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Tripping on Shrooms with 12 of Your Best Friends and a Dog - The Oaxaca Mushroom Experience

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

While the group experience was “fun” and definitely a beautiful psychedelic trip – I wanted to have a more intimate experience with the substance. I have always had a “pull” towards mushrooms and to this day am fascinated with all kinds…not just the psychedelic ones. My wife didn’t want to take the journey the second time, but was cool with hanging back and smoking some weed while I trip. It’s just one of the reasons I love that woman!

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California Cannabis Road Trips That Every Weed Lover Should Try at Least Once

by BehindTheWaves | Friday Mar 25, 2022

If you're thinking about going on a road trip through California, then this guide is for you. There are various places to visit in California to show you how Californians grow and smoke only the best cannabis products. You'd get to revel in the glorious history of cannabis in the different cities in the state. If you drive as far as the Big Sur coastline or Joshua Tree, you will enjoy the state's unique landscape. There's more enjoyment for you if you explore with an elevated mind.

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The Self-Employed Stoner - Be a Weed AniGamer

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Mar 1, 2022

Considering that stoners like to be creative, and the fact that it seems we’re being sold the idea of a “Metaverse” really hard by most corporations – there is a unique overlap between “Gaming + Animation”. Therefore, for those stoners of you reading this article are looking for a “next thing” or want to swap careers…spark up and let me explain a thing or two.

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The Story of Little Caesar Shane - Shrooms, a Serial Killer, and Little Caesars on a Friday Night

by Reginald Reefer | Wednesday Dec 22, 2021

Now we’ve got a bunch of teens, with a possible serial killer eating mushrooms on a Friday night in Little Caesars during a busy shift. At this point, the story was almost complete. It felt like Shane could have been a perfect victim of Dexter Morgan or something similar, perhaps making the audience ask – “how does one get to become like Shane”.

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MMA Fighter Daniel Rodriguez Says Cannabis is the Key to His Recent Fighting Success

by DanaSmith | Sunday Dec 5, 2021

Many athletes have to go through a struggle before they peak in their career, during which they usually find cannabis to be a helpful tool in recovery and even success. MMA fighter Daniel Rodriguez is one of them, and he’s also one of those who credits cannabis with helping him get to the top of his game even though he started his career at 28, which is when most athletes reach their peak.

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Cannabis as a Tool for Personal Development - Techniques People are Trying Now!

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Nov 5, 2021

PRO TIP: Don’t smoke cannabis at the first sign of stress – rather, sit in the stress for as long as you can. Become mindful of it, and figure out how you can naturally convert it into “positive stress”. If the stress becomes too much to handle – spark up a big fatty. If it’s late at night – any strain that will induce a body high would be preferable and throughout the day, you’ll want to work with more cerebral strains.

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Starting Your Own Cannabis Seed Bank is a Great Way to Get New Strains

by Reginald Reefer | Thursday Mar 25, 2021

My journey into cross-breeding started one day when I left a plant outside in the cold. It got to below 6º C, which is far too cold for cannabis. The plant magically survived, except – it was deformed. Fortunately, it still started to flower. What strain was this? Gorilla Glue! Fortunately, from the two Gorilla Glue seeds I planted – one was a male and the other was female. Considering that I only have about 6 more Gorilla Glue seeds – I decided to cross breed the two and multiply my seed stash.

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The Ayahuasca Experience Explained - I Tried It Last Weekend

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Feb 9, 2021

This was my first time doing ayahuasca, meaning I was woefully ill-prepared.  They told us to bring a sleeping bag and some blankets and a pillow, but I didn’t know we were going to be in the middle of the desert on a concrete floor. If I knew, I would have brought more gear. So if you’re about to go on an Ayahuasca trip, unless the guides prepare your space, I’d recommend bringing a thick blanket or two, a blow up mattress, or a thick sleeping bag. You want to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible because during the trip – you’re going to need it.

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Would You Rather...The New Cannabis Hypothetical Game

by Reginald Reefer | Saturday May 16, 2020

Would You Rather is a game you play when you’re bored where you compare two difficult choices and make a decision on which “you would rather happen”. For example; “Would you rather have to always shout everything you say at all times OR have to run everywhere at full speed no matter the distance?”

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Cannabis Coaching – Teaching People to Smoke Weed (Yes, It's a Real Thing!)

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Jan 28, 2020

According to Fred, a cannabis coach could either be recreationally-focused or medically-focused depending on the needs of the clients. Most of Fred’s clients thus far has been for recreational cannabis, however, he has had a few medical clients as well. Fred says the first thing is to actually get people to sit down and smoke a bowl or two with him. He typically shows consumers how to use a pipe first – because it’s one of the easiest ways to actually consume cannabis.