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Should You Still Invest In Cannabis With This Current Administration?

by The Undercover Stoner | Friday Aug 18, 2017

To put it simply, we’ve learned that Donald Trump says one thing on the campaign trail, but a completely different thing in the White House.


What to do about Toxic Illegal Cannabis Grows?

by Reginald Reefer | Thursday Aug 17, 2017

Additionally, he claims that the ‘cleanup’ of this waste is also not being done thoroughly saying that at many of the sites roughly half of the waste is still there.


Why Are Doctors Are Prescribing Ketamine For Depression?

by DanaSmith | Thursday Aug 10, 2017

Part of me was actually expecting the article to discuss cannabis, but I’m seriously stunned to find out what I read, which made me wonder if the article was funded by big pharma and ketamine manufacturers.


5 Reasons You Should Be Smoking Legal Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Friday Aug 4, 2017

Legal cannabis prices may be higher but the benefits outweigh the costs as far as safety, choice, and health.


Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana Is A Farce

by Reginald Reefer | Thursday Aug 3, 2017

Recreational is a bike ride, a swim, going to the beach,” he said. “Using a drug to put your brain in an altered state is not recreation. That is self-destructive behavior and escapism.


Ways to Smoke Cannabis That Involve Water

by Thom Baccus | Tuesday Aug 1, 2017

In this article, we are going to focus on ways to smoke marijuana that involve water. We will talk about a few of the most common water-based smoking methods and make some comparisons.


Dumb Things Anti-Marijuana People Love To Say

by Reginald Reefer | Saturday Jul 29, 2017

Informed users of marijuana should be sure about their facts too because a perception can’t just be changed by merely stating that the lies told about marijuana are just that- lies.


Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Euphoria

by HighChi | Wednesday Jul 26, 2017

Everyone can benefit from feelings of euphoria, which can be described as an overwhelming feeling of well-being, happiness, and joy.


Mexico Legalizes Medical Cannabis and What it means for the USA

by Reginald Reefer | Wednesday Jul 26, 2017

Somewhere in mid-June, the Mexican federal government passed a law that legalizes medical cannabis in Mexico.


Could this Argument end Cannabis Prohibition?

by Reginald Reefer | Saturday Jul 22, 2017

Aaron Romano is calling drug prohibition unconstitutional on the premise that many states based their anti-cannabis laws on the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937