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Hill and turned to face Jasmine, and smiled at the younger girl. She looked down Jasmine's body, seeing her pussy still gaping, and her pussy lips swollen. Then she looked up at the, already dried cum on Jasmine's top, "my, my he made a mess huh?" Jasmine slowly nodded at Tia, not sure what to say. Jasmine lightly laughed as she reached out towards Jasmine. Jasmine nervously sat still, looking at her coach with a little fear. Tia grabbed the bottom of Jasmine's top and started pulling it, "we should get you out of this."

Jasmine lifted her arms over head as Tia pulled the top off of her. Jasmine's tiny tits barely moved as her top was pulled off of them. Tia threw the top to the side, and looked back at Jasmine, "so did you enjoy yourself?" Jasmine nodded to her coach. She did like it, even though she knew she would be sore tomorrow. Tia smiled as she reached out and lightly ran a finger over Jasmine's left, erect nipple, "someone still looks excited," she moaned lightly.
Mr. Hill had moved to the side, still watching them. He knew he needed to get dressed and leave to make it to his son's school function, but he was waiting to see what they were going to do.

Jasmine looked at Tia hesitantly, not sure what was going on. Tia ran her finger towards Jasmine's other nipple as she whispered, "you know I can get both of you in trouble for what you did." Jasmine looked at her and slowly nodded, nervous about what Tia was doing to her.

Tia turned to look at Mr. Hill, "so did you enjoy her tight pussy?" He slowly nodded at her. Tia scoffed and snickered, saying, "I'll bet you did." Mr Hill shrugged his shoulders, not sure what to say. Tia continued teasing Jasmine's nipple as she said, "I thought you had to be home early tonight." Again he shrugged his shoulders and nodded, but didn't make any move to leave.

Jasmine slowly arched her back, pushing her tiny chest forward, as she felt herself getting excited even more. Tia laughed to herself as she trailed her finger down the teenager's abdomen, towards the girl's freshly fucked pussy. Jasmine sucked in her breath as she felt Tia's finger get closer to her swollen pussy. Tia's finger trailed off to the side of it, not even brushing against the girl's slit. Jasmine moved her hips, trying to make her coach touch it, as Tia's finger slithered down her upper right thigh.

Jasmine looked at Tia and mouthed, 'please,' with a pleading look. Tia grinned at Jasmine as she moved her finger back up the girl's thigh and over the top of her slit. Jasmine felt Tia's finger trail over the top of her slit, and she lightly moaned, as she lifted her ass off of the table, wanting her pussy to be touched so bad. Tia moved her finger down Jasmine's other thigh, snickering to herself as she watched the powerless girl almost dance on the table in want.

Mr. Hill's dick was starting to rise again as he watched Tia tease the young girl. He couldn't believe he was getting hard again, especially after shooting that much cum out before. He thought he was having a dream, having just fucked one of the teenager's he coaches, then having his dick cleaned off by his assistant coach, and now she was teasing the girl he had just fucked.

Tia moved her finger back up Jasmine's right thigh and back over her pussy. She looked Jasmine in the eye as she slowly slid her finger down over the girl's swollen pussy lips. Jasmine let out a loud moan as she pushed her pussy into Tia's finger. "Is that what you wanted you dirty little girl," Tia groaned at her, as she moved the tip of her finger to Jasmine's entrance. Jasmine closed her eyes as Tia sunk her finger into her pussy and moaned, "uh huh."

Jasmine shoved her hips into Tia's hand, begging for more, as Mr. Hill slowly made his way behind Tia, staring at her firm ass. His raging hard-on throbbing in front of him. He laid his hands lightly on his assistant coach's hips and started moving his erection to her dripping pussy.

Tia realized what he was doing, as she started fingering Jasmine's pussy, she looked back at Mr. Hill with lust and mouthed, 'fuck me hard.' As if Mr. Hill intended on doing anything different, he smiled to himself as his dick brushed against Tia's dripping wet pussy.

