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The Island paradise had been on my "bucket list" forever. The fact that I had a ready valid passport and unused accumulated flexible vacation time made it possible for me to take advantage of the opportunity when I heard from my travel agent to make it all perfect.

By the first Saturday night on the Island, the end of my first week, I couldn't have been happier. I had taken advantage of all the activities including free SCUBA lessons, got certified for SCUBA diving and of course I had my fair share of sex partners. It was after dinner and everyone was in the "Tiki Bar" partying, for many it was their last time before taking off at noon the next day. The new arrivals would be there by Sunday mid-afternoon. I sat at the bar and watched the crowd, many of whom I had gotten to know, some in the biblical sense and some still new to me.

I noticed the striking blond with the gorgeous figure at the bar in her skimpy bikini filled to the maximum immediately, hard not to. I had seen her all week always surrounded by dozens of guys salivating and most showing boners in their Speedos. Ordinarily she would be my type, but with that type of competition, life was too short to waste my time and money. Don’t get me wrong, I’m competitive but I was also experienced and knew my chances against what I saw as my competition. What really caught my eye was her nearby companion, I had also seen all week. The typical "best girlfriend type", plain, slightly overweight, a little introverted and reserved so she wouldn't be any competition. Her zaftig body was fully covered in a native Mumu type long dress that covered her neck to ankle but couldn’t concealed her ample figure. That's when I decided she was the one I would focus on and I was going to try to score with her and if I was lucky and did everything right, we would have fantastic sex and I would "make her vacation." It wasn’t an ego trip of mine or charity work but proven results of tried and true past sex experiences.

I got two Island Punch drinks from the bartender and headed over to her table where she was sitting alone and gave her one of the drinks and asked if I could sit down. In all fairness I'm not a GQ model type but I was in my early 30s, in fair shape, had just enough hair on my chest to prove my virility and a full head of wavy dark hair that I had let grow a little longer than most. Add to that my almost 6' stature, brown eyes and weeklong tan I was competitive to say the least. Rather than a Speedo, I went "native" and learned to wear a Tahitian "pareo", a large rectangle of printed cotton cloth native men wore. When folded and used properly it appeared as a colorful diaper-like bikini covered by a mini skirt, no underwear needed, very comfortable and when untied, was the size of a full-size beach towel.

I introduced myself and she coolly told me her name was Evelyn, "her friends called her Evie." I told her I would start by calling her Evelyn until she told me it was OK to use her "friend" name. I started by saying it appears her buddy seems to be having a good time. Evelyn, mumbled something like "As always." I had heard this story before from others like her, the plain Jane girlfriend travel companion along for the ride but never being asked to participate which was exactly what I was hoping for. I asked if she wasn't enjoying her vacation. Evelyn sipped her drink, sighed and said, she did, "I caught up on a lot of sleep, got a nice tan, caught up on my reading, met some nice people, enjoyed the food, etc. but that was it and tomorrow we were leaving" And I said, "How about your sex life?"

She flinched and said "Girls like me don't get the sex offers like my roommate Jennifer does." Again, I had heard this story before and it was what I was counting on. So, I said, "Want to change that?" I stood and offered her my hand? She looked shocked and said, "You're kidding, right?" I said not in the least. I grabbed her hand and placed it under my "mini skirt" wrap covering so she could feel my 7" hard-on. She hesitated, smiled, chug-a-lugged the rest of her drink and rose to go with me. I stopped at the bar and got two more Island Punch drinks and led her to my grass hut type room which was nearby on the beach.

I kept the lights off but the moon hitting the nearby ocean water reflected through the window openings was more than enough light. The mild, soothing crashing sounds of the waves on the beach made it perfect. I offered her a shower if she wanted one but she said, she had one recently just before dinner. I parted the insect netting over the double bed and said "Shall we?" as I started to untie my pareo. she untied her dress and let it fall to the floor. Seeing me nude, she took off her bra and panties and dropped them as well and climbed onto the bed. I picked everything up and hung them up and then climbed in after her.

She was obviously nervous and asked what I wanted her to do first. My nonverbal answer was to gently guided her to lie down, then I kissed her lips, lightly licked her ample tits, gently sucked her nipples as I slowly and lightly caressed her body. I slowly tongued my way down her body until I got to her crotch. I parted her legs and went straight for her vagina. I started licking and sucking on her clit and was rewarded almost immediately with copious amounts of pussy juice. Her comments, moans and squirms made it obvious she was really enjoying what I was doing and I was hoping this was a first for her and that she had never had this done to her and she was enjoying it immensely. I kept licking and sucking for a while and then gently inserted two fingers into her pussy, hooked them and massaged her G spot, I could feel her breath rate increased and she finally grabbed my head closer to her pussy and bucked into an orgasm that gripped my fingers so hard it was almost painful.

I let her cool down slowly, then kissed my way up to her mouth and kissed her on the lips. I felt her hesitation in kissing me with my face and mouth full of her juices but that’s what I wanted her to taste. I wanted her to feel "naughty," to become wanton. I was right, she kissed, tasted and loved how "we" tasted covered in climax pussy juice. She tried to shift her weight to reciprocate by giving me a blow-job but I stopped her. It wasn’t my turn yet; I was going to make her really remember her last night in paradise.

