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But she never fully stopped fucking. And all the while, her breast was in his mouth, elongating each time she lowered herself fully onto his dick.

At last he could not hold off his climax any longer. He released her boob and it fell back into place as he whispered "Pretty, pretty girl...." Thrusting his hips rapidly he added affectionately. "....you are making me cum...."

He looked deep into her eyes and kissed her as his cock began to pulse, enjoying the pleasure of having his semen fill the insides of a pretty young lady. Large white globs of sperm gushed from his prick as he thrust hard into her, deposited deep inside her warmth. He kissed her hard as his man-spasms finally subsided.

She hugged him for a long while as he stood holding her in his arms. Not speaking, nuzzling his neck affectionately, his semi-erect cock still inside her. After a bit she fell asleep, breathing gently on his shoulder. He would have liked to have stayed there all afternoon, perhaps make love to her again after her nap, but he was already in dereliction of his duties, and he gently woke her.

"I need to get back to my post, Miss. And I want you to see that mace I promised you."

"Alright" she said, as she reluctantly unwrapped her legs from his waist and climbed down off him. "I suppose you should get back."

Despite both trying to act like nothing had happened, the sentry leered knowingly at the sergeant when they returned to the guard station. It was obvious, really, by the amount of time he was away what had gone on. Besides, Cadwarra’s hair was disordered, she was walking slowly due to the huge member she had serviced and was grinning contentedly in the way a female looks after a good lay.

The sergeant maintained his poise, nonetheless. "Any trouble while I was gone?" he asked gruffly.

"None. Orders came for more badgers, just like I said, though. So we will see a few folk coming in once word gets around"

The sergeant nodded and said no more. He went over to the sentry’s tent. It was a small thing with room only for a storage chest and a cot meant for a soldier on break to rest a few minutes. The sergeant dug around in the chest and came up with a Blackened Iron Mace. Not a bad looking weapon, though a bit small for the sargeant. He proferred it to Cadwarra saying "I think this will serve you better than that tin thing you have been using."

Cadwarra took it, eyes wide. She swung it experimentally feeling it fit her small hand perfectly. It was lovely. She looked at the sergeant uncertainly. "....are you sure?"

The sergeant smiled and nodded. "Absolutely. It suits you and you earned it."

The sentry was some yards away but he pricked up his ears when he heard that. Seeing this, the sergeant added a little too hastily "....for killing all those pests, you see." The sentry just looked at Cadwarra lasciviously.

Noting his expression the sergeant decided there was no point carrying on the charade. "Look" he scowled at the sentry "There is nothing went on here needs to get back to the Captain, got it?"

The sentry nodded obediently. He knew being on a sergeant’s bad side was not worth the trouble. Still, he had needs too, and he decided to play his hand. "Welllll..." he began slowly. "That’s no problem. But maybe you would feel a little more assured of that if I was a part of the...er...crime."

The sergeant pondered the suggestion. He was soldier enough to understand that when a willing female was available, it was rude to keep her to yourself.

"Alright" he said. "Fair enough. But the lady is no camp follower. It is up to her if she wants to bed you......and if she agrees, she is worth quite a bit" He turned and looked at Cadwarra. "Cedric is proposing he beds you, too, Miss. It is up to you."

"And I’ll give you fifty copper for your kindness, Miss." The sentry added, tipping his helmet respectfully.

Cadwarra blushed. This was getting very odd. Honouring Tunare was fine, and she had no reservations about doing so with the sentry, seeing how kindly the sentry had also been, but things were done so oddly with these Qeynos Humans. And more gifts before the act was even performed! So strange.

Regardless, she was about to agree when the sergeant cut in quietly. "She is worth 5 silver, mate"

"Five silver!?" The sentry sputtered "That’s a week’s wages!"

The Sergeant did not answer. Instead he walked over behind Cadwarra. "Pardon my forwardness, Miss, but my sentry does not appreciate you enough it seems. If I may show him...." He deftly undid her chain armor, exposing her tan coloured breasts in the afternoon sun. "These are worth 5 silver each, moron! You are getting a deal!"

The sentry’s eyes widened as they fixed on Cadwarra’s bare mammaries. They jutted out high and firm; fully packed, two big round orbs on her chest, rising gently under her soft breathing. Cadwarra found this inspection of them to be somewhat exciting and she stood there calmly, enjoying the hungry look on the sentry’s face. He sucked in his breath slowly as he appraised her exposed chest.

As if that was not enough, the Sargeant cupped a hand under each of Cadwarra’s tits and lifted them gently, slowly fondling and squeezing them, first one, then the other. Pulling on the thick nipples, he waited for the sentry to decide. Her boob meat completely filled the sergeant’s hands.

