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He walked inside the apartment and fist-bumped Travis, who had just lit a joint. Travis closed the door behind Jay and passed him the joint as they both walked over to the couch and sat down. There they both had a nice view of Callie’s freshly-fucked pussy, with her lips still parted open and leaking out cum down to her asshole. Callie just stared at the ceiling while she knew both men were feasting their eyes on her in such a vulnerable position. The spreader bar kept her bound from even trying to cover herself if she wanted to. Though she was turned on by what she knew was still to come, Callie was also quite surprised at just how humiliated she actually felt in that moment; it was a pit in her stomach that she knew wasn’t going to go away until it was fucked out of her.

Jay and Travis made small talk while sitting on the couch and observing the offering before them. Jay had acted as a bull for Travis many times, and it was in their conversation that Callie’s hunch about being a paid service for these men was solidified.

"How much you charging for this hoe?" Jay asked; he had started to rub his hardening cock over his pants as he watched Callie’s pussy hole pulsing in front of him.

"Ten for thirty minutes of pussy and mouth…a first time special since I need to test her out," Travis replied. "Special services to come at a later date and prices to be determined," he added with a cheeky grin.

Jay nodded and took one last drag on the joint before passing it along with a folded ten-dollar bill to Travis. He stood and walked over to Callie’s exposed body as Travis set his timer. With one hand, Jay spread open her pink pussy lips while he pulled his huge cock out of his pants with the other. At nearly nine inches and swollen thick, Jay’s cock was most likely the biggest Callie had ever taken. Coincidentally his was also the first black cock she would take. In high school, Callie had almost lost her virginity to a black boy…it was her older brother’s friend from the basketball team. Her brother was having a party at their house once and they ended up in Callie’s bedroom, making out and groping each other on her bed. She remembered being so nervous because she could feel how big his dick was over his pants. But then, her brother busted in on them and chased his friend out of the house….Ever since, Callie had fantasized about what would have happened if they hadn’t been interrupted.

Jay stroked his hard, long shaft between Callie’s legs and hocked a wad of spit onto her hole as she nervously watched and tried to relax herself as much as she could. She briefly noted that there appeared to be no actual lube present and that only spit had been used on her. One of Wilson’s comments came back to her: her pussy would soon be ready to receive cock at any time. Jay finally buried his bulbous mushroom head inside Callie’s pre-stretched, but still tight pussy hole. As he pushed his cock in further, she began to moan and her eyes started to roll back…his thick black cock was filling her up completely. She could feel her chubby pussy lips hugging the sides of his big shaft as it slid deeper inside her cunt.

"Mmmm!" Jay grunted loudly as he shoved his cock balls deep inside her womb. He grabbed both of her inner thighs to steady himself as he began slow stroking her wet fuckhole. "Take that shit bitch, take that shit…." The more he stroked, the wetter Callie became, which allowed Jay to speed up and fuck her harder. Callie’s moans became more guttural as Jay continued to fuck the shit out of her. He let go of her thighs and reached down to her tits. He firmly pinched her nipples between his thumbs and pointer fingers. He held onto them as he continued to pound her and pulled on them just hard enough to make her cunt bear down on his shaft.

Travis watched excitedly, again feeling an overwhelming proudness at seeing Callie take her first black cock like such a champ. At this point his cock was fully swollen and too uncomfortable to keep sheathed, so Travis had it pulled out and was stroking it casually as he observed his second guest receive service.

Jay finished inside of Callie just a few seconds after the ten-minute warning alarm sounded. He buried his cock until he bottomed out inside of her cunt and sprayed his thick cum on her cervix. It was the best way to test out a new breeding pig. He held his cock inside of her for a moment, letting his balls fully drain before he pulled out. He spent his last nine-ish minutes using Callie’s mouth to clean his cock. He instructed her to open her mouth wide so he could fuck her throat a few times; he was surprised at how much of his fat cock could fit inside her slutty little mouth.

Jay’s big load was gushing out of Callie’s stretched cunt and his softening, but still huge cock was halfway down her throat when the thirty-minute alarm sounded. He pulled his cock from her mouth and shoved it back inside his pants before zipping them up. This time, Callie remembered to say "Thank you, sir," before Jay left. He barely acknowledged her as he turned and headed towards the door, quickly fist-bumping Travis before stepping out the door. He had gotten what he needed from her for now.

Callie immediately wondered if a third guest would rotate in behind Jay, but to her slight surprise Travis shut the door and walked over to her. She was a shameful sight to see: her cunt swollen and stretched, still leaking the sperm of two strangers down between her thighs to her asshole. Her eyes had watered so much from being face-fucked that her mascara was smeared on both sides of her face.

Travis knelt down beside her, placing a comforting hand on her soft belly. "You’ve been doing amazing, darling. Are you alright? Sore?"

Callie just nodded as she looked at Travis with wide eyes. She was embarrassed to know that he had just watched her get fucked and used twice, but it was also comforting to know that he was ultimately there to watch out for her.

"Do you want to keep going?" He asked.

"Yes, please," Callie said without hesitation. Sore as she was, she wanted to keep pushing her limits, to find out how much she could really take.

"Good girl…," Travis smiled as he began unfastening Callie’s restraints, freeing her wrists and ankles. "Now, flip over onto all fours," he commanded. Callie complied, rolling onto her side and then her stomach as she repositioned herself onto her hands and knees. "Good, that will feel better for you," Travis gave a gentle push on the small of her back, guiding her to drop to her elbows so she could achieve a full arch. Callie felt immediate relief as her body stretched into this new position. Travis took a moment to run his hands over her back, down her ass cheeks and thighs. He jiggled her big ass cheeks with both hands and then playfully spanked her. "You’re shaping up to be a perfect little cockslut, sweetheart…Now, don’t move…."

Not to keep the next guest waiting, Travis stood back up and walked to the front door where he knew the third guest was already waiting his turn on this new meat.

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