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A big, dark black man, with a broad nose and thick lips, he was older probably close to 60 or so. I was a white man of 23 at the time, but was attracted to older men, especially black men, and most of them were attracted to me. I am a fairly large guy, well let’s face it, I am a Chub, at 6ft 275lbs, and love men. The seat was crowded, because we both had on heavy clothing and were both big men. Our upper legs pressed against each other, but neither of us made an attempt to scrunch ourselves together to prevent this. We awkwardly greeted each other and I attempted a conversation about the weather and the possibility of snow coming in by evening time. His response was limited.
My stop at 38th and Troost, came up and surprisingly, we both got off. We walked up the street, together and as I turned up the sidewalk to go into my apartment building, he followed me. I soon learned that he lived in the same building, having just moved in yesterday. We walked in together and I invited him in for a drink before going on to his apartment and he agreed.
Upon entry to the apartment I offered him a beer and together we sat on the couch drinking. Unable to contain myself any longer, I reached out and ran my hand down his massive thigh feeling its warmth and hardness underneath the work pants. That was all it took. He reached out and grabbed me, drew me to him, our lips met, his large ones over lapping, and his tongue going into my mouth and dueling with mine, reaming the inside of my mouth. My hand went down to his crotch and I found his massive member, hard and pulsating, thru his work pants. Mime was equally as hard. I could feel it pressing against my pants trying to get out.
We reluctantly broke our embrace, got up and I led him by the hand to the bedroom. There we undressed and I sat down on the side of the bed. He came over and stood in front of me, his massive black rod sticking out in front of him, just at lips level. I stretched my mouth open and took it slowly in to the halfway point. It was long and big around and choked me to take it any further. He pulled away from me and crawled into the bed and I laid down with him. He reached out and pulled me to him and kissed me passionately on the mouth than carrasively down my neck to my tits. There he sucked them one by one till the nipples were hard and tender. All the while his hand working its way down to my cock and balls massaging each in turn and than forcing my legs apart began working on my ass hole.
Murmuring in my ear. He expressed passion for my ass.
"I want your ass, man. I wanna fuck you like the pussy boy you are. I want to go up in
you with this big cock and blast you full of this load of cum I got in my balls. Thats been building up there."
A shiver of hesitancy and fear ran thru me. I had never had something that big up in me. Afraid it might tear my ass hole, or bust my shit shoot. Also he was an old man, would he want to fuck me half the night before he came. He informed me that this was the only way he could get off, was to fuck me in the ass. Sucking just didn’t get him off, because no one could take his massive cock deep enough into their mouth, or suck it hard enough to draw the cum up out of his balls. Feeling his strong muscular body I felt I was going to get it one way or the other. I decided to co-operate. Like, it wasn’t the first time I had had a dick up my ass. I turned onto my belly, raised my ass up and spread my legs wide. Reaching for the tube of ky jelly, I picked it up from the bedside table and handed it to him. Shortly I felt him smear a big gob of it around and in my ass hole. I felt him inserting one finger than two stretching it open than three stretching it wider and finally four fingers. Stretching it wider than I thought possible. When he removed his fingers I felt my ass yawning wide open and ready to receive him. He than took a pillow and shoved it roughly under me causing my ass to rise up higher open to receive him, after which he knelt between my legs and leaned forward putting his massive cock head to my ass hole and pressed in gently. It took a couple of times but the head popped in finally and I waited for the rest of his cock, but he was in no hurry. He slid in a little and pulled back than slid in again and pulled back after doing this several times he had his massive long cock buried in my ass. I could feel his wiry pubic hairs on my ass and his sack of balls hanging down. He slowly began to fuck me. Soon the burning and pain from the stretching of my shit shoot passed and I could settle down and enjoy the on slough of his cock battering my ass. Feeling it going in and out, massaging my prostate. Feeling it go deeper with each inward thrust. Stretching my shoot wider, feeling his massive balls slap against my ass as he fucked me. He moaned and groaned as he fucked me breathing heavier each time.
I yelled out, "OH Daddy Fuck me! Fuck your pussy boy’s ass hard and deep DADDY."
And he grunted breathlessly back, "Daddy loves this pussy boy big fat white ass…….. Daddy’s fucking his pussy boy………. Daddy gonna fill his sweet pussy boy’s white fat ass with his black man’s cum."
And he did just that Harder and deeper slapping his balls against my ass. I was right; he was an old man and had trouble cumming. God! How long was this going to last. He grunted and fucked, and fucked and grunted, shoving that long black, massive COCK deeper and deeper into my big fat ass. Reaching spots that no cock had ever been before. It seemed like it lasted for hours, this onslaught of my ass hole, but than, just as I thought I couldn’t stand it for much longer, I felt the head of his cock grow bigger and his rhythm pick up shoving his cock rougher and deeper than before, finally burying it deep in my ass, I felt his body grow stiff and hard, and he let out a great cry of relief. Than I felt it, the squirts of hot cum shoot into me. FOUR long streams shot into me, feeling like it was being shot into my belly, his cock was buried that deep in my ass. He let out another cry of relief and collapsed on top of me pinning me to the bed impaled on his massive cock. It was at this point, I wondered how long it had been since this old man had relieved himself of his load of cum, because clearly it was a great relief for him to get rid of it from the cries he had uttered when he came Damn, it felt like he had flooded my ass with his cum. Slowly his cock softened and he pulled out of me. Leaving my ass hole, wide open, with a feeling of emptiness, and dripping cum. He rolled off and to the side of me. Immediately, it seemed, he passed out. I tried to arouse him, but got no response. Hearing his loud snorting snores I knew he was still alive.
I got up, and went into the bathroom, took a warm wet washcloth and bathed my sore asshole, which had been so brutally assaulted. Quietly I padded back to the bed and climbed in beside him and fell asleep. Hopping he would not want more of my ass when he woke up. Several hours later I awakened to his caresses and husky sweet murmurings, wanting more of his sweet pussy boy’s ass. He informed me he had been in jail for the past 6 months and hadn’t been able to get off in all that time, and really needed several goes at my ass to relieve himself of all that pent up cum in his balls. This time I willingly gave up my ass to his desires and was fucked twice more that night and fell asleep exhausted in his arms.

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