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The beginning is a little slow and the actual story is very very long so get yourself a cuppa. It is long purely for getting the atmosphere right and it helps me remember more clearly and allows me to let you the reader know how I was feeling all the way through our first time. Therefore I think the best place for me to start is at the very beginning. That way as you read my continued adventures you'll understand where I was in my sexuality at each stage and how I progressed.

This story goes back as far as 31 years ago when I was 21, yes I know for you quantum mathematical geniuses that makes me 52 years old now. The following story is not an essay to be marked for spelling, grammar or content I make no excuses for my writing style so if you are one of those English literature swinging professor types please put these nouns and verbs in the correct order........yourself fuck go life a get and.

Like I said this story goes back 31 years ago, back when I was 21 years old three years married with a two-year-old daughter. We lived on the west coast of Scotland at the time. Bill my husband played for the local amateur football team and on the occasional weekend he'd go out with his mates after the match and have a few beers. On this one particular weekend, he had arranged to come back and pick me up and we'd both go out for a beer or two. On his return, Bill picked up our daughter and took her over to my mothers whilst I got dressed.

On Bill's return, we ordered a taxi for the short journey to the pub. Now at that time, I wasn't what you'd call a football widow but I preferred to let Bill enjoy his time with his mates. So other than the player of the year dinner dances and the rare night out with Bill and his friends I never saw much of them at all. I was a young mum and enjoyed my time at home alone with my daughter.

On arrival at the pub, I was quickly reintroduced to the lads that were there, Tony, Mick, Ben, and big Barrie. Along with them was Stewart whom I knew from school and his girlfriend Margaret whom I seemed to recognise from every fashion magazine. This girl had it all huge tits 38DDs well girls do talk to each other you know, tiny waist fantastic legs and a beautiful face and believe it or not she was absolutely lovely, a great girl to get on with. The problem for me though is in the title of the story I am a plain jane sort of girl five six or five eight in heels. I'm not stunningly attractive nor am I ugly I have long slim legs and shoulder-length dark hair look good in jeans with a tight wee arse Bills deion. I'm just plain and sitting beside Margaret seemed to me, to enhance my plainness. Probably just me back then though, I had spent an hour getting dressed in a self coloured knee length skirt and a plain button-down blouse. Margaret, on the other hand, was in a pair of jeans and a Tshirt and she looked fabulous. Although not a big drinker I did enjoy the odd vodka and had quite a few as the night wore on. It was one of those rare nights where everyone was in good form and we were genuinely enjoying each others company. Normally with Bills mates, there's always a drama of some sort going on but not tonight all in all it was a very pleasant evening so much so that when it came to last bells we invited the lads back for drinks at ours. Stewart and Margaret cried off saying they wanted to get a carryout and spend some time together. So leaving them there we set off with Tony, Mick, Ben and big Barrie.

I know I'd had a few vodkas but once outside the air hit me and I found myself staggering a little, Bill gave me his arm then Barrie joined me at the other side and I walked arm in arm with more confidence to our home which was 20 minutes from the pub.

Once inside I set about getting the lads beers from the fridge and what they probably assumed was vodka and for myself, it was in fact straight. I didn't fancy being falling down d*unk in front of Bill and his friends. On my return, the lads were, as usual, arguing about football. I deposited their beers with scarcely a nod from them and proceeded to do what most women do in those circumstances, tidying up the kitchen and doing other little odd jobs to keep me nearly sober and save me doing it in the morning. I was just watering my dead houseplants on the kitchen window sill when a cry went up from the living room, more beer, more beer. I pulled a six pack from the fridge and took it into the lads, by now they were playing cards the five of them sitting on the floor. Three card bragg the game was called so I left them to it. I would pop into the living room occasionally just to see how they were getting on and watch the card game. I did notice with relief that there was never a great deal of money in the pot. Bill explained later that they were close friends and basically knew each other's finances so there was never any silly money being bet on. On my return with their third beers I jokingly said aren't you boys bored, no was the reply, why? Well, it seems to me that you are just passing the same five pounds around. Tony laughed and said it was all he could afford to lose and that there was no way he was going to lose his shirt. The boys all laughed at him, then Barrie says out loud unless you want to lose your shirt Veronica, heheheheh in your dreams I blushed and all the boys burst into a chorus of laughter Bill laughing the loudest.

