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Sister Submissive
By CincyNate

My name is Jake. I'm 22 years old and have thick, dark brown hair and a muscular build. One night, I went out with my good friend Tom, who is also 22. He has short blond hair and seems to always be tan. We went to the strip bars and closed them down. By the time we got to my house we had seen a lot of T & A and I for one was really fucking horny.
When we got to my street, I told Tom he didn't have to worry about being quite. My folks had gone out of town for the weekend. The only one home was my little sister Tammy and she was probably asleep.
Tom turned his lights off and pulled into the drive way. He grabbed something from under his seat and we got out. We snuck quietly in my house and went down to the basement were my big, apartment-like room is.
Tom handed me the bag he pulled from under his seat with a big smile on his face. I opened it and pulled out the video that was in it. The title was "SUBMISSIVE SLUTS". I smiled back at him and put that baby in the VCR.
The video flickered on the tube and this good looking blond walked onto the screen. She had nice firm tits that were hugged tightly in her tight summer dress. She walked by two men and gave them a sexy glance. "Look at that hot piece of ass," the first dude with the dark hair said as the other one came up behind her and grabbed her ass.
"It even feels hot," the second guy with blond hair said. She pulled away, turned around and stepped right into the first guy. He took her firmly by the breasts and squeezed them tightly. "What's the matter," he said, "don't you like it when guys want to fuck you baby?"
She looked down at the man's hands on her breast, bit her lip and said, "Yes."
"Yes what baby?" He said sternly.
"Yes I like it when guys want to fuck me," she said still looking down.
"Well, we want to fuck you baby," The second man said as he rubbed his crouch against her sweet round ass. "Do you want that?"
"Yes," she said softly.
"I don't think she really means it," the one holding her tits declared and pulled away.
"Yeah, you're right. This bitch doesn't want our cocks," the second one chimed in and pulled away too. They both started to walk away from her.
"No wait," she said pleading. "I'll do any thing you say, just please... fuck me. Fuck me hard!" She pranced up to them.
"That's more like it you little bitch," The dark haired one said smiling. He reached up and pulled her dress open, popping off all of the buttons down the front. He leaned down and sucked hard on her firm tits. She moaned deeply.
The blond hair guy came up from behind her and said firmly, "Show me that ass." She did as she was told. She stood straight legged, pulled up her dress and arched her sweet ass out. "Now rub it babe!" he said.
She ran her hands all over her cheeks. Her pussy was growing wet and slightly started to spread open. Her folds were pink and inviting.
The video was getting us completely turned on. I could see Tom was getting hard because he was rubbing his cock through his jeans. I started doing the same thing, wishing I had some hot little chick to tell what to do. "That bitch is so fucking hot," I said to Tom.
"Yeah, I wish that was us getting fucked. I would love to have our own submissive slut to suck me right now," Tom said as he grabbed on he shaft through his jeans.
"Me too. I'd make her fuck and suck us all night long," I said then smiled real big, debating on pulling my cock out and waxing it.
We almost jumped out of our skin when we heard a soft voice from behind us say, "You can fuck me all night long big brother."
We turned around and my sister Tammy was standing there wearing only a pair of little lace panties. She was rubbing her full breast and pinching on the ends of her pink nipples. At first I thought she was joking, but the look in her eyes told me she meant it.
I looked at Tom and could tell he wanted her right there. I wasn't sure what to think. Tammy is a complete babe. She has long brown hair, perfectly round tits and a sweet heart shaped ass that was made to be fucked. I fantasized about being with her for a long time. I wasn't sure if I could make the first move.
Tammy came over in front of us and knelled down. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and said, "Please Jake, I really want this. I'll do what ever you tell me. I wanted to please you for so long now." She arched her ass up and pealed her under ware off. She wrapped them around her fingers and rubbed them all over her well trimmed pussy.
She brought them up to her nose and sniffed them. Without even realizing it I said, "Suck on them Tammy." She lightly smiled at me, then brought the panties to her mouth. She licked them seductively and stared into my eyes. She put them in her mouth and lightly chewed on the cum soaked panties. "Rub your pussy Tammy!" I snapped at her. She slid her hand down to her twat and rubbed her little pink clit back and forth as she looked at Tom for her next command.
