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A knock was at my door and I went to answer it. Lori was standing there with a big smile on her face. My mind flashed back to the previous date with Lori, a week ago, and I am sure she also had a flashback with that grin she had on her face. I grabbed my jacket and off we went.
Diner was great but the dance club was even better. Lori had a few hits from other men asking her to dance with them but she refused them all; politely saving that she had arrived with her date.
After a couple hours of slow dancing Lori looked up and smiled at me saying, "All night, your friend below, has been hinting around that he wants in me. What do you say we call it a night and go back to your place and really have some fun? Between that constant hard-on poking into me and your hands caressing my ass cheeks, I am really horny and I do believe you could use a little wet tight pussy by the looks and feel of things tenting in your pants. My panties are soaking wet right now and I would bet that if you rubbed your hand over my pants between my legs that you would find them wet also."
As I open the door to my home I walk Lori in with my hand on her ass. Once in I turn and lock the door and Lori is all over me. Picking her up I carry her to my bedroom and set her down to standing her on her feet.
As I kiss her lips passionately I slowly begin to take her clothes off till I have her standing in front of me naked. I am eyeing her body up and down and I tell her that she is so beautiful. Kissing her again I start to fondle her tits, gently pinching a nipple till she squeals in delight.
Lowering my lips from hers I softly kiss a trail of kisses to one of her nipples while fondling the other with my fingers. I can tell that she is getting more and more excited from what little I am doing to her so far and from her deep moans and her attempt to push her nipple into my mouth farther. At the same time I moved my hand down between her legs and was palming her pussy lips. Now Lori really started to moan as my palm would lightly rub over her hardening clit.
Lori said, "I want you to fuck me. I want you to shove that thick cock of yours in my cunt. I want you to fuck me balls deep, hard and for a long time. Make me pass out like you did the last time from having so many extremely hard orgasms. I loved it when you did that to me. I especially loved it when I became awake again and you were still fucking me. While I was out for those couple of minutes I must have still been having mini orgasms because I awoke to my whole body and pussy still tingling with passionate orgasms. God…what a wonderful feeling that was to become awake having wonderful orgasms. I have never experienced anything like it before and I want it again from you."

I told her just before I kissed her hard on the mouth, "That's what I like, a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to ask for it." I shoved two fingers into her hot wet cunt. Lori squealed into my mouth as my fingers pushed into her as far as I could get them.

When I pulled my fingers from her hole I also broke our kiss and brought my fingers up to my nose and inhaled her scent. "Mmmm, you smell great," I told her then I put my pussy soaked fingers into my mouth and said, "You tasted great too."

I shoved my fingers back into her juicy hole. Locating her g-spot and applying light pressure to it with my finger tips, a deep moan came out of Lori's mouth as my thumb made contact with her clit. I finger fucked her for a short while then I brought my hand up to her face and said. "Here smell your pussy and see how wet they are from your cunt."

Lori inhaled her scent then she opened her mouth and sucked my fingers into it. As she licked and cleaned my fingers, of her juices off I said, "Do you like what your pussy tastes like?"

"Yes I do. Are you going to eat my pussy before you fuck me?" She asked.

"You know I am baby. You know how much I love the way your overly excited dripping pussy tastes. Especially when you orgasm into my mouth, dropping a load of your hot cum over my tongue for me to swallow."

I leaned over and took one of her nipples back into my mouth and sucked hard on it. Lori immediately groaned and said, "That's it suck my nipples, suck them hard."

I did my best to please her. Normally I like to tenderly kiss and suck my partner's tits for a long time but tonight I had different idea’s running through my mind. By the time I was ready to stop and move down to her cunt, Lori was squealing in pleasure. Damn, this woman was one of the hottest I have ever had. She excites easily then goes into multiple orgasms that never seem to stop. To top that off she is very vocal, loves to talk dirty and sometimes is load enough for the neighbors to hear. Damn I love this woman. Who wouldn’t once they got to enjoy a wild sexual time with her?

I left her tits and kissed my way down to her belly. I got off the bed and knelt on the floor between her widely spread legs. I placed her legs over my shoulders and having a close-up view of her pussy I could see that she was extremely excited by the amount of moisture flowing out of her slit. There was even a large gob of pussy juice under her.

