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Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis from Seeds or Clones

by The Undercover Stoner | Tuesday May 15, 2018

Cannabis is an annual plant and isn’t genetically engineered to stay flowering and active for an extended period, if you grow from a clone, it could already be aging and therefore produce fewer buds than a plant grown from a seed.

How To

Mother’s Day Tribute: Tips For Choosing And Keeping Cannabis Mother Plants

by DanaSmith | Friday May 11, 2018

Cannabis mother plants are chosen by growers because they possess superior characteristics. This is the plant used to produce cannabis clones.

How To

5 Secrets To Growing Top Shelf Pot At Home

by DanaSmith | Thursday May 10, 2018

In this article, we’re going to share with you the secrets to growing those big, sparkly top-shelf buds we all love – which you can do right from your own home.

How To

How To Detox Cannabis From Your Body Before a Drug Test

by Lemon Knowles | Monday Apr 30, 2018

Although we do not encourage the use of marijuana in non legal areas, it is true that many people use marijuana. Many people want to detox marijuana from their body for certain reasons, and the most common is the drug test for a job.

How To

How To Tell Synthetic Cannabis From The Real Thing

by DanaSmith | Monday Apr 2, 2018

It also helps to check the prices of the weed you’re buying. The main reason that synthetic cannabis is flourishing is because it’s much cheaper than real pot.

How To

Cannabis Compliance and Getting Your Business Ready For Inspections

by DanaSmith | Friday Mar 30, 2018

But generally, labeling and packaging rules are always strict since they involve public health and safety, but most importantly need to be done in such a way that they don’t look attractive to children.

How To

6 Tips for Successful Greenhouse Cannabis Growing

by BehindTheWaves | Sunday Mar 18, 2018

However, greenhouse growing is a great way to be self-sufficient in producing your own medicine, even if you’re only after a small quantity.

How To

Tips For Growing Cannabis Sustainably

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Mar 7, 2018

With all the health benefits of cannabis, the elephant in the room is that growing it can be bad for the environment. The sheer amount of energy and water need to grow life-saving medicine can take a toll on planet earth.

How To

Grow Room Sanitation Tips You Better Follow

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Feb 28, 2018

Growing any kind of herb or vegetable properly requires cleaning and sanitation – this applies to growing cannabis too.

How To

Have You Ever Tried a Cannabis Lobotomy Bowl?

by Reginald Reefer | Tuesday Feb 27, 2018

Moonrock and Hash balls – You want to place the moonrock and the hash at the bottom sort of like a bed. Moonrock and Hash will burn the slowest and in the case of hash.