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" Come on you! Quick shower and then we are out!" said Ashleigh, one of the maids of honour.
" Stay right there Jacob and keep your eyes closed!" Narla said, another maid of honour. " Its bad luck to see your bride before the wedding."
" We have 30 minutes Chris. Shower now!" Jessie commanded, the third maid of honour.
Ashleigh pushed Chris out of the room and into the bathroom. Narla went to the kitchen and Jacob grabbed hold of Jessie.
" Take care of him." Jacob said.
Jessie smiled and looked down at her iPad briefly.
" Of course we will. I know how much you both want this wedding so i have made it my job to make sure everything runs as planned. I already had a hard enough time getting those two out of bed." Jessie said with a laugh.
" Thank you. For everything." Jacob said with a smile. Jessie could feel her tear ducts responding. But there was no time for that. " Save your thank you's for the amazing reception I have planned." Jessie said with a smile.

Chris finished his shower and, after scoffing down some cereal, was lead out of the apartment and into a limo they had hired for the day.
First stop was a beauty parlor. Hair, manicures, makeup all done to perfection.
Next Chris' parents new house to get dressed and have pre wedding drinks.
Chris' mum gushed over how gorgeous he looked in his white suit with light blue tie that matched his eyes. The grooms maids dresses were all the same colour as his tie.
Chris' dad was 'proud as punch' of his son and he was 'happier then a child on Christmas'.
The brides maids sat Chris down and the three maids of honour raised their glasses in toast.
" To the guy who was always fabulous and knows how to make a top hat work with any outfit." Narla said to a chorus of laughs.
" To the guy who gave the best advice about boys, shoes and everything in between." Ashleigh said with a smile.
" To the guy who has always been there when you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to go clubbing with. Everybody's gay best friend. To Chris" Jessie finished.
"To Chris!" Everyone repeated raising their glasses of champagne.
" Guys! You are going to make me cry on my wedding day!" Chris said patting his eyes.
" We knew you were going to cry today anyway!" Narla said with a laugh.
Jessie checked her watch. " Finish your drinks girls, and Chris' dad, its time for a wedding!"