Tia moaned loudly, as she felt Mr. Hill's dick sliding against her slit. He moved it up and down her slit, not penetrating her. Tia reached under herself, with her free hand, and pushed his dick into place as he moved back. As Mr. Hill pushed his hips forward, the head of his dick penetrated his assistant coach's pussy.

Mr. Hill groaned as his dick disappeared into her tight recess. Tia bit her lower lip as she felt her pussy stretch, adjusting to his girth. She slowly pushed her hips back into him, as Mr. Hill steadily pushed his hips forward into her. When his dick was fully inside of her, Tia used her pussy muscles to squeeze his dick.

Jasmine was lifting her ass off of the table, as Tia fingered the young girl's pussy harder. Jasmine's moans grew louder, as her orgasm grew inside of her. Tia moved her forefinger and middle finger in and out of Jasmine, hearing Jasmine's pussy make squishing noises as it got wetter and wetter.

Mr. Hill groaned as he felt Tia's pussy squeeze at his dick, enjoying the feeling. While her pussy wasn't as tight as Jasmine's, it still felt great to him, and with her using her pussy muscles to squeeze him only intensified it. He slowly began to pull his dick out of her, until just the head was still nestled inside of Tia. He held her tiny hips tightly, and in one swift motion, buried himself back inside of her pussy.

Tia put her thumb on Jasmine's clit and started rubbing it vigorously, saying, "are you gonna cum for me? Is your tight pussy gonna cum for her coaches?" Jasmine's eyes were closed tight as her breathing hastened, her head nodding quickly at Tia. Jasmine's mouth opened wide, but she was silent as her orgasm shot through her body. Tia felt Jasmine's pussy squeeze her fingers as the young girl came. "That's it, cum for us, show us how big of a slut you are," Tia yelled, as she rubbed Jasmine's clit hard.

Mr. Hill wasn't moving, mesmerized by Jasmine's pussy juices running out and onto the table. He watched as Jasmine's body shook, and her hips bucked off of the table, higher and higher. Tia was encouraging Jasmine on, "that's a good slut, cum for us."

As Jasmine's orgasm slowly dissipated, her body fell limp onto the table, still lightly trembling, her breathing still labored. Tia pulled her fingers out of Jasmine's leaking pussy, and started grinding her ass into Mr. Hill, wanting him to fuck her already.

Mr. Hill groaned as his dick throbbed inside of Tia's, squeezing pussy, and ass grinding against him. He held her hips steady as he slowly moved his hips back, until his head was just inside of her, looking down at their joining, and seeing her pussy was turned almost inside out around his member. In one swift motion he pushed himself back into her, his hips slapping against her thighs.

Tia held tightly onto the table, her hands on either side of Jasmine's limp legs, bracing herself. She looked back at Mr. Hill, "fuck me hard, please make my pussy beg for mercy." Mr. Hill had never heard a woman talk like that, but he was more than ready to oblige. He nodded as he started moving his hips back and forward, in a steady rhythm, as Tia moved herself back to meet him.

Jasmine was slowly coming back to reality, as she lifted her head up to see her coaches fucking. She was still out of it, as she slowly sat up, her legs hanging over the end of the table. Tia looked up Jasmine, the look on Tia's face looked as if she was in pain. Mr. Hill was slamming into Tia with force, their bodies making slapping sounds as they smacked together.

Tia squeezed her pussy muscles each time Mr. Hill slammed into her, trying to milk his dick, but she didn't want him to cum just yet. She stopped meeting his thrusts, Mr. Hill not relenting, slamming into her tight pussy faster and faster. "I wanna ride your fat cock Les," Tia yelled out.

Les is Mr. Hill's first name. He slammed into Tia one more time and froze, "what?" Tia looked back at him and lustily moaned, "I wanna ride you now." Mr. Hill nodded slowly, as he withdrew from her sucking pussy. Tia looked at Jasmine, "you need to get off of the table now."

Jasmine nodded as she slowly moved off of the massage table. Mr. Hill moved in front of Tia, as he turned around and started to moved his ass onto the table, Tia grabbed his cock, causing him to freeze. Tia grinned devilishly at him as she squeezed his dick hard and moved to her knees in front of him.

