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The invasion was perfect, silent, deadly and very discreet. The Gorthan’s didn’t need big space ships, machines of war, or to even fire a single shot. Like many movies had predicted, the invaders were parasites. Maybe it was because of these same fictional works that made the invasion easier. Those that did discover the truth and spoke up were ridiculed and treated for mental issues. They made sure to take control of Hospitals early on, to "Cure" those humans first. Military, Government, and other key locations also fell quickly. The key to such an easy victory is that unlike the movies, once a Gorthan is in control of a host, there is no way to tell the difference. All of the hosts memories, mannerisms and emotions are available to the controlling parasite. The Gorthan’s were patient, allowing the hosts to continue in their lives until it was far too late to do anything about it.

In the classic sense, maybe the invasion wasn’t truly perfect. There were a few minor complications with introducing the Gorthan parasite to certain groups of humans. Children were one such problem. They figured that the hormonal and emotional turmoil’s of youth caused our people to go insane when introduced to their systems. It was eventually determined that 20 earth years were needed before assimilation was safe. So most children were rounded up and placed in large camps, to them, they call them Boarding Schools. They are taught, allowed to play, and lead fairly normal lives with each other, as long as they follow the rules and do not leave the Camps. Those that do are "Expelled". Unknown to the others, the mass graves just off campus are filled with expelled students.

The other problem area was the females of the human race. Only about 20% of the females could be integrated. The debate about this is still ongoing. Some swear it’s their erratic emotions, others say it’s the strange hormones they produce as part of the menstrual cycle. In the long run, most Gorthan commanders have dismissed it as not important since the females are weaker and much easier to subjugate. And subjugate them the Gorthan’s did, they became slaves. They were taught, and trained to be workers, servants, maids, and most importantly, sex slaves. The first Gorthan invaders found one human trait particularly appealing… SEX! In all the worlds they had conquered before, no other species’ reproductive process gave as much pleasure as the human’s.

The human’s in their own way had determined this too and there was much documentation and instructional material on how to engage in sex with females. Many different genres of techniques and styles were available. These ranged from passionate pleasures to torturous taboos of S&M, Bondage and Discipline. Gorthan Commander Vix definitely enjoyed the latter. His consciousness was placed in a human male with attributes fitting his station as a Commander. He is tall, strong and intelligent. Most important of his physical characteristics is his reproductive organ. At over eight earth inches in length and girth to match, he found was well above average. Another benefit was the human host had a special fondness for a specific type of human female called Asians.

Vix’s first encounters with these Asian females were not as he expected. They were resistant, and feisty, not shy and submissive like he was led to believe. After extensive research, he found the reason, the ones he had were from western countries. They had been acclimated with those cultures and lost much of their inherent submissiveness, and to get what he expected, he had to go to the source. So pulling a few strings and making promises that would have repercussions for many years, he was transferred to Japan. This move had an additional, unexpected benefit. The senior Gorthan overlord was placed into a host of considerable power to facilitate the takeover. The problem with that was that the host is an ugly, heavy-set, and below average endowed man. Apparently his rise to power had nothing to do with his physical prowess. Because of this, High-Commander G’lar stayed in the palace and only occasionally had women sent to him. He was bitter and cruel to them. It’s hard to consider the ones that live through their night with him the lucky ones, considering the condition they are left in.

This though, will give Vix almost complete Mastery and control over everything outside the Palace. Commander Vix already has plans to take full advantage of this situation, and will quickly set up "Offices" in many of the major cities each with a private area to experiment with these Asian women. These Dungeons, as they are called, will be built to his specifications and supervised by underlings and ironically enough much of the work was done by unconverted women from the area, some of which may find themselves a "Prisoner" one day. The Commander’s thoughts are interrupted by the bump as his private jet lands. He puts his planning documents and other reports away as the plane taxis. By the time the plane comes to a halt, he is already standing at the door waiting as the ground crew opens the door and ladder.

The air is warm on the spring day as he descends the steps and walks along the path lined by his Honor Guard soldiers. Each soldier has been converted and sworn to the Gorthan commander’s life. At the end of the path stands a prime specimen of human female. She stands probably five foot nine without the three inch heels she’s wearing. Even in the stylish business suit, her figure can be seen… with a slender waist, full hips, and a healthy C, if not D, cup chest. Her hair is dark and flows gently in the breeze. As Vix approaches, she holds her hand up in the familiar Gorthan greeting, he raises his and as their palms barely touch, they both can feel the familiar tingling in their minds, instantly knowing the others Gorthan name and status.

