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Cannabis Juicing: Recipes and Secret Juicing Tips

by Laurie Lyons | Wednesday Feb 7, 2018

Hemp may be a different strain than marijuana, but given hemp’s superfood status and derivation from the same plant, it makes sense that cannabis is a great source of many nutrients.


Antioxidant-Rich Hemp and Coconut Oil Lip Balm Recipe

by HighChi | Monday Oct 2, 2017

This recipe for hemp and coconut oil lip balm is a must-have for anyone who suffers from constant dry lips or herpes outbreaks.


How To Make Hash Butter Or Kief Butter

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jun 28, 2017

Hash and kief are extremely potent and concentrated forms of cannabis produced by extracting cannabis through screens or filter systems.


Cannabis-infused Grilled Cheese Recipes

by DanaSmith | Monday Jun 26, 2017

Here’s a basic recipe for classic cannabis-infused grilled cheese sandwich, and some recommendations you can use for variations.


America’s Top Cannabis Chefs

by DanaSmith | Sunday Jun 25, 2017

For cannabis enthusiasts who prefer to have food prepared by expert cannabis chefs is a fantastic way to medicate while consuming excellent food.


3 Cannabis-Infused Cookie Recipes You Need To Try

by HighChi | Thursday Jun 15, 2017

Cookies, when done right (AKA when it’s infused with cannabis!), is easily one of the best snacks you can eat and medicate with.


Marijuana Pizza With 125mg Of THC Selling Out In Massachusetts

by HighChi | Tuesday Jun 13, 2017 was lucky enough to get an exclusive with the chef who makes the now famous marijuana pizza in Massachusetts.  The pizza is sold at Ermont Dispensary in Quincy, MA.


Healthy Homemade Cannabis Infused Lollipops

by DanaSmith | Sunday May 28, 2017

To make your cannabis lollipops you will need a cannabis tincture.


How To Make Cannabis-Infused Avocado Toast

by DanaSmith | Sunday May 21, 2017

Few foods have been worshipped as much as the avocado toast has over the last few years.


7 Great Medicinal Herbs That Work Well With Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Sunday May 14, 2017

Cannabis should be part of every holistic wellness plan, alongside good sleep, exercise, and a nutritious diet.