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My fifth divorce was granted three months ago. I recieved an invitation to Mina's charity dinner and auction. Mina and I started dating and got married four months later. We just celebrated our sixth anniversary this week. The day I met her was the beginning of our beautiful partnership.

Mina knew she was gorgeous. As she stood looking at her image, she looked at her tits. She reached up and held the pert "babies" as I named them. Okay, she kind of liked the name as she bounced them with the palms of her hands. " Hi Babies" she said, a smile nearing her lips. " Feeling frisky tonight?" She giggled as she held each in her hands. Finally the full smile appeared. " Yep, I will not mind it when he undresses me, but my question is… What should I wear, what should I put on to adorn you two?"

She turned and turned, looking at the rest of her tall slender figure, wondering to herself if I also appreciated her flat tummy, which was surrounded by a slim frame, and if so then what about her sweet pear shaped ass too. Mina's eyes kept wandering down to my crotch, wondering if the stories about how big and thick my cock was could be true. She had never slept with a man and had never seen a big cock, but she had thought about it a lot. A friend of hers had dated me and said I was great in bed, extremely well hung. I enjoyed rough sex and anal sex. I would fuck all night long. Mina thought that I might have caught her looking down a couple of times so she was trying to be good and not look any more. Mina wanted to flirt with me a little, but not be a total tease.

I excused myself to use the restroom after a while. When I came back, I sat facing her on the barstool next to her, my left leg up on the rung of the stool. She tried to be good, she really did, after a few minutes she glanced down at my crotch again. She just about about choked on her drink when she saw my crotch this time. I had adjusted myself a little while I was in the men's room. The outline of my cock was clearly visible now, going halfway down my left leg. As Mina stared at my cock, she realized that not only had she been staring too long, her mouth was wide open in amazement. Mina feels her nipples trying to poke holes in her top; everyone in the room would be able to see that she was excited. She looked up to see me grinning, she was definitely caught now. She took another gulp of her drink and tried to calm down as she blushed.

We slipped out of the charity event unnoticed going to my condo in Turtle Creek. We moved closer and start kissing, and she starts working on getting my cock out. I lifted my butt off the couch so she could get my slacks down. Once they were down, my big thick cock popped up bobbing up and down. Mina was stunned at seeing it, she gasped
" OOOH..OH GOD." My 9" long, uncircumcised and very thick shaft with huge purple veins snaking around it. It was a beautiful leather appearance and I wasn't hard. Mina exclaimed, " Oh wow. I heard the rumors that you were big, but I didn't expect this." " I told you it was real," I said. " Do you like it?"

" I love it John, but I don't know if I can handle it. Nothing this big has ever been in my little pussy. I have never seen one that big." " Don't worry baby," I said, " you're going to love it. You're going to get touched in places that have never been touched before, but we'll take our time and make sure that you completely enjoy your first experience." I stood up and removed the rest of my clothes. Mina runs her hands over my butt and kisses my big cock,taking the head into her mouth for a taste. I was in shape, she couldn't wait to see that butt flexing, driving my cock into her, and she just couldn't get over how big my cock was. I sat back down next to her, letting her fondle my cock. This was either going to be the best thing she ever felt, or it was going to kill her.

Mina stood up and removed her clothes. She wanted to be naked for me, to see if I approved of her body. When she took off her top and bra, I complemented her on her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as bullets, sticking out to signal how ready she was for this. When she took off her skirt, I whistled. " No panties," I said, " I love it. I love the tan lines too. And your pussy is shaved, that's so cool." Mina turned around and showed me her tight virgin ass as she said, " I was thinking earlier that the contrast from my tan makes it look like theres a spotlight shining on my bare pussy." " Yes," I said, " it is quite an attention grabber."

" I know, I don't think this is the first time you've seen my pussy," She said, as she walked over to her purse to get her cellphone. " It's a Brazilian, this style is called the Hollywood, completely bare. There's not a hair anywhere down there." Mina sat back next to me on the couch and held my big cock in her hand. She wanted to feel this big cock in her, She just hoped it doesn't hurt too much." " That's all it took to keep me waiting, one little peek at the promised land" I said as I feel her pussy, pushing two fingers up inside her. Mina
gasps and tries to pull away. I told her to relax, to just take it. With one final flourish, she shoved at me hard enough to pull away, but only briefly.

I pushed Mina back down on the coach, roughly parting her legs and crawling between them. I licked my fingers then reaching down to her pussy, I roughly rubbed my finger over her clit. Mina started to feel a dampness in response, she was becoming fearfull with the roughness. She was twisting trying to get up, I grabbed her hip with my other hand and pushed her harder onto the coach, holding her motionless while my finger begins circling her pussy. I feel the moisture and pause, looking at her. " Why, what's this?"
" You're enjoying the rough caresses aren't you? Underneath you want rough fucking." I said. I force my wet fat finger into her tight pussy as deep as possible. Mina cried out in
surprise " OMG.. Please John.. Be Gentle..You're hurting me." Once in I kept my finger
motionless, only moving the tip in a quick movement. Mina gasped " AAAH..AAAH " as the
spot I was rubbing started tingling.

