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Cannabis Accessories and Meme Worthy Content - Meet DankStop!

DankStop is a cannabis e-commerce brand using drop shipping to efficiently deliver a wide array of cannabis-related accessories

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Karhlyle on Saturday Jul 30, 2022

Cannabis Accessories and Meme Worthy Content: DankStop 

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Since the onset of the social media era, content marketing and influencer marketing have been essential aspects of any business’s growth strategy. As social media is widely adopted by users around the world, brands are not only able to take advantage of the consumer behavior data gathered on social media, but they are also able to use this data to tailor their messaging and target hyper-specific niches of prospective patrons.


Due to the incredible opportunity brands have to directly communicate with existing and potential customers on social media, many brands are opting out of traditional advertising practices. Many consumers, especially younger consumers, feel old-school advertising comes off as forced and stale. Instead, many brands are cleverly posting fun & engaging content as a way to attain more brand visibility.


Instead of marketing products or services outright, brands can use their creativity to post exciting content as a new way to get their name in front of potential customers. Content marketers understand that it can be better to establish a relationship with potential customers authentically, over shared interests, instead of coming off too salesmen-like. When brands post fun content from their social media accounts, a large percentage of the people who come across that content become intrigued by the brand. Nowadays, more often than not, this leads to higher conversion rates than traditional advertising. Additionally, brands can partner with influencers who already have a large audience that intersects with their target audience; this allows brands to reach prospective customers by way of a voice they already trust.


While influencer marketing and content marketing are a commonplace practice now in 2022, this was not always the case. Interestingly enough, many brands were averse to creating content on social media or partnering with influencers in the early days of social media. 


One brand that was not afraid to jump directly into this disruptive marketing practice is DankStop. DankStop is a cannabis e-commerce brand using drop shipping to efficiently deliver a wide array of cannabis-related accessories at scale. Selling everything from rigs, vaporizers, bongs, grinders, and more, cannabis enthusiasts can find all of the accessories they could ever need at DankStop.


Since the company’s inception, DankStop has been known for creating viral and meme-worthy content on its social media pages. In addition to their strong product inventory and great prices, the DankStop team knows that their early investment in content marketing played a major role in the company’s growth and success. Now DankStop is known as both a valuable marketplace of cannabis accessories as well as one of the most fun and internet-savvy brands in the space.


DankStop took the time and resources to organically build its social media reach and audience. Limiting reposts as much as possible, DankStop built a huge following with original skits and memes related to cannabis culture and the cannabis industry. DankStop was not only a market disruptor in the sense that they were an early innovator of content marketing in general, but the company also helped normalize cannabis content on social media as well. When DankStop started posting this type of content, there was still a large stigma surrounding all things cannabis.


In addition to creating meme-worthy content, the DankStop team strategically utilized search engine optimization (SEO) and Guerrilla marketing techniques, like initiating conversations on Reddit, in order to further drive engagement to their social media accounts and to their e-commerce platform. Finding success on their own, DankStop was recently acquired by High Tide, further propelling their reach and potential. 


As the cannabis market continues to grow and as content marketing strategies get more creative, we are excited to see what DankStop does next.

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