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I Face 40 Years In Jail For Selling Hemp CBD Products

by christalcann | Friday May 19, 2017

On April 5th, 2017, both Tobacco Depot locations in Alexander, and Watford City North Dakota, were raided by law enforcement in search of hemp cbd products.


Cannabis Is The Answer To The American Health Care Act

by DanaSmith | Saturday May 13, 2017

One of the biggest criticisms of the AHCA is that it would be the end of Medicaid expansion come 2020.


Mexico Permits Medical Cannabis For Epilepsy Patients

by DanaSmith | Friday May 12, 2017

The medical cannabis bill of Mexico will require the Health Ministry to create rules for its use, importation, and production of all things made from the plant.


Cannabis-Infused Wine Is Now For Sale

by DanaSmith | Wednesday May 10, 2017

Canna Vine is a commercially produced cannabis wine made by Californian winemakers.


Nevada Wants To Make Edibles Illegal

by DanaSmith | Tuesday May 9, 2017

Senator Patricia Farley thinks that the state should make sugary cannabis snacks illegal.


Job Posting: Pot Smokers In Berlin Wanted For Research

by DanaSmith | Tuesday May 9, 2017

A new research initiatives seeks to get approval to conduct a study involving 25,000 recreational cannabis users in Berlin, if the German government approves it.


Legal Cannabis Can Save $1 Billion A Year and Cut Overdose Rates By 25%

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday May 2, 2017

Health Affairs recently published a new report which outlined that if all the states in the US would have legalized marijuana, they could have saved $1 Billion dollars.


Anti-Anxiety Cannabis Milk Hits The Shelves

by DanaSmith | Saturday Apr 29, 2017

Rawligion has an amazing product called Relax, made of 100% organic hemp milk with CBD oil.


Cannabis Merchant Account Crackdown

by BostonBakedPete | Wednesday Apr 19, 2017

According to the processor, the bank identified transactions which were used to pay for prohibited products although they didn’t divulge any more details.


Philippine President Rody Duterte High On Marijuana Legalization

by DanaSmith | Monday Apr 17, 2017

Duterte has been upfront since the very beginning about his hatred of drugs…and thousands have been murdered in the aftermath since he stepped foot as president of the Philippines.