Jacob was already at the church. He was greeting guests with his grooms men as they walked in. Jacob was so delighted to see a huge smile on his dads face.
They hugged and his mother endlessly chatted about how the idea to have the wedding in their old school hall was amazing and romantic and how beautifully it was decorated.
And it was. Jessie and the rest of the brides maids had carpeted the whole hall and the elevated stage area. The chairs were simple white fold out chairs with blue and red flowers on them. White billowy material hung from the center of the roof to the walls to cover the windows. Even the un removable basketball hoops had white red and blue flowers.
You could tell it was just a high school hall and Jacob loved it. This school meant a lot to both of them so the idea to have the wedding their was more perfect then they could have hoped.
Most of the guests were in and had taken their places when Jacob saw Jessie stick her head through the entrance. She nodded at Jacob who took his place on stage and sent his grooms men to Jessie. She then nodded at the 4 piece orchestra who began to play the music the wedding party walked out too.
She disappeared again and turned to the couples who were preparing to walk out. " Even steps. 5 seconds between each couple. 4 beats into the next song and you go Chris."
" We know!" Ashleigh said with a smile.
Chris could feel his hands starting to shake. The first two couples had gone out and the third were preparing.
" Calm down." Jessie said squeezing his hand. " Just think about seeing Jacob. His suit is fine and you will love it." Jessie said.
She stepped closer and lowered her voice so his dad couldn't hear. " Then think about how much better it will look on your floor when you fuck him as your husband for the first time."
Chris closed his eyes and smiled. " Thank you for that." Chris said sarcastically. " Now I'm going to have a hard on for the entire wedding."
" Its what I'm here for." Jessie said with an evil smile.
She left to walk down the isle and up the stairs, taking her place on stage with the rest of the bridal party. She winked at Jacob and he relaxed a little.
The music changed and everyone stood. Chris felt time slow down as his father started to lead him down the isle.
He lifted his eyes and saw Jacob in a jet black suit with a red tie. His hair was slicked back and Chris thought he looked straight out of a magazine. He looked into Jacob's eyes and Jacob was staring back with a smile. Before Chris knew it he was kissing his dad on the cheek and walking up the stairs to his awaiting soon-to-be husband.
They took each others hands and the band played quieter but didn't stop.
The minister started to speak but Chris didn't listen. All he could see was Jacob's big brown eyes alight with happiness. He could tell Jacob wasn't listening either. Jacobs eyes kept darting down and Chris could just tell Jacob was more interested in consummating the marriage.
" The couple have written their own vows for today. Christopher if you would like to start." The minister said.
Chris swallowed and smiled. " Jacob. However many years ago we met here. At the time I was a confused teenager who had no idea what he wanted to do. I realise I liked you. And after a while realised you liked me too. We went through so much to be together and look where we are now. Back at the place it all started, about to be married forever. My vows to you are, to always fight for you, to protect you, the best i can, to help you through everything and anything, and to love you forever and always."
Chris could hear people awww at his vows. He had been practicing them over and over, learning them like a monologue so they came out perfect. He practiced it with his bridesmaids before the wedding and saw a few of them tear up. He watched Jacob wipe his eyes and the minister said " Jacob. Your vows."
" Chris. Christopher. You were there through my darkest times. A fire to lighten my life. No matter what kind of day i was having you could make me smile and feel special. I feel so lucky that you feel in love with me. I cant and don't want to imagine my life without you. I promise to be there for you, through thick and thin. Bad days and good days and anything this world can throw at us. I promise i will always give you the last cookie and watch Buffy with you when you are feeling down. I promise to make you feel as special and loved as you have made me feel. And I promise I will love you, with all my heart and soul, forever and always." Jacob said.
Chris felt the tears start falling down his face but made no move to wipe them. He was too happy just staring into Jacobs eyes. He felt his heart was going to burst and would have kissed Jacob right then and there if they were in any other circumstance.
" Now for the rings." The minister exclaimed.
Jacobs cousin brought the pillow forward with the two rings on it.
They had been told their wedding vows had to end in " Forever and always" and only when they looked inside the rings they saw "forever and always" engraved inside.
" With this ring, i thee wed." Jacob said sliding it onto Chris' finger with a massive grin.
Chris' hand was shaking as he picked up the ring. " With this ring..." He slid the ring home on Jacob's finger. "... I thee wed."
" By the power vested in me and undder witness to all your families and friends, I now pronounce you partners for life! You may kiss your husband."
Chris and Jacob smiled at each other. A heart beat later their lips met in a passionate kiss. Chris pulled away red faced and embarrassed.

Chris cant remember much. What he can remember is getting in the limo's with his husband and wedding party and not being able to keep his hands off his husband.
His husband. His mind melted a little more every time he thought it.
The reception was decorated pretty similar to the school hall. White material draped from the center of the room in a circular pattern to all corners but there was also some red and blue drapes as well. The chairs and their dressings were black and the table cloth was white with red and blue flowers in the center pieces.
Chris was in awe as he walked in and sat down on the little platform at the head of the room.
The rest of the guests arrived, they ate 2 delicious courses and the music started.
" Dance with me." Jacob said standing up and extending his hand.
" I'll just make a fool out of myself." Chris said reluctantly standing up.
" How is that any different then any other day?" Jacob said with a laugh. " I promise i will catch you if you fall."
The other couples on the floor made some room for Chris and Jacob's first dance as a married couple.
Jacob took it slow at first letting Chris get into the rhythm before stepping it up and making them both look good.
When the song had finished everyone cheered and clapped and Chris felt light headed.
" Okay everyone, we are going to have some speeches while dessert is being served." Jessie said over the microphone.
The best man made his speech first. He made fun of Jacob going on about Chris a bit, making everyone laugh. He finished up and Ashleigh spoke next. It was moving and beautiful and had everyone clapping at the end. Next was Narla, who made fun of Chris as well but finished it off with " And you better name one of your kids after me!"
" kids!" Jacob coughed in shock and the whole room laughed.
Finally it was Jessie. " You boys. Do you know how much i went through to get you together. You are both stubborn and deserve each other. We had to put up with Chris being insecure and worried whenever you two had a fight. I assure him though. I had a feeling from the beginning that this was going to be special. I just knew and now we are here in an amazingly decorated hall with all our friends and family with you two, finally, married. I wish you many years of happiness!" Jessie said smiling.

