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The Jones family is a collection of stories that could involve any of the three family members. First of all we have the mother, Elizabeth Jones, a widow who took the death of her husband very badly. She threw herself in to her work but when this was not enough, she quickly discovered sex, she loves it and is willing to experiment. Elizabeth's work means she has to travel a lot and as a result her two children live in the house alone. Her daughter, Sarah, is seventeen and in higher education. She is very sexually active, she seems to take after her mother and likes to experiment. She tries hard not to get a reputation and little is known about her activities in her school or local area. Matthew is fifteen and in school, a year away from taking his exams, not a lot is known about his sexual adventures, he likes to keep it quiet.

Never judge a book by its’ cover.

Sarah sat at the bar waiting for her friends, she had arranged to meet them at eight but they had phoned to say they would be late and would get there at nine. She had an hour to kill and would have to make do with a couple of drinks and people watching. There weren't too many people around but two men caught her eye, they looked like brothers. She thought she recognized one of them from her school so he could have been fifteen or sixteen, the other man must have been around twenty. Now he really caught her eye.

The two men were brothers, the younger was Terry and his older brother was John. They were laughing and joking as though they had not seen each other for a while, Terry listening intently to his brother when he told him his stories. John was on leave from the army and had a month off to relax, he had been posted to Germany and Cyprus and had been mainly been involved in exercises and training, it was hard work and now was the time to relax. He had not seen his brother for six months so he had to catch up on any news, as well as telling his bother all about his adventures. He was aware of being watched a little too closely and had to see who was paying attention to them.

John looked around to see who was watching them, he saw Sarah sitting alone at the bar. John smiled. John asked his brother who the girl on her own was but all Terry could really say was that he thought she was in his school; that maybe she was sixteen but he didn't know much more than that. John liked what he saw and plotted his next move.

Sarah had been looking a little too much and when she was caught, she turned her head away forcing herself to look elsewhere, while muttering to herself what an idiot she had been. Clearly embarassed she pondered what to do next but was taken by surprise with what happened next.

John spoke to his brother explaining what he was going to do, Terry just nodded and laughed. They went to the bar, just out of sight of Sarah. As it was quiet John could talk to the person behind the bar asking what she had been drinking, John paid for another drink for her and wrote a little note asking the barman to give them to her. The two brothers waited.

Sarah was losing concentration, the situation overwhelming her. She quickly came to her senses when the barman passed her a drink with the note, she protested that she had not asked for one but the barman explained that someone had bought it for her. Her face reddened, then she saw the note and curiosity got the better of her. She unfolded it and read it, written on the paper was the word 'hello'.

Sarah was panicing, not knowing what to do, she looked around and did not see the two brothers. She returned to face the bar to take a swig of her drink then got the shock of her life.

"Do you mind if we join you?" John asked Sarah, startling her.

"No, of course not", the reply was very nervous.

"I'm John Evans, this is my brother Terry. It is a shame to see you sitting here all alone, are you waiting for someone?"

Sarah took a swig of her drink before replying, "I'm waiting for some friends at nine, they’re running late."

"You won't mind if we stay and have a chat then?" John asked a little forcefully.

Sarah hesitantly agreed and they continued with small talk. This gave all three of them the chance to size each other up.

Sarah learnt that they were brothers. She could now recognise Terry from school and although he had matured quicker than his years, she could still tell he was in some ways innocent and naive. His brother John was something else, all that time in the army had done him the world of good. He was fit. Lean but not skinny, the tight shirt he was wearing showing off his muscular arms and nicely developed chest. Sarah was sure there would be a six pack hiding under that shirt, she would like to be proved right about that. She relaxed a bit more and enjoyed the view.

Terry felt like the odd man out, there was obvious chemistry between Sarah and John but he had to respect his brother’s wishes. After all, his brother had just served six months away so he deserved to have some fun. Terry had eyes and could appreciate the sight of Sarah's cleavage, as well her legs that ran up to the short skirt she was wearing, showing just enough thigh to tease. He knew he would have to disappear soon but made a promise he would find a way to enjoy that delectable body.

While John was standing at the bar, Sarah had remained seated and this allowed him to get a nice view of her cleavage. He was sure she was not wearing a bra and swore he could see her nipples peaking out. Sarah had chosen a short skirt but not too short as to let everyone see what she had had for breakfast. Her smooth legs and glimpse of thigh also did not fail to grab John's attention. A few times John had touched Sarah 'accidentally' and when she did not recoil he knew he could go in for the kill. John could feel the attraction between them and knew he would not have to do too much to get his wish.

John knew he could turn heads when he entered the room. It had happened tonight but only Sarah had really taken his fancy, she was sixteen and it was legal so there would be no problems. After six months with most of the time spent with other men Sarah would make a very nice change. He gave his brother the signal.

Terry made his excuses, claiming he was going to meet some friends leaving John and Sarah alone. He wasn't too happy about it but one day someone else would be in his position. John could now make his move. He had to act before Sarah's friends came and spoilt it for him. He bought a round of drinks, they finished them quickly then John whispered in her ear, "I like you and I know you like me so why don't we go back to my flat and see where this leads? You could always meet up with your friends later if you want."

Sarah was a little taken aback by this but she liked this situation and she liked him. She waited a little before agreeing and they both left the pub together, hand in hand. Now she would see if he had that six pack.

They arrived at the flat, it wasn't too far away. John entering first, Sarah following behind a little nervously. He asked if she wanted a drink, she accepted his offer, a small one to calm the nerves. John showed her around the flat leaving the bedroom till last and was disappointed when she returned to the living room. By now her nerves had gone, John sensed this and invited her to sit on the sofa with him. Sarah joined him but instead of sitting next to him, she sat on his lap, whispering in his ear that she was comfortable now. John needed no second invitation and kissed her.

