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It had to be her- caramel colored skin, red dress, dark hair, check, check, and check. She towered over the rest of the dancers, had to be her.

It was our third night of the trip, but our first making it out of the hotel room. We decided to go out and pick up a stranger, but he didn’t know the stranger was already picked up. Carmen and I had been corresponding for a couple of weeks, since I found out about the trip. It was a pain to navigate the junk online, but finding her had been worth it. Her pictures didn’t do her justice. In person, she was an amazon beauty, curvy and tight. I suddenly felt nervous as I stepped away from Him to make my way through the crowd.

"Carmen?," I asked, surprised my voice didn’t shake. She smiled easily and I took her hand. I turned and looked back, he was watching me, slightly surprised. For a moment I wondered if I had made a mistake, pushed too much for a first time. Then I felt Carmen’s breasts push into my back and her hand on my hip, pulling me into her and we swayed slightly. Nope. This would be great. Perfect. I smiled and danced for a few moments with her. Then pulled her with me towards my Master. This was the closest I had come to lying to Him and found it hard to meet his eyes. I had to come clean as soon as possible, but for the moment, I just leaned forward and kissed his cheek, took his hand and placed it on Carmen’s hip and stepped out of the way. He was still sitting on the barstool, and she slipped up to him, turned around began dancing on his lap. I nodded and walked back into the crowd. I would give them a couple minutes and watch from afar. Carmen already knew the plan, but I wanted it to feel as organic as possible. I enjoyed dancing with a couple of guys, waited for the song to transition and then made my way back. He was clearly enjoying my choice.

We made our way up to the room, His arms around us on the elevator. I kissed and bit his neck and they made out all the way up. In the hallway, I led the way, roomkey in hand. I was going to have to come clean soon, but I had a plan. I didn’t want him to get too frisky before I had a chance to implement it.

We stepped in and he asked if we wanted to smoke. He packed a bowl and I sat down on the bed with Carmen, we started kissing and passed the pipe around. Carmen and I stood up and began to undress eachother.

"Sir," I muttered, beginning my speech. I had reached under dress and pulled off her panties, throwing them onto his face. "I have to tell you something. I don’t want you to be mad at me, though." I moaned as Carmen began sucking on my nipple. He smiled from the bed.

"Baby, I could not be mad at you right now if you told me you killed someone."
"Yeah, okay well, remember that. So, Carmen and I know each other better than you think." I was now naked, with Carmen sliding her fingers inside me. "I met her online a couple of weeks ago and set up this meeting. It took some planning because Carmen is not just any beautfiful woman and I wanted to ensure you had the chance to experience her." I slowly pulled down her dress off her tits revealing perfect, enhanced breasts. "You see she has something special that she wants to share with us." I pulled down her dress and let it drop to her ankles and stepped back, revealing her naked body, smooth, curvy hips, tight toned belly, and below a small snatch of pubic hair, a perfect, cut cock. She was getting hard as I slipped my hand down to stroke her and looked over at him. He looked like he was shaking. "Are you okay, Sir? We already checked and tested, she is disease free and..." I trailed off as I watched him, he looked angry and I couldn’t tell if he was messing with me.

"Get on your knees." I complied as he stood from the bed and walked over. "You lied to me." I knew better than to talk back, but I stared him in the eye. He reached down and grabbed my neck, holding me as if to choke me with one hand and pulling down his pants with the other. He pulled my head over to his hard cock. The first moment when he touches my lips is always electric, but I didn’t get a chance to savor it this time, he pushed my head and my mouth was full of his perfect, hard cock. As I gagged, he reached for her cock and I heard them kissing above me. I smiled. I think he is going to forgive me.

Five minutes later we were all naked on the bed. He and I had kissed every inch of Carmen’s delicious body. He was going down on me while she sucked his cock. As I came for the second time, I wondered how he wasn’t distracted by her obvious skills. I loved watching his cock sliding in her mouth, she was moving with slow, smooth strokes and he moaned into my pussy almost constantly. He pulled away from my sensitive slit and pushed her back on the bed. I watched as his mouth enveloped her cock. Her cock fit her perfectly, it was on the small side, almost lady-like, she was completely shaved except for a small puff of hair. He was equally skilled at the sucking of cock as he was at eating pussy, and Carmen moaned and squirmed under him. He reached up and played with her hard nipples. He kept looking up and locking eyes with me. I decided to give him a little time to rest before the main event. I crawled over and took over Carmen’s cock. My hand followed his mouth up and as he pulled up, I slipped my mouth onto her. I kept the pace slow and deliberate. It was a great cock for sucking, and I ran my tongue over every vein and ridge as I slowly worked my way down. He crawled up and slowly kissed her. His hands played with her nipples as she moaned into his mouth. She pushed her crotch into me with the rhythm of their kiss and we were in synch. His cock was inches from my face, glistening with her saliva, but I knew if I touched him he would stop me. God, I love that cock.

He pulled me up as he positioned her for penetration. She was on her knees and he behind her, standing on the floor. I dripped some extra lube on his cock and held him in position. His cock slipped into her ass with a slight pop of the head. Carmen moaned and gripped the pillow she was holding. He pushed forward and was all the way in. I loved watching it go in and out, his cock glistening with lube and her ass stretching to accommodate him. I looked up and kissed him. He stopped moving for a moment and kissed me back, harder than I expected. His hand went to my neck and his tongue in my mouth. I was breathless when he released me. "Fuck her", I whispered in his ear. He began to ram his cock into her harder and faster. After a few strokes he stopped and repositioned. He flipped Carmen onto her back and pulled her feet up to his shoulders. I lay down near the edge of the bed and began sucking her cock as I guided his cock back into her hole. We found our rhythm again, I sucked her slow and hard as he fucked her slow and hard. The sweat dripped off his face onto the back of my neck. Carmen seemed to be getting close, so I stopped sucking and looked up. "Sir, do you want her to cum in my mouth, or in your ass?" He looked down at me and smiled and then to Carmen, "Carmen, will you fuck me, please."

We switched positions again. He laid on his back and Carmen knelt in front of him. She and I had spoken about this possibility and she knew how to prepare a man. I lubed up my finger and pulled his legs to her shoulders. As she stroked his cock, I slowly pushed my finger into his asshole, stretching him, letting him get used to the feeling. When I hit his prostate, he moaned and she stopped stroking. His cock was dribbling precum. He looked relaxed enough. I pulled my finger out and sat back to watch. Carmen placed her rock hard cock at his entrance and pushed slowly forward. I watched his face as he grimaced and then relaxed. When she was fully inside him, she stopped and then he nodded. She leaned forward, pressing her tits into his face and started moving. Her cock was moving slowly in and out at first, full strokes each time and then her pace quickened. Before long, she was fucking his ass with her beautiful cock. I reached between them and slipped my hand around his cock. Less than two strokes and he started cumming, his ass clenching her cock as she fucked him, she pumped loads of hot cum into his ass as his covered her tits. Carmen collapsed on his chest with her cock softening inside him. I kissed her and then my Master gently on the lips.

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