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Best Cannabis Strains for Bipolar Disorder

by BehindTheWaves | 12:00am

Consuming strains that are high in THC may be more beneficial for patients suffering from bipolar disorder.


Landrace Strains: The Roots Of All Cannabis

by DanaSmith | Thursday Apr 27, 2017

Landrace strains are usually pretty rare, and it means that these strains were never systematically bred.


Top Cannabis Strains for Celiac Disease

by DanaSmith | Monday Apr 24, 2017

Using cannabis as part of a comprehensive approach, including changing your diet and lifestyle, is an excellent way to manage the symptoms of Celiac disease.


The Best Cannabis Strains To Grow In Cold Climates

by DanaSmith | Saturday Apr 22, 2017

Growing your own cannabis in cold climates can be a little more challenging compared to tropical weather, but it isn’t impossible.


Top 5 Cannabis Strains For Nausea

by jsp1073 | Monday Apr 17, 2017

Using cannabis to treat nausea is one of the most well-documented and established cases of the plant’s medical use.


Cannabis Strains for Menopause

by DanaSmith | Thursday Apr 6, 2017

The endocannabinoid system plays a large part in women’s menopause. When estrogen reaches a peak, the same happens with endocannabinoids.


The 5 Easiest Cannabis Strains To Grow

by DanaSmith | Tuesday Mar 21, 2017

Novice growers can benefit from trying these easy strains – there will be less risk of failing when you start growing with these strains.


Top Cannabis Strains For Panic Disorders

by DanaSmith | Monday Feb 27, 2017

Panic disorder treatments are available in the form of antidepressant pills, and may be combined with relaxation techniques, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.


The Top 5 Cannabis CBD Strains

by DanaSmith | Saturday Feb 25, 2017

Strains with a high CBD content are widely used by patients to address inflammation, pain, seizures, epilepsy, and nausea.


What Is Kief?

by DanaSmith | Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Also known as pollen or dry sift, kief is resin glands which develop on the cannabis flower buds.