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Smoke Weed to Get Skinny? - Why Cannabis Users Gain Less Weight than Non-Users

by Joseph Billions | 12:00am

They compared the BMI of individuals who used marijuana with those who did not, all aged 18 and older, over three years. While they unearthed a slight average weight discrepancy between users and non-users, amounting to approximately two pounds, this modest variance remained consistent throughout the entire study cohort.


Thailand to Shut Down Recreational Cannabis? Prime Minister Tells the UN He Is Shutting Down Adult Use Weed!

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

Since June 2022, dispensaries and weed shops to cater to all kinds of lifestyles mushroomed all over the country. Thanks to Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister for the Bhumjaithai Party. Since he was responsible for helping Thailand recover after the pandemic, he had to come up with creative ways to breathe life into the country’s tourism sector given that the Land of Smiles has always been among the world’s most visited destinations.


Let Cannabis Legalization Be Done State-By-State with No Federal Legalization? - Republican Plot Twist for the Weed Industry

by Joseph Billions | Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

The fight against potential federal marijuana legalization without congressional permission is being led by Senators Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming (R-WY) and Steve Daines of Montana (R-MT). Regarding cannabis policy, Senator Lummis has continuously defended states' rights, firmly believing that state-by-state decisions on cannabis legalization should prevail over federal directives. She is committed to preserving state autonomy in cannabis policy, evidenced by her consistent opposition to federal legalization.


Yes, You Can Now Sell Moldy Weed to Consumers in Oregon - PS, Aspergillus Doesn't Really Count

by Chiara C | Monday Sep 25, 2023

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission has approved the sale and transfer of marijuana products that previously tested positive for Aspergillus, a mold variety that has prompted product recalls in various markets. This regulatory decision now enables the release of 2,500 pounds of cannabis and 65,000 infused pre-roll units, initially withheld due to mold concerns, for distribution through licensed channels, as detailed in a news release.


Yay, Weed is Going to be Rescheduled or Legalized! Republicans: Hold My Beer!

by Laurie Lyons | Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

Nonetheless, the eight GOP senators and six House members seem to doubt the motivations behind the HHS recommendation. In the letter, which The Washington Stand initially disclosed, they asserted that the existing "research, scientific findings, and prevailing trends support the argument that marijuana should continue to be classified as a Schedule I substance." They highlighted data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) regarding the prevalence of cannabis use disorder and expressed concerns about the increasing potency of THC in marijuana products.


The $12 Billion Mental Health Crisis Cure? - Psychedelics Poised to Generate Billions in Sales Over the Next Decade

by Joseph Billions | Monday Sep 18, 2023

Notably, Research Nester's projections suggest that the global psychedelic drugs market is poised to transform into a formidable economic force, anticipated to generate a remarkable $12 billion in revenue by the conclusion of 2035. This prediction represents a substantial upswing from the $3 billion valuation recorded in the year 2022.


Would You Fire an Outstanding Employee Because They Used CBD Instead of Taking Opioids? The DEA Did!

by Joseph Billions | Sunday Sep 17, 2023

The Justice Department is standing by the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) decision to terminate a "distinguished" special agent who had served for 16 years. The agent, Anthony Armour, was dismissed due to a positive THC test result after using a CBD product for pain relief, believing it to be legal hemp.


Rushing Back to College for a Degree in...Weed? - Surge in Applicants for Cannabis Education Courses Catches Ohio By Storm

by Joseph Billions | Friday Sep 15, 2023

The surge in enrollment in cannabis college programs has wide-ranging implications for Northeast Ohio. Firstly, it signifies the potential for an economic boom if cannabis for recreational purposes is legalized. The cannabis industry has the power to generate significant tax revenue, create jobs, and stimulate other supporting sectors such as tourism, hospitality, and retail. By proactively investing in cannabis education, Northeast Ohioans are preparing themselves to contribute to this growing industry and seize the economic opportunities it presents.


Delta-8 THC, HHC, THCP are Legal, Now Illegal, Now Legal, Again - Arkansas Judge Opens Flood Gates for Hemp Derived THC Products

by Joseph Billions | Thursday Sep 14, 2023

A recent ruling by a federal judge has raised questions within the industry: Has this judge effectively legalized hemp-derived cannabinoids such as HHC, delta-8 THC, THCa, and THCP flower? In summary, the judge in Arkansas determined that the 2018 Farm Bill holds greater legal authority than a state ban on hemp-derived cannabinoids, potentially setting a precedent for future legal actions in other states.


The Cannabis Job Market Contracts for the First Time Since 2016 - The New Reality or Statistical Anomaly?

by Laurel Leaf | Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Perhaps most notably, the past year marked the first contraction in the number of cannabis-related jobs in the United States since regulated marijuana markets were established. This unsettling development was detailed in a February 2023 report by Vangst, a Denver-based recruitment firm specializing in the marijuana industry.