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19,000 US Cities Call For Cannabis Rescheduling

by DanaSmith | Monday Nov 19, 2018

The National League of Cities (NLC), a major organization comprised of over 19,000 towns, cities, and villages throughout the United States, is urging the federal government to reschedule cannabis.


You Can Die If You’re Caught With Cannabis In Singapore, But These Businessmen Get Away With It

by DanaSmith | Saturday Nov 17, 2018

CannAcubed gets away with it in Singapore, how exactly? Well, they’re registered in Singapore as a biotech company, one that’s a “diversified cannabis company.” Their business is completely legal, as long as they conduct their business outside the country.


Insys, Fentanyl Maker and Legalization Opponent, Now Wants To Make Money Off Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Thursday Nov 15, 2018

According to Insys Therapeutics President and CEO, Saeed Motahari, these financial results have led them no choice but to turn “INSYS into a leader in pharmaceutical cannabinoids and spray technology.” This would be part of their strategy to come up with alternative means of profit to recover from the opioid-related losses.


No THC Vapes And Concentrates Yet, Says Health Canada

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Nov 14, 2018

Campbell adds that the black market will eventually start getting into the business of making oils, which have better value and potency. Concentrates are still not regulated, which makes it easy for the black market to profit from it.


Believe The Science - Over 29,000 Medical Studies Have Been Done on Cannabis Now

by DanaSmith | Saturday Nov 10, 2018

From the years 2000-2017, there’s been over 29,000 studies focused on cannabis alone, according to a recent research review that’s been published in Population Health Management.


Trump Gives AG Jeff Sessions The Boot While Pete Sessions Gets Voted Out

by Laurie Lyons | Thursday Nov 8, 2018

The former Alabama GOP senator has long been a staunch opponent of cannabis legalization; so much so that when he was appointed Attorney General, it rattled everyone in the community including investors.


Marijuana Legalization Had a Very Good Midterm Election Night Minus North Dakota

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Nov 7, 2018

Other good news: Congressman Pete Sessions (R-Dallas) is finally out, thanks to a win by Colin Allred (D), who advocates ending cannabis prohibition.


Everyone In Canada Can Enjoy Weed, Except Koreans And Japanese People

by Lemon Knowles | Tuesday Nov 6, 2018

The same rules follow for South Koreans. The South Korean embassy in Canada tweeted: “Even if South Koreans are in a region where marijuana is legal, it will be illegal for them to consume it. Please take care not to commit an illegal act and be punished,” reads the tweet.


Are Expungement Clinics The Solution To The US Weed Industry’s Brain Drain?

by Lemon Knowles | Saturday Nov 3, 2018

The demand for skilled laborers in the cannabis industry only continues to grow, and perhaps expungement clinics may be the solution we need. From October 20 to 27 this month, more than 20 organizations coordinated for the first National Expungement Week (NEW) in the country.


Cannabis Now Available with a Prescription in the UK

by DanaSmith | Saturday Nov 3, 2018

The UK government was also quick to add that this isn’t going to lead to the legalization of recreational cannabis. “There will be strict controls in place and this is in no way a step towards legalizing the recreational use of cannabis,” said Home Secretary Sajid Javid.