Then a female voice said, oh really tough guys eh. Right, come on then. Fuck that voice was mine and it truly was like someone else had said it. The boys laughed even louder poking each other and pointing at me. I can be quite firm when I need to be and with the earlier vodkas still holding onto me I said come on then haha I didn't think so. But Barrie was well up for it okay then he says let's see what you've got then again they all burst out laughing. I smiled as I lowered myself to the floor and said right deal the cards then. They laughed again but not quite as loudly. Right says Barrie highest card wins lowest looses the same both lose. With a flourish, he shuffled the cards and began to deal them out starting with me first.

Hang on says Mick that's not really fair, he's right says Ben there's five of us so really that's a five to one chance for Veronica. Phew, what do I know about maths? So almost as though I wasn't there they began arguing what my rules should be and they settled on me having to lose three times in order to lose a hand.

So the game began after a few hands the boys had lost their shoes. I cried foul as I had stupidly kicked mine off to sit on the floor. When I had lost three times it was my turn to remove something. Fuck I didn't think it would go this far and again cried foul and demanded that my discarded shoes count as an item removed. They laughed and jointly disagreed with me saying come on you wanted to play with the big boys.

Now, this is where it gets into really strange territory for me. I had lost my virginity to non-orgasmic fumblings in the back of a darkened car. No one else other than my husband had actually seen me in any stage of undress. Even then if I could I would change as quickly as possible in front of Bill due to my shyness but I was getting there slowly but surely.

My mind raced and I was about to say no way boys when Barrie says see I told you she'd back out. Well, the vodka kicked back in and I reached up under my skirt and pulled down my tights, rolled them up and threw them onto the sofa. The boys all cheered and laughed I caught a glimpse from Bill and he nodded his head towards the kitchen. Right more beers I said and got up and went to the kitchen. I keep my vodka in the freezer and as a pretence shouted for Bill to come and open my vodka as the lid was iced solid. When Bill came into the kitchen he grabbed the bottle and opened it with a quick twist. Then he leaned close to me and whispered are you alright. I smiled and said yes I'm just having a laugh with the boys you know that. He smiled back and kissed me hard on the mouth then taking my hand he placed it on his cock and I was surprised to feel that it was solid like a poker. We can stop this anytime you like you just have to say don't be shy babes just say right night boys that's it. Okay, I nodded, Bill grabbed the beers and went back to the living room. I grabbed the vodka and this time it was pure vodka barely coloured by the amount of I'd put in it

The boys cheered when I came back in and sat again on the floor in their circle. Right where were we said, Tony, oh right it's my deal, he dealt out the cards and the game continued. Several hands later and all the boys had lost their tops and were all sitting on the floor bare-chested. I had already tallied up two losses when I pulled the two of clubs, yes even all these years later I remember that card and always will do. Shit, my brain screamed what now. Little did any of them know that when Bill was taking our daughter over to my mums I had chosen a two piece white totally see through pantie and bra set which I knew Bill loved he still does, mind you it is a different set now. I knew that no matter what I removed it would look as though I was wearing nothing under it, the bra and pantie set hid nothing at all.

Off off the boys chanted I grabbed my glass and took a long drink, then began to unbutton my blouse, not in a stripper kind of way either. As I was unbuttoning it I kept thinking what am I doing. I finished unbuttoning it and let it hang loose and said right deal then. No, no foul cried the boys it has to come off. I glanced at Bill and he smiled at me but also nodding I knew what the nod meant. It meant I could stop there and that would be it. Then I suddenly unbuttoned the sleeves and pulled it right off and threw it on the sofa.

Honestly, it's not the kind of thing you know then but I have small pert tits and huge nipples, they are thumb thick and an inch long when hard, and right now they were so hard that they were actually hurting. Fucken hell whispered Ben, fucken right whispered Mick, big Barrie and Tony just stared straight at them. I glanced at Bill and he had this strange smile on his face. Jesus Veronica said Tony you could hang a wet duffle coat on them and all the boys burst out laughing. Not a full-on hahah but a kind of strained laughter. Well come on then said my vodka again deal the cards boys. Every time I glanced at Bill he would smile and I would take that as his okay to continue.