When John kissed her she accepted it readily, their tongues exploring each others mouth. John quickly moved down to her neck kissing it trying to find her weak spots, when he found them his hands started to wander, groping her breasts and tweaking her nipples a little too hard. Sarah was getting turned on, especially when he had kissed her neck, she could feel his hands all over her and when he tweaked her nipples she felt some pain. She didn't know how to react, she was turned on but couldn't he slow down or go a bit softer. When she felt the pain again, she went to kiss his neck but softly bit it instead. He didn't seem to mind.

Sarah told him to stop and she took off her top, now her breasts were free and John pounced on them kissing and sucking on them, softly at first but slowly getting harder. She loved to have her breasts kissed, loved to have her nipples sucked and now she was really getting turned on by it all. Disappointingly she couldn't feel anything hard pushing in to her, at best his penis was semi erect but she could deal with that later. John continued to play with her breasts with his mouth, all the time sucking on the nipples getting them hard. He had started softly but now it was hurting, she responded by biting his neck harder. His penis started to get excited, Sarah noticed this and thought maybe he had a fetish for playing vampires. Time to take a break, it was getting too much for her so she got off his lap, took his hand and led him in to the bedroom.

When they got there, she asked him to go slower and softer because he was hurting her. John nodded his head and went to kiss her but she pulled away saying she wanted to see him naked first. As he undressed, she took off her skirt and shoes leaving her just wearing her moist knickers. She enjoyed watching him strip, taking in the sight of his tight body and his six pack. Down south though his penis was only semi erect, she would have to do something about that. She took his hand and put them between her legs, pushing his fingers on to her soaking wet knickers positioning them over her pussy lips, whispering in to his ear "I'm ready for you but I see I have to do something for you, stay still." She took off her knickers and threw them on the floor, she went down on her knees and moved closer to his penis.

She tried everything on it, kissing at first then sucking the head before taking it in her mouth. She kissed his balls, played with them while sucking him off but he still didn't get a raging hard on. She was encouraged when he held her the back of her head when she was taking him deep in her mouth, his penis was responding a little more. By now he was forcing her head deeper and deeper, now it was hurting her and she was getting angry, she bit him at first but this excited him more. When she could take no more she did the only thing she could do, she dug her nails in to his balls, he quickly moved his hand from her head and she took his penis from her mouth and moved a safe distance from him.

Sarah was angry, she told him how she had asked him to go slowly and softly but he had not listened. She told him how he was a bastard, an idiot and some kind of freak. While she was ranting he was getting turned on, Sarah noticed and told him off when he wanted to masturbate, she was angry but still turned on a little and the sight of his erect penis was too much for her. If this is what turned on the freak she would take advantage of it. She ordered him on the bed, on all fours with his ass in the air. To her amazement he obeyed her and his penis was getting very excited. She glanced around the room to see what she could find, she spied a magazine on the floor and picked it up. Her eyes could not believe what she saw, the title was 'Bondage Lovers' and the cover saw a man on all fours, ass an the air, with his hands tied behind his back and the reddest ass she had ever seen. That's when she saw the belt on the floor.

Instinct took over when she picked up the belt, not only did she physically abuse him but verbally as well, saying that he was scum and didn't deserve to live. Time after time when she whipped his ass, John let out a moan, a pleasurable one. It was also turning on Sarah as well, her pussy was soaking and she would have to relief herself soon. When his ass was red raw, she commanded him to turn over and he winced when his ass touched the bed. She tied his hands to the bedpost using the belt, picked up her knickers and rubbed her pussy with them to get them soaking, then she put her knickers in his mouth. His penis was ready for action and she crouched her pussy over the tip of his penis, moving her body so only the tip of his penis would slightly touch her pussy lips and her clitoris. When she was ready she pushed down and took all of his penis inside her. Sarah had one hand on the bed to hold herself up, one hand slapping his face and the rest of her body bouncing up and down on his penis. At the same time she was calling him a bastard, a son of a bitch and any other name she could come up with. He loved it. She could not last long and neither could he. She came first, John cumming a little bit later. Now it was time to really humiliate him.

Sarah quickly untied John's hands from the bedpost, and took the knickers out of his mouth, he was still breathing so that was good, his breath stank though. Then she crouched her pussy over his mouth, telling him he had to lick her insides out and clean them up, he would have to eat all her pussy juices and the sperm he had just put inside her. John started straight away, eagerly licking, sucking and swallowing any juices he had collected with his tongue, using his fingers to spread her pussy lips to get deeper with his tongue. She also warned him that if he hurt her, she would stop what she was doing and leave him there for his brother to discover. When she was happy, she took his penis in her mouth and cleaned the juices off of it, licking any juices on his stomach or legs. His tongue did wonders and she orgasmed twice, she had to force herself to get off of him when she couldn’t take anymore. She told John that that was all for now but maybe they could do it another day.

They showered, cleaned up and went to the living room to have a face saving chat. John did not want his brother to know the truth about what happened so they agreed to a cover story. Sarah would make out John was incredible in bed, saving any reputation John might have had. It wouldn't be good for Terry to know what his brother was really in to or for any one else in the school to know either, that would make life hell for Terry. In return Sarah could contact John anytime and he would have to drop what he was doing so they could have a little session, John would also have to call Sarah mistress when they were alone. If John was really good (or bad) she would give him a good spanking. She wasn’t sure about using a dog collar and a lead but in the future, who knows?

Sarah only had one more question.

Where did John hide his erection when he was being ordered around on the parade ground?

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