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Conveniently located in two neighborhoods, Botanica provides a wide selection of cannabis options for the medical patient, and an excellent selection of flower specifically catered to our recreational consumers. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and customer service, seeking to help you experience cannabis in the best way possible.

Botanica in Buckman
128 SE 12th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Botanica in Foster-Powell
4124 SE 60th Ave
Portland, OR 97206


“Sorry! We only have eighths of that!”

We have heard your concerns, and are excited to roll out a new, more efficient system to resolve the “eighths only” issue. As you’ll notice over the next month, we will be transitioning to a Grams Only system that ensures you get exactly what you want—every time.

Grams Purchased Discount Given 2 grams $1.00 3 grams $4.00 4 grams $6.00 5 grams $9.00 6 grams $10.00 7 grams $12.00

Going forward, you can now purchase 3 grams from the top-shelf at $41.00 (including tax!) or mix and match between price tiers and still receive the discount! This offers you more variety at around the same cost as the current eighth price.

We are excited to make this change for our customers, and are always looking for new ways to bring you quality product at a reasonable price.

PLEASE NOTE We do the best we can to ensure that all items are listed correctly for pricing and availability, but there can be situations where the menu may not be 100% accurate. If you are interested in a specific item and/or are driving a long distance, please call ahead to guarantee the product(s) you want are on hand. We are happy to verify and hold product for up to 24 hours for your convenience.
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