How strange it felt that night an hour ago before the game had started only Bill had ever seen my nipples in all their glory now another four boys were looking at them and seeing my tits. The atmosphere in the room changed completely on the removal of my blouse. I felt it it was electric. I also felt something new, my pussy began to throb throb the way it felt after Bill had made love to me. God, It was such a strange feeling. Like I said dark fumblings in the back of a car, god I was 20 before I first masturbated and Bill had to show me how. Now here I was in front of his friends my tits a gauze-like see-through material away from being naked to his friend's eyes. Right deal says Bill and again my pussy throbbed.

Now with the atmosphere on full tilt, the cards seemed to come out thick and fast and it seemed like no time until Mick stood up to take off his trousers. No fair he says I'm commando tonight but hey rules are rules. He dropped his trousers and a thick large helmeted cock sprang up against his tummy and a huge ball sack which hung really low covered in rich dark hair. I had never seen a ball sack so big. Well technically I had only seen Bills ball sack and they hung a lot closer to his cock than Mick's sack did. Fuck my pussy twitched again and I could actually feel a little trickle of liquid run down my bottom. Jesus had I peed myself I wondered. I know I can laugh about it now but back then christ what was going on with me. The boys cheered and Mick sat back down but his cock didn't it stayed there firmly against his tummy and it kept whispering at me to look at it when the boys were busy. I was on a roll and Tony was next to lose his trousers. Now there nothing sexy about white marks and sparks underpants. But there is when you can see a big thick bulge in them pointing upwards. I also noticed that Tony had peed himself a little too as there was a damp patch where the head of his cock strained at the material. Yes, I now know what it is but like I said at the beginning I'm trying to describe it as it felt to me at that time. Bill lost the next hand and his trousers followed swiftly showing off his white yfronts and yes he had peed a little too. I was up to two losses when Barrie lost his trousers. We've got two commandoes in tonight he said as he dropped his trousers to the floor. I heard the gasp before I realised it was from myself. The cock that sprang into view was enormous yes enormous and thick with a big purple angry head on it. I know I know but angry is the only way I could describe it back then it was huge red thick blue veins and an angry purple head. Aye said the boys that'll be big Barrie then and they all laughed but again that quiet strained laughter. While they were laughing, my pussy was now expanding and contracting and I was sure I was peeing myself. I lost the next hand and it was time to remove my bra. I reached round and the boys went quiet, I unclipped it and threw it onto the sofa. The boys laughed and said go on Veronica well done. Well done, my head was in a spin I didn't know where to look when Bill lost the next hand and he stood up quickly and dropped his underpants kicking them aside. The cards were dealt again and I lost two hands in quick succession. Then Tony lost and his cock sprang into view as he kicked off the marks and sparks underpants. His cock looked kinda funny long slim with a big head on it but like all the other guys it didn't go down, it stayed against his tummy. I lost the next hand and the room went quiet you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. I only had on my knee length skirt and of course, the totally see through white panties. The boys were reaching for their beers but not one of them took their eyes from my pussy level as I reached round unbuttoned then unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Their gasps were very audible in the silence. Like I said at the beginning this was 31 years ago and my big thick black bush came clearly into view. I was very hairy back then and my black bush stuck out the sides of my small white panties and they were of course totally see through. I glanced down and saw the big damp patch on them and said opps excuse me and I dashed off to the toilet. I knew as I was leaving the living room that they could clearly see my tight arse through the panties, boo said the boys' spoilsport. Sitting on the toilet I gasped at the amount of toilet roll I had to use to soak up the dampness well the pee as I thought back then but I do remember smelling the toilet paper and assessing that I had not in fact peed myself. So I sat there on the loo hoping that Bill would come upstairs and reasssure me that he was okay with me being naked in front of his four friends. As I though about the five of them naked downstairs my pussy seemed to go into convultions and it was actually twitching and throbbing. And it was that twithing and convulsing that dragged me back downstairs behind my pussy. When I entered the living room the boys cheered again then began chanting off off off. I looked at Bill and he gave me the biggest smile, so this time like a stripper I peeled them down my long legs and threw them onto the cards in the middle of our circle the boys made a grab for them with Tony being the fastest. The winnner he said. Right now what I thought