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As it was about 4 in the afternoon there wasn't a lot of swimmers in the pool as people started going home. He watched this lady in the white bikini with the good body coming in his direction. As she passed him by he recognised her as Angie Carter who was in his class twenty years ago at the local high school. Angie he said and she looked at him and said Steve how are you. You look just as young as twenty years ago, and you look stunning he said. She bend down and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. He could not help feel her boobs against his chest. Steve and Angie had a fling while the were still at school although it was twenty years ago he could feel the spark is still there.

They started talking about their lives of the last twenty years and they both had marriages that didn't work out. She said after her marriage breakdown she concentrated on work and gym. I can see that he said as he look at her legs. You look great, are you still active in sport. I am but not as much. They chatted for a long time until Steve said it is ashamed for a body like this to go waste. Well who would want me she said. I would love to have you and she put her hand on his leg. We both came through a long sexual drought he said and it is time to end it. The conversation took a sexual nature when she said to him when is a woman very sexy for you. He said when she wears a short skirt with a high cut see through lace panty with a top without a bra. If she likes to bend forward so I can see her ass and stroke her pussy. How about you he asked. I like a guy to wear a short loose pants without boxers/underpants so I can see when his cock makes a tent. They laughed about the fact they can talk about sex and not feeling ashamed. He bend over and kissed and she responded by sucking his tongue. I can see you love blowjobs the way you suck my tongue. His hand is on her pussy and she stroked his cock that was bulging by now. Their kissing is now intense and his hands was taking the bikini away from her wet pussy. He started stroking her pussy and he could feel how wet it was. At that time the sirene of the pool went off for people to go home. As they walk to their cars they were still kissing. Angie asked Steve if he will come over tonight for dinner. Hell yes he said as long as you wear that skirt. That is a deal.

Steve went home to change and an hour later he knocked at her door. She had this short skirt on that barely covered her ass and a t-shirt without a bra. He had no boxers on and his cock was semi hard already. They kissed and she let him into the kitchen. As she bend down to take out a bottle of red wine he saw her ass and that was enough to make the tent bigger in his pants. He went up behind and lift the skirt up further and went on his knees and started licking her pussy through the panty. OOOHHHHHHHHHHH she said that feel so nice, don't stop. He pulled the panty down and got up and picked her up in his arms and said to her. I am chucking you over my shoulders while you open your legs because I want to eat your pussy. Do it she said and he flicked her over his shoulders in the kitchen with her legs spread open over his shoulders. He hasn't had that much pussy juice in years. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH
don't stop. She was sucking his cock like someone who hasn't a cock in years. After ten minutes he started to walk towards the bedroom while she was hanging upside down. He put her on the bed and put his cock in her pussy. I want to fuck you, don't stop she said. They fuck like mad as both of them were very hungry for a good fuck. Fuck me she said and he was pounding her. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH I am cumming he said. Come on my tits and he put his cock between her boobs. I cannot hold it anymore. I am cummming......................... He started squirting load after load all over her. She grabbed his cock and suck the last drop of cum out of it

They fell on the bed to tired to talk.

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