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Latest Blog in: Technology


How To Make Cannabis Oil At Home With LEVO Infusion

by DanaSmith | Thursday May 4, 2017

LEVO lets you infuse both oils and butter with herbs of your choice, making oils and edibles easier than ever before.


Cannabis Infused Coffee For Your Keurig Machine - BrewBudz Is Here

by HighChi | Wednesday May 3, 2017

Did you know cannabis infused coffee is here, and Nevada is the first place you can get a cup to fit right into your Keurig machine?


How To Grow Massive Amounts Of Cannabis Indoors

by christalcann | Friday Apr 28, 2017

When you talk about growing cannabis indoors, there is a big difference between growing some cannabis in your closet and growing a massive amount of cannabis for a retail operation.


Scientists Develop THC-Free Cannabis Strain

by DanaSmith | Monday Apr 10, 2017

Now that scientists have access to THC-free weed, they can focus on further analyzing other cannabinoids in detail to study what therapeutic benefits they have.


Introducing the Cannabis Industry Coin

by christalcann | Saturday Apr 8, 2017

There is now one for the cannabis industry called the “Cannabis Industry Coin” or just simply the XCIcoin.


5 Medical Marijuana Apps You Should Definitely Try Out

by Laurie Lyons | Wednesday Mar 22, 2017

You can use them to see and review strains and dispensary, to find medical marijuana dispensaries, to keep track of the latest information in medical marijuana industry, to consult with real doctors, and so forth.


A Portable Vape Pen For Concentrates and Dabbing

by Oaktree | Friday Mar 17, 2017

The Dipper allows for an approachable concentrate consumption option, as well as a great mobile option for heavier users.


The Hemp Plane Takes Flight, Are You In?

by DanaSmith | Friday Feb 10, 2017

Derek Kesey, CEO of Hempearth Group Ltd is working to create the world’s first airplane made out of 75% hemp.


Cannabis.Net App Is Now Live In Google Play

by Oaktree | Tuesday Dec 6, 2016

The cannabis app includes full mapping for the area around you, a full social network of cannabis buddies, and a full international blogging platform


Buying Marijuana Using Bitcoin, Yep, You Can Do That, Too

by Reginald Reefer | Monday Nov 14, 2016

Recently, First Bitcoin Capital Corp, announced that they are signing up for a merchant account processing agent agreement including a credit card processor for the states of California and Oregon