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I walked into work with the biggest smile on my face. My mind kept racing with the thoughts of Rochelle and yesterday. Her large, round breast engraved deep in my memory. I clock into work sporting a raging hard on in my pants. My mind just far away from work as Rochelle walks into the break room. She giggles, "Well I do appreciate the big welcome but you better put that away or you mind find yourself in trouble." I look down and see the raging hard, I blush and laugh as I reach in to adjust my cock so it runs down my thigh. "That better?" I ask. She smiles and walks up to me, kissing me deeply. "Much, and thanks to you I’m already wet so you better be ready for me because I’m going to fuck you hard tomorrow," she says, biting her lower lip as she walked away.

I walk down to the main lobby, checking in with everyone and seeing what needs to be done. But before I reach everyone, Ms. Victoria pulls me aside and into the storage room. She pulls me towards her and kisses me deep. I feel her tongue slide in and out my mouth, enjoying every minute before realizing what I am doing. I push her back, catching my breath, "I’m sorry Ms. Victoria but I can’t. I’m seeing someone and I promised her I wouldn’t mess around." She smiled at me as she moved closer, "Oh there is no way you are denying me that rod now, are you?" "I’m sorry, but yesterday I agreed to only be hers," I say trying to keep her at bay. "Well, how is she going to know? My boyfriend still doesn’t know about what we did, even though I imagine you so I can get off," she said as she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. " Look I’m sorry, Ms. Victoria," I say stopping her from taking off her top, "but she works here, it’s Rochelle and even though you are so damn sexy, she just knows how to drive me wild." She frowns a little, buttoning her top back up. Then she looks up at me with a devilish smile, "Well let me see if I can buy some time with you."
I was puzzled with what she said but before I could ask what she meant she was out the door. I walked out the room and looked around for her but could not find her. Hoping she had given up, I went through my day as normal. I was working on a small theatre playing one of the crappy films. As I walked out Rochelle rushed me, grabbing my hand and pulling back into the storage room. "You fucked Ms. Victoria?" she asked. My jaw was on the floor, shocked that Ms. Victoria told her. I looked into her eyes with the saddest look, "Yes and I know I should have told you but we weren’t exclusive yet and it was only one time, I’m real so…" Before I could finish she kissed me deeply, her hand running up and down my cock. We kissed for what seem forever, our tongues gliding against each other as I pinned her to the wall and groped her large breast. "Easy big boy, not yet and don’t worry about apologizing to me. I find it very cute that you think you did something wrong. But you are right we weren’t exclusive yet so you are not in any kind of trouble," she said. I smiled at her and kissed her lips again, "Thank god, so what did Ms. Victoria tell you?" " Well, she told me how you two fucked, how you brought out the whore in her and how badly she wants your cock again," she said as she slowly rubbed my cock up and down.

I grinned as she looked right into my eyes, her hand rubbing up and down my long shaft as her other hand kept me at a distance. "She wants that cock so bad that she is willing to offer us a deal," she says as she leans in and kisses my lips. "WHAT?!" I exclaimed, my mind racing trying to figure out what she meant. Just as she pulls away again, Ms. Victoria walks in again, smiling, "so you tell him yet." "Just doing so right now," Rochelle says as she pulls away from me. "The deal is she gets to fuck you right here, right now with me just watching," Rochelle says as that familiar devilish grin appeared on her face. "You do that, then you and I get the next two weekends off." My jaw was on the floor from the proposal; I didn’t know what to say. "Oh and you better make me cum hard like last time or there is no deal," Ms. Victoria said as she slowly undresses herself. "Oh, I don’t think that will be a problem," Rochelle says as she walks up to me and kisses my lips softly, "now go over there and take care of her, so me and you can enjoy the beach for the next two weekends."
As my jaw finally returned to normal position, Ms. Victoria was already naked. Her hand gliding down her beautiful body, slowly gliding over her perky breast and down to her small, sweet pussy. Her finger points at me, and then slowly beckons me to come to her. I look one more time at Rochelle, not sure what to do. She giggles, "Go ahead, enjoy baby. I’m going to be right here just watching and enjoying myself." I smile at Rochelle as I walk towards Ms. Victoria. I lean down and softly suck on her very pink, perky nipples. She moans as my hands glide up her thigh and up her stomach, grabbing her other breast and massaging it as I suck on the other. I kiss down her stomach, feeling her tight muscles shiver from the feel of my lips and tongue. I slid my tongue out and glide it down her inner thigh, up to her knee and back down. I roll my tongue slowly over her soft, wet pussy lips. She moans again, her red long hair falling behind her as I watch her eyes close.
