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Kissing Rob was amazing I was so relaxed and so excited I broke the kiss and took his top off and he took mine off "sit on the bed" I said to him when he did I dropped to my knees without even thinking undoing his belt and his jeans so quickly and rough I'm surprised I didn't break them, as I unzipped his jeans I could see his underwear I pulled his jeans off, he was now just in his boxer's his cock pointing up I took them off slowly exposing his cock and it was bigger then I had thought it was at least 9 inches and 3 inches thick "wow" I said amazed at it's size he smiled "you like it?" "yes" I said as I wrapped my hand around it slowly wanking him off as he softly moaned.

As I wanked Robs huge cock I licked his balls he enjoyed it by his moans sucking his balls was nice but I knew I had to try his cock in my mouth, the tip of his cock was wet with precum I licked it up and it tasted so nice I took the tip in my mouth and and began to suck him off I slowly circled my tongue around the tip of his cock he let out a huge moan as I did this he grabbed my head and pushed it down making me take more of his cock in my throat, I took as much cock in my mouth as I could I only got half way down when I gagged and pulled my head back up I took his cock out my mouth to catch my breath "fuck you're cock is so nice" I said breathlessly as I slowly stroked him "mmm keep going boy" he said to me I did as he said taking him in my mouth again sucking him slowly and getting faster and deeper until the tip was hitting the back of my throat each time I went back down.

While I sucked him his moans turned me on "mmmm yeah just like that"  "ohhh keep doing that with your tongue" he moaned he grabbed the back of my head and thrusted his cock down my throat and held me there with cock deeper then it had been before "ohh.... mmm... Take it boy" I couldn't breathe so I pulled my head up as I did a string of spit stayed on his cock from my mouth breathing heavily I spit on his wet cock, what I said next I wouldn't thought I'd say ever in my life "Rob I want you to fuck me now" I said as I got up taking my jeans and boxer's off he looked a little shocked maybe be cause how confident I'd become "you sure you want me to fuck you?" he asked getting up off the bed I walked over to him kissed him looked him in the eye and said "yes I want you to take my anal virginity"

Rob pulled me towards him and kissed me hard we kissed for a few minutes until I broke it I sat on the bed and pushed myself towards the middle layed down and opened my legs exposeing my tight ass hole "come here Rob and get a condom and lube" I told him he looked at me lying down on his bed, he walked over to his bedside table and grabbed lube he got on the bed and kneeled above me he looked at me and grinned he opened the lube and put it on two of his fingers rubbing it over my asshole as he did he pushed his finger inside me "ohh fuck" I moaned as I moaned while he fingered me he told me "I'm not using a condom boy I'm taking you bareback" I thought to myself as he slipped another finger inside me 'fuck it I just want him to fuck me I don't care about the condom' "okay" I said faintly "good boy" he said as he took his fingers out of my ass to lube his cock.

Lying there with Rob over me lubing his hard throbbing cock he looked at me and told me something I didn't expect to hear "oh also from now on call me daddy boy" "what" I said confused "call me daddy okay?" he replied I thought 'oh my god I have a sexy older man who is married and has a huge cock telling me to call him daddy this is the best birthday present ever' I looked at him and said "okay I will daddy" he grinned and got on top of me and began to kiss me I could feel his tongue push past my lips as I lied there with him on top of me kissing me I could feel his cock against my asshole I wanted it in me so I stopped kissing him and said something to him I never thought I'd say to another man "please fuck me... I want you in me daddy" I felt like a desperate slut but I knew he was the one, he smiled "with pleasure boy" he said kissing me again and then he grabbed his huge thick cock and pushed against my tight asshole the tip of his cock pushing into me I broke the kiss wrapped my arms around him digging my nails into his back "OOH FUCK" I moaned loudly tears forming in my clenched eye's it hurt like hell "it's to big daddy I can't" I squealed he moved his head towards me looked me in the eyes "relax you'll enjoy it boy" he said softly as he pushed into me more.

