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I am fortunate to have my wife, Jane, a very lovely and beautiful lady work in a different area but still the same location. I consider myself lucky as I get to see her a lot. Our relationship has had its ups and downs but is all the stronger for the downs and I believe could withstand anything. We have worked hard at being honest about everything which has on some occasions and from both sides has proven to be very difficult and uncomfortable. This honesty approach has served us well though and even served to bring us close together to the point where we do not have to worry about each other as there is great trust and if one of us does falter we know that we can work through any situation together and potentially come out stronger on the other side. That is until a recent unforseen vent……….

As part of our work we are required to both attend beginning and end of year functions or professional development days. We both look forward to these a lot as we get to spend most of the day with each other apart from a couple of department specific meetings where we work in smaller groups. Often on these days I would introduce my wife to new members of staff in my department and she would do the same. We would spend a little time making small talk and getting to know one another between lectures and guest speakers while on breaks. I guess it was at one of these introductions that it really all began.

3 years earlier
Jane was talking to a group of women while I chatted to some colleagues about their holidays when I noticed a woman with her back to me with the most gorgeous auburn hair that went down to her lower back, just above her shapely ass and legs which were fairly visible in the short, tight skirt she was wearing. She took my breath away though I had not yet even seen her face. I approached the group of women hoping she would be at least half as attractive from the front as she was from the back and slipped in next to my wife.

"hello gorgeous" I said half out of guilt to my wife as I tore my cheating eyes away from the auburn beauty for a second to kiss my wife.

"Rob meet Angela" she said as Angela held her delicate hand out to shake mine. "And you k now the rest of these ladies"

I wanted to take her tiny hand in mine and kiss it softly and charm my way into her mind but "hello Angela, a pleasure to meet you" is all I could manage or afford in the present company. Angela was beautiful yet unusually so. She looked like an anime character come to life with tiny hands and feet and seemingly unrealistic curves. Lovely luscious full lips a cute button nose and the thing that ultimately became my downfall….. Her gorgeous huge brown eyes. As our eyes remained locked I shook her hand and melted in her stare. I had heard my wife talk about Angela often but the girl she described did not seem at all like the one staring at me now with the strongest invitation I had ever seen to take her and fuck her senseless in her eyes. I broke our handshake out of necessity and clasped my other hand firmly in front of my swelling erection in attempt to hide it. I stood awkwardly as the women resumed the conversation I had interrupted them from; unable to move for fear that someone would spot the tent in my pants. I tried not to stair like silly teenager, nervously but deliberately casting my gaze at the different women in the group and smiling politely. Angela did not bother she just continued to smile at me with her beautiful mouth and eyes as if no one else was in the room.

The ladies discussion was interrupted by the announcement that the next session was about to begin. Everyone returned to their seats as I headed to the bathroom after asking my wife to save me a seat. I crashed through the door of a booth in the toilet and as there was no one else in the toilet I tore down my pants and began thumping my aching shaft up and down in my hand. I was not what I considered to b a great masturbator but there was no way I could go back in that room, the same room as Angela without relieving myself of my aching hard on. When I came I came hard, splats of jizz bouncing off the back of the door and ricocheting in all directions. I cleaned up my mess and headed back into the meeting and sat next to my wife still a little out of breath.

"There’s water up the back Hun" Jane said noticing my out of breath state.

"I’ll be fine" I replied as I scanned the room trying to establish in which direction I should not look to avoid another uncomfortable situation. It may sound obvious but I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the day. Perhaps I was mistaken, maybe she was just being friendly and attentive, perhaps my wife had built me up too much, or maybe there was something there. I quizzed my wife when the time was right trying to find out a little more about Angela, all the while feeling a little guilty. My wife also brought her up in conversation frequently having no idea of my little incident at the conference. This made me feel even worse as it was the first time that I felt something holding me back from talking to her about anything in a long time.

Time passed and occasionally I thought about Angela, even fantasised occasionally but as she worked at a different branch and only had occasional phone contact with Jane it was more or less a thing of the past. I had pretty much forgotten the whole mess by the time the end of year break up came around. I was lining up to get coffee before the first session when the sweetest voice broke through all the conversation around me.

"Hello Robert how are you?"
Only one word sprang to mind before I turned around, a name in fact.

"Angela" I blurted out as I turned.

"That’s right; I’m surprised you remember me. Is Jane Here?"

"Yes, yes. Right over there I said pointing across the room"

I was convinced now that I was completely wrong about some things and completely right about others. She had looked at me intently with the same look sending shivers down my spine as we spoke but her actions and words gave absolutely no impression of anything other than professional courtesy. She was just a very nice woman. I was right about the fact that she was indeed an intriguing and spectacular specimen to look at.