I roll my tongue up and down her wet lips, and then suck one into my mouth, causing her body shake. "Oh god, you know how to get the pussy going don’t you?" she says as her eyes lock onto me. I look up and see the hunger as I slowly part her lips with my tongue and glide it up and down over her clit. Her hand runs through my hair as my tongue begins to work her soft clit. I feel the juices slowly roll over my tongue as I move my tongue up and down. Her moans grow a little louder as my press down a little onto her clit. As I begin to quicken my tongue a little, I see in the corner of my eye Rochelle, her pants around her ankles and her pussy exposed as she sits on the floor, her fingers working her soft pussy as she watches us. My cock becomes extremely hard from watching her, causing me to press harder and work faster on Ms. Victoria’s pussy. I lift my head up and push a finger deep inside her. "Oh that’s it baby, please don’t stop," she gasps as her breathing begins to quicken. I push another finger inside her and begin to move them in time with my tongue.
"Oh fuck, god you need to teach my boyfriend how to do this shit. He can barely get my juices flowing with what he does." Ms. Victoria said as her fingernails ran up and down my back. The feel of her nails made me quicken my tongue and fingers with her pussy. My other hand lays her down the table she was sitting on and began to caress her breast as I pumped my fingers deeper into her pussy. "Oh Shit….OH FUCK GOING TO CUM BABY!" She screamed as her body began to shake. My tongue worked faster and harder on her clit as I felt her body become tighten, then a rush of juices floods my tongue as she releases. "Mmmph…." was all I heard from her. I looked up and saw that she grabbed her pants and put them in her mouth to cover up her screams, but her eyes showed that she was cumming hard.
I stand up and lick my lips as I look down at her dripping pussy. She catches her breath, then stands up and pushes me down to the floor. She kisses me deeply, her tongue circling mine as she tastes her sweet nectar from my lips. Then she slides down, "Give me that cock right now," she commanded as she pulled off my pants and boxers. I smiled at her as my cock popped out of my pants, hard and throbbing. "Holy shit, it is bigger than what I remember," Ms. Victoria says as her hand wraps around it and begins to pump it. "Wow baby, you are really horny aren’t you?" Rochelle said from across the room. I smiled, "Having her pussy and watching you baby is making me incredibly horny." "I can tell, you are already oozing some sweet precum," said Rochelle as she pulls out her breast and massages it. Her fingers rubs her pussy harder, making her juices cover every inch of them. She begins to wiggle against them, covering her fingers with her juices before she licks them clean. Ms Victoria leans down and sucks the precum into her mouth, then slowly wraps her lips around my shaft, slowly pumping hand in rhythm with her mouth. Her tongue circles around the head of my cock from inside her mouth.
I moan from the feel of her lips, but my eyes are locked onto Rochelle. Her eyes lock with mine as she rubs her clit, then pushes her fingers deep inside her pussy again. She pulls her breast up to lips and sucks on her nipples. Her eyes telling me she wants me but is really enjoying this other woman sucking my cock. Suddenly I feel Ms. Victoria squeezing my balls, then her mouth pushing deeper onto my cock till I feel the back of her throat. The sensation runs up and down my spine as I arch my back and close my eyes. "Fuck," is the only thing I could say from the sensation. Ms. Victoria and Rochelle both smile at me as Ms. Victoria pumps my cock up and down with her hand. She leans down and takes one of my balls into her mouth and sucks on it hard, causing a popping sound to come from her mouth.
She slides her tongue back up and dives down my cock again, squeezing her throat muscles causing the sensation again. She then pulls off and moves back up to my lips. "Fuck me now and hard," she demanded as she slides her pussy slowly down my hard cock. Her juices flowing over my shaft as she raised and lowered herself down on my cock. I placed my hands under her legs and lifted her little as I began to pump my dick deep into her pussy. "Oh that’s, fuck me hard baby. Make me cum hard all over that cock," Ms. Victoria said through her clenched teeth as I pumped harder and faster. I looked over at Rochelle and saw she was keeping pace with me as she pushed her fingers faster and harder into her pussy. The sight of her eyes rolling into the back of her head cause me to fuck Ms. Victoria harder.