With her legs on my shoulders and my nose just inches away from her dripping love hole inhaled her scent. "God you smell wonderful. Do you want me to lick you?" I asked her.

"Yes please lick my pussy. Let me feel your tongue in my hot cunt. Make me cum with your mouth." Lori said breathing hard and panting.

She knew what I wanted to hear. I love a vocal lover. It keeps my cock hard and ready for action.

I leaned in and with the flat of my tongue I licked up from her ass hole to her hooded clit. Lori moaned when I did this. Next I shoved my tongue deep into her wet snatch and licked at her inside walls as deep as I could. I just barely caught the end of her g-spot with my tongue and flicked it quickly back and forth over it. Lori went wild, her body thrashing and bucking off the bed and trying to get my tongue deeper in her pussy to flick it over her g-spot. My tongue is only so long and I was happy to just be able to reach the tip of her g-spot with it. It aroused me tremendously to see her thrash around and moan and scream obscenities to me from the pleasure my tongue was giving her g-spot.
I fought off the urges to just get on top of her and fuck her cunt hard. I wanted to hold off so that I could build my arousal even more so that when I cum in her I would cum hard with loads and loads of my man sperm. I wanted Lori to feel and know that her pussy was packed solid with a huge load of my hot spunk.

"Your tongue feels fantastic in my pussy. God I love having my cunt eaten out by you," Lori cried.

I licked up all her juices and tongue fucked her hole for about ten minutes till I felt it was time to pay more attention to her clit. Her clit was sticking out of its hooded cover begging for all the attention it could get. I licked around her clit with the tip of my tongue and instantly Lori's legs started to vibrate. I knew she was going to cum shortly. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked gently on it.
Lori climaxed hard yelling, "OH SHIT I’M CUMMING. OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK," she shouted as her whole body went completely ridged. A big gush of pussy cream shot out onto my tongue and chin. I swallowed it eagerly, wanting more.

I continued licking and sucking her clit and slit. Lori seemed to be in one constant state of orgasm as wave after wave hit her hard, shaking her body as if a ten point zero earth quake had hit. She never stopped moaning and screaming through her whole orgasm. She yelled at the top of her lungs every time she came which seemed to be continuous now. Lori was so loud that I thought my neighbors would call the police, thinking that I was doing bodily harm to someone here. Lori was the most multi-orgasmic woman I have ever been with. I really get excited making a woman orgasm so much and often.

As my tongue started getting tired I started kissing her thighs for a break on my part but I had no plans for giving Lori a break. As long as she didn’t complain about the multiple orgasms I was giving her, I had no intention of letting off.
Lori grew quiet as her orgasm finally started to subside but I still left the palm of my hand against her swollen lips rubbing them softly but trying to stay away from her now to sensitive clit. She lay there breathing heavy as her chest rose and fell rapidly.

Even though she had recovered somewhat she was still sexually charged and wanting more. I lifted her legs, doubling her over and started to lick and kiss her ass cheeks. I knew Lori loved this from the last time we were together a week ago. She seemed to hold herself still as I hardened my tongue and started fucking it into her ass hole.

"Oh my god what are you doing? You're licking and trying to tongue-fuck my ass," she said as my tongue slid between her cheeks and slightly into her puckered brown star. She squealed as my tongue finally wormed itself about a half inch inside her back door.

"Oh god you're fucking my asshole with your tongue. I can't believe how good that feels. FUCK MY ASS HOLE, FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE," she shouted as my tongue slid into her tight puckered hole.

As her ass totally relaxed by now I got my tongue deeper inside her ass and fucked it for a good five minutes before my tongue couldn't take any more. I moved to a kneeling position onto the bed. Lori was still doubled over with her stocking covered knees touching her tits.

"Do you want this?" I asked Lori as I slid the head of my cock up and down her wet slit.


Lori groaned loudly as I slid my cock into her sopping wet pussy. Her cunt was so hot I thought it was going to give my cock third degree burns. When I had about half my cock into her I realized again how tight she was. I knew I had to go slow till her pussy opened up and except my thickness. I could hurt her if I wasn't careful and I sure didn’t want to do that. I am all about pleasure and not into pain. I started to move in and out of her slowly to let her get use to my thickness. Lori’s pussy had time to shrink back to normal since the last time we fucked a week ago.

