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Cannabis News Updates for Europe

by DanaSmith | Thursday Feb 21, 2019

Northern Swan Holdings, Inc. is among the latest. The NY-based holdings firm which focuses on medical marijuana just invested $8 million into a German marijuana wholesale and distribution company called Cansativa GmbH to help speed up the development of the company into the European market.


Why is the FDA Suddenly Cracking Down on CBD?

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Feb 20, 2019

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act; a law that places strict rules on the addition of medicinal components on food and drink. Combine that with the fact that the FDA isn’t convinced about the health benefits of CBD, so any business that makes health claims is ruffling their features.


Singapore Makes it Clear - Raw Cannabis Flower is Harmful and Illegal

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Feb 19, 2019

Aside from the mentioned study, the authorities do not acknowledge the many other studies proving the safety and efficacy of pot when used as medicine. They also cite the fact that other countries who took a more relaxed stand on cannabis suffered serious societal harms. “Therefore, we have strict laws against the trafficking, possession, consumption, and import or export of illicit drugs including cannabis and cannabis products.”


Cannabis Job Openings Pay 11% More Than Similar Jobs - Demand is Surging!

by DanaSmith | Saturday Feb 16, 2019

Seek greener pastures over at the cannabis industry, where salaries are 11% higher then the national median salary. There’s also a pretty good chance that you’ll get a job, considering that a new report from Glassdoor revealed that job openings jumped 76% in one year.


William Barr Is The New Attorney General - Now What For Cannabis?

by HighChi | Friday Feb 15, 2019

So while he said he would respect state cannabis laws, Barr also still supports criminalization of cannabis at the federal level. Using a hands-off approach despite the federally illegal status of cannabis is certainly still better than having Sessions on board. “I think it’s a mistake to back off on marijuana,” Barr said last month. “However, if we want a federal approach, if we want states to have their own laws, then let’s get there and let’s get there right away.”


CBD Now Listed In USA Pharmaceutical Drug Directory For The First Time Ever

by DanaSmith | Friday Feb 15, 2019

The PDR is a reference publication used by physicians as well as doctors, and even patients, to learn more about various pharmaceutical medications – and now, CBD, too. It’s a huge milestone for a CBD product to be listed in the publication for the first time ever, considering how widespread its use is.


Barney’s Is Opening A Luxury Head Shop In Beverly Hills

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Feb 13, 2019

The launch makes Barney the first ever major retailer to enter the cannabis lifestyle industry. They will be offering a wide range of curated wellness products in beauty, home, jewelry, and much more. They will also have an exclusive partnership with Beboe, a cannabis brand.


Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card Even in Recreational Cannabis States

by christalcann | Monday Feb 11, 2019

As more states legalize recreational cannabis, you might be wondering if it’s still worth getting a medical marijuana card if you have a qualifying condition. After all, do you really need to go through the hassle of getting an MMJ card if you can walk into a dispensary and buy recreational cannabis?


Military Vets Want More Cannabis Research Says Survey

by DanaSmith | Friday Feb 8, 2019

Military vets who served in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars support cannabis legalization as well as more research into its medicinal benefits, reveals the results of a new survey conducted by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).


Reschedule Cannabis Says World Health Organization

by DanaSmith | Monday Feb 4, 2019

The recommendations also call for the reclassification of THC by removing it entirely from the 1971 Convention, for it to be placed in Schedule 1 of the 1961 Convention. Additionally, CBD and CBD products that contain 0.2% THC or less would not be included in international drug treaty controls.