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Parents Regain Custody Of Epileptic Teen Taken Away For Using Pot

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Sep 18, 2018

Had it not been for me and my husband, my son would have long been dead. Authorities want to argue legality instead of taking care of the kid.


Why Now is the Right Time to Quit Your Day Job and Go For That Cannabis Dream Job

by DanaSmith | Monday Sep 17, 2018

They predict that cannabis jobs will continue to soar in demand and see 220% more growth come 2019. The average salary for cannabis jobs also grew 16.1% between 2017 to 2018.


US Congress Could Pass Game-Changing Bill That Protects Pot From Feds By Next Year

by DanaSmith | Monday Sep 10, 2018

The bill would mean significant progress to the legal cannabis industry, albeit leaving much room for improvement still. For example, if the act is passed, cannabis would still be a Schedule 1 substance together with heroin and cocaine.


Canadian Parents Say They Aren't Prepared For October 17th

by DanaSmith | Thursday Sep 6, 2018

It seemed that the parents were more worried about their kids not knowing enough about the harms of driving while stoned, as revealed by 87% of the respondents.


Illinois Legalizes Medical Marijuana as an Opioid Alternative

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Sep 5, 2018

The changes for the Illinois law are significant because it not only makes access to cannabis easier, but it also allows more people even more access to their medicine.


European Marijuana News Update

by DanaSmith | Monday Sep 3, 2018

Changes in cannabis legalization in Europe are driven largely by stories like Ava. Just this June, the UK government permitted a change in cannabis policy to accommodate the needs of a young epileptic boy named Billy Caldwell.


Maine Sea Goddess Dethroned For Cannabis Use

by BehindTheWaves | Friday Aug 31, 2018

Hamlin was crowned the 2018 Maine Sea Goddess end of July, but it was only one day later that festival organizers forced her to step down after they were emailed pictures of her holding a joint and Juul, a vaping instrument.


1 Out Of 7 Americans Used Cannabis Last Year

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Aug 29, 2018

The Harris Insight and Analytics poll revealed that 85% of Americans think that cannabis “should be legalized for medical use” and 57% of the respondents recommend its regulation for adults aged 21 and up.


What Rights Can You Lose By Smoking Pot?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Wednesday Aug 29, 2018

But even if you live in a state where cannabis is legal in some capacity, this doesn’t mean that you are free from certain repercussions when you take a puff.


European Marijuana News Update

by DanaSmith | Monday Aug 27, 2018

A Swiss cannabis company, Pure Cannabis Research AG, has teamed up with Israel-based NRGene, a gene sequencing firm, in order to create improved strains of cannabis for patients.