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Latest Blog in: Recipes


What Is Cannabis Butter And How Do You Make It

by Reginald Reefer | Wednesday Jan 11, 2017

Cannabis butter is common and maybe one of the more simple ways to make cannabis infused products. But don’t be fooled, it can be a bit tricky.


Coffee And Cannabis : A Match Made In Heaven

by DanaSmith | Saturday Nov 12, 2016

What this means for you is that when you consume caffeine, you can smoke less pot and still get the high that you are looking for.


How To Tell If You’ve Bought Good Weed Or Bad Weed

by DanaSmith | Monday Oct 3, 2016

But what makes bad weed, bad? If you aren’t being smart, you might end up getting ripped off. Bad weed, you can pretty much identify right away through its smell: it smells like dry hay.


3 Secrets to Making Awesome Marijuana Edibles

by Oaktree | Tuesday Sep 13, 2016

If you need a butter infusion, use butter not margarine, butter is made of milk and has a higher fat content, but is better for your body, vice margarine which is made up of various oils, chemicals, and fillers.


Turning Dabs Into E Juice, Say What?

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Jul 29, 2016

The process of turning dabs into e-juice is quite simple. Essentially, you can either make it in the microwave oven or on a conventional stove.


Don’t Throw Out Your Cannabis Roots Just Yet

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

The cannabis root is the most underutilized and underestimated part of the plant. People don’t usually pay any attention to it, but it does have its share of purposes and benefits


Marijuana Tea and How To Make It Taste Great

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jun 29, 2016

Marijuana tea is an alternative method of consuming marijuana, which traces its roots back to ancient Indian and Jamaican society.


Kaleabis: Meet The Hybrid Of Kale and Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Monday May 16, 2016

The kaleabis hybrid plant is now being used to manufacture a line of healthy drinks, which will be made available as a shot in Oregon dispensaries over the coming summer. The idea of juicing fresh, raw marijuana isn’t new to the cannabis community a many


Cooking with Cannabis Part 3: How To Get The Right Dose

by DanaSmith | Friday Apr 29, 2016

For beginners, cooking with cannabis can be a little tricky. With some practice, it can get easy enough for even my grandmother to do. However, one of the most complex aspects of edibles is getting the right dose.


Beer & Weed: Microbrews, Cannabis & Edibles

by BostonBakedPete | Wednesday Apr 27, 2016

I poured myself an amazing American IPA 6.80% ABV by TreeHouse Brewery (TreeHouseBrewery.com) from Monson MA called Alter Ego. Alter Ego has a smooth yet hoppy and citrusy flavor. Absolutely amazing and voted 100 out of 100 on Beer Advocate (BeerAdvocate.