I must of had 3 inches of his cock in my asshole until he began to pull out slightly and push back in as he did I moaned painfully as he streached my asshole open he fucked me slowly all I could do was moan I couldn't talk it hurt that much I sniffled then he looked at me slightly concerned "want me to stop boy?" he said though as much as it hurt I wanted him to keep going I wanted him in me "no.. daddy" I replied slowly trying to fight the pain "want me to use more lube?" he asked I nodded so he slowly pulled out and applied more lube to me and himself I was relieved that he pulled out but I wanted him back in quickly my hole open more now he slide back in he moaned "mmmm your tight boy" as he began to fuck me faster than before still in some pain I relaxed "ohh yeah daddy fuck me" I told him he liked that as he got faster and harder he was going deeper then before and I loved it I grabbed the bedsheets as hard as I could though I was still in pain It felt nice aswell hearing him moan and grunt as he took my virginity.

Each time he thrusted into me I moaned and felt my cock twitch I was harder then I'd ever been and could feel my balls tense up I knew I was about to cum, I shot up and kissed Rob passionately tongues in each others mouths as I started to cum all over myself I moaned deeply in his mouth I'd cum so hard I'd shot 3 huge loads the first hit my chest the other two just above my stomach, I collapsed into the bed motionless for a moment breathing heavily as Rob fucked me deeper he saw I'd cum "ohhh what a load boy you enjoying daddy's dick I see" he said proudly I smiled at him almost like I was drunk "ohh yes daddy I love it" I replied slowly and softly he kissed me as we kissed I grabbed his ass he moaned in my mouth and I moaned in his as his cock pushed back in me his breathing was heavy and moaning was much frequent he stopped kissing me "mmmm..... I'm... Going... To cum" he grunted, with out a thought I wrapped my legs around him so he couldn't get up and told him "cum deep inside me daddy I want your warm load inside me" as soon as I had finished he thrusted his cock deep in me all nine inches inside me I threw my head back and moaned hard and loud the whole street must of heard "OHHH FUCK YES DADDY" then he erupted "fuuuuckk" he grunted as he clenched shooting a huge load of cum in me so much it began to drip out, it felt like he had cum a years load inside of me until it stopped he fell on top of me burying his face into my neck breathing heavily his cock throbbing inside me still I ran my hands down his back to his ass pushing him in more then back up to his head.

He was still on top of me we were both breathing heavily his face still buried into my neck we stayed like that for a few minutes I was thinking to myself 'Rob was amazing I'm so happy I agreed to come over this can't be the last time this happens', Rob slowly pulled out his slightly softer cock his cum dripping out my ass he got up and kissed me passionately stopped looked me in the eyes "that was the best sex I've had in years" he said breathless "you better be up for round two boy" then it hit me 'oh shit whats the time' "daddy I can't it's not that I don't want to I got to get back home" I replied abit sad I had to say that "oh shit of course you do" he said like he just realised that I didn't live with him, he kissed me again and got up as he said "go clean yourself up in the bathroom I'll use the one on the hall as he grabbed his clothes and headed out I got up headed to the bathroom cleaned up and got dressed I couldn't believe I had just had sex with a man let alone enjoy it that much but it was all I could think of when I was cleaning myself I left the bathroom and went out the room as I saw him standing by the stairs waiting for me to go down and take me to the door.

As we got to the door he grabbed me one last time kissed me hard and grabbed my ass that was slightly sore but it didn't bother me "I want you back as soon as possible" he whispered in my ear I smiled leaning into his ear to whisper back as I did I rubbed his crouch "you got it daddy" I kissed him on the cheek took my had off his crouch and watched him open the door we both said goodbye and I left got in my car waved to him and headed home thinking how I just been fucked by a sexy man and how I wanted him again as soon as I got home got undressed and got into bed I messaged him before I went to bed "just got in still thinking of you wishing I was there for round two, thank you for my amazing birthday present daddy xx".


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