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Is the Solution to High-THC Products and Potent Marijuana Strains Good Old-Fashioned Black Pepper?

by Lemon Knowles | Sunday May 26, 2024

How Black Pepper Interacts with Cannabis - The interaction between the terpenes in cannabis and those in black pepper, particularly beta-caryophyllene, can influence the effects of cannabis consumption. The potential benefits include...


Scientists Got Fish High on Psychedelics to Explain How They Work - Here's What They Found Out!

by DanaSmith | Thursday May 23, 2024

In a recent study, whose results were published in Molecular Psychiatry, Dr. Takashi Kawashima led a team of researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science to understand the behavior of psychedelics in the human body by exposing larval zebrafish to it, and how they influence different cells in the brain to provide its therapeutic benefits. The researchers utilized various scientific tools such as image analysis, optical microscopy, and even artificial intelligence.


Natural Pain Management: Exploring CBD Vape Oil as a Solution

by BehindTheWaves | Wednesday May 22, 2024

CBD vape oil is not specifically for pain management, as it has many other health benefits. However, it is among the popular natural pain management remedies. The truth is that people frequently use CBD to manage pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. When it comes to pain management, the strongest CBD vape oil in the UK will be a better choice.


Can a CBD Vape Pen Help You Sleep Better?

by Karhlyle | Tuesday May 21, 2024

Yes, CBD vape pens can help you sleep better. However, remember that it is not a treatment. Sleep issues may occur for many reasons. Hence, the effectiveness of CBD vapes in improving sleep will depend on the underlying cause. Needless to say, it would help mildly in most cases but not in every instance.


How to Use CBD Isolate to Create Personalized Wellness Solutions

by Laurel Leaf | Monday May 20, 2024

CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD available, usually comprising over 99% cannabidiol. It comes in a crystalline powder or solid form, which is odourless and tasteless. The extraction process involves isolating CBD from the cannabis plant and removing all other compounds, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component of cannabis. This makes CBD isolate an ideal choice for those who want to avoid any THC content altogether.


Can Taking CBD While Pregnant Cause Glucose Intolerance in Male Offspring But Not Female Children?

by Joseph Billions | Thursday May 16, 2024

Remarkably, at three months of age, only male offspring exposed to CBD showed signs of glucose intolerance. The authors speculate that estrogen-mediated mechanisms may have prevented female rats from acquiring glucose intolerance, given estrogen's established protective effect against metabolic dysfunction. To validate this theory, more research is necessary.


Irrational Fear of High THC Cannabis Dispelled by New German Medical Study - MMJ Patients are Tolerant of High THC Strains

by DanaSmith | Wednesday May 15, 2024

A staggering majority of patients said that medical marijuana was effective in treating their medical symptoms. Additionally, the patients were unable to distinguish differences between the different chemovars, since a majority of them were high THC and low in CBD. They did report an increase in appetite, dry mouth, and somnolence – which are minor yet common effects that are associated with cannabis use. None of these effects are deadly or dangerous at all.


Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Have an Entourage Effect Similar to Cannabis?

by DanaSmith | Thursday May 9, 2024

“There are many anecdotal and clinical reports which suggest that extract of psilocybin-containing mushrooms may have unique effects that are qualitatively and quantitatively different from chemical psilocybin, and also some preclinical studies. This observation has important clinical implications and we wanted to test it empirically in a laboratory study,” they said. So for the study, the researchers compared naturally-derived mushroom extracts to chemically made psilocybin, with the intention of discovering whether the other compounds within the extract can provide benefits that are not found when consuming isolated psilocybin.


A Deep Dive into the Benefits of Medical Marijuana for Mental Health - Swiss Medical Study Gives Fuel for US Research

by DanaSmith | Monday May 6, 2024

According to a recent study out of Cambridge in the United Kingdom conducted by researchers from Switzerland’s University of Basel, patients with chronic health problems most especially chronic pain experience significant improvements in their mental health after medical marijuana has been legalized. The researchers assessed feedback from 7.9 million participants of an online survey conducted from 1993 through 2018.


Cannabis as a Sleep Aid is Better Than Prescription Sleep Medications, Yes or No?

by HighChi | Saturday Apr 27, 2024

According to Dr. Matt Roman, a medical marijuana physician, cannabis is a natural sleep aid because it can help restore the normal sleep cycle, which revolves around the circadian rhythm, which wears out because of the modern-day pace of life. If you struggle with a sleep disorder or find it hard to sleep after a tough day, cannabis could be an option. The pain-relieving effects of marijuana might help ease chronic pain. At the same time, its anti-anxiety properties can calm a stressed mind and body.