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Artificial Intelligence Can Now Pick Your Medical Marijuana Strain

by jsp1073 | Monday Jul 10, 2017

Think about PotBiotics as the Siri of weed, and they even have a solution that works for cannabis businesses serve patients better.


The Honest Marijuana Company Comes Clean With

by BehindTheWaves | Saturday Jul 8, 2017

Serge Chistov is the financial partner at Honest Marijuana Company, which utilizes all-natural cultivation methods to produce only the finest organic and eco-conscious cannabis products.


The California Cannabis Advocate - William J Britt 

by The Undercover Stoner | Tuesday Jul 4, 2017 recently spoke with William J. Britt, a cannabis expert with over 14 years of experience working in the legal system.


What Is It Like To Be A Budtender?

by DanaSmith | Monday Jul 3, 2017

The biggest grief I had during my time was the patients that wanted to man handle the medicine when they came in.


How To Grow Cannabis From Your Phone?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Friday Jun 23, 2017 talks to Mason Levy, founder and CEO of the WeGrow App, an interactive app using chat-bot technology to help you grow cannabis right at home.


Seth Green: A Cerebral Palsy Warrior For Cannabis As Medicine

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jun 21, 2017

In a desperate attempt to live a healthy life, he began to turn to cannabis. His conditions have racked up serious medical bills, and he wants to contribute, to be a productive member of society.


Decarboxylating Cannabis With Shanel Lindsay of Ardent Cannabis

by The Undercover Stoner | Wednesday Jun 14, 2017 was lucky enough to sit down with the legend, Shanel Lindsey, of Ardent Cannabis, to talk about the NOVA decarboxylator and how to decarb your cannabis correctly.


Professional Marijuana Tester Russ Hudson Comes Clean About Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Monday May 1, 2017

I test a strain over a period of 5-7 days.  I use the strain before bed, while working, before and after running 16km, before, during or after sex, etc.


What Is The International Church Of Cannabis?

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Apr 26, 2017

The International Church of Cannabis opened last April 20 in Denver, Colorado.


7 Question About Cannabis Seeds That You Were Afraid To Ask

by christalcann | Sunday Mar 19, 2017

Over the past decades, landraces are increasingly harder to find. Traditional cannabis-producing countries imported the new hybrids developed in America and Europe looking for plants with no hermaphorite traits and improved yields and quality.