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Cannabis-Infused Hot Sauce Recipes - How High and Hot Do You Like It?

by DanaSmith | Sunday Aug 6, 2023

Cannabis-infused hot sauce can be used on just about anything that you already enjoy hot sauce with. These can include pizza, pasta, tacos, eggs, chicken wings, or any other meal. The ingredients are so inexpensive, especially if you already grow your own peppers, tomatoes, or both. Even better, when you make your own hot sauce, you can customize it to exactly how you want in terms of both flavor and heat.


Lit Summer Weekend Recipes - Cannabis-Infused BBQ Sauce, Buffalo Wings, and More!

by DanaSmith | Monday Jul 4, 2022

With the warm sun and bright summer days, it’s the perfect time to bust out the barbecue grill. Call your nearest and dearest over to indulge in delicious smoked meats, barbecue, chicken wings, and more party favorites as you sip infused cocktails. Elevate your weekend experience by offering infused recipes that will knock your guests’ socks off.


What is Sweet THC Syrup and How Do You Make It? (Updated Recipe)

by HighChi | Saturday Apr 2, 2022

The THC syrup may possess similar characteristics to world cannabis oil, but the two are varied. As a matter of fact, cannabis syrup can make use of cannabis oil as a major ingredient. Anyway, THC oil is often used to infuse both sweet and mouth-watering dishes, while THC syrup is a sweet component that can be made relatively quickly and with ease, and you can make use of it like any other typical syrup.


Why You Need to Eat Hot Peppers the Next Time You Get High

by HighChi | Sunday Feb 27, 2022

Eating cannabis or hot peppers is usually followed by a buzzing sensation for entirely different reasons. It took a while for people to accept that these plant species are not as fundamentally different as they assumed. Studies show that both materials interact with the body's receptors similarly. Time to look into the shared properties between these species and how they function well together.


How to Make Cannabis-Infused Granola Bars at Home

by Karhlyle | Thursday Jun 17, 2021

These are not the only snacks to be infused with cannabis extracts, however, they are one of the most common. It's like having the best of two worlds; perfects dosage of THC as well as healthy nuts all in the same bar. Weed Granola bars are excellent cannabis grubs. You only need to create these bars with the accurate dosage of weed suitable for you.


Cooking with Magic Mushrooms - Do They Taste Good?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Tuesday Dec 8, 2020

When it comes to cooking with magic mushrooms, the importance of dosing cannot be overemphasized. For those with prior experience with magic mushrooms, it’s possible to be able to work around the best dosage from experience. This is not the same for those without prior experience which is why the importance of dosing must be stressed. Magic mushrooms are very potent and they can pack a very strong punch especially when they are grown indoors. This is why it is important to use personal tolerance level to gauge the dosage to be used while cooking with shrooms.


How to Make Delicious Cannabis-Infused Popsicles

by BehindTheWaves | Sunday Aug 2, 2020

This offers a wonderful way to get over the heat, can be enjoyed anywhere and is very easy to make in the comfort of your own kitchen. Popsicles are loved by many with the beauty of flavors and color that they offer and the making process is very simple and straightforward.


How to Make Cannabis-Infused Gazpacho?

by christalcann | Saturday Jul 25, 2020

Cannabis has been infused into tea, wine, mojito, gazpacho and so on. However with the idea has to follow the knowledge of the right way to go about making them in order to ensure that the you get the best out of the mixture. If done right, the euphoric and exciting experience that can be experienced by users is out of this world. So the importance of the knowledge of the right way to go about producing such drinks can't be overemphasized which is why in here I'll be going through the fundamentals of one of the most interesting of them all, the weed-infused Gazpacho!


CBD Coffee Recipes to Boost Your Mind and Immune System

by Chiara C | Tuesday May 26, 2020

Luckily, CBD coffee is incredibly easy to make and the best part is, you’re in charge of dosage and the kind of flavors that are put in, making the process endlessly customizable and specially tailored to your palate. But to start you off, here are a few easy recipes that are worth trying out, from the fancy to the no-frills. Once you’ve gotten the hang of working with these two ingredients, you can adjust each recipe to your liking and even add new flavors.


Cannabis-Infused Smoothies to Beat the Heat and Strengthen Your Immune System

by Chiara C | Friday May 22, 2020

Cannabis-infused smoothies are the perfect solution to a summer spent in lockdown. For these recipes, you’ll be using raw marijuana leaves, the unsung heroes of the cannabis plant. For the uninitiated, in its raw form, the plant is a rich source of THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, which has powerful immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, multiple studies have already been done on its healing properties, including...