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Can You Get High off of the Cannabis Ashes in your Bowl or Bong?

by jsp1073 | Friday Nov 2, 2018

The lab results showed that as expected much of the THCA was converted to Delta-9 THC, though not all of it.


Totem Vaporizers -Review And Tutorial

by jsp1073 | Sunday Sep 30, 2018

If you are looking for a brand new vaping experience, it may be time to give the Totem Vaporizer a try. Totem Vaporizers are those that allow you to place different flavored ‘totems’ together, so that you can create and build a unique flavor that’s perfect for you.


DaVinci MIQRO – Your Guide to the new Davinci Vaporizer

by BehindTheWaves | Wednesday Sep 26, 2018

The new DaVinci MIQRO certainly, lives up to its name, with its compact features – 8 cm tall by just over 3 cm wide, it has a depth of 2cm – it is perfect for hiding in the palm of your hand.


What is Dro Weed?

by Thom Baccus | Monday May 7, 2018

Hydroponic systems involve a significantly reduced risk for disease and infestation. Because there is reduced need for pesticides, dro weed produces medicine that is superior in terms of therapeutic benefits.


How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing The Cannabis Industry

by christalcann | Thursday May 3, 2018

Imagine a world where a robot can help you pick the right cannabis strain, grow cannabis like an expert, and even deliver your weed to you….Wait, we ARE already living in that world.


New Cannabis Tech To Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

by DanaSmith | Monday Mar 12, 2018

Cannabis and technology is a match made in heaven. It’s only in the infancy stages, and the possibilities are endless.


What if Weed Gave You Superpowers?

by BehindTheWaves | Wednesday Feb 7, 2018 got exclusive access to Warner Brother’s new cannabis-based show, “High and Mighty”, before its upcoming release.  High and Mighty is written by Cesar Mazariegos and directed by Latin Grammy winner Carlos Lopez Estrada.


What is a Mini Vape Pen?

by Lemon Knowles | Tuesday Feb 6, 2018

What is a mini vape pen?  Well, just as you would imagine, a vape pen that isn’t long like a pencil with a oil cartridge sitting on the top.


The Future Of Cannabis Tech Is Here So Lets Make Some Money

by jsp1073 | Friday Sep 29, 2017

For cannabis businesses in any of the states where it’s legal in some form, you’ll definitely need to invest in technology to succeed and stay relevant.


The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Best LED Lights

by HighChi | Friday Sep 1, 2017

Full spectrum LED grow lights have only recently in the last few years come onto the market, meaning knowledge within the growing community isn’t very strong for these grow lights.