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California Urges The US Congress To Reschedule Cannabis Immediately

by Reginald Reefer | Thursday Oct 5, 2017

Cannabis, is currently in the most restrictive category, “Schedule I” which means that according to Uncle Sam, it has no medical value and a high potential for abuse. Meanwhile, cocaine and methamphetamines are Schedule II.


Are Cannabis Edibles Really A Threat To Society?

by Laurie Lyons | Wednesday Oct 4, 2017

Cannabis edible manufacturers are certainly feeling the pressure, but is the only answer to this problem completely banning them?


What’s The Most Effective Way To Absorb Cannabis?

by DanaSmith | Monday Oct 2, 2017

There are so many different ways to take cannabis these days, and all of them have a different potency.


Why Block Medical Research on Cannabis at All?

by Reginald Reefer | Thursday Sep 28, 2017

It makes sense that we would want to understand the danger fully in order to minimize the potential risks from the exposure to this part of nature.


Are You Closely Monitoring These Conditions In Your Cannabis Greenhouse?

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Sep 27, 2017

There are many aspects that need to be monitored especially if you’re growing cannabis in a greenhouse to make sure that the plants are always in optimum conditions and in a healthy environment.


77 Year Old Man Gets 10 Years In Prison For Growing Cannabis

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Sep 26, 2017

Don’t you love it when your tax dollars are being used to put a 77-year-old man in prison for ten years for growing plants?


Why You Need An Apocalypse Blunt Today

by Reginald Reefer | Sunday Sep 24, 2017

I asked my cannabis hookup to roll me a special blunt. I wanted only the finest weed, covered with kief and dabs and rolled in cannabis leaf.


Why Netflix Launched Its Own Marijuana Strains

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Sep 22, 2017

Essentially, Netflix branded a few strains of cannabis that was sold in one particular dispensary in Hollywood right around the season premiere and encouraged people to smoke it while watching the show.


Another Cannabis Death That Didn't Happen

by Reginald Reefer | Monday Sep 18, 2017

Every now and then we hear about another alleged “marijuana related death” only to find out that…no…cannabis did not kill that person.


Is the Rohrabacher’s Amendment Dead?

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Sep 15, 2017

Essentially, it’s a rider that was included in the fiscal budget that prohibited the Department of Justice to use one single penny on prosecuting legal cannabis businesses in medical marijuana states.