"Fine" the sentry responded, his voice quavering in sexual arousal. "Five silver it is!" He dug into his pocket for five silver and giving them to her lead her into the tent. "Come along, Miss, we can use the cot."

Inside the tent, the sentry raised his hands to Cadwarra’s hair, undoing it so her beautiful tresses fell across her exposed breasts. Not wishing to see them covered, the sentry reached up and lifted her hair over her shoulders so it fell down her back. Her breasts again stood bared. Since the tent had no flap to hide the two of them the sergeant chose that moment to discreetly go off to inspect the Forest Ruins grounds. The last thing he heard was the sentry excitedly instructing Cadwarra, his mouth dry with anticipation. "Get naked and lie on the cot, please, Miss........"


As he walked thorugh Qeynos Harbor, Falco could not get the memory of his fuck with Cadwarra out of his thoughts. What a fool he had been to hurry off in a panic like that! For some reason after he came, he was scared she would start to cry over her lost virginity, or want him to marry her, or that she would get pregnant and he would be stuck with a kid to look after. He had run off like a frightened goblin.

He had no sooner gotten away than he started getting horny again thinking about those soft breasts and was wishing he could do it with her some more. How snugly his cock had fit inside her! How right it had felt! Why hadn’t he stayed? He could have fucked her twice more by now! Instead, he was going to have to find her again.

His needs setting his resolve, he turned on his heel and headed head back to the Forest Ruins, maybe she was still there.

When he entered the place it was deserted. There was no sign of Cadwarra nor the two guards. Disappointed, he was about to head back to search for Cadwarra somewhere else. Maybe the Peat Bog and he should check the Caves, too. At the last minute, he heard a noise to his right, like a bed squeaking. He glanced into the tent at the cot and saw two figures lying together.

One of the guards was on top of a naked girl as she lay on her back on the cot being raped. Both bodies were wet with perspiration from the heat of the afternoon.

Falco could tell it was a rape by the way she was writhing under his weight as the pervert pinned her, his hands pushing down on her shoulders. She struggled and moaned as he forced himself into her. One big boob was plainly visible as it swayed under each hard thrust but her face was obscured as he nibbled on her left earlobe.

Falco slunk over behind a tree to spy on them, glancing furtively around to ensure that neither the other guard nor Cadwarra were around. His eyes fixed back on the writhing bodies, enjoying the sight of a helpless girl being forced.

"She probably deserves to be raped!" He muttered quietly to himself. His penis bulged as he watched the sentry humping away while she squirmed and tried to get away. This was certainly worth delaying his search for Cadwarra for a few minutes to enjoy the show and it was sure was going to help to get him into the mood to screw her but good. He briefly rubbed his cock through his leather, excited at the violent sex he was watching.

The sentry lifted his head and kissed the girl’s lips. Falco still could not get a good look at her face because her long tresses had fallen across her forehead and cheek. He was sure she was a pretty one, though. He wondered suddenly what Cadwarra looked like when her hair was down. He made a note that next time he ought to undo her hair before they screwed.

The sentry broke off his kiss with a loud smack and raised his shoulders so he could fuck the squirming, moaning whore even harder. Both of her tits were now showing and they jiggled wildly on her chest as she struggled under the Sentry’s body. Her big nipples reminded Falco of Cadwarra’s. - How he was going to suck on them as soon as he found her!

Suddenly the girl raised her strong, shapely legs and wrapped them around the sentry’s waist. Her long, well toned thigh muscles moving to pull him in deeper. Falco heard her throaty, aroused voice plead "Do it harder, please! That feels soooo good!"

"By Karana!" He realized, a bit disappointed. "She’s letting him give it to her!"

Oh well, maybe it wasn’t rape, but it was still great to watch.

Just then she turned her face his way a little and her locks fell away from her face. It was so twisted in the throes of a mounting orgasm that it took Falco a moment to recognize her.

It was Cadwarra!

Cadwarra!!? His girl was willingly doing it naked with someone else! Right there! Some bastard was sticking it into her! And a scant hour after she had done it with him!

Stunned, he stood stock still. His proud cock was soft instantly. How could she!!??

He fought the brief urge to rush into the tent and pull the soldier off of his lover before she was sullied even more by his sweating body. A numbing fog began to close around his mind. Things began to become faint as if his brain was shutting down his senses. Voices of the fornicating couple reached his ears as if they were a long distance away, yet the words were still clear above the pain in his heart and the sickness in his stomach. Cadwarra was making mewing sounds which were rising in intensity. He heard the sentry ask "You liking this, Miss?"

