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Tourists Are Flocking to Thailand for Cannabis? - Hits Bangkok to Check Out the Thai Weed Scene

by DanaSmith | Sunday Jul 30, 2023

Anyone can go into a dispensary and buy weed. As tourists, we were not once asked for any sort of identification in any of the many dispensaries we walked into. We were able to buy by the gram, topicals, and gummies. Several shops were even open until 2 or 4AM. Technically speaking, the law says that only adults aged 20 and up are allowed to buy cannabis in dispensaries, but not a single one asked for an ID.


Can You Bring Weed on a Cruise Ship? - International Waters and Ports-of-Call Matter!

by Karhlyle | Saturday Jul 29, 2023

Due to federal laws, marijuana products are classified as illegal, leading to their complete prohibition across almost every cruise line and river cruise company. This comprehensive ban extends to substances like delta-8, cannabinoid hemp products, CBD, and medical marijuana.


The Best Cannabis-Friendly Tourist Hot Spots Outside the USA (2023 Update)

by DanaSmith | Sunday Jul 16, 2023

It’s just one of several avenues that pour cash in from pot-loving tourists, boosting the economy where recreational cannabis is legal. Nowadays, there are more countries legalizing weed; slowly but surely, Amsterdam is no longer the only place in the world that is synonymous to a stoner’s paradise. A recreational cannabis-friendly destination is extremely attractive to the growing number of pot-loving tourists around the globe.


In What States is Weed Legal Right Now? (2023 Updated List)

by HighChi | Sunday Mar 5, 2023

While not all Americans have access to cannabis, 41 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia have established medical marijuana programs, with 23 of those states fully legalizing cannabis for adult use or decriminalizing it. As of November 2022, here is a comprehensive and up-to-date list of the legality of cannabis and its products throughout the United States.


Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Mississippi?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Tuesday Sep 20, 2022

Mississippi voters approved allowing medical cannabis in November 2020 and chose Initiative 65, a comprehensive, citizen-initiated constitutional amendment to legalize medical cannabis. This program would permit patients with specific medical ailments to purchase cannabis products in order to fight their diseases and stregthen their immune system. It was approved by 74% of Mississippi voters in the midterm elections. The number of companies that might be licensed to produce, grow, and distribute goods was likewise unrestricted under the program.


The Griner Effect - 10 Countries You Should Never Try and Bring Marijuana Into When You Visit

by jsp1073 | Tuesday Aug 16, 2022

 If you enjoy smoking cannabis and don't want to end up in prison during your holiday, I suggest you read on to learn about the ten countries where the laws on the use and possession of marijuana are more strict. Here are the ten countries where cannabis is seriously prohibited.


Is There Hope for the Philippines to Legalize Marijuana Now That Anti-Drug Zealot President Duterte is Out?

by DanaSmith | Sunday Aug 7, 2022

Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. also known as Bong Bong Marcos, is by no means a lesser evil: the Filipino people elected the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, notorious for his iron rule in the country from 1965 to 1986, and placing the Philippines under martial law, which many recall as the dark ages. For fourteen years, the Marcos administration was able to get away with numerous human rights abuses especially against journalists who tried to speak up against the Marcos government.


Cyprus Approved Medical Marijuana in 2017, But Then Nothing Happened for 5 Years

by Joseph Billions | Saturday Jul 30, 2022

Medical marijuana is completely illegal in Cyprus, unlike neighboring countries that allow cannabis dispensaries to function. When the government announced a reform in 2017, many were ecstatic that the reform signaled new beginnings, but nothing has happened. No cancer patient in the later stage of the disease has been treated with Cannabis flowers, oils, or infused drugs.


Is It Legal to Smoke Weed in Public in Canada?

by christalcann | Thursday Jul 21, 2022

The laws on cannabis are liable to fast changes as provinces in Canada refine guidelines. On the local and federal levels, regulations could alter throughout the year or shortly after. Due to popular demand, information learned from data, and other facts, some laws may likely be altered. Local regulations may also alter as a result of tourist demand. Whatever the situation, there is a good chance that the current laws will change somehow. At the very least, we are aware that concentrates and edibles are about to arrive and that another set of rules for public consumption will follow.


Magic Mushroom Tourism and Vacations - The 5 Best Places to Vacation and Do Psilocybin Mushrooms

by DanaSmith | Friday Jun 24, 2022

These are some great places where you can trip out to magic mushrooms. However, be wary of the current local laws regarding mushrooms; some places may tolerate them while in others they may be outright illegal. We don’t condone illegal uses even if other tourists can get away with it, so always do your research before planning a trip to take magic mushrooms.