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What Would You Name Your Marijuana Strain?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Thursday Feb 16, 2017

Some cannabis strains seem to have been pulled out of thin air, while many of them also have a story behind it.


Top 5 Strains For Yoga and Meditation

by DanaSmith | Saturday Feb 11, 2017

It’s no secret that weed just goes so well with yoga and meditation.


What If You Know More Than Your Budtender?

by DanaSmith | Friday Feb 3, 2017

The study also showed that only 20% of budtenders received formal training about the health benefits of cannabis, while 13% received training on the science of how cannabis works


The Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Beginners

by DanaSmith | Thursday Feb 2, 2017

Find a good marijuana strain to start your cannabis experience.


6 Strains Coming Back From Extinction, Would You Smoke Them?

by DanaSmith | Monday Dec 5, 2016

His widow, Anita Thompson, saved 6 different strains used by her late husband and is now working with cannabusinesses to reproduce them.


Why Cannabis Comes In Different Colors

by DanaSmith | Thursday Sep 29, 2016

You might have already come across some cannabis strains whose names have the words “purple”, “blue”, or “red”: Purple Haze, Grandaddy Purple, and Red Dragon, for example.


Why You Need To Switch To Organic Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Saturday Sep 3, 2016

The benefits of consuming organic produce is real, and the main benefit of doing so is to avoid consuming pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and other toxins


The 7 Strongest Cannabis Strains To Smoke

by DanaSmith | Sunday Jul 10, 2016

So what do you look for at a dispensary when you want to get lit up with the strongest pot in the world? Ask for strains that have the highest THC content.


The Gold Bullion: The World's Most Ridiculous Thing to Smoke

by Oaktree | Tuesday Mar 22, 2016

That's right. Gold Bullion. If there's a way to innovate when it comes to smoking marijuana, you better believe it won't take long for people to find it. We're a resourceful lot! And leave it the tokers to find a modern way to turn straw in gold.


Weed and Whiskey Part 5 - Kentucky Power With Kush'N'Cheese

by Oaktree | Sunday Feb 21, 2016

The strong herbal aromas of the Knob Creek will go very well with the lemon peel aspects of Kush’N’Cheese.  Both the whiskey and weed will end with a nice sweetness in the mouth as well as the sugar from the whiskey is the final after taste of this partic