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How a Hemp Car and Hemp House Will Change The World

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Aug 16, 2017

According to the website, hemp is used as an alternative because it’s strong and lightweight, and can be grown in the United States sustainably without the need for herbicides.


Welcome to Cannaville – A Town Entirely Dedicated to Cannabis

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Aug 15, 2017

One of the largest cannabis companies in the US just purchased an entire town in California.


The Great 16 Ton California Weed Surplus

by Rick Schettino | Saturday Aug 12, 2017

California growers now have to seriously consider how they are going to cope with the projected cannabis surplus.


What Are Trichomes and Why Are They Important?

by DanaSmith | Friday Aug 11, 2017

Trichomes are the tiny crystals that are found on the leaves and buds of quality cannabis strains.


NFL Offers To Work With Union To Study Pain Management

by HighChi | Monday Aug 7, 2017

The NFL offered to work with the NFL Players Association to study the potential of cannabis as an alternative pain management tool for its players, as reported by the Washington Times.


Half Of People Who Use CBD Products Stop Using Pharmaceutical Drugs

by DanaSmith | Saturday Aug 5, 2017

A recent article on Forbes written by Debra Borchardt discusses the results of the largest survey ever done analyzing cannabidiol (CBD) use, with interesting, albeit not surprising, results.


10 Influential People Who Support Cannabis Legalization

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Aug 1, 2017

Then there are the celebrities and influential people who are using their power to make this world a better place through legalization.


Cannabis Events Near You Page Now Live With Festivals and Conferences

by HighChi | Friday Jul 28, 2017

The all new "EVENTS" page in now live.  You can now check for cannabis conferences and festivals coming up near you.   We didn't stop there either.


Toronto Transit Commission Implements Random Drug Testing

by DanaSmith | Thursday Jul 27, 2017

TTC will be utilizing oral swabs to determine the presence of cannabis and other drugs while a Breathalyzer will be used to test for booze.


NFL’s Messed Up Stance On Advertising, Booze, and Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Saturday Jul 22, 2017

Liquor is in, but NFL is still putting vitamins, birth control, and of course cannabis (more on that later on), on the bench.