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With manicured hedges, the neighbors couldn't see a thing, which made nude sunbathing a perfect option. Chancellor had invited a friend over to have some drinks, relax in the hot tub, and "play". The doorbell rang and he threw a towel on for modesty's sake and invited Amber inside. She looked like a vision of bronze beauty standing there. Her hair cascaded down around her shoulders, her makeup was done to perfection, her tits spilled out of her skimpy bathing suit top in every direction and her sexy bathing suit cover-up barely covered anything. Even her toenails were a delicious color of cotton candy pink in her sexy open toed sandals.

Walking past Chancellor and heading straight for the bar, Amber fixed herself a drink. She tossed her oversized purse down and excused herself to the ladies room to freshen up a bit. Chance was waiting for her by the pool, one leg on the side, one leg in the water, casually stroking his stiffening cock when she returned. Amber emerged, freshly applied lip-gloss shining in the sun, her smooth brown skin looking like a Hershey's chocolate bar and her bathing suit bottoms were filled out to perfection. It wasn't just her heavenly round ass that made it bulge; it was the nine inches of fully functioning hard dick meat that filled them to capacity as well. You see, Amber was a passable, GORGEOUS Black T-girl and affectionately called Saddam Hussein because she was known around town for hiding a huge weapon of mass destruction.

Chance moaned as he watched Amber do a sexy striptease, first removing her bikini top, rubbing sun screen on her puffy, dark nipples. She turned around and bent over, giving Chance a great view as she slid her tiny bikini bottoms down her long, shapely legs and kicked them to the side. Teasing him, she spread the cheeks of her ass and winked her sexy hole at him. Still in her high heels, she turned around and showed off her body in it's full splendor: a face so beautiful that it could launch a thousand ships, tits that longed to be sucked, a tiny waist and full hips, a flat tummy with it's silver jewelry sparkling in the sun, a set of legs that would make any supermodel envious, and hooked to the right, already at half mast, thick as a beer can, as dark as midnight, and a few inches shy of a foot, it was the thing Chance desired more than anything.

Laying on a towel by the edge of the pool, Amber stretched out and closed her eyes. Chance got in the pool and walked over to where she was, looking so beautiful he almost couldn't believe that there could exist such a beautiful Ebony Goddess with such a big fucking dick between her legs. Without foreplay, without pretense, he bent to lick the small drop of precum that had collected at the tip. Amber didn't move, she just lay there waiting for her friend to service her. Using both hands to grip it, Chance started licking and sucking, sliding that monster prick in and out of his mouth. He was bobbing up and down on it, getting more and more enthusiastic with his sloppy blowjob. He took the full length in his mouth and started gagging, it was just too long and too thick to take, but that didn't stop him. He ran his tongue around those huge balls and tried to get them both in his mouth. He inhaled the musky smell of a man's nuts only too look up and see a woman playing with her sexy tits. He did his best he could to get that dick hard and wet. Amber grabbed his head and pushed it down on her fat cock, this time really making him choke. She sat up on the side of the pool and swung her legs around to hang in the water. Chancellor moved his mouth to her breasts for a moment, pushing them together to try and get both nipples in his mouth at the same time, before looking up and saying, "Please fuck me with that big beautiful dick of yours. Fuck my manpussy, make me scream, make me your bitch. I want it so bad."

Being more assertive, Amber grabbed Chance by the hair and pulled him over to one of the lounge chairs. She had him standing but his hands were resting on the arms of the chair. She flipped open the bottle of suntan oil and poured it on the crack of his ass. He moaned out because it was warm from being heated by the sun but also because he knew what was about to happen. Amber used two of her perfectly manicured fingers to work some of the oil into his hole and Chance was whimpering like a baby, begging to get fucked.

Amber took the oil and poured half the bottle on her fuck stick. She gripped it firmly and aimed the head up with Chance's tight hole. He gripped the sides of the chair firmly, waiting and ready for the fuck of his life. It took some time to get even the first few inches inside him. He was wiggling his ass, sweating, cursing, he wanted to cry it hurt so badly but he knew in a few short minutes, it would feel better than anything he's ever felt before. It wasn't their first time together but each time was better than the previous time. Each time, Chance knew what to expect and he could give himself over to the pleasure of that long, thick, hard, black tool pounding him harder and deeper than anyone or anything could ever do.

With half of her dick in him, Amber started spanking Chance, getting more abusive. "Look at you, look at you fagging out on this sexy T-girl cock. I'm practically ripping you apart and you love it. You love this big hard shaft deep in you. You want me to unload these sexy low hanging balls in your cunt, to turn you into my little bitch, don't you, and breed you like a little whore? Work for it. Show me how much you love my girl meat in you."

Well placed shrubbery couldn't do a damn thing to keep the neighbors from hearing Chance's moans and groans as Amber worked the last few inches deep in his asshole. She gripped his hips and started pounding him, slamming the thick tool hard and fast. She leaned over and he could feel her titties against his back which only made him moan louder. Her balls where slapping against his. His dick was rock hard and ready to explode. "Where do you want it bitch? Where do you want my hot load of cum," she taunted him.

His answer really didn't matter; she would give it to him any way she wanted. She gripped his hips tighter, started pistoning faster, deeper, harder. She slammed every millimeter deep in his hot ass as his muscles tried to drain her of every drop of cum. Balancing herself on her high heels, gripping his hips for leverage, she pounded, rammed and fucked him senseless, depositing every drop of cum she had deep in his belly.

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