"Oh shit, keep going. I’m almost there," gasped Ms. Victoria. I pumped harder and harder into her pussy. Feeling the walls tighten around my shaft. I leaned up and sucked hard on one of her nipples. "Oh shit, don’t you dare cum yet you fucker. I’m want more," she said as her eyes burned with lust and rage. I pounded her harder as I watched Ms. Victoria bite her lower lips, causing a little blood to trickle out as she quickly covered her mouth. She screamed loud using her hand to quiet it. Her body shook as the juices from her pussy flowed again, covering my cock. She collected herself then leaned down and kisses me again. "Fuck me doggy baby, fuck me hard again so I can cum one more time," she begged as she slowly stood up. I followed and pushed her face first down onto the table. I smacked her ass one time, causing her to moan and give me a look. "Oh fuck baby, I love that but hurry up or we are going to get caught," she said. I ran my hand over my cock, and then slowly guided it into her soaking pussy. She still was tight but I pushed hard into her causing her to moan loud again. She buried her face into her hands as I began to pump my cock deep into her pussy. I looked over at Rochelle again and she was standing up with us, her breast fully exposed as she rubbed her pussy, her moans beginning to match Ms. Victoria’s.
I pumped harder and harder into Ms. Victoria, my hand running up and down her back as I felt her body tighten again. Rochelle was putting her hand over her mouth after realizing she was moaning louder and louder. Her other hand working her clit faster and faster as her eyes locked onto my cock buried into Ms. Victoria’s pussy. I reached up and grabbed Ms. Victoria’s hair, pulling it towards me as I pumped faster and faster. Her hand covering her mouth as her back arched allowing me to push deeper inside her. My balls began to slap against her sweat soaked flesh. Her pussy growing tighter and tighter and I pound faster and faster. I feel my cock begin to fill with cum, but willing myself to hold off a little longer for her. I begin to slam my cock all the way into her pussy, causing her moans to grow louder and louder as she tries to quiet them. I feel her pussy tighten more and more with each thrust. "MMPH…SHIT!" she screamed as her pussy exploded all over my cock. Her body shook as I continued to fuck her. My own cock is throbbing hard inside her, begging me to let it cum.
I pull out of her and pull her to her knees. "Open up baby," I commanded as I stroked my cock faster and faster. Rochelle was stroking her pussy as fast as I was stroking my cock. Ms. Victoria opened her mouth, "yes give me that cum baby let me drink it down for you." I stroked faster and faster, feeling cum fill my cock and balls. "Oh shit, here it comes," I said as I exploded into her mouth and onto her face. As I leaned my head back and moaned I hear Rochelle scream, "Fuck yeah baby, make her drown in that sweet nectar," Rochelle said. Ms. Victoria’s lips and tongue is covered with cum, dripping from her mouth and onto her breast as I finish releasing my load.
"Mmm...You taste so good baby," Ms. Victoria says. "Oh god, I definitely want this cock again." Rochelle smiled as she pulled her pants back up and buttoned up her blouse. "Well the deal is going to be a lot different and next time you are going to have me join in," Rochelle says with her devilish grin. "I don’t care," Ms. Victoria says as she swallows my cum and cleans herself up. "I will do anything; just let me fuck that cock again and again." "Alright, we will get back to you but you better get going before some finds out what happens," Rochelle says.
Ms. Victoria pulls herself together and puts her clothes back on, "You two stay here awhile then come out at separate times, alright?" She said. "Alright," Rochelle says. Ms. Victoria leaves, and as soon as the door shuts Rochelle walks up to me and sucks my cock clean of all Ms. Victoria’s juices. "Damn JC, that got me so horny. I wish I could take you right here and now. Good thing we are closing together tonight," Rochelle says as her lips suck whatever juices are left from my cock. I moan and then look down at her, "Did that fucking really happen? Are you really cool with me fucking other girls?" She smiled as she her tongue rolls over the head of my cock, "I am, just as long as you let me in on it before you do it." "Deal," I say as I kiss her lips. I gather my clothes and we both leave the storage room. My mind racing with all the wild things Rochelle is going to get me into.

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