"How are things?" she continued. Before I could do anything to stop myself I blurted out

"HARD, I mean TENSE, oh I mean, please excuse me I must visit the bathroom before we start. Too much coffee!" I finished with trying to make an excuse for my hasty departure.

"Ok, we’ll talk later" she said as I hurried away.

I burst into the toilet and sat in a cubicle trying to think of anything I could to rid myself of my again bloated cock but nothing worked. I waited until there was no one else in the toilet and then stroked myself to another explosive orgasm. This time I sat there until I was I some decent sort of shape to return to the hall.

"Where did you get to" Jane asked as I sat down beside her.

"I had to take care of something"

"Angela said she ran into you"

"Who’s Angela?"

"I introduced you to her in the beginning of the year. She said she was surprised that you remembered her"

"Oh yes Angela. She seems friendly" I said feeling my face go red.

"Yes and she’s really hot too" Jane teased seeing my face redden even more.

Just then the speaker saved me from further embarrassment by starting. At the end of the session Jane hurried over to talk to Angela insisting I go with her. I managed to get caught up by in conversation on the way and made sure the conversation spun out as far and as long as it could. Whilst talking however, I glanced frequently over toward my wife and at one point caught her and Angela looking my way both with huge smiles on their faces. Oh great I thought, the perfect way to fend off competition. Make me look like the little school boy I was acting like. Oh well, just as well, I could now put any idea of Angela behind me and get on with my job. I didn’t bump into Angela for the rest of the day and my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday together.

When the beginning of year conference came around I saw Angela and was glad to find that I did not go weak at the knees. I did not talk to her until the lunch break when Jane brought her over to say hi. I managed to act reasonably maturely on the outside but when she looked at me, inside me or through me, however you describe it, I was putty in her hands. Her face, her hair, her eyes just turned me to jelly all except the tent in my pants. Now I was getting frustrated. I had been around pretty women before and my wife was fairly special to look at as well but this girl just........plain took my breath away whenever she looked at me.

At home that evening Jane started asking questions and playing games.

"Angela is pretty isn’t she?" "You were acting weird today" "you took a while I n the toilet Hun"

Finally I had her convinced that I was suffering from an upset stomach, and trying to stop people from hearing the noises my stomach was making (not covering my hard on).

A couple of years passed and Angela was not at the meetings which on asking around i found out was because she was visiting family over the Christmas break. It was only mildly disappointing and actually quite a relief.

Then just last year at the end of year conference she was back and looking as sinfully innocent but totally as fuckable as ever. It was not quite as the saying goes ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ but more the case of ‘absence makes the heart beat faster, knees grow weaker, and dick grow harder". An unlucky twist of fate had caused Jane to miss the conference to take care of some last minute things back at work before we all went on break. I deliberately waited until Angela was seated and then sat at the opposite end of the room and in front of where she was sitting. I sat for a while feeling just a little righteous and was able to concentrate on the speaker until a mobile phone went off behind me. I turned to glare at the fool who had not switched off their phone a few rows back only to see Angela sitting right behind me beaming from ear to ear. I am sure I let out an audible gasp and turned back to face the front without even speaking to her. I sat there for another fifteen minutes with my face burning from embarrassment. Finally I couldn’t stand it anymore, I put on a fake cough and got up and left discreetly hoping to convince the rubber necks that I needed water desperately.

I was looking out the window and enjoying some fresh air at an open window when a few minutes later Angela appeared at the doorway to the hall. She surveyed the hall around her until she spotted me and then smiled, waved and walked in the other direction. Holy shit, what the hell do you call that? I stood in torment waiting for her to reappear for several minutes then finally decided that she was taking entirely too long, even for a woman. I made my way down the hall and found another set of toilets that was too far away from our hall for anyone to bother with and wondered why she had come down this far. Did she not see the toilets just outside of our hall? I looked around and saw no one around so I moved forward and pressed my ear to the door starting to worry that something had gone wrong.

Just then the door flung open and a hand grabbed my tie and dragged me into the toilet. Angela stood before me looking cute, hot, sexy as hell but also as innocent as a new born baby, and those eyes......oh my god! One minute I was there and in control of my mind and body, the next I had backed her into a stall and was tearing her shirt open. I kissed her lips and bit gently but hungrily over her chin and her face tasting her sweet floral perfume. I began feasting on her neck as I pulled off her shirt and freed her perfect C cup breasts from the brassiere that held them captive. I began gorging on her milky white breasts sucking first one reddish brown nipple into my mouth and then the other. She was moaning and whimpering as I treated myself to the flesh banquet set before me.