Tom looked down at the bulge in his pants and said, "Take my prick out baby." She set the underwear down and started to undo Tom's pants. "I didn't say to stop sucking on those," Tom sternly said. Tammy quickly put them back in her teeth and proceeded to undo Tom's zipper. She pulled his under ware down and his cock flopped out fully erect. Tammy's eyes grew wide with excitement. "Now take Jake's out baby," Tom said.
Tammy looked up into my eyes, her face was lit up with love. I don't ware underwear, so when Tammy undid my pants, my cock stood right out. I reached my hand down and lightly rubbed her beautiful face, then pulled the panties from her mouth. "You don't have to suck on those any more, jack us off," I said. She reached up and wrapped her hands tightly around our meat and started stroking us.
We watched Tammy for a few minutes, then started watching the blond on the TV. She was on her hands and knees now getting fucked in turns by the two guys behind her. She started yelling, "OH YES, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!"
The first dude pulled her up, kissed her hard. The other guy pulled her over to him and did the same. "Suck my dick bitch." He said. She inhaled it. The first dude continued to pound her from behind.
The other guy in front, held her head firmly and started fucking her sweet, poutty mouth. She moaned as she took all of his tool down her throat. He pulled it from her mouth and said, "Do you like that bitch?"
"Oh yes, fuck my mouth more. Please! I want to taste your cum while I get fucked," she said wantonly. He grabbed the sides of her head again and slipped his shaft back into the warmth of her mouth and started pounding her.
That really turned me and Tom on. Both our cocks were hard as hell from the heavy stroking Tammy was giving us. Tammy looked up and said, "May I please lick on your hard cocks?"
Tom answered her by pulling her by the back of her head, penetrating her luscious lips. Her tongue danced around his head, I could see her lick up the pre cum as it dripped from Tom's hole. I leaned over an held my cock by her face. Tom pulled her from his cock and shoved her head over to mine.
She look up at me, smiled, then took me deeply in her mouth. It felt so good to have my sister service me so well. It felt like she wanted to do this for a long time. I held the back of her head and started rocking my meat back and forth. Tammy bobbed her head up and down, taking me even further down her throat. It felt so damn good.
Tom pushed aside my coffee table and got behind her. She knew what was coming, she arched her ass up high in the air. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. He leaned down and started flicking her clit with his tongue.
Tammy kept trying to push her wet pussy back onto Tom's tongue, but he would quickly pull it away teasing her. She pulled my cock from her mouth and begged, "Please eat me Tom, please!"
"All you had to do was say please," Tom said, then he buried his face in her pussy. He lapped hungrily at the sweet juice that flowed from my sisters hot, pink folds.
Tammy moaned, "Kiss me Jake." I leaned down and gently gave her a deep french kiss. She was jumping and squirming from the muff job Tom was giving her. I could tell he had her close to cumming so I pulled up from our kiss and said, "Suck my cock dry Tammy. Suck it dry or we won't fuck you bitch!" She dropped her head back down and slid my prick right down her throat. She started rocking back and forth on Tom's tongue and my meat. It was a hot sight.
I felt my load building almost to the breaking point so I started fucking her sweet face even harder. She squirmed around, rubbing her fresh cum all over Tom's face. I grabbed the base of my meat and said, "I want to shoot it in your mouth baby!" Tammy held her pretty little mouth open and gazed at my cum hole. I jerked on my cock in front of her face getting ready to shoot. Tom pulled himself up to watch me and started rubbing his throbbing cock all over her wet twat.
I jerked myself a few more times and could feel my wad moving quickly up my shaft. I took aim, and let my cum fly. Streams of my thick sperm shot out and globbed into her mouth. Tammy held her mouth open wider. I shot two more burst into it, then I put my cock back into her cum filled mouth. She sucked down my load.
Tom smacked her on the ass and said, "That's a good fuck'en girl. Eat that cream!." He gave her a few minutes to lick me clean then he pulled her up and shoved his in meat in her sticky mouth. "Oh yeah baby! Suck mine just like you did Jake's," he said. He closed his eyes and rocked his hips back and forth on my sisters face.