I begin to use my thumb on her clit, and continuing the movement of my finger deep inside of her. She bits back a moan, unwilling to admit she was enjoying the violation. I watched her, as the pleasure begins to build up. Her hips start heaving and bucking, I stop and smile. I withdraw my hand, leaning forward, placing a hand on either side of her. She feels the tip of my massive cock aganist her wet pussy. I pushed forward slowly, only her juices prevented my swollen head from tearing into her. I contiued until she feels the rim of my head push inside her. Mina looked up at me, begging me to stop. " Please, no, stop." I whispered in her ear " This is what you wanted? You want me to stretch you open and fill you with my monster cock." I grabbed her breast hard, kneeading her soft flesh, and pinch her nipple hard, bringing tears to her eyes.

I let go quickly, moving my hand up to her shoulder. She suddely realizes what I'm about to do, I push her down hard then ram my monster cock deep into her. Mina screams " OMG..TAKE IT OUT..JOHN..TAKE IT OUT..YOU ARE HURTING ME." The searing pain from being stretched, scraped, and torn by the steel pole impaling her. Mina turns her head and sinks her teeth into my arm as hard as she could. " YOU FUCKING BITCH." I roared. I begin slamming into her hard and deep jack hammer. She feels the huge cock sheathing and unsheathing deep inside her. The rough in and out thrusts splitting her in half. Mina cries out " OH GOD.. NO MORE..PLEASE..PLEASE..STOP..AAAAH..AAAH."

As I continue the long deep in and out motion, she feels herself stretching trying to accommodate my engorged cock, her juices and blood lubricating my cock. The pain slowly subsiding and mixing with pleasure tingling. I realize she was beginning to enjoy it,
I reach down between us, rubbing her clit while I continue to slam into her. Mina moans "
AAAAH..AAAAH...AAAAH...OOOOH..OOOOH...OOOOH..MMMMMM," feeling herself climaxing, her muscles clamping down on my cock like a vise as the most intense orgasm rips through her. Mina is shaking and writhing as I groan " uuuh..uuuh..uuuh " feeling her pussy tightening around my cock. I increase my thrusts slamming harder and deeper pounding her cervix with the head.

The pain lessened, and mingled with it was pleasure. I realized sheI was beginning to enjoy it, so I reached down between us and rubbed her clit while I continued slamming hard and deep into her. She moaned " AAAAH..AAAAH," and suddenly feels herself climaxing, her muscles tightening on my cock as the most intense orgasm she has ever felt rips through her. I groan " UUG..UUG..UUG " at the sensation of her pussy's intense tightening around my cock, I thrust faster and deeper. She thought I was building up to a climax, then suddenly I withdraw in one swift move, leaving her pussy achingly empty. I get off the bed, then I look at her and said, " Turn over."

Puzzled, she complies, lying on her stomach spread-eagled. " On your knees, Mina. Let’s see that pert little ass up in the air." Giving me no time to refuse, my arm sliding under her hips and hoisting her effortlessly into position. Nudging my knees further apart, I stop and just look at her. Mina could imagine what I was seeing. Her ass sticking up, with her legs spread wide. Taking my place behind her, She feels something at the entrance to her pussy again. She tenses slightly, but it was only my finger, sliding gently in and out until it was covered in her juices, and she was tingling in anticipation again. She feels me reposition myself so my cock was touching her pussy. This time I didn’t ram myself inside; I pushed, slowly, excruciatingly slowly, until she was whimpering in need. When I was finally deep inside her, I begin to rock slowly, tiny little movements that causes little shock waves of pleasure.

I grab her ass cheeks, spreading them wide so I could see her puckered asshole and below that, the sight of my rigid cock plunged into her glistening pussy. With one hand I keep her cheeks spread. With the other....she soon feels my finger lightly rubbing her asshole. Mina tried to tighten her cheeks against me, it was no good. I kept rubbing lightly, bringing moisture up from her dripping cunt to lubricate the area. I increased the strokes of my gigantic cock into her pussy, she soon relaxed against me again. She feels it. I push my wet finger inside her anus. Mina tenses, I didn’t keep pushing, I didn’t remove my finger either. Continuing my rhythmic strokes into her pussy, I reached under her with my other hand and start rubbing her clit. She feels herself responding. She starts panting, and wanting more.

I hadn’t increased my tempo, I was just sliding my cock in and out. She tried to grind her ass against me but soon realises this increased the penetration of my finger in her ass, which wasn’t hurting as much. She stopped, when I responded by slowing my strokes, she couldn’t take it anymore. She pushs back against me as hard as she could, feeling the full impact of my massive cock buried in her pussy, as well as my finger now buried in her ass. I grabbed her by the hip with my other hand, impaling her there as I stayed motionless. Mina needed to move. She begins to grind against me in small circles, feeling her clit rub against my balls, exciting her more. This movement causes my finger to move around, and grinding her ass again She starts to feel pleasure as I begin to thrust my finger gently in and out.

