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Cannabis Prevents Diabetes in Overweight People Says New Study

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Jun 25, 2019

The researchers sought out to understand the connection between fasting insulin levels, insulin resistance, and cannabis consumption in a sample of more than 129,000 adults. They found that obese people who had a history of cannabis use, and those who use it currently, had significant changes in their insulin levels compared to non-cannabis users.


Can You Overdose on CBD? (What if take too much?)

by DanaSmith | Monday Jun 24, 2019

Unlike other drugs or substances like alcohol, consuming too much of CBD is nothing more than an uncomfortable experience. The World Health Organization has even gone as far as publishing a report with all the scientific evidence backing up the safety of CBD. That’s why we can conclude with confidence that overdosing on CBD just isn’t possible.


How to Keep Your Pet out of the Cemetery: What Happens If a Dog Eats Weed?

by christalcann | Monday Jun 17, 2019

You're probably well aware of the fact that dogs shouldn't eat marijuana. However, knowing that dogs shouldn't eat marijuana doesn't necessarily mean that you prevented your dog from eating marijuana. In fact, more and more dogs seem to be getting into cannabis these days.


Can You Smoke Cannabis While Scuba Diving? A Pro Weighs In

by DanaSmith | Saturday Jun 1, 2019

Most people know there are risks associated with scuba diving. If you are a certified diver you would be familiar with the standard diving medical questionnaires to check you are healthy and fit enough to dive, along with liability and risk awareness waivers highlighting the potential dangers of diving - for these reason special dive insurance is usually recommended.


An Astounding 96% of Cancer Patients Find Relief with Cannabis Says New Study

by DanaSmith | Thursday May 30, 2019

A recent Israeli study of 2,970 cancer patients, which was published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, found that 96% of cancer patients who used cannabis reported great improvements in their symptoms.


The Impact of Legal MMJ on Gun-Related Suicides

by DanaSmith | Wednesday May 29, 2019

The researchers offered some theories to explain the findings. One of these is that access to cannabis helps reduce the motivation to kill oneself. Those suffering from mental conditions that have been linked to suicide and self harm, particularly depression, can be cured by using cannabis.


CBD For Curbing Heroin and Opioid Addictions

by DanaSmith | Tuesday May 28, 2019

A study conducted by researchers at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York analyzed 42 individuals suffering from heroin use disorder. They were made to abstain from the drug during their time at the program, and it was discovered that those who were given CBD showed dramatic reductions in heroin cravings both in the long and short term.


Why did the FDA Secretly Fast Track a Synthetic CBD from Big Pharma?

by DanaSmith | Sunday May 19, 2019

On Monday morning, Zynerba Pharmaceuticals announced that they won the status for a transdermal CBD topical. The benefits of Fast Track status means that it shortens the time needed to review medications designed to treat conditions that aren’t responsive to conventional medications.


CBD Gaining Popularity Among Elite Athletes

by DanaSmith | Saturday May 18, 2019

There’s no doubt that CBD is extremely beneficial for athletes in particular, thanks to its ability to speed up healing and recovery. After all, serious athletes face the issue of recovery every single day. But you don’t even have to be an athlete to appreciate the healing benefits of CBD: anyone who’s spent some time at a gym will tell you that sore muscles can be excruciating.


Genetics is the Reason Why Cannabis Affects Everyone Differently

by DanaSmith | Sunday May 12, 2019

John Lem, a genetic technology expert, was approached by the head of a cannabis firm asking him to explain why he had adverse effects from cannabis while everyone else didn’t. Lem took matters into his own hands to investigate the genetic reasons behind this, and the result was Lobo Genetics.