I started rubbing my sperm covered cock again and it was soon stiff. I eased down behind my sister and rubbed the head of my prick on her wet pussy lips. They seemed to want to suck my cock inside her. I let them. Her warm, wet twat was begging to be fucked. Tammy pushed her ass back on my shaft and took me all the way in. My balls were crammed tight against her pussy fur.
She sucked harder on Tom's meat as I started working it in and out of her tight pussy. She had the prettiest ass I have ever seen and she wiggled it back and forth as I slid my nimble fingers all over her round cheeks.
Tom pulled his prick from my sister's mouth and lightly rubbed it all over her face. She smiled up at him and then looked back at me and smiled again. I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was really digging all the good sex Tom and I were giving her. She turned back to Tom and took his manhood back into her mouth and started rocking back and forth between us. She took both of us deeply in and out of her fuck holes.
I pulled my cock from her dripping wet slit and slid it up and down the crack of her ass. I got her little brown hole nice and wet with her cum. I rammed my meat back in her pussy and brought my thumb down to her ass. She pushed her sweet little hips back and I stuck my thumb slowly in her tight ass hole. Tammy held motionless for a moment then started a nice slow fucking rhythm back up.
I stuck my thumb in all the way in her ass. She wiggled her ass back and forth and I started fingering her. I massaged her round ass with the rest of my hand. I held firmly to her hip with my other hand as I started fucking her a little bit faster. I could feel my thumb poking up against my meat deep inside her.
Tom reached under her and squeezed on her tits. She reached up and rubbed his balls. I could tell by the look on his face that he was about to blow his load. I was right.
He pulled his throbbing cock from her mouth and shot his spunk all over her face. She held onto his meat and rubbed the juice all around her chin with it. Tammy brought Toms cock to her mouth and sucked it clean of the collected goo.
"That's it baby, eat that cum!" Tom said sternly. She looked up at him, cum dripping down her face and said, "Thank you!" I started fucking her pussy and fingering her ass harder.
"Let me suck more on your nice cock Tom," she gasped out.
He said, "You didn't say the magic word baby."
"Please," she said meekly and he plunged his half limp cock back into her lovely mouth. Her tongue circled slowly around it until it was hard again. Tom smiled at me.
I pulled my thumb from her ass hole and replaced it with two of my fingers. I could hear her moan even with Toms cock in her mouth. I started fingering her sweet little ass faster. I had loosened it up from the work I gave it from my thumb. I looked up at Tom and we both smiled.
My sister moved both her head and ass-end down on our meat as fast as she could. We looked down at Tammy and gave her the hardest fuck we could. I could tell she longed for it, and I knew she deserved it.
I leaned back further so I could get the full effect of my up strokes. I thrusted so hard I pushed her ass up onto the down strokes of my fingers. Tom started fucking her mouth in fast strokes. Plunging his meat down her willing throat. She took both of us in with pleasure. My sister was a little fuck beast.
I could tell she had cum again. I could feel her thick cream start pouring down my shaft. I rammed it deeply into her wet hole and thrusted my fingers in her wiggling ass. She bobbed her head up and down on Tom. She sucked him fiercely as she road out her orgasm.
I couldn't hold my second load back. I pulled my fingers from her ass and grabbed my cock. My load spurted all over her sweet pussy. Tammy shook it back and forth in front of me.
Tom had to be close. He smiled at me, held the back of Tammys head and let his wad fly. His thick white sperm spilled from the corners of her mouth. She swallowed in deep slurps it up as it spurted inside her. I could tell she loved it.
We held together in our fuck chain for a short moment, then we collapsed on the couch. Tammy laid her well fuck body across me and my best friend Tom. She was dripping with our cum.
She kissed us both, smiled, then said, "Thank You. That was the best fuck I have ever had." Then she got up and pranced back up stairs to her room.
I said to Tom, "That was too fucking wild!"
"You aren't shitting. It was fucking great!" Tom said laughing.
We got dressed and Tom said, "I won't tell anyone, as long as we do it again some time." He had a big ass grin on his face.
"You can count on it," I said giving him the thumbs up. I knew damn well as soon as Tom leaves, my ass is going to Tammy's room to 'do it again' all night long.

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