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How Can Cops Tell the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana? - Feds Unveil Real-Time High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Update!

by Joseph Billions | 12:00am

According to a recent update by NIJ, existing testing methods fall short of accurately quantifying THC levels in samples. However, the researchers supported by NIJ have made a breakthrough by utilizing two distinct forms of mass spectrometry—gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and direct analysis in real time-high-resolution mass spectrometry (DART-HRMS)—to isolate THC content, along with other cannabinoids.


The Ohio Cannabis Industry is a Dumpster Fire - If You Don't Like What the Voters Approved, Just Do What You Want, Instead?

by Laurel Leaf | Wednesday Feb 21, 2024

The prolonged legislative impasse surrounding Ohio's marijuana legalization has elicited frustration and discontent among the public and various stakeholders. The delays in enacting the law that the electorate passed in November 2023 are causing citizens who supported legalizing to become more and more irate. A lot of people voice their worries about the legislative process's sluggish pace and seeming disrespect for democracy.


Trading Stoners for Terrorists? - How Russia is Using Cannabis to Get Murderers and Terrorists Freed from Other Countries

by HighChi | Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

The arrest of the German citizen in Russia holds particular significance amidst ongoing negotiations between Moscow and Berlin regarding a potential prisoner exchange involving a Russian individual imprisoned for murder in Germany, as part of broader discussions with the United States. The German passport, six cannabis-infused candies, and the "Fink Green Goldbears" package are all visible in the images that the customs office has taken. The detained person faces a maximum sentence of seven years in jail for narcotics smuggling.


Medical Marijuana Cards in Your Apple Wallet? - New Jersey Starts Digital MMJ Cards with No Renewal Fees

by Joseph Billions | Monday Feb 19, 2024

The recent decrease in registration and renewal fees for medical cannabis in New Jersey might not be surprising when examining the state's cannabis sales trends. This move echoes New York's decision to waive its $50 medical cannabis fee in 2022, following the legalization of recreational cannabis.


Minnesota Mayor Caught with Illegal 240 Plant Cannabis Grow - Elected Officials Caught in the Cannabis Industry

by Joseph Billions | Monday Feb 19, 2024

Minnesota has been at the center of the discussions around the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis. However, the recent story of a mayor in southern Minnesota who was charged with cultivating cannabis illegally highlights how difficult and complex it is to navigate these disparate legal frameworks.


Smoke Weed and Drive the Nuclear Sub - Navy Will Accept Recruits Who Have a Cannabis History

by Joseph Billions | Sunday Feb 18, 2024

The Navy's recent adjustment in its policy regarding recruits with marijuana traces in their systems is reshaping recruitment strategies and training protocols. By introducing waivers for recruits testing positive for THC, the Navy signals a willingness to adapt to societal shifts in marijuana attitudes while maintaining its standards for military service. This alteration not only impacts recruitment screening but also influences the dynamics within boot camp divisions, as individuals previously disqualified for marijuana use now have the opportunity to enlist.


Federal Scientists Acknowledge Weed's Medicinal Benefits, Yes, It Meets the Criteria for Reclassification!

by DanaSmith | Thursday Feb 15, 2024

In the paper, they also acknowledged that cannabis also does have some medicinal benefits, thus recommending loosening of federal restrictions surrounding cannabis. According to the paper, the agency said, “there exists some credible scientific support for the medical use of marijuana in at least one of the indications for which there is widespread current experience in the United States.”


Hawaii Makes a Push to Legalize Weed, Although Most People Would Assume Marijuana Has Been Legal in Hawaii for Decades

by Lemon Knowles | Thursday Feb 15, 2024

Despite these efforts towards legalization, there is a concerted opposition movement in Hawaii, with various law enforcement agencies and officials, including former Republican Governor Linda Lingle, holding a news conference to criticize marijuana reform. Their arguments typically revolve around concerns of increased violent crime, underage usage, homelessness, and adverse effects on tourism, although research suggests contrary outcomes in jurisdictions with adult-use programs.


You Can Have Medical Marijuana, You Just Can't Smoke It - South Carolina and Florida are Conservatives Regulating Cannabis Fails

by Joseph Billions | Wednesday Feb 14, 2024

Notably, the bill does not include provisions for taxing medical cannabis sales, addressing concerns that led to the rejection of the previous version by the House due to procedural regulations in the South Carolina legislature. Smoking marijuana and personal cultivation of the plant would be prohibited.


Senator Warren Blasts the DEA over Marijuana Stance, Tells Them It's Not 1954 Anymore and Join the 21st Century

by HighChi | Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

"At present, marijuana is classified by the DEA as a drug on par with heroin," Warren remarked. "This means not only is it illegal, but research on it is also prohibited. So, no — and what we're expressing in this letter is, 'Come on, DEA, catch up.' It's not 1954. More than half of all states have legalized marijuana."