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Massachusetts 420 Deals and Best Products - Roll Up with These Dank Brands!

by BostonBakedPete | Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

Expect to find great deals across Massachusetts with the top discounts ranging from 15% to 42% off the entire store. Stock up on 4/20 for the best discounts, with most dispensaries offering 25% off storewide, according to data collected from Treez, an enterprise cloud commerce platform for retail operations. Treez, analyzed 7500 discounts representing more than $3.5 million in sales to uncover discounting trends and insights during the week of 4/20.


The Ultimate 420 Product Guide for Massachusetts (Updated 2022 Edition!)

by Thom Baccus | Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

420 may have started out in California, but it’s quickly become a beloved holiday in Massachusetts. The Carniroll music and carnival experience is hosting The Roll Up, a music and community celebration headlined by Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka Flame, and others on April 15th-17th in Northampton. Mas Grass Festival, April 23rd-24th, is another cannabis-forward music and community event happening in Greenfield. The event will host 25 bands, feature a Mystical Village, and a 21+ Glass and Grass Lounge.


Cannabis Drink Expo is the First Cannabis Beverages Only Conference in America

by HighChi | Thursday Aug 26, 2021

Cannabis Drinks Expo, a super hit B2B trade show for all hemp and cannabis-based beverage brands, returns in November, providing the cannabis and drinks industry a unique platform to do business, learn about the category and source amazing brands. While COVID restrictions have hammered trade shows this past year, Cannabis Drink Expo is clear for take-off in Chicago and San Francisco.


4/20 Day Ideas and Activities: Make This Weed Day Unforgettable

by BehindTheWaves | Tuesday Apr 20, 2021

A few fun 420 day ideas and activities that will make this year’s weed day one to remember. Read our list and prepare for the celebration!


Pitch Your Cannabis Idea to Cheech Marin? Cannabis10X Shark Tank Round 3 Goes Old School

by HighChi | Saturday Sep 5, 2020

Cheech is pairing up with Cannabis10X founders Jason Tropf and Holly A Ford to add a humorous yet insightful Keynote with sobering truths about the Cannabis industry. “We are running with a very eclectic crowd!” Tropf said about the addition of Cheech to the line-up. “We work with political leaders, multi-billion dollar funds and celebrities, along with of a wealth of international Cannabis brands all the way to brands launching their seed rounds of funding.”


Red, White, and Green: Stoner-Friendly Activities For The Fourth Of July

by DanaSmith | Friday Jun 30, 2017

So let’s celebrate the work of our forefathers at building the nation… gather up your friends and families, bring out the bongs, and get ready to celebrate the 4th of July this year – 420 style!


The Get Lit Festival In California Is Real, Sign Up Today

by BostonBakedPete | Tuesday Mar 21, 2017

Since is your source for all things cannabis, we felt it was our civic duty to let you in on the buzz surrounding the Get Lit Festival.


DEA Overwhelmed By Tell The Truth About Cannabis Petition

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Feb 1, 2017

Earlier this year they started a petition so that we can all take a stand together and demand that the DEA tell the truth about cannabis and its medicinal properties.


Marijuana Strain Legend Franco Loja Passes Away

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jan 11, 2017

Loja, a 42-year old Italian, was considered by many to be the “Steve Irwin of cannabis” because of his dedication to hunting rare cannabis strains.


15 Marijuana New Years’ Resolutions You Should Be Making

by DanaSmith | Friday Dec 30, 2016

Smoke better quality pot. Come on; you owe it to yourself. Stop buying crap from dealers and go to legit dispensaries to treat yourself with only the best greens out there.