"God you're so fucking tight Lori. You're not a virgin but you are so fucking tight that it feels like you are," I said after a minute or so.

"No, having three boys, I’m not a virgin. It’s just that your cock is so fucking thick. I never had anyone as thick as you inside my pussy. You’re only average in length but that thickness makes up for it. I would take your thickness over length any day of the week," she told me. After about five minutes of slow fucking I finally had all of my cock inside her vise like gripping cunt. I loved the way it felt, so tightly wrapped around my cock. Lori’s pussy muscles were definitely clamping onto my cock tightly. She had tremendous control of those cunt muscles. You could feel them starting at the base of your cock and working up to the tip of your cock head like the waves of the ocean crashing to shore, only to keep on repeating themselves wave after wave after wave. Damn that felt good!

"God I feel so full. It feels like I'm being fuck by a baseball bat," Lori said.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, already knowing her answer.

"Oh god no, please don't stop, fuck me, please give me the fucking I’m craving for," she told me.

I had my arms at her sides and my legs were stiff as boards as I fucked her push up style. After ten minutes of this my arms where starting to give out so I switched us to the doggy position. This is my favorite position, I get to go in deeper and the girl, if she's an active partner can do half the work. Lori was a very active partner as she slammed her hips back to meet my every thrust. She sure does love to fuck and so do I.
I was once told that red heads are the hottest fucks on earth. I never took that to truth but after Lori; I am inclined to believe that it is so. Lori for sure was one sex crazed woman and I loved it all. I don’t think that there is anything that she wouldn’t do for me if I asked her too.

When we switched the next time I picked Lori up, still impaled on my cock. I moved us around on the bed so I could sit on the end and have Lori ride my cock with her back to me. Lori leaned back with her hands on my chest ride up and down my cock with the strength in her legs. I pushed her upper body forward so I could watch my cock fucking in and out of her cunt. This also gave me a great view of her ass hole which I ended up lubing my finger with her pussy juice and slipped into her ass as deep as I could. As I started finger fucking Lori’s ass she screamed out with a very extremely hard orgasm. I watched as her pussy juice flowed out around my cock and could feel it running down around my balls. I almost cum myself seeing and feeling that. I had to start thinking about fishing just to get my concentration off of cumming deep inside Lori. I didn’t want to cum yet; I wanted to keep on fucking her into more orgasms. As I once mentioned…when I am with a woman it is all about her pleasure.

We switched position a few more times till I had had enough and I could also see that Lori was getting sore as well. We were in the missionary position as I reached between us and popped the snap on my cock ring then said; "Lori baby, I am going to cum in your pussy now."

"Do it, cum in my pussy. I want to feel you filling me with your hot jizz," Lori said.

With that I picked up my speed and rode her hard. Lori went along for the ride and she came twice more before I felt my balls tighten up and I felt my cum leave them on their journey up my cock. I felt my ball cum rush up my shaft and expand the head of my cock even more just before I dumped into her cunt. Lori felt my cock head expand inside her cunt and broke into a third orgasm before at the same time I cum.

"THAT’S IT BABY, CUM IN ME. I CAN FEEL YOUR COCK SQUIRTING YOUR BALL JUICE INTO ME LOVER. OH SHIT! I’M CUMMING AGAIN WITH YOU! KEEP FUCKING ME, DON’T STOP, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER MY LOVE!" As usual, Lori yelled loud enough for the neighbors to hear. I might have to start fucking her deep in the woods just so we won’t alarm the neighbors anymore. Once I had finished cumming I pulled out of Lori and lay down alongside her. Lori was so filled with a mixture of our cum loads that I saw hug gobs running out and down into her ass crack. Seeing that turned my cock hard as steel again but I was too exhausted to continue on without a little break. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Viagra? We were both breathing hard and neither of us had much energy left.
After about five minutes I rolled on my side towards Lori and said, "Give me about an hour’s nap and we can start all over again if you wish."
"I can use an hour’s nap myself and YES, I do wish to have you fuck me all over again. I can’t seem to get enough of that thick cock of yours. I love the way it feels as it stretching my cunt walls wide inside of me."
With that I wrapped my arm around Lori so that my hand was cupping one of her breast and my leg wrapped around her so that I could pull and keep her ass up tight against my cock as we both feel into sleep.

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