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Pro Cannabis Movement Spreads Worldwide

by Nanci Chi-Town | Wednesday Jan 4, 2017

The "Hollyweed" sign has caused a revolution, let it spread! The cannabis revolution has begun in 2017.


Would You Wear Cannabis Perfume? Dank, Right?

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jan 4, 2017

Sometime ago, cosmetics giant Sephora asked perfumer Mark Crames to design a scent based on the smell of… pot.


T'was The Night Before Christmas - Stoner Style

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Dec 23, 2016

‘Twas the Night before Kushmas, when all thro’ the pad, Not a creature was stirring, because of those dabs; The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care In Hopes that Ganja Clause would soon be there


Man Calls 911 After Eating Pot Brownies

by Oaktree | Friday Dec 16, 2016

Pot brownies are great, unless you eat too many and call 911 on yourself.


Dunkin Donuts Jumps The Shark On Legal Marijuana

by Oaktree | Saturday Dec 10, 2016

Coffee is for closers.


The Comments On Reefer Madness Articles Are The Best

by Reginald Reefer | Thursday Dec 1, 2016

Not only are the comment sections of reefer madness articles plush with information, it is also a great point of comedy if you have the time to read it all.


Colorado Water “Tainted” With THC – 50 Gallon Orders Coming In By The Second

by Oaktree | Thursday Dec 1, 2016

Worst-case possible effects from short-term ingestion include impaired coordination that could affect the ability to drive, increased anxiety and psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations or paranoia.


20 Cannabis Facts We Swear Are True

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Nov 30, 2016

Aside from America, there are other countries in the world that are known for producing large volumes of cannabis. These include Mexico, South Africa, Paraguay, Afghanistan, and India.


Hide Your High - How To Act Normal When Stoned AF

by DanaSmith | Monday Nov 21, 2016

While being high is great, sometimes you just have to disguise how stoned AF you are.


60 Minutes Tries To Burn Legal Marijuana Down, Fails Miserably

by Oaktree | Monday Oct 31, 2016

Let’s go through the piece, it is only 13 minutes long and see how foolish this hack job reporting is on legal marijuana.