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Latest Blog in: Medical


Cannabis For Managing Pain Caused By Sickle Cell Disease

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Jan 17, 2017

Cannabis offers a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic benefits that can help give SCD patients a better quality of life.


Cannabis Strains vs. Chronic Pain

by BehindTheWaves | Monday Jan 16, 2017

Science has proven that cannabis is a potent natural alternative to the common chemically engineered pills prescribed to patients suffering from chronic pain.


Stress and Cannabis: Small Doses Are Better

by DanaSmith | Monday Jan 9, 2017

The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in keeping the body healthy and regulates stress levels. Although there are several cannabinoids in cannabis


Ex-Marine Beats The S#$(^ Out Of Cancer Using Cannabis

by Oaktree | Saturday Jan 7, 2017

I didn’t choose to have cancer, I didn't choose to have cancer twice.  I did not lie or cheat my way through the system to gain employment, yet corporate is not ready for honesty. 


The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis Infused Tea Are Shocking

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Jan 6, 2017

How do you make it? There are many ways to make cannabis infused tea and best would be to find the one suited for the user.


Can Your Pet Benefit From Cannabis?

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Jan 3, 2017

While it is not clear if medical cannabis is bad for your pet, it is also not clear if it is good for your pet.


Can Cannabis Help With PMS?

by BostonBakedPete | Monday Jan 2, 2017

If you have been recommended to use medical marijuana for severe PMS symptoms, you may be wondering what strains are going to be best for you to use


The First Clinical Trial Of Marijuana For Chemotherapy Starts

by christalcann | Friday Dec 23, 2016

Research in the past shows that marijuana is very effective in reducing vomiting, nausea and pain linked with chemotherapy treatments.


Curing Cancer With Cannabis: Is It True?

by Catherine Hiller | Saturday Dec 17, 2016

Individual stories about cannabis curing cancer are often dismissed as being merely “anecdotal evidence”: hearsay, not hard facts. Yet when person after person attests to remission after using marijuana products, it’s hard to remain completely skeptical.


Insomnia and Cannabis - Why It Works So Well

by DanaSmith | Friday Dec 16, 2016

The researchers found that 20mg of THC was the most effective dose, since it reduced the amount of time that the subjects fell asleep by as much as 1 hour.