"Oh, yes!" Cadwarra’s panting voice pierced the fog clearly, stabbing into Falco’s heart, dispelling any chance it was not Cadwarra under that bastard or even that she was not really enjoying it. "ooooh!.....I am coming again!!! Here I go!!!!" and a cry of ecstasy escaped her as her body shook. Though the sentry and Falco were both watching her face as she came, it was with markedly different feelings.

"Good timing." the sentry responded. "I can’t hold off any longer." He rose up, pulling his stiff cock out of her. It stuck up stiffly in full view, swaying obscenely back and forth as he shifted his knees and positioned himself over her flat belly. Falco was shocked by the size of it. That cock was so much bigger than his.

Much bigger! It was huge! Falco looked at it in dismay as it stood up proud and erect over his girl. Her wetness, which should have been exclusively for him, glistened on the Sentry’s shaft. It now seemed to Falco that his efforts to please Cadwarra were laughably inadequate, his tool too small for the purpose of giving her the kind of pleasure she had just enjoyed with that Human.

Falco stared at the sentry’s schlong, unable to turn away. Humiliation turned his brown face a deep purple! No wonder she went to the sentry after he left her. He now knew his own size was inadequate for a girl as pretty as Cadwarra. Laughable, even.

Until now, he had assumed he could and had satisfied Cadwarra. Now he knew better. Under his thrusting she had never shown the kind of pleasure she was now showing to the sentry! Never arched her back like that nor grimaced and moaned with such abandon. She had never really shown any pleasure at all during their fuck, now that he thought about it. What a fool he was! A cuckold! The two had probably laughed together over the size of his dick while the sentry was ripping her clothes off and pushing her down nude onto the cot!

Falco wanted to just get away before they saw him! Before they knew he knew! He looked around for the safest route back to the gates out of there. He would die if they saw him beating his humiliating retreat.

Before he could determine his best route, and as if the pain of Cadwarra’s betrayal was not bad enough, he heard her exclaim excitedly "Yes, cum all over me!"

Fascinated by the horror of the image these words evoked, unable to not look, he turned back to the naked couple and stared in shock. The sentry was gripping his monster prick in one strong hand and was furiously pumping away, moving his hips erratically as he approached orgasm. Cadwarra’s grin was fixed adoringly on his exposed manhood as he jacked off.

Falco felt physically sick when he saw long ropes of semen suddenly erupt out of the sentry’s penis, drenching his girl. The first blast soared high above Cadwarra’s naked torso and fell in a thick line across her pretty cheek and into her hair. She opened her mouth eagerly as the next salvo landed across her face an inch to the left of the first, several drops falling into her open mouth. A large drop perched like a pearl on the tip of her pretty nose. Three smaller salvos followed in close succession as the sentry swung his dick back and forth above her so that the stuff landed in thick pools on those perfect breasts rising and falling rapidly as she watched them get creamed. She raised a hand and giggled hysterically as she smeared the stuff all over her mams.

Only a few minutes ago he had thought those big breasts were his exclusive domain. Now they shone with another’s cum, yeilding softly under Cadwarra’s hand as it slid wetly over them, massaging sperm into the boob flesh. When she dropped her hand back down to her side she was still giggling.

Confused, dizzy, hardly able to think, Falco turned away and slunk out of the zone. He would leave Qeynos, maybe even betray to Freeport. Anything so he would never see that tramp again, never have to look the sentry in the eye should they ever meet each other in a tavern, never have to wonder if that person walking past him in the street was smirking behind his back because he knew Falco’s girl had fucked another.

He had no home here, nothing to stay for. His lover had jilted him. She was a real bitch. He walked through Baubleshire past the trout pool and the waterfall where she had undressed for him. Where he had seen her lovely, perfect figure, almost naked and looking so beautiful. Where he had thought he would die if he could not have her.

Embarrassed now by the memory of the place, he turned his face away and hurried by, fantasizing about raping her in revenge for her betrayal.


Spent, the sentry leaned forward and kissed Cadwarra lovingly. "Thank you miss, that was wonderful."

Cadwarra kissed him back. "Tunare will be pleased." She agreed.

The sentry lay alongside Cadwarra and pulled her gently into her arms, puzzling over the odd lovely little Wood Elf that had so willingly screwed his brains out. "Tell me about Tunare" he asked, kissing her neck.

"Tunare? What do you wish to know?" Cadwarra was puzzled that Tunare was not a commonplace diety. Everyone knew about Tunare, she had assumed.

