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What is your Stoner Elf On A Shelf Name?

by Reginald Reefer | Thursday Dec 13, 2018

Because even though it’s time for Christmas, Stoner Elves can never resist this – A good warm meal, a bit of jolly wine. Talking about life and what’s happening all the time. They love good company and are a barrel of laughs. They enjoy good music and share what they have.


Anti-Cannabis Consultant Busted With Personal Medical Marijuana Card

by BostonBakedPete | Friday Dec 1, 2017

However, Martin does agree that cannabis has legitimate uses. He himself uses cannabis, which is still a Schedule 1 substance, based on doctor’s recommendations.


10 Spooky Cannabis Strains for Halloween

by DanaSmith | Saturday Oct 28, 2017

With ghouls and ghosts, freaks and creeps out to party on the scariest time of the year, why not take things a notch higher by partaking with these strains that are a match made in heaven with Halloween?


5 Cannabis Costumes To Fire Up Halloween

by Reginald Reefer | Wednesday Oct 25, 2017

Within the world of weed, we have seen an evolution of cannabis-themed costumes and today I’ll be sharing five unique ones that is pretty easy to pull off.


VOTE : Dumbest Drug Dealer of The Week?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Friday Aug 11, 2017

In case you missed it this week, we had two amazingly dumb drug dealers get busted in a very public fashion


You Might Be A Stoner If - Cannabis Rites Of Passage

by Reginald Reefer | Sunday Jul 9, 2017

A stoner is a cannabis consumer that has accepted the fact that for the rest of their lives they will smoke weed.


Why Does Pot Make You Laugh and Giggle So Much?

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jun 14, 2017

There are studies proving that ingesting cannabis stimulates blood flow to the brain’s left temporal and right frontal lobes.


Why Eat This Fish To Get High When You Can Smoke Pot?

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Jun 6, 2017

The Salema porgy, also known as the dreamfish, goldline, cow bream, or salema, is a fish found in the East Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean.


5 Cannabis Strains That Will Make You Laugh and Giggle All Night

by DanaSmith | Wednesday May 24, 2017

What cannabis strains make you laugh and giggle a lot? Try these cannabis strains to make you smile.


15 Stoner Life Hacks That Will Save The Day

by DanaSmith | Friday Mar 24, 2017

Cannabis is a lifestyle. And because the cannabis community is all about sharing, I’m proud to share with you 15 stoner life hacks that can save your day!