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How AI Could Finally Solve the Cannabis Breathalyzer and DUI Impairment Testing Riddle

by DanaSmith | Saturday Nov 25, 2023

It’s almost 2024, and truly reliable pot breathalyzers are nowhere in sight. Breathalyzers just don’t work – if they do, not as well – in detecting THC levels in the body of a driver the way that it detects alcohol. While the use of breathalyzers have been considered the gold standard for detecting alcohol consumption or usage, these systems can’t support the use of THC. Most traditional breathalyzers are made using fuel cell technology, which can gauge alcohol levels in one’s breath. It works simply by breathing on the fuel cell, which then produces electrical currents depending on how much alcohol one consumed.


Tripping Balls in the Metaverse - New Startup Wants to Make Psychedelic Trips in the Metaverse Reality

by Joseph Billions | Friday Nov 4, 2022

A Miami-based psychedelic startup called Ei. Ventures recently announced that it will be getting in on the act. In its announcement, it disclosed that it had acquired a virtual land estate in The Sandbox. This space will be used by clinicians as they look to host therapy sessions on psychedelics in the metaverse.


What Are The Top I.T. Problems in the Cannabis Industry? (And How to Solve Them!)

by Karhlyle | Wednesday Sep 14, 2022

To cultivate well, the marijuana plant requires regular attention, near-perfect light, and water conditions. With so many plants, it is almost inconceivable for humans to satisfy around-the-clock maintenance. Those who can afford it fund the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing agriculture tools to manage farms for ultimate productivity. But as automation advances, many fear that owning machinery will harm the quality due to a deficiency of personal touch and maintenance. 


What is a Pollen Press and How Does It Work with Cannabis?

by DanaSmith | Thursday Aug 4, 2022

Pollen presses are a simple to use and humble tool that is already widely used to make hash coins, though it can also be used by recreational users for personal benefit. Even if you aren’t manufacturing hash, the use of a pollen press is a fantastic way to maximize your stash. Once you have the pressed product, you can then use it in so many ways instead of wasting it: vaporize it, dab it, and sprinkle them into your bongs or blunts.


Are Live Resin and Live Terpenes Actually Alive? What Makes Them Live?

by BehindTheWaves | Tuesday Jul 26, 2022

The name live is attached to live resins and live terpenes because they are gotten from fresh cannabis plants. As stated earlier, most cannabis concentrates are gotten from plant material that has been cured or dried. Live resins on the other hand make use of fresh flower buds and sugar leaves while leaving out the stems and large fan leaves. Another special characteristic is the flash-freezing of the plant material which helps to retain the terpenes, cannabinoids, and trichomes. This helps in ensuring the final products have special flavors and aromas thanks to the terpenes.


Streaming Cannabis on Twitch? What You Can and Can't Do with Weed on the Twitch Streaming Platform

by Joseph Billions | Monday May 30, 2022

We are presently in a streaming era, be it games, movies, selling products, comedy, and anything in between. Twitch, one of the very popular video game streaming platforms, rolled out live content and since then has begun to make huge changes. Just recently, the platform affected some changes, allowing cannabis-inspired usernames and also enabling users to smoke weed during live streams.


What are Terp Pearls and How Do You Use Them While Dabbing?

by Joseph Billions | Tuesday Feb 8, 2022

Terp Pearls, also called dab beads or banger beads, are tiny balls placed within a banger to reduce the dabbing temperatures. The beads constantly spin around the banger to ensure the concentrates are appropriately heated and distributed while increasing airflow. The continuous movement of the balls allows the heat to be evenly distributed to minimize waste (regular dab rigs can do little to preserve the terpenes in the concentrate).


Super Strains That are Pest Resistant - DNA Sequencing is Changing Cannabis Plant Breeding for the Better

by HighChi | Sunday Dec 19, 2021

Cannabis breeding with the application of DNA sequencing could be the key to revolutionizing the cannabis industry worldwide. Israeli researchers are focused on conducting in-depth research on the application of genome mapping to cannabis strains. The main objective of this research is to develop improved stations of cannabis plants.


Can You Double Your Cannabis Plant Yields Using Deep Water Culture (DWC)?

by Joseph Billions | Sunday Dec 12, 2021

Cannabis plants cultivated with Deep Water Culture techniques thrive well most of the time, provided all requirements are met. Thanks to this system, dozens of cannabis growers have witnessed an explosion of growth and yields in their plants, guaranteeing more profit! This hydroponics technique might seem complex, but with time and a better understanding of the entire concept, you'll see it is one of the easiest and cheapest methods to cultivate various strains of cannabis.


How Reddit Became the Most Marijuana-Friendly Social Media Platform on the Internet

by The Undercover Stoner | Wednesday Dec 8, 2021

The social media platform has one of the highest numbers of cannabis-accepting audiences. All things cannabis have one of the most increased traffic on the site. Records even show that one of the most popular posts on the site can be found on the r/trees subreddit. The post was uploaded by a user who described the meltdown their parents experienced after consuming cannabutter unknowingly. The post has over 3,500 comments and at least 64,000 upvotes.