I begin thrusting with my cock again. I begin to thrusting harder, increasing my finger to match, and she moans " OOOOH..OOOOH..OOOOH..MMMMMM." It feels so good, having my finger and my cock both ramming into her at once. She had never experienced anything like it before. I start grunting " UUUH..UUUH..UUUUH " with each stroke, and she feels my cock swelling bigger. I start ramming into her hard as I could, she screamed as her pussy tightened into the most intense orgasm she ever had. " Oh God..John..OH."
I plunge into her one more time, her muscles tightening in pulses around me, squeezing me in an irresistible rhythm. With a roar I explode, sending streams of hot cum deep inside her.

Afterwards I withdraw collapsing on top of her. Our bodies are sweaty and we are gasping for breath. I roll off of her onto the bed. A few minutes later, she takes hold of my spent cock; starts stroking it, lightly. She leans in and kisses me as she faintly tangled with my limpness. Mina smells great…and that playfulness I feel… Oh fuck…I'm going to get hard again…and soon. She lay quiet and I just enjoyed looking over her curvy backside. I spread her legs wide then crawl between them, kneeling behind her I grab her ass cheeks parting them. Placing the wide head of my cock against her tiny rosebud, I grin as I compared the size difference... she was obviously an anal virgin and this was going to hurt a lot. I decided to scare her even more and begin to try and push into her tight virgin ass without any lube at all.

Mina screams as her tender asshole burned, "STOP! STOP, PLEASE STOP!" I stopped but didn't pull out, only about half my head was in her anyway. Her ass already looked tightly stretched around that and I was rather enjoying the way her muscles were squeezing down on the sensitive head of my cock, so tight and hot. " Yes?" I inquired.

" Please," she begged, damn I liked her begging, " Put some lube on, let me suck it, SOMETHING...." " You think I'm going to trust you with my dick in your mouth?" I laughed, " I don't think so. But I'll lube it up, I don't want you to end up bleeding." I pulled the little bit of my cock that he'd worked in away from her asshole, making her sigh with relief and relax, making it very easy for him to slam into her pussy. Mina screamed as I invaded her pussy again. Skillfully I fucked her, reaching underneath her to rub her clit with my fingers. Slowly she starts pushing back against me, almost minutely at first and then with growing intensity as she was enjoying the sexual pleasure that I was creating. She was bucking against me, her pussy trembling as I rode her closer and closer to orgasm, I pulled out, leaving her gasping and unfinished.

Mina protested, first as I pulled out, and then as I pressed the slick head of my cock against her ass. Just for now, I stopped rubbing her clit, wanting nothing to distract her from the slow invasion and defloration of her virgin ass. She cried out " OMG..JOHN..STOP..NO MORE..PLEASE," as the head of my cock popped in, the inside of her ass filled with heat and incredibly tight. Grinning, I gripped her hips with my hands and shoved in deeper, making her muffle her scream in the pillow as the burning log of pain slids deeper into her rectum. " Oh please stop, please stop it hurts," she was begging as I invaded her ass. I ignored her, the begging just making me harder as I deflowered her ass. Mina groaning and shuddering as I buried myself completely in her ass, feeling like she was constipated as her muscles rippled around me, trying to shove me back out the way I'd came. Her asshole was tightly stretched around the base of my cock, unable to close down.

I begin to pull out she feels wave after cramping wave of pain, coursing through her asshole, making her cry out. " OH GOD..AAAAH..AAAAH..AAAAH." Taking pity on her, I start to rub her clit again as I begin to push in and out of her tight ass, holding myself inside her every time I buried my cock completely, feeling her ass squeeze me tightly. To Mina's surprise, my fingers on her clit helps with the pain a lot, pleasure battling discomfort in her ass, helping her to relax and accept my cock more readily.

Feeling her body giving up the fight against my cock, I begin to thrust into her more forcefully, slamming her ass. Mina moans " OOOOH..OOOOH..OOOOH..MMMM "
and moves her hips as my cock slids in and out of her, the pain mixing with the pleasure that was emanating from her clit and making her body confused. She begins moving back against me, her ass opening up and accepting the hard thrusts, the steady ramming into her asshole was beginning to feel good as the pleasure in her pussy builds. Trying to fight against it was useless, her mind was screaming out that she shouldn't like it, her body was moving towards climax. Her orgasm was the ultimate pleasure. she was now cumming from in, a cock buried in her ass while she creamed herself. I grunted as her ass begins to tighten down hard on my cock in spasms, her orgasm making the hole tighter, and I slam into her harder, forcing her ass to open for me as she came.

Since she was cumming I took my hand away from her clit, ignoring her pleasure now in order to find my own. Gripping her hips, I slammed into her ass, making her cry out as I stab her deeply. With a hard thrust that takes her breath away, I arch my back and cried out with completion, my cock pulsing against the tightness of her ass as I unload into her deflowered ass.

Mina was very quite as I pull out of her ass and released her from my grip. I sat on the edge of the bed, as she pushs herself to the edge of the bed, her asshole looking swollen and red. I smile at her then tell her " If you think you can satisfy my sexual drive two or three times a day then we should stay together. Rough sex and anal will always happen."

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