"Welcome to Tokyo Commander Vix." She greets him.
"Pleasure to meet you Vice-Commander Glolth" Vix struggles to say as he lowers his hand
"Congratulations on your posting, I think you’ll find it quite enjoyable here" She says looking him over "And also on your host selection. It’s quite pleasant to these Human eyes"
"Thank you Glo.. Glolth" He again struggles to say her name.
"Please, I have come to terms that these human mouths have a hard time with my name, its fine with me if you call me Greta, it was the human host’s name." She explains as she opens the door to the limousine waiting for them.
"Very well Greta… Yes, it is much easier to say" As they get into the limo and it and his honor guard vehicles start toward the command office. "I was going to say, you were given a very good host as well Greta"
Vice Commander Greta blushes slightly "Thank you Vix. If I may be so bold Sir. It hasn’t been easy for me on this island. The men here as you’ll see, are very short in stature… and size, if you know what I mean"
Vix smiles and nods "Yes, That’s one of the reasons I’m here, to enjoy the small size and disposition of the females. I would be very grateful for your assistance in those matters and would owe you certain… favors"
Greta smiles and thinks for a moment "I am in need of a favor at the moment to be honest, and I have just the thing I feel will earn it. I know of a recent graduate of our local reprogramming camp, she’s very pretty and reports show she’s very eager to please and do whatever she is told. I think she would make a very good house slave for you."
Vix likes the sound of this so far, but doesn’t want to seem too eager until he’s heard the favor he’d owe for it. "I get the idea there is more to this" He says.
"Well, in a way, there is. Most girls with her talents are offered to the Regional Overseer and none are the same afterwards. He was cruel on the last world we populated and with his unfortunate pairing with the host he’s in, it’s made it even worse. Giving her to you will save her from him and be very good for you" She explains
"And what favor would I owe you in return for this prize of an Asian slave?" He asks
Greta blushes again but explains "As I mentioned, the men here don’t have much to offer a woman, but you look like you have a lot to offer. All I ask is that you… Well… Fuck me!"
Vix takes her hand and rests it on his upper thigh where his cock lies causing her to gasp as she feels the length and girth of it knowing it’s not even fully hard yet. "And you’ll be loyal to me as long as I give this to you occasionally?" He barters.
"Oh my! Yes, but it’s got to be at least once a week or the deals off" She says hoping to get his guarantee.
"You have a deal. Shall we start now? It was a very long flight after all." He says before reaching over to push the intercom button telling the driver to take the scenic route for at least thirty minutes. Before he’s finished, Greta is tugging at his belt and pulling his zipper down to get at the human flesh in his pants. "That’s so beautiful!" She mutters as she gets the shaft out and starts stroking it up and down. Vix’s hand runs over the mound of flesh on her chest, squeezing and caressing it causing her to moan even more. They both start pulling each other’s and their own clothes off eager to experience the raw pleasure. Vix smiles as Greta unlatches her bra and lets her huge tits free knowing they are definitely D-cups. No sooner does Greta toss her bra aside than Vix lowers his head and sucks her hard nipple into his mouth bringing another long moan from her lips.

"You’re quite the sensitive bitch, aren’t you Greta?" He says as the wet nipple slips from his lips. "You have no idea. This host used to be a nymphomaniac with as much sex as I’ve had." She pants as Vix climbs between her legs as she sits on the car seat. Her eyes go wide as she sees the large phallus sticking out from his groin. "Oh Gortho. Please… Go slow at first, it’s been months since I’ve had anything bigger than a couple fingers in my cunt!" She pleads. She wraps her arms around his strong shoulders and buries her face in his neck as the head starts to split her tight pussy open. He enjoys the power over her and he relishes the ability to give so much pleasure simply by sticking his cock into her soaking wet cunt. He does go slow, working it in inch by inch, pulling back only to let her juices coat his cock and allow it to go deeper. Her entire body is trembling and spasming by the time he feels he can’t push any farther into her. He’s surprised at how fast her first orgasm hits her. He hasn’t even started fucking her yet and she’s contracting and whimpering into his neck and shoulder.

He waits a minute or so to let her adjust and start to come down from her quick cum before he starts to shift his hips and move the large cock inside her. She releases him and lays back on the seat, running her hands down his well toned chest and belly to rest on his hips just as they start the steady fucking movements. Slow at first, letting her feel every inch as it slides in and out of her. He makes sure to use all the techniques he’s learned from research and his host’s experiences to drive this slut wild. Its working too, her head is tossing side to side and the words coming from her mouth are a combination of praises to the Gorthan god and just utter earth smut mixed with incoherent babble and moans.

It doesn’t take long before he’s really pounding her hard and deep. The air is filled with the sounds of his hips slapping against her thighs and her moans filling the back of the limo. Her moans and squeals are coming to a fevered crescendo as he drives her to another, bigger, orgasm. His hips continue their relentless assault forcing her orgasm to peak over and over while he enjoys the sight of her big tits bouncing and shaking wildly on her chest. Just as she starts thinking he’ll never stop fucking her, he starts moaning louder too.

"Oh no, wait, please, cum in my mouth!" she begs and pushes on his hips forcing his cock to slip out of her leaving a dangling thread of pre-cum dripping from the tip. She helps him turn and sit on the seat as she slips onto her knees between his legs and practically dives for his cock. One hand cups his cum heavy balls, the other slides up and down the slippery shaft while her mouth and tongue take on the swollen head. All three things are working in unison to milk the cum from his throbbing shaft. Her movements are well practiced and have him ready to blow his load in only a few minutes. She can sense it and speeds her stroking and sucking, feeling him swell to his fullest before that first blast of familiar sticky goo hits her tongue. Spurt after salty spurt of cum shoots into her mouth. She swallows it all like a pro and sucks on the head to get every drop.

"Oh goodness, I was right, that was a ton of cum. If you shot that shit into my cunt, I’d be leaking for hours" She says as she strokes him and squeezes the head to get another creamy drop to form before licking it clean. "I’m glad I could hold up my end of the bargain, I hope you do the same Vice-Commander" Vix tells her returning to his proper air of authority. "Yes Sir, I’m sure you’ll find Ariko to be everything you desire" She retorts

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