rina leaned forward with her tongue out placing it on the moist pink nub. There was a salty tang that wasn't bad. She proceeded to move her tongue tip lightly over Smurfette's clitoris. Smurfette's pubic hair was course on her tongue.

Also not technically disturbing, and yet the fact that someone wrote the sentence "Smurfette's pubic hair was course on her tongue" and I read it makes me want to tear my own head off and set it on fire.

 Smurfette was at first feeling uncomfortable about having her pussy licked. 


Her private area was swelling, and started to throb from pressure build up. Each of Rina's tongue strokes seemed to bring her relief of pleasure. Smurfette's heart started to beat fast, and her little nipples got hard as blueberries. 

Blueberries aren't particularly hard. I'd think sapphires would be a more accurate descriptiOH GOD WHY AM I MAKING HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS

She lifted her head up biting on her lower lip. Opening, and closing her mouth in heavy gasping. "Uhnnn! Yes! Right there!" escaped from her mouth unintentionally after a bit. Smurfette didn't have time to feel guilty. Rina had hit her secret sweet spot.

Rina's tongue started to explore more of Smurfette's womanhood. Starting from the outside to in. Smurfette's pussy lips swollen open like a flower now. Rina's lips were almost French kissing them. 

Huh. So the author knows what a clitoris is, but don't know what a French kiss is? That's kind of impressive, actually.

Smurfette's moist pussy flaps were soft as butter. 

Toht for the "Smurfette's moist pussy flaps" and Head Asplode for the mind-shatteringly inappropriate adjective.

Rina sucked, and nibbled on them. 

And spread them on toast

Looking up at the blonde Smurf's reactions. Smurfette seemed pleased with dazed eyes looking down. 

Then Rina decided to make a cake, using milk, eggs, flour, and of course, Smurfette's moist pussy flaps.

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