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Runners Turn To Cannabis To Make It To The Finish Line

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Aug 28, 2018

Not only do many of them find pot as a natural and therapeutic means to enhance their performance, but many also use it to assist with recovery and even have more fun running.


CBD For Athletes - New Dad & UFC Champion T.J. Dillashaw

by Lemon Knowles | Friday Jul 27, 2018

With the help of his trainer Calavitta and his upgraded nutrition program, T.J is aiming to truck his way down to the 135-pound bantamweight limit, without skipping a single meal with Green Roads CBD supplements.


How Cannabis Can Improve Your Golf Game (and other sports)

by DanaSmith | Friday Jun 1, 2018

Key takeaway? Somewhere between 8 to 18mg of THC should be able to benefit your golf game, or performance for other sports for that matter.


How CBD Can Improve Athletic Performance

by HighChi | Thursday Mar 22, 2018

The use of cannabidiol (CBD) for healing a wide range of ailments is becoming increasingly widespread. From treating chronic pain to epilepsy, CBD offers a multitude of therapeutic benefits.


CBD No Longer Prohibited By World Anti-Doping Agency

by Laurie Lyons | Friday Oct 20, 2017

The progressive changes made by WADA is a good sign considering that the US government still isn’t doing anything about reclassification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug.


How To Use Cannabis To Get In The Zone

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Aug 30, 2016

The “Flow State” is a psychological term that represents a moment when an individual is fully immersed in a particular action.


Athletes Who Train With Cannabis Win Gold

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Aug 24, 2016

In light of the Olympics, I’ve decided to write a feature on famous athletes and their cannabis use. This is dedicated to all those who worry that smoking marijuana might impede their fitness goals


Marijuana BENGAY Sports Cream? Ummm, Yes, Please

by Oaktree | Monday Jul 11, 2016

 Level 5 packs a whopping 200mg of CBD,  a menthol delivery system at 16% and a camphor aroma clocking in at 11%.  We call this heavy weight puncher, "The Marijuana BENGAY".


Would You Go To The Gym To Smoke Weed?

by Oaktree | Wednesday Jun 1, 2016

Aptly named Power Plant Fitness, the gym’s unique selling point is that it encourages guests to get high before they work out. Customers can choose to consume edibles or use a vape, giving it the prestige of being the world’s first and only cannabis-frien


Did Laremy Tinsel of Ole Miss Drop in the NFL Draft?

by BostonBakedPete | Thursday Apr 28, 2016

Did Laremy Tunsil just post a pic on Twitter and take himself from the first round of the NFL draft to one of the last rounds? #NFL #NFLDraft #BongHits