I started to suck on her tits gently as I placed my two fingers back into her vagina and slowly massaged her G spot again. I knew she hadn't cooled down too much and she was soon ready to have another climax. As my index and middle fingers were inside her, I dipped my ring finger into her puddling juices and placed it on her rectum. I slowly circled her anal star until I had her bucking from the combined stimulation of her anus and vagina and when I felt she was getting close to her second climax I slipped the finger into her anus. That pushed her over the edge and I covered her mouth with mine to muffle the orgasmic scream I knew would erupt from her. It worked, she bucked, my fingers and hands were flooded with juices and she collapsed in a swoon.

I let her rest for a few minutes then gently kissed her awake. Her nervous mood had changed her face now radiated with a mixture of pleasure, awe, and satisfaction. She cuddled to me and admitted no one had ever done any of those things to her. I just whispered that we weren't finished yet. She said, "I hope not" as she shifted positions and headed down to my rampant cock.

Happily, she knew her way around a cock, obviously she had compensated for her looks by developing oral talents very few guys could resist. She had her share of "dates" and "boyfriends" but probably not for the reasons most women wanted. She licked and kissed my uncut 7" cock and made a point of running her tongue under my foreskin to caress the head of my cock. I had no trouble rewarding her with an ample amount of pre-cum juice, she enjoyed licking up as quickly as it appeared. When she quickened her pace attempting to get me to blow a load, I had her ease off and whispered," Not yet, your turn again." She protested but reluctantly gave up my cock as I again eased her back onto the bed. I again started kissing her from her lips down to her pussy and mouth vibrated her clit until her pussy juice was flowing freely then I slowly raised her legs and pushed them back towards her head. I soon had them all the way back making her ass and pussy wide open. I slowly started licking her vaginal outer lips lapping up the still flowing juices and then eased my tongue down to her anus. Before she knew what I was doing, I was tongue fucking her anus and getting my rigid tongue into her hole.

There was a brief resistance and attempts to get me to stop but the unique pleasure I knew she was feeling, immediately took over and she just relaxed and enjoyed what I had hope were more new sensations and intense pleasure she was sensing. With my tongue working her ass pucker, I reinserted two fingers into her pussy and hooked them to stimulate her G spot again. Within minutes she was bucking her entire body as she had another intense orgasm.

I eased her legs down and turned her on her side as I spooned her from behind. As she was luxuriating in her climax, I placed my cock at her ass pucker and pushed in gently. I whispered, "Want to try?" There was but a brief hesitation but then I felt her slowly push back. I reached down on the floor and picked up my ever-ready tube of lube and showed it to her as I placed a large amount on my finger and started to lube her asshole. I inserted first one, then two and finally three fingers, slowly massaging and fucking her each time until she could take all three fingers enthusiastically with no pain.

When I thought she was ready I placed a large amount of lube on my cock, placed the head at her rose bud pucker and told her she was in charge. Whenever she wanted to, she should push back and take me in. She tested the feeling and started to push back and by starting and stopping, slowly eased in the entire lube coated cock. I kissed the back of her neck. Whispered encouragements in her ear and slowly massaged her breasts as I let her get use to the full feeling making sure I flexed my cock so she could feel the movement deep in her anal channel. She soon started to fuck herself on my cock. The more we fucked, the better I knew she was feeling, relaxing and she really started to get into it. We finally ended up with her face down on the bed and my pounding her ass as hard as she pushed back up to fuck me back, we both let out a howl when we came simultaneously. I flooded her hole with an earth-shattering orgasm of my own. I rolled off to her side, taking her with me but I kept my semi-rigid cock deep in her ass as an ass plug for the load of cum, I shot.

We must have dosed off because when I awoke, Evie was gently washing off my cock with a soapy warm wash cloth. I tried to pull her to me but she resisted and just said, "My turn." When she got my cock and asshole clean, she started to suck my cock which had deflated but was rapidly resuming its erect state. As she sucked me, she licked her finger and slowly slipped it into my asshole, the more she sucked the deeper her finger went in. When I was bucking and her finger was all the way in, she added a second finger until I warned her, I was about to cum, she quickened her paced, sucked me harder and I shot my load into her mouth that she swallowed without flinching.

She eased up onto my body and kissed me, making sure, I could taste my own cum still on her tongue and lips. I loved it. "Thanks for a great night, you made my vacation." I smiled and told myself, mission accomplished. Then she asked, "How long before you can give me a proper goodbye fuck?" I answered "let me take a nap and I’ll fill your wishes and your hot pussy." By the time dawn was breaking, my revived cock was fully erect, condom sheathed and deeply into Evie’s open and still sopping wet pussy. As a bonus, our satisfying night of sex made my cumming a longer process so Evie had more multiple orgasms and when I had mine, it practically filled the condom. As I rolled off her, she went to the bathroom smiling, rinsed off her pussy and ass, got dressed sans bra and panties that she carried in her hands and said goodbye as she headed back to her room. I fell back to sleep exhausted but very, very, happy. Who says good deeds aren’t rewarded?

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