More dancing, more congratulating, more teasing, Chris watched it all happen but didn't register it. His mind was on one thing only, getting his husband out of that stunning suit.
Soon enough the sun went down and people started to leave.
Chris and Jacob got into their limo, waved goodbye and headed off to their hotel room for the weekend.
Jacobs hand was on Chris' thigh, squeezing, massaging it softly.
Chris looked at him and Jacob smiled. Chris jumped onto Jacob, straddling him and grinding his cock against Jacob.
Jacobs mouth made its way down his neck and Chris waited for that bite... But it didn't come. Chris groaned and thrust his hips a couple more times to make Jacob hurry up but Jacob never bit down. Chris could feel Jacob's breath on his neck, teasing him.
" Please..." Chris begged. His hand ran through Jacob's hair and onto his shoulder, squeezing.
Jacobs hands made their way onto Chris' ass but Jacob's mouth only kissed his neck gently.
The arrived at the hotel and Chris could barely keep his hands off Jacob. His hand was on Jacob's ass while they were checking in and once they were in the elevator Chris pushed Jacob against the wall and kissed him.
Once they got into the room Chris started undressing him almost immediately.
Jacob un buttoned his shirt without taking off his tie so he was standing there, just a tie on his top half an his dress pants on his bottom half.
Chris almost came in his pants and quickly removed his own clothing down to his underwear.
Jacob basically tackled Chris onto the bed while removing his own pants.
Once they were off Chris flipped the newlyweds so he was on top. He kissed a trail down Jacob's body, paying special attention to his nipples and abs. He got to Jacob's underwear and while Jacob lifted his hips, Chris used his teeth to slide down Jacob's underwear. Chris quickly focused his attention on Jacob's thick cock, licking it, sucking it until it was fully hard. He pumped it with his hand and said, " That's the first time i have sucked my husbands cock."
Jacob laughed and sat up. " Now its my turn."
He flipped Chris onto his back and quickly took off his underwear. He was more interested in sucking down all of Chris' cock. He could feel it hitting the back of his mouth and pushed further, deep throating his husband.
Chris moaned loudly, as only he could and pulled Jacob off before he came.
The continued to kiss as they jerked each other off.
" Wheres the lube?" Chris asked.
" Just in my bag." Jacob said.
" Go get it, I'm ready to be fucked by my husband." Chris said still loving the sound of it.
" As long as you promise to fuck me twice tomorrow." Jacob said with a wink.
Chris stroked his cock as Jacob got up and looked in his bag.
He loved watching the way Jacob's sculpted ass moved and the way his cock swung side to side with every step.
Jacob noticed him watching and wiggled his ass at Chris.
" You better get over here soon, I'm ready to burst." Chris said.
Jacob waved the little bottle of lube and smiled. Chris lay on his back and readied himself.
" No. Turn over." Jacob said smirking.
Chris smiled and got on all fours, his back arching so his ass poked out.
Jacob squirted the cold lubricant straight onto Chris' ass making him moan. The moan got louder as Jacob slipped his pointer finger into Chris' puckered ass.
Chris gasped as the second finger was inserted.
Jacob fingered him, stretching his hole and making him ready for his thick cock.
He picked up the pace and finger fucked Chris faster, watching him squirm. He could tell Chris was close and took his fingers out without warning.
" Jacob... Please... More!" Chris moaned out.
Jacob lined himself up and slowly thrust forward, feeling the head of his cock slip in.
" Aaah... Aaahhhh!" Chris moaned as Jacob slowly inserted more of his cock.
He finally bottomed out and Chris was panting.
Jacob then kicked it up to a medium pace.
" Uhh yes. Fuck me my sex god of a husband!" Chris moaned out.
Jacob couldn't take it, he picked up the pace, ran his hands through Chris' hair and pulled him up so Chris' back was flat against his torso.
His pace was still fast and Chris wasn't sure how much he could take when Jacob's hand grabbed Chris' cock and his mouth enclosed around Chris' neck, biting down.
Chris came instantly with a loud, " Fuuuuuck!"
Jacob kept biting and thrusting until his hand was full of Chris' cum.
Chris grabbed his hand and licked it clean. Jacob thrust twice more and came, filling up Chris' tight ass.
He released Chris' neck and Chris moaned again.
Jacob collapsed onto Chris' back and they both fell forward.
They lay, cum covered and cocks exposed, forehead to forehead and whispered sweet nothings to each other until they fell asleep.
They were happy, content and finally together, forever and always.

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