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Did Napoleon Fail Because of Freezing Weather or His Troops Kept Getting High Everyday?

by Joseph Billions | Thursday Nov 30, 2023

Contrary to the legend that Napoleon banned hashish due to his soldiers being too stoned to fight, this notion is as much a misconception as Ridley Scott's film. In reality, hashish was not outlawed until after the campaign's conclusion, and Napoleon himself didn't enact the ban but by one of his generals.


Do People Still Smoke Spliffs? (Wait, What is a Spliff, Exactly?)

by Chiara C | Sunday Jul 24, 2022

Simply put, a spliff is a special mix of tobacco and marijuana properly rolled into a joint. This unique blend has been a part of cannabis culture for a long time. This has seen it being incorporated into different types of songs, movies and art used to promote the stoner culture. Easy Skanking, the famous song from music icon Bob Marley comes to mind as he started with “excuse me while I light my spliff”.


Cannabis Cases Can All Be Dismissed by a Jury, If the Jury Agrees on a Cannabis Nullification Decision

by BehindTheWaves | Monday Jul 11, 2022

For centuries, jury nullification has been a way of protecting and defending the people from unjust laws. In an attempt to keep power away from an oppressive government and the people, jury nullification enables citizens (particularly a jury) to veto a guilty verdict even while evidence suggests otherwise.


What is Cannabis Ruderalis and How Did It Change Everything?

by Chiara C | Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

Cannabis ruderalis is one of these varieties of cannabis that would have probably been lost to time if not for a special trait. C. ruderalis originated in the Volga River Valley in Russia (most likely) but was first identified in Siberia in 1924. C. ruderalis has also been found throughout North America and central and eastern Europe; it wasn’t ever a strain that people were interested in until the 1980s when seeds of C. ruderalis were sent to the Seed Bank in Amsterdam.


Have Your Tried Lighting Up with Hemp Wick? Wait, What is Hemp Wick?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Saturday Jun 11, 2022

Hemp wick is a long twine made from natural hemp fibers and coated with beeswax. Thanks to the beeswax, the hemp wick acts like a candlestick taking a very long time to burn. Hemp wick can be used to light pipes and bongs, and advocates affirmed that is a healthier option compared to matches or lighters.


What is Science Telling Us About Cannabis and Its Impact on Society?

by The Undercover Stoner | Thursday Feb 3, 2022

The first scientific mention of the weed dates back to 1542 when the German botanist Leonard Fuchs placed a new object called Cannabis sativa on the pages of his book Description of Plants. However, the history of hemp cultivation had begun long before the discovery of Fuchs, as early as 2350 BC. The ancient Egyptians used cannabis for medical and household purposes. The oldest medical prescription dates back to 1700 BC and presents a recipe for eye ointment. Just like our ancestors, we can buy delta 8 THC legally today because cannabis remains an extremely important herb in medicine.


Cannabis Tech is Hot, But How Did We Get Here? - A Review of the Technology Evolution of the Cannabis Industry

by BostonBakedPete | Tuesday Nov 2, 2021

One of the driving forces behind the growth of the cannabis industry is technology. Technology has improved different sectors of the cannabis industry, and the quality of marijuana is at an all-time high. This article will discuss the role of technology in the evolution of the cannabis industry.


Did Cannabis Plants Originate in China a Wicked Long Time Ago?

by DanaSmith | Saturday Aug 21, 2021

A new genetic study, which is the biggest study analyzing cannabis genomes to date, points to northwestern China. Researchers have found that it was likely grown in the early Neolithic era where China merges with Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan on the borders. From here, it’s believed that cannabis spread around the world and grew into different varieties.


What is Kush Weed? (The Rookie's Guide)

by Lemon Knowles | Sunday Apr 18, 2021

When an experienced cannabis user hears the slang "kush", the first thing that comes to mind is high-quality weed. That's what the kush strain is— a highly potent weed. Officially, Kush is a term used to classify a family of Indica-dominant cannabis strains. Unofficially, it is the go-to term used by the western world to qualify high-quality black market cannabis. The ancestry of the kush weed can be traced to the region known as the Hindu Kush— it was also named after this region.


Cannabis Hash - A Medical History for the Ages

by christalcann | Friday May 8, 2020

The cannabis plant’s history stretches back thousands of years. Seeing that hash derives from the cannabis plant, it is, and always was incorporated in history. The first discovery of the cannabis plant comes from central Asia where it was vigorously included in agricultural societies. In the beginning, it was mostly used for fiber, cordage, and clothing. As the nomadic tribes started growing more hemp, the gradually discovered the other magical uses of cannabis.