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She was still on a high from her last orgasm and her body felt as if it was glowing. As she opened her front door she didn't notice the young woman walking behind her. "Jenny .... Jenny" the woman called. As Jenny turned round she saw an extremely attractive older woman in a nurse type uniform. Jenny then remembered the appointment with the health visitor. Jenny apologised for being late and asked if she had been waiting long. The health visitor introduced herself as Beth and explained she was just about to leave when Jenny had appeared. Damn thought Jenny if only the old boys had a bit more energy.
Beth chatted with Jenny and was concerned that she was okay. Jenny looked flushed and she wanted to check Jenny over properly before leaving. Jenny tried to explain that everything was fine and she had just had an energetic walk home but Beth wouldn't take no for an answer so they went upstairs where Jenny could lie down on the bed while Beth did her checks. Lying on the bed Jenny had the first opportunity to notice just how attractive Beth was, she filled her uniform very well with a cute up turned nose and dark hair scrapped back into a pony tail. Jenny tried to explain that she felt fine and there was nothing wrong. Beth checked her pulse and blood pressure, both were on the high side, she then wanted to check Jenny's breasts they had grown bigger but it was important to look for other changes. As Beth's cool hands felt Jenny's swollen boobs her nipples started to get hard. Jenny thought it strange when Beth said they looked lovely but brushed it off. What took Jenny by complete surprise was when Beth asked Jenny to lift her hips so she could remove her skirt. Jenny hesitated and Beth explained there's no need to be embarrassed, it would just take a minute. Jenny wasn't embarrassed by that but she didn't want Beth to see her soiled knickers. Beth was persistent and after agreeing Jenny didn't have to take her skirt off Beth promptly lifted it up. "Oh my" said Beth "I think I understand the problem"
Jenny blushed furiously and was about to confess her sin when Beth added. "You should have said you had been to see your husband, you're a very lucky girl to still be getting some action as most husbands go off the idea, they are scared of hurting the baby." Jenny just smiled feeling it was best to say nothing. With a practiced dexterity Beth quickly removed Jenny panties. "Gosh I'd better clean you up" breathed Beth feeling her own pussy begin to moisten as Jenny's pussy came into view. Her pubic hair was all matted with spunk, her lips were still puffy and her clit stood pink and hard, there was still more spunk oozing out of Jenny's ass. Beth produced a wipe and gently started to clean up the spunk. The cold wipe caught Jenny by surprise and she gasped, then closing her eyes started to enjoy the soothing strokes on her well fucked pussy . Jenny began to feel horny again and realised she was lying on her bed topless, skirt hiked up, knickers off and legs spread with a strange woman wiping spunk from her pussy. Oh my Jenny smiled to herself what a naughty girl I am and without thinking placed her hand on her boobs and began to massage them. Beth noticed this immediately but didn't react, she had another idea forming in her mind. Jenny still had her eyes closed as she caressed her breasts and enjoyed Beth's delicate touch. "There's a bit more that needs cleaning up if you don't mind I'll just change positions to get it for you" whispered Beth, Jenny didn't mind at all as she was losing herself in another fantasy. It didn't register right away with Jenny but Beth had got up on the bed and while spreading Jenny's legs wider apart had brought her face to within an inch of Jenny's pussy, taking in every detail of the puffy lips, the hard pink clit and savouring the smell of spunk and an aroused woman. Beth felt her pussy getting even wetter. She reached out her tongue and lapped at Jenny's pussy lips. Her hands caressed Jenny's swollen belly. As Jenny's eyes fluttered open as she became aware of what was happening to her, she would have stopped it right then, after all, she hadn't done anything other than kiss another girl before but just at that moment, Beth's warm mouth engulfed Jenny's hard clit, her tongue licked around it as she sucked on, not too hard or too gentle, massaging it with just the right pressure. Jenny's orgasm came quick and completely unexpectedly, Jenny definitely wasn't going to ask Beth to stop now. however Beth did stop sucking Jenny's clit and and started to push her tongue deeper into Jenny's pussy, spreading her lips with her slim fingers and lapping up the spunk inside. Beth then moved down to Jenny's puckered anal ring and lick around that before pushing inside to get at the white spunk that had not yet leaked out. Jenny loved the feeling and was moaning hard as another more gentle orgasm washed over her. Beth moved away from Jenny's pussy and quickly stripped off her uniform, bra and panties. As Jenny opened her eyes she saw the naked Beth before her. Beth's nipples were small, hard and very long, she was also fingering her very wet pussy. Beth lent forward to kiss Jenny, their soft lips brushed together first before Jenny tasted the cum that remained on Beth's tongue. Jenny reached out to feel Beth's boobs and hard nipples. Beth gasped in pleasure as Jenny squeezed them and pinched her long nipples. Beth needed to cum and she wanted Jenny to give it to her. So she moved up and straddled Jenny's head. Jenny could now see just how wet Beth was and licking her finger reached up to rub Beth's clit. Beth slowly lowered herself onto Jenny's face. "Please lick me .....I need to feel your tongue inside of me" Jenny was more than happy to oblige after the pleasure Beth had given her and with Beth's pussy just an inch above her mouth Jenny snaked her tongue out and started to lap at Beth's pussy lips. Licking hard Jenny pushed between the lips and tasted another woman for the first time. Beth's breathing was becoming increasing laboured as Jenny licked at the wet pussy her nose rubbing against Beth's clit. Jenny moved up slightly so she could focus all her attention on Beth's hard clit, she wrapped her lips around it as if to kiss it and then sucked hard .....probably a little too hard as Beth screamed out loud, her orgasm bursting through her body and letting loose a stream of cum straight into Jenny's mouth. This surprised Jenny but she just swallowed it down enjoying the taste as Beth ground her steaming pussy over Jenny's mouth. Beth lifted herself off Jenny and kissed her again licking the last of her cum off off Jenny's face.
"Thank you" Beth said "I can see you are perfectly well ..... but I think I will need to check up on you regularly from now on just to make sure"

Jenny smiled she liked the idea of having lots of personal attention.

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