"Well...." the Sentry hesitated, not wishing to offend. "No one who has ever mentioned her has ever alluded to the suggestion that Tunare wants couples to make love as much as you wish to make love."

"No one?" Cadwarra was surprised. "In my village, everyone celebrated Tunare like this." She turned in his arms and lay partly on top of him, enjoying a male so close to her. Her breast crushed into his ribs "It honours her."

"Honours her....?’

"Yes. Our bodies are her gift to us and we should use them for pleasure. When you do not make an effort to make life on this plane more pleasant for someone else you insult her by not appreciating her gift, just the same as if you hurt someone. Sharing your body, fucking with someone, that is the simplest yet most complex pleasure you can impart on another."

The sentry pulled Cadwarra close. Her naked body and the explanation why she was willing to fuck at the drop of a hat was arousing. He felt his loins stir.

Cadwarra felt something brush her upper leg. It was his cock, starting to awaken, becoming hard. She shifted over so it was pressed against her. She liked these big Human cocks, she would need to have more in the near future. She rose slightly and moved slowly back and forth on top of him so as to feel it rubbing against her bare thigh. Not stopping, she glanced casually outside.

The sergeant was back, discreetly keeping his back to the naked pair. A couple of halflings were talking to him, however, and in facing him had a clear view of Cadwarra as she lay naked, undulating unabashedly. The female glared at Cadwarra, scandalized, while the male ogled the show she was putting on. Cadwarra moved uninhibitably despite his leer, or perhaps because of it. The female jabbed his ribs angrily and dragged him off to get some bounty. Casting one last angry glare at the inhabitants of the tent she saw Cadwarra raise her hips and position herself on top of the sentry’s rock hard dick. She turned away in disgust as Cadwarra impaled herself on that immense piece of manhood and started fucking again.

The sergeant watched the halflings head off then walked into the tent and sat on the chest, enjoying the sight of Cadwarra’s round ass moving enthusiastically as she humped the sentry. His penis gleamed with her wetness each time she rose up to a point where it almost fell out of her. Then she buried it again in a driving thrust of her hips. The fat of her breast was bulging in and out erotically against his chest as she worked away.

The sergeant hoped the sentry would come quickly. He wanted her again.


Ellister walked into Fish’s Ale House, nostrils crinkling at the offensive smells that met his High Elf sensibilities. He hated the place, but he did his best business here. The bartender poured Ellister’s usual cheap ale when he saw him walk in.

An amusing hobby of making magic imbued jewelry for his closest friends to amuse themselves at soirees had, by necessity, become his means of support in these troubled times. A fine ending to his life of ease in Faydwer, now he made charms to ward away disease, beggars, lovers you tired of. Make you invisible to creditors, or jealous husbands; whatever. He sold charms and rings to any low life that could put coins in his pockets. Charms that fetched a few copper, charms that garnered several gold. If he could make it, he would sell it.

He looked about the room for any possible customers. Well, looked like he had wasted his time coming in. The place was empty but for the Human bartender, the half elf barmaid and one patron: a sullen and drunk Wood Elf.

The Wood Elf sat in a dark corner, obviously in a black mood. ‘Sullen and drunk’ usually resulted from a problem and Ellister had found out the most exhorbinate prices were paid by people with problems. Well, may as well see if he could ‘help’, he thought. He ambled casually over to the Feir’Dal who at that moment was draining his tankard.

"May I join you?" Ellister asked.

The Feir’Dal regarded Ellister through bleary eyes. "Shove off!" he said in a voice thick with alchohol. "I don’t sleep with other men!"

Since there were no other potential customers in the place, Ellister sat down anyway. This Wood Elf was in no shape to stop him. Besides, if he could sober up and lose his attitude he would be an attractive little thing and Ellister always appreciated the sweetness of a Wood Elf’s cum. He just needed to figure a way to let the Wood Elf see that a blow job from a High Elf was a nice little treat for both of them. Ellister looked into his handsome face and waited for him to say something.

"I like women" The lad explained to his new tablemate, not seeming to care that he had not ‘shoved off’ as instructed. "I can get a female ANY time I wanna...." he said with a slur. He stared dumbfounded at the bottom of his mug, seemingly surprised it was empty.

Ellister said nothing.

"Had one this mornin’!" He went on, though it was said with more regret than boasting. His voice took on a harder edge as he added "...yeah, had her hard and fast an’ she LOVED it!" He added that last bit a little too emphatically. He waved the empty tankard around til he caught the barmaid’s eye.

