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Study Says Legal Weed Makes Cops More Effective At Solving Crime

by DanaSmith | 12:00am

Legalization supporters tend to debate that releasing the cops from the burden of fighting low-level cannabis crimes would give them more resources needed to tackle serious crimes.


Thailand May Be First Asian Nation To Legalize Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Friday Jul 20, 2018

Thailand’s Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), which is overseen by the Ministry of Public Health, is working on convincing the military government to permit the research of cannabis in order to market it for its therapeutic benefits.


Thomas Jefferson University Becomes First School To Offer Grad-Level Cannabis Science Courses

by DanaSmith | Friday Jul 20, 2018

The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at the Thomas Jefferson University has been created specifically to address the educational needs of cannabis healthcare professionals.


Why Are Canadian Cannabis Employees Being Banned From Entering The USA?

by Lemon Knowles | Thursday Jul 19, 2018

The report says that anyone working in the Canadian cannabis industry, whether you’re a budtender or a CEO, will be subject to being banned from entering the US.


Does the Legalization of Marijuana Lead to More Car Crashes?

by HighChi | Tuesday Jul 17, 2018

In response, traditionalists on the topic of marijuana legalization have cited the potential effects on intoxicated driving and the rate of car accidents occurring.


Are Dragon Balls The Most Powerful Cannabis Extracts In The World?

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Jul 17, 2018

Meet the Dragon Ball, a 3,000-gram orb-like ball that contains an impressive THC content of 99%. Manufactured by Seattle’s X-tracted Labs.


Canada’s Police: We Aren’t Ready For Legalization

by DanaSmith | Sunday Jul 15, 2018

Individual police forces, provinces, and territories in Canada are conducting their own SFST trainings, which are standardized in accordance with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) standards and outlined in the Criminal Code regulations.


New Study Proves Once Again That Cannabis Isn’t A Gateway Drug

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jul 11, 2018

The report, which was published by LiveStories, stated that the researchers found no association between cannabis consumption and subsequent use of dangerous and addictive drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, heroin, and cocaine.


The European Weed Report

by HighChi | Tuesday Jul 10, 2018

The Swiss government is allowing pilot studies to help them determine the best way to legalize their laws, while making it easier for patients to access cannabis to treat conditions such as cancer or multiple sclerosis.


7 Ways Cannabis Legalization Differs in Canada and the USA

by DanaSmith | Monday Jul 9, 2018

Federally Legal: In the United States, even if states have legalized recreational or medical cannabis, the drug is still prohibited and illegal based on federal law.