to myself ah I said right now we play and the winners put clothes back on. No No said the boys then big Barrie says no we'll play for forfeits. Eh, how does that work I said, well the winner gets to decide who does the forfeit. MMMM I thought I was last to lose everything so I'll probably win most of them. Yes but wait a minute I said, this time I only have to win once before I can make someone do a forfeit. See I am good at maths. So the new game started and Mick won right off and he said that Ben had to crawl over and give me a kiss on the cheek. Ben crawled over his cock twitching against his tummy as he gave me a peck on the cheek. Barrie won the next hand and said that Mick had to crawl over and give me a kiss on the lips. Mick gave me quite a deep kiss and I felt my pussy twitch and moisten again. As he crawled back I could clearly see his big ball sack swaying back and forth. Barrie won the next hand and he said That I had to crawl over and give Bill a french kiss for at least a minute. I looked at Bill and I could see his spunk dribbling from the end of his cock. Half way over I realised that the boys could clearly see my tight arse but also my hairy damp pussy. Bill grabbed me and held me tightly pushing his tongue deep into my mouth I reached down and grabbed his cock but he took my hand from it and whispered no don't do that I'm nearly cumming. So there I was arse and pussy for all to see with my tongue buried in Bills mouth. Right times up says Barrie Tony won next and said that I should crawl over and give him a french kiss. I glanced at Bill and got that reassuring smile again. Fucken hell how good am I at maths, Ben won the next hand and demanded a kiss too. Again I set off arse and pussy in clear view. Then Bill won the next hand. He looked at me then round the room then said I'm off to the toilet you'll have to use my forfeit boys. With that, he got up and headed for the toilet not before I caught a glimpse of his cock throbbing and leaking spunk onto our carpet. When he had been gone about five minutes Barrie said fuck it I'm going to use Bills forfeit and he crawled over to me and grabbed me in a tight embrace and pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. My pussy contracted a little then it convulsed completely when Barrie says give me a hand here boys. The lads surrounded me and as Barrie forced his tongue deeper I felt fingers pinch my throbbing nipples. My pussy contracted and I felt myself orgasm. Small pussy throbbing orgasms just with a pinch of my nipples. Give Ben a kiss said Barrie and I turned to find Bens waiting mouth. I felt movement behing me and I felt fingers caress my clit. Jesus my arse took on a life of its own as I tried to force myself onto the caressing fingers. Barrie let me go and he was immediately replaced by Mick who kissed me deeply. I felt movement behind me and I felt fingers enter my pussy. No no, I said weakly and looked round to find it was Bill gently caressing my throbbing pussy. I relaxed and let him bring me to an amazing orgasm where I was basically riding his hand. I collapsed head down arse in the air body twitching and bucking as an immense orgasm tore through me popping lights in my head yes honestly. I lay there panting and felt myself being pulled up as I stood on shaking legs I felt Barries big strong arms grasp me and he kissed me so hard it almost hurt. I could feel his massive cock leaking onto my well almost my chest as he held me then he told me to get down on my knees. I looked down and saw the smiling face of Tony, that's it said Barrie get over his face, I lowered myself onto Tony's face and immediately went into overdrive as his thick tongue licked at my throbbing hole, I looked down at him as he lapped at my juices. When I looked back up Bill was standing right in line with my face, he was holding his cock down so that it was level with my mouth he pushed his cock forward and I took him straight into my mouth. Fuck what was I doing sucking my husbands cock naked in front of his four completely naked friends. After a minute of sucking Bill, Mick just eased into his place and without another thought, I took only the second cock ever into my mouth, I could hear Mick ohhh fuck yes yes that's fucken lovely. I felt movement behind me and I felt the familiar poking of a cock but out the side of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Bill wanking his cock. I flipped my head round and saw barrie right behind me. I was about to pull away when Tonys long thick tongue flashed at my clit and I could feel another orgasm building. I relaxed and then felt that familiar cock probing but it wasn't familiar for long. I could feel my pussy stretching and stretching and I knew Barrie was forcing his big cock into my tight pussy hole. God, it felt so fucken big stretching me till it seemed that I couldn't stretch anymore. Then I felt something else, depth, it was going deeper and deeper, deeper than anything before. And then something else another orgasm building from my stretched pussy up through my tummy and over my entire body. As I felt Barrie's pubic hair brush against my arse I started to come again only this time I pushed back onto his huge cock wanting it all wanting to feel him fill me right up. The orgasm was fantastic and I heaved my arse backwards harder