Ellister suddenly recognized this fellow as the boy that had had the cute little girl by the falls in Baubleshire a few days ago and could now guess what was troubling the Wood Elf. The details were unknown to him but it was the same old story: he had tried to impress a young lady and had failed. Probably she found his inexperienced lovemaking lacking and lost interest. In a way, his heart went out to the boy, even though he could not help but feel the little fool had gotten what he deserved.

"My name is Ellister." He said and offered the boy his hand, trying to change the subject.

"Falco is my name.’ the drunkard replied, caught off guard for an instant. Then he recovered himself and stated a bit too loud "I said I don’t do fag High Elves!"

The Barkeep looked over at the two elves in the corner and frowned at the loudmouth. Ellister did not spend much in the place, but he sure brought in a lot of folk looking for him. Those folk drank a lot while they waited for Ellister to show up. He ensured Ellister was in no danger, then returned to washing the dirty tankards.

The barmaid arrived at the table with the Wood Elve’s refill and set it down. Falco looked down her top as if to prove a point, or maybe because she really did have a cute set of nubs. Hoping for a nice tip, she initially let him look but went away annoyed when none was forthcoming.

"Oh, I am sure males do not interest you" Ellister agreed "But I am a jeweller, you see, and was wondering if I could interest you in some of my finer pieces."

"I am not some fag High Elf who wants to doll himself up to look like a girl!" The drunkard asserted.

"Of course not" Ellister agreed and pulled out one of his cheapest talismans. "But my jewellery has some practical uses. For instance, this little item lessens the morning-after effects of a night at the tavern. I see you are an experienced drinker but one tends to get a hangover, nevertheless. I could let this little fellow go for.....oh......50 copper." Ellister was not so down on his luck that he would misrepresent his wares so he hastily added. "Mind you now, though very effective, this talisman will only work for one hangover." Fifty coppers would at least cover the cost of his ale and it really would save Falco from what was probably going to be a very unpleasant morning.

"I’ll be fine in the morning. " Falco answered. Looking off into space he muttered to no one in particular. "What I need is something to make my cock as big as a human’s!" He took a long pull of ale and added bitterly. "Yeah......Big enough to make a certain little slut bleed next time I fuck her raw!"

Ellister sighed inwardly. As usual his potential customers wanted more than their pockets could pay. Something to make a phallus larger, even by an inch, would cost ten plat to make. And he would easily sell if for twenty. Judging by his clothes, this lad’s entire wealth was represented by what was currrently in his tankard.

"Well, I cannot help you there" he more or less told the truth. "Is there some other wish I may be better able to fulfil. Perhaps some charm to help you in your re-conquest of your sweetheart."

At last Falco looked at him with interest. "You can do that?" he asked incredulously.

"In a way, yes. With your help. Where is she, may I ask?"

Falco’s expression darkened. "Who cares? Last time I saw her she was rubbing some other asshole’s sperm into her big saggy tits!" He drained the last of his ale. "Ferget her! She’s a slut!"

Suddenly remembering Ellister’s previous comment he looked at him and asked "So tell me about this charm to make a woman fall for me? How much?"

"Its free of charge, and its a different kind of charm, it’s advice...if you are sober enough to take it."

Falco look at Ellister, trying to figure out if he had just been insulted. "Go ahead." he finally said. "I guess if it’s free, I’ll take it."

"Alright.......Well, you need to make love to a few women to understand what makes them like you. And when you make love to them? Take it slow. Touch them on the face and arms, caress their cheek and chin. Tell them they are intelligent, especially if they are. Then and only then touch their breasts and thighs. Make love to them gently when they make it plain they want it and not a minute before. Never assume they are ready just because you are. Cuddle with them afterward. Oh, and they love flowers. Don’t ask me why."

Through an alcoholic fog, Falco looked at Ellister like he was an idiot. "They like it fine the way I do it." he retorted rudely.

Ellister shrugged. "Try it my way sometime."

"Don’t worry, I won’t." Falco swayed a little in his seat. "When I meet a female, she wants it!" he boasted bombastically.

Seeing he was not going to make any sales with this posturer, and seeing he was beyond help in his drunken belligerent state, Ellister made to leave. If in future he met a more sober Falco, he might try to sell him something then, or maybe he would try to suck his cock then or maybe both. For now, it was a waste of time talking to him. "Good luck with that hangover" He said in parting.

Despite the possibility that this contact may yet prove to be a customer or a sexual diversion, Ellister was somewhat despondent about making no money for the effort today. He was, in fact, even down the cost of his ale. He may as well have stayed home and made love to his newest companion for all the profit he made today.

The thought of his new lover made his prick harden and he decided to go home and end the day cuddled together. Not all good days need be ones that brought you coin, he philosophized.


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