Having a weakness for tummies i feasted on her firm flat stomach and circle her belly button with the tip of my tongue making her gasp. In a frenzied attack I removed her skirt and panties and had her legs up over my shoulders and with her pussy jammed in my mouth and her back supported by the back wall I began eating her out. She was now biting her lip to stop herself from screaming with pleasure as I worked round and round her lips and plunged in and out of her sopping wet slit. Her grip tightened around the hair on the back of my head and I knew she would soon be rocking to the beat of a hardcore orgasm so I dove in further and inhaled as much of her pussy as I could with my tongue whipping around frantically inside her. When she came her sweet nectar gushed like a mighty stream down my throat. As she recovered I kissed her stomach and her twitching pussy tenderly as she sighed and whimpered.

She climbed down off of my shoulders and sat in front of me and immediately starting helping me remove my clothes. I now stood in front of her with my shirt open, pants around my ankles and her perfect, thick lipped yet small mouth gliding up and down my shaft. It was now my turn to groan as she held my balls and massaged them in her tiny hand while my cock slid in and out of her lips. She took in my 7 inches easily and then grabbed my ass and pulled me into her trying take in that which lay beyond the surface. The incredible feeling and thought of my knob smacking into the back of her throat then gliding down the back a little nearly made me cum sooner than I wanted to so I closed my eyes and growled as I did my best to hold back. I succeeded briefly then made the mistake of looking down as she began pumping my shaft in her hand while her tongue flicked and circled my knob. She sensed I was watching her and as she looked up and our eyes met she smiled finishing me off in a second. I shot several blasts of warm sticky cum, the first and second straight down her throat, the third and fourth hitting her in the chin and neck as she swallowed the jizz already in her mouth and the fifth and sixth going into her mouth again. She scooped up the jizz rolling down her neck and tits in her hands and licked them clean.

She did not give me a chance to recover but swallowed my softening cock immediately and began fingering herself and moaning. It worked a charm and I was soon at full mast again ready to give her the pounding I had wanted to from the moment I laid eyes on her. I pulled her up and picked her up leaning her against the side of the cubicle. She placed her feet against the other side as I lined up and plunged into her. She gasped and began to pant as I pounded away at her like a jack hammer. Her rock hard nipples pressed deliciously into my chest as we rocked back and forth and she made cute little "ooo, ooo" noises as I pounded away at her relentlessly. Her head pressed against the wall of the cubicle and her hips thrust forward pushing me backwards indicating the start of another orgasm. I slowed down just a little but made sure with each stroke I pushed as far inside her as I could. Her tiny frame convulsed as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her. Weary from the battering I had just given her she laid her head on my shoulder and sighed

"Oh my god I needed that"

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear "I have waited too long for this for it to be over yet"

I set her down and turned her to face the back of the cubicle. She obligingly lent on the back of the toilet and spread her legs wide. I bent down at tasted her sweet pussy again licking and sucking at her lips and then flicking her reddened clit with my tongue. I was aching to fill her little belly with my seed so I wasted no more time before rising and plunging into her from behind. I held her gorgeous tits and rolled the nipples between my fingers and thumbs as I slid in and out of her. I admired her almost impossible curves as I thrust in and out of her.

"Ooooooooh yeeeeeeeah" "oh my god" "Yes, yes, yes" she cried as I picked up the pace.

She put her head down on her arms as her pussy tightened around my throbbing cock. My balls churned as I groaned "Coooooomiiiiiiiing"

I pushed hard into her and blasted cum deep inside her again and again as she too came, her body shuddering as she did. Our juices mixed together and pushed past my cock and trickled down the back of her legs as I continued to thrust until I had nothing left to give. When I stopped thrusting she turned and sat down and licked my cock clean.

"Now THAT is what I needed" I said as I began to get dressed and cleaned up.

"Oh my god that was good. It was better than I had expected"

"Expected? What do you mean?"

"Well yeah I was confident you would come around one day?"

"Come around? Umm listen I don’t know how to say this so I will just blurt it out. I love Jane and we are very happy, what happened today should not have happened. As a matter of fact I already feel awful. You were as wonderful as I have dreamed you would be but I was wrong to let this happen. The last thing I want to do is to hurt Jane" I said buttoning my shirt and fastening my tie.

"Don’t worry, the last thing I want to do is to hurt Jane too, but, who do you think set this up?"

She said with a wry grin as she left to go back to the meeting............

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