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Alcohol Sales Drop 15% In States With Legal Cannabis Programs

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Dec 12, 2017

One of the study’s objectives was to find out of legalizing medical cannabis made it easier for some consumers to replace booze for cannabis, instead of these substances complementing each other.


Is Big Pharma Trying To Make Money From Hops-Derived CBD Products?

by DanaSmith | Sunday Dec 10, 2017

We know that hops is the close cousin of cannabis, but does it really contain CBD that’s just as powerful? Or is Isodiol trying to get on the bandwagon with its claims?


DEA Says Synthetic Cannabis Is Safer Than Whole-Plant Medicine

by DanaSmith | Monday Dec 4, 2017

The DEA notes that FDA-approved products of oral solutions containing dronabinol [THC] have an approved medical use, whereas marijuana does not have an approved medical use and therefore remains in Schedule I, said the agency.


Army Grants More Waivers To Enlist People Who Have Used Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Monday Dec 4, 2017

Even the Army is progressive; three years ago they never granted any waivers. But this year, they granted over 500 waivers, a huge increase from the 191 of 2016. This significant increase is a means for the Army to continue growing their size.


The State of Weed in Canada

by DanaSmith | Friday Dec 1, 2017

Canada has legalized cannabis at the federal level and as a result, they have a booming and robust market that has spawned some of the most prolific names in the cannabis industry.


CBD Products Online Deliver More Bang For The Buck Than You Think

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Nov 28, 2017

They also found that 42% of the products contained more CBD than its labels claimed, while 26% had less CBD than its labels had claimed.


Could Switzerland Be The Next Supplier Of Legal Weed In Europe?

by DanaSmith | Monday Nov 27, 2017

In cannabis fields throughout Switzerland, harvest time is about to end. Crops will soon be distributed to head shops in France and Switzerland, and soon may be available in other parts of Europe thanks to a business named CBD420.


No, Cannabis Did Not Kill an 11-Month Old Baby

by Reginald Reefer | Saturday Nov 25, 2017

The conclusion of the doctors were not conclusive and by no means did they say “cannabis killed the baby”.


What is Juuling? The Most Discreet Vape Pens in the World

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Nov 21, 2017

The trend of “Juuling”, or using Juul vapes, has now become so widespread among high schools in the United States.


Newsweek Reefer Madness Edition 2017

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Nov 17, 2017

As you guys know, I’m always scouring the internet for reefer madness articles because it helps me to provide counter arguments to the insanity they project. Lately though, I’ve been noticing fewer of these kinds of articles on the internet.