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First night.
Admiring herself and smiling for no reason. There she was standing in a red transparent saree in front of a mirror. She was looking damn gorgeous in that saree, underneath it she was wearing a sleeveless blouse, having a deep cut, which was just enough for her 36C size boobs to pop out and flaunts its sexy valley. Giving some more final touches to her makeup she got up and sat in the centre of her bed.
By that time it was her daily routine. Dressing in one of her transparent saree, sleeveless blouse, sitting on the bed and get herself fucked. But today was different. Today she actually got married to 'a guy', who promised her to fulfill hers every smallest wish. Today she'll enjoy life with the one whom she really loves. On top of everything she don't need to go in 'that business' ever again of selling her body.
Waiting for him. On 'her own bed'. On 'their bed'. Was making her aroused. The thoughts that she was going to make love with her 'own husband' was making her happy. Again, she got down from her bed. Once more she glanced herself in the mirror. Settled her saree well and tried to smile. Just to get a satisfaction that she was looking her best, best to make this day the most memorable day of their life. Soon she got a conceiving breath that she was looking her best. In fact she'll look gorgeous in everything she'll put on that figure which she owes, '36C-28-36' standing at the height of 5'4''.
After getting 'that satisfaction' that she was looking her best, she return to her previous place. Soon the door opened and he came in. He was wearing just a white cloth to cover his lower body. He walked towards her. Lowered down himself on the bed. Turned towards her. Raised her chin to she her beautiful face. She was blushing. Her cheeks were as red as tomatoes.
For minutes they looked into each other eyes. As if they were seeing each other after years. As if a much loved couple is seeing each other after century. As if two sawn were separated years back, and now destiny again entangled them together. But this was not the truth. The previous night they were together in Rinaji's Randi Community. After their hot session of two long hours, he proposed her to marry him.
She felt as if all her wishes came true. Now she was feeling comparatively better than that of what she feels during orgasm. Today they got married. She doesn't have any idea how he managed to free her from Rina. But that was all past, from today a new life awaits her.
Minutes passed both were just looking into each others eyes. He took his first initiative started to rub her bare arms. A million dollar smile ran across her cute face. She felt as if everything was new to her. But it was not the truth. While he was running his fingers on her bare arms, she was moving her head in every direction. He let go every thing the slowest he can. Then he took his left hand placed it on her thighs and started to rub there.
While he was rubbing over her thigh, his right hand stopped working on her bare arms and took his right hand and got hold her chin. Came more close to her and planted a kiss on her lips. First it was just a kiss, with flow of time it turned out to be one of those passionate kiss, and afterwards, it was more or less a smooch.
By the time, she also started to caress him, on his muscular chest. During their smooch, they fell on the bed and now he started to caress her neck lines, which indeed was one of the most sensational part of her body. After minutes of passionate kisses, both of them were gasping for air. But it was not enough for them to stop. He continued to plant kisses all over her face. Followed by her neck. While kissing on her neck, she raised her hip in air with excitement. So he took his left hand and placed it on her bare milky waist and started to caress her there.
After her neck lines, he was approaching towards the most deepest valley. He kept on planting kisses near her breast which was covered with saree and blouse. When he reached her breast in no time he started to suck her, over the clothes like a hungry baby craving for milk.
His wild sucking was enough to make her moan. He stopped working his hand over her waist, and took it to the hooks of her blouse. As the blouse was tight he had to use a lot of tactics to open it. But when every thing failed she also takes her hand to hooks on her back and helped him in all the undoing activities. While he was undoing her blouse he didn't stop his sucking excursion.
In no time she was all nude. Not a piece of cloth was on her body. He stood up on his knees, just to take the best view of her body. A type of happiness was on either the faces. Without wasting any time he reached her toes and continues to kiss her there. He was licking her toes. While he was licking it, she was feeling something strange which she hadn't felt it before, not even in any night when she used to sell her sexy body. She continued with her moans and he with his excursion. After toes he moved up to her knees. Soon he was licking her inner thighs, as he reached there she quickly wide open her legs just to welcome him and to allow him to continue with his excursion. He was heading towards her love hole, by the time which was damped wet.
He started to lick her love hole as if it was a candy. First he licked cleaned her, and when he continued with her licking. She left control over herself and let go her first orgasm of that night. Though it was a great one, he didn't allowed a single drop of that sacred water to be wasted. He got tired with all his licking activities. Fell on her side.
Now it was her turn to return his favour. She got up on his manly, tight, muscular chest and begins her licking session. First she licked him near his ear lobes which are one of the most sensational part of men's body. Then down his chest which had a very little hairs, indeed was well built. Continued to lick him near his manly nipples, after minutes of licking there, she straightly went down to his rod which was as hard as iron, and started to take it inside her mouth. At first she took in only the its head, and suck his precum like a baby girl licking her lollipop.
While licking she was looking up in his eyes. As she continued to take in more he started to moan in pleasure. As soon as she took in his whole long rod, he started to mouth fuck her. He got hold of her long black hair in his hand, overturn her on the bed and continued with his fucking in her mouth. He was fucking her mouth in the same manner any pussy is being ramped every night, out in the world. In a moment he turned into a demon.
She was soon gasping for air, still he didn't showed any mercy. Kept on ramping her mouth. After half an hour of fucking her mouth released all his liquid in her mouth. Again fell on her side, and she engulfed a lung full of air. Both of them were lying on the bed. He was lying as if there is no more energy left in him. But she kept on throbbing his rod up and down. Within minutes his deflated rod regain its stiffness and got ready for a really long fucking session.
He got up and took out a packet of condom but she stopped him and said, "I want a skin to skin session." Hearing those words his eyes glowed with some different kind of happiness. Placing his cock over her pussy in missionary position, looked into her eyes, which gave all the permission to go on. He gave a strong thrust and his cock, all at once was inside her. All because of the wetness in her pussy. He begin to pump in her pussy, he was ramping her and she locked her legs over his back due to which he got a very good angle to her pussy. He went on ramping like that for an hour. During which she had multiple of orgasms. Then a time came when both of them got near their orgasms. Both let it go at once.
After the orgasm still he kept his cock inside her. When it lost its stiffness it came out by its own. After that both of them slept like that for hours.

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