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Latest Blog in: Technology


The Hemp Plane Takes Flight, Are You In?

by DanaSmith | Friday Feb 10, 2017

Derek Kesey, CEO of Hempearth Group Ltd is working to create the world’s first airplane made out of 75% hemp.


Cannabis.Net App Is Now Live In Google Play

by Oaktree | Tuesday Dec 6, 2016

The cannabis app includes full mapping for the area around you, a full social network of cannabis buddies, and a full international blogging platform


Buying Marijuana Using Bitcoin, Yep, You Can Do That, Too

by Reginald Reefer | Monday Nov 14, 2016

Recently, First Bitcoin Capital Corp, announced that they are signing up for a merchant account processing agent agreement including a credit card processor for the states of California and Oregon


Marijuana Testing Labs Are Hot! Wait, What Is A Cannabis Testing Lab, Anyway?

by Oaktree | Thursday Oct 6, 2016

Anyone can get their cannabis tested, but selecting the right laboratory may not be that easy. Before taking your cannabis sample to the first lab you find, make sure it is legitimate.


Blow Me ! Stanford Works On THC Breathalyzer For Drivers

by DanaSmith | Saturday Sep 24, 2016

Using magnetic nanotechnology that was previously used to detect cancer, scientists have now discovered a potential for discovering how stoned drivers are.


Cannabis Store Online Opens Its Schwag Doors

by Oaktree | Thursday Sep 1, 2016

The cannabis shop is open 24 hours a day and you can shop online and pick out your favorite shwag.  We have hats. mugs, water bottles, shirts, hoodies..you name it we got it.


Order Your Weed By Touchscreen, No Wait? Yes, Please

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jul 27, 2016

Businesses simply need to install a Jane kiosk at the dispensary or retail shop so that customers can come in and press the touch screen or use the mobile app to place an order.


Cannabis Startup Spotlight : Herba Buena and Nug Run

by DanaSmith | Monday May 2, 2016

We love the idea of spreading the word about other cannabis based startups like ourselves.  Today we are exploring two new startups out of California.  Herba Buena and Nug Run.   Both companies have exciting futures and show you why there has never been a


What is the Connection between the Budding Cannabis Industry and Technology Start Ups?

by Cannabis.net | Monday Feb 15, 2016

In 2015, the cannabis industry was worth $5.4 billion and marijuana sales are expected to grow another 25% in 2016. We explore how start-ups could potentially earn from the predicted rise in marijuana sales.


What Is A Vape Pen and How Does It Work?

by Cannabis.net | Monday Feb 8, 2016

A lot of hype and focus has been centered on the increasing availability of small smoking devices which utilize low heat to vaporize the essential ingredients of either oil or herb. While we may have seen varying styles of larger table-top vaporizers much