Mr. Hill watched Tia open her mouth wide and wrap her lips around the head of his glistening dick. "Oh my god," he groaned as he laid a hand on the back of her head. Mr. Hill has never been with such a sexual vixen before, but he was enjoying every minute of it.

Tia sucked on the head of his dick hard as she flicked her tongue against his piss hole. Mr. Hill's body trembled as her tongue hit his sensitive spots. His hips involuntarily moved back as she flicked her tongue faster against his head.

Jasmine watched Tia move her hand up and down Mr. Hill's dick, his body shaking in ecstasy as Tia moved her head in time with her hand, taking his dick into her mouth as far as she could. Jasmine got on her knees next Tia and cupped Mr. Hill's fat ball sack, lightly fondling them.

Mr. Hill was in pure sexual bliss as Tia moved faster with her hand and mouth, and Jasmine had her head under his balls, licking at his hairy sack. He kept his hand on the back of Tia's head as he moved his hips in time with her blowing him. He felt his balls churning and pulling up to his body, preparing for release. His groans grew louder as he moved his hands to the side of Tia's head, holding her still as he mouth-fucked her. Tia started choking as the head of his dick hit the back of her throat. She put her hands on his thighs, pushing him back.

Before he released his load into Tia's mouth, she felt his dick throb and quickly pulled off of his dick, squeezing the base of it hard. Mr. Hill groaned in disappointment, being so close to cumming and Tia stopped it. He looked at her, slightly angry as she said, "you can't cum that quickly now, I wanna ride you yet."

Mr. Hill slowly nodded as his dick quit throbbing as hard. Precum leaking out of the tip and hanging down from it. Tia smiled at him as she moved her hand up the shaft of his dick, squeezing it all the way, getting more precum out of it. As her hand moved over his sensitive head, his body shuddered and his hips involuntarily jerked back. As her hand slipped off of his dick, his precum stuck to it. She looked at the fluid sticking to her thumb and palm, and fixed her eyes on his as she slowly licked it off.

Mr. Hill never figured Tia to be such a sexual deviant and a tease, but he wasn't complaining, he just wanted to cum already. His dick throbbed at her as he watched her clean off her hand.

Tia devilishly smiled at him as she stood up and started pushing him back to the table. As his ass bumped up against the massage table, he sat up on it, and slid back until his knees bent over the edge of it. Mr. Hill watched Tia closely, as climbed onto the 4 ft wide table, straddling his thighs.

Tia moved up until her pussy hovered over his dick. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and lowered her hips down, the head of his dick easily sinking into his assistant coach's wet pussy. Tia lowered herself down until her ass rested on Mr. Hill's thighs. Mr. Hill's dick throbbed inside of her, as she squeezed her pussy muscles around his fat member. Mr. Hill let out a long groan as he said, "that's it, ride my dick."

Jasmine stood behind them, seeing Tia's tight pussy stretched tight around Mr. Hill's dick. She watched as Tia slowly lifted herself up off of Mr. Hill, the shaft of his dick glistening with her pussy juice. She found herself getting excited again, watching her assistant coach slowly ride her head coach's dick, as she ran her middle finger between her wet pussy lips.

Mr. Hill's groans started getting louder as Tia moved faster on top of him. "Play with my clit, make me cum, you dirty old man," Tia yelled out at him, as she threw her head back in pleasure. This excited Mr. Hill even more as he found her hard clit with his thumb and started vigorously rubbing it hard. "That's it you dirty old fucker, make my pussy cum all over you," Tia yelled, her orgasm growing inside of her.

Jasmine could not believe what her assistant coach was yelling, but it was turning her on even more as she rubbed her own clit faster. Pussy juice was running out of her and down her inner thighs as her own orgasm got closer.

Tia had her hands on Mr. Hill's chest as her body thrashed around on top of him. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum," Tia moaned as she closed her eyes. Her firm tits bouncing close to Mr. Hill's face as she leaned forward and arched her back. As she lifted her hips up her orgasm shot through her body, her tight pussy forcing his dick out of her. She screamed loudly, "ohhhh fuuuucccckkkkk yeeesssss, iiii'mmnm cuuummmiiinnnggg." Mr. Hill didn't move his thumb from her clit as her body shook on top of him.

