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5 Best Strains For An Awesome Wake And Bake Experience

by DanaSmith | Saturday Aug 12, 2017

We’ve compiled some of the best energizing, uplifting, and creativity-boosting strains on this list to help you start your day on the best high possible.


Top 8 Citrusy Cannabis Strains

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Jul 11, 2017

Temperatures are rising, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy delicious citrusy cannabis strains.


Top Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains

by DanaSmith | Thursday Jul 6, 2017

Specific cannabis strains can produce a significantly higher yield than others.


What Is Pinene?

by DanaSmith | Thursday Jun 8, 2017

Pinene is one of the major terpenes found in cannabis. There two kinds of pinene: alpha-pinene, and beta-pinene.


The Evolution of Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

by The Undercover Stoner | Tuesday Jun 6, 2017

It is now known that the best auto genetics tend to produce a greater yield compared to photoperiod varieties, which are grown over a similar period of time.


What is Limonene?

by DanaSmith | Thursday Jun 1, 2017

Your favorite citrusy strains have limonene, a terpene, to thank for their delicious aromas.


Top Cannabis Strains for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

by DanaSmith | Friday May 19, 2017

Carpal tunnel syndrome affects the nerves in the hands, causing neuropathic pain, tingling, numbness, and even weakness.


Top 5 Cannabis Strains for Stress

by DanaSmith | Sunday Apr 30, 2017

Stress can take a toll on you mentally, emotionally, and physically, but cannabis is here to help.


Best Cannabis Strains for Bipolar Disorder

by BehindTheWaves | Friday Apr 28, 2017

Consuming strains that are high in THC may be more beneficial for patients suffering from bipolar disorder.


Landrace Strains: The Roots Of All Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Thursday Apr 27, 2017

Landrace strains are usually pretty rare, and it means that these strains were never systematically bred.