and harder and I screamed out loud ohhh fuck ohh fuck yes yes yes I'm fucken cumming. Geez with Bill I would whisper to him I'm cumming baby and I would have at the most two orgasms one at the start on our foreplay and one at the end where we'd both cum together. But this was something completely different I just kept cumming. Then I felt it if it was possible for Barries cock to get any bigger I felt it thicken then he moaned out loud as I thrashed onto his huge cock. I actually felt him spurt inside me thank god for the pill. I felt five big spurts then several more spasms as he emptied himself into me. God, he was no sooner out of me when Mick slid straight into me and I was gone again hovering on the edge again. Fuck I had discovered multiple orgasms and I loved them, Mick ploughed into me and started moaning almost right away and although I didn't feel him spurt I knew that he had cum. Ben took his place and though he lasted a little longer than Mick I did feel him spurt as he emptied himself into me. Tony immediately wiggled his way out from under me and was replaced by Barrie whom I noticed was still hard. Tony lasted the longest and gave me another orgasm just before emptying himself into me. I collapsed onto Barries face and I felt him lick me for about 5 seconds then he wiggled out from under me. I was turned onto my back and Bill mounted me at this point I'd like to say that Bill took me over the constant edge again and again but he didn't he came within 7 or 8 thrusts but I did feel him spurt what felt like gallons of spunk into me. Phew, I lay my head back and relaxed. As I lay there completely naked in front of Bills four friends. My body was aching from the assault my pussy was still throbbing fuck I wanted more. Pillows were brought from the bedroom one for my head and one for my arse. I lay there in front of them all, my Bill, Barrie, Mick, Ben and Tony completely barenaked legs wide and a stream of spunk running from my still throbbing hairy pussy. My thought at that very moment was jesus in one night I have almost tripled the amount of cock I have had in my life in one night fuck what a tart I am. That thought was lost as Big Barrie mounted me again and My legs went comfortably behind his back. Mick turned my head to the side and forced his cock into my mouth. Ben, Tony and Bill knelt around us wanking their big hard ons. I didn't think I could take anymore as Barrie ploughed into my hairy hole. But I did I took them all again that night and the daylight was coming through the curtains as Mick rolled off me for the last time. They had to help me up I was covered in sweat, spunk, scratches and love bites. They helped me upstairs to bed and I'm sure I was asleep before they got back to the bottom of the stairs. I think I moved when Bill eventually came to bed but I'm not sure though I do know that he did empty himself into me twice more that night then once in the morning before he went off to collect our daughter. He woke me at 4 pm with a cuppa and we chatted about the night before. I was actually scared that Bill would say something about my behaviour getting out of hand and I thought thats what this is building up too. But how wrong can you be? He told me that it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen or done. He even admitted to wanking off in the toilet so as to last longer but the poor wee soul didn't last. He said that when he entered me my pussy was slack and full with spunk and as he was pumping me it felt fantastic that's why he came so quickly. Plus he had gone to the loo and waited ten minutes to see what would happen. I said sorry I didn't mean for it to go that far but he said no no don't worry babes when I came down and saw Big Barrie ploughing into you it was fantastic it was exactly what I wanted to see but I didn't know how to start it. Then the worry set in for me, what if his friends told anyone. What would his friends think of me what would they call me a whore a slag a spunk bucket? They did call me those names but that was at our next meeting hehehehe. About 6 months later I was chatting to the beautiful Margaret and she pointed out that the boys seemed to love me yet they treated her with some disregard. I said look, honey, I'm plain jane right no thats not true she says. I am a plain jane sort Margaret wheras you are beautiful you're with Stewart and they are guys think beautiful women should be treated differently. Hmmm, she said well I just wish they'd treat me like you. Hmmm, not on my fucken watch baby. In the months and years that have passed, I'm still amazed that the boys never told anyone else and when we were having a meet which was a bout three times a year it always managed to be just us two and the four of them. Even though we are long gone from the west of Scotland it still holds fond memories. In the time that has passed since we have both become cock monsters yes both of us but that story or I should say those stories are for another time. So next time boys you see that plain jane from next door just think..... she might have that little something you want. I know I have.

PS. I asked Bill to write this story and he wrote. I and my mates came back from the pub and rode my wife, the end. he's got a way with words that man.

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