Jasmine watched as Tia's gaping pussy convulsed and pussy juice squirted out, covering Mr. Hill's dick and ball sack, and down his ass crack and pooling on the massage table, joining her juices from earlier. She watched Tia's hips shake and the inside of her pussy convulse again as more juice squirted out. As jasmine watched the scene in front of her, her own orgasm started. She moaned quietly, closing her eyes in pleasure, as her legs trembled and grew weak. More pussy juice ran out of her, soaking her inner thighs. Her orgasm wasn't as intense as before, but still felt good.

As Tia's orgasm slowly faded she collapsed onto Mr. Hill, her tits smothering his face. Her breathing was ragged as she laid limply on top of him. Mr. Hill reached behind her and grabbed his dick, trying to guide it back into Tia's dripping pussy. As the head of his dick pushed into her gaping entrance he lifted his hips hard into her, burying his dick deep inside of her. Tia groaned in exhaustion as his hips smacked against her hard.

Jasmine's orgasm had faded, as she fell weakly to the floor. She looked up to see Mr. Hill's hands on Tia's ass cheeks, pulling them apart, and showing Tia's tight asshole, as he moved his hips up and down hard into Tia. His balls swinging up and down as he moved faster and harder.

Tia had her hands on either side of Mr. Hill's head as she arched her back into him, her tits brushing against his mouth as he sucked on one of her nipples, then the other. She tried to squeeze her tired pussy muscles around his dick, to make him cum, but she was to exhausted. "That's it you dirty old man, fuck my pussy, fill me full of your hot seed," she moaned, hoping that would help.

Jasmine stared at Mr. Hill's bouncing ball sack as it started to tighten up against his body. She knew he was getting ready to cum soon as she stood back up and cupped his ball sack in her hand, and lightly squeezed.

Mr. Hill started grunting as he felt his cum boiling up in his balls. The feeling of his ball sack being fondled only heightened his excitement. Tia felt his dick grow bigger inside of her as she moved her hips into him, knowing he was about to cum in her. "Come on you dirty bastard, fill my pussy up with your cum, show Jasmine how much you like cumming in a pussy," Tia yelled at him.

On his next downward movement he froze, the head of his dick just inside of her. Mr. Hill growled as cum rushed up his dick, his cock throbbed hard as it shot into Tia hard. Tia cooed as she felt his cum spill into her, "oh my god yes, that feels so hot." Jasmine watched as Mr. Hill's dick throbbed hard again, as his cum started to leak out around his dick, running down the shaft and onto her hand.

Mr. Hill's dick throbbed hard a few more times as more cum oozed out, around his dick. As he finished cumming, his dick continued to lightly twitch and throb, his arms fell limp, next to him, as he started drifting off to sleep. Jasmine watched as his deflating member fell out of Tia's gaping hole, followed by a dollop of his cum, and pooling on his stomach.

Tia laid limply on top of him, completely exhausted as well. She was in pure pleasure, feeling Mr. Hill's cum slowly leaking out of her, as her pussy muscles continued to contract and relax at the emptiness. Jasmine stared in amazement, as she watched Tia's pussy open and close, and ooze Mr. Hill's white cum. As his cum oozed out of it, it ran down her swollen pussy lips and slowly dripped onto Mr. Hill's abdomen.

Jasmine licked her lips, wondering what it would taste like. She had tasted cum before and liked it, but that was from giving a blowjob. She had heard that it tasted different after it was inside of a girl. She looked at the small amount of cum on her hand and slowly brought it up to her mouth. She nervously stuck out her tongue and licked it off. It tasted tangy, but not bad. She grew the nerves up as she moved closer to her coach's, still breathing heavily. She put her hands on the table, on either side of Mr. Hill's limp legs as she lowered her head towards Tia's pussy. She could smell the smell of sex as she got closer.

To be continued?

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