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Marijuana Marketing Online - Tips For Getting Traffic and Followers

by Laurie Lyons | Friday Jun 16, 2017

But as marijuana is widely restricted, a lot of these new companies have problems with advertising their product.


Can Cannabis Businesses Get A Loan?

by Nanci Chi-Town | Friday Jun 9, 2017

To get your cannabis equipment financed, naturally you will have to be based in one of the states that have legalized cannabis.


How Employers Should Deal With Cannabis Use

by DanaSmith | Tuesday May 30, 2017

Not all businesses are in favor of having employees use cannabis, even if it’s outside office hours.


Cannabis Seeds and How to Find Good Ones

by Oaktree | Wednesday Mar 15, 2017

Cannabis Seeds Rule at the Spannabis Weed Show in Barcelona as seed banks take over 100 booths.


Marijuana Stocks: Time to Buy or Pump the Brakes

by christalcann | Thursday Mar 2, 2017

Unless you think the entire North American cannabis industry, which includes Canada, is about to stop growing and selling cannabis, then this looks like a good time to step in and take advantage of the recent pullbacks.


Can You Insure A Marijuana Dispensary?

by DanaSmith | Sunday Feb 26, 2017

As legalization moves full steam ahead, more business owners need to think about how to protect their business. Just like with any other industry, recreational and medical dispensaries face the risk of theft and fires.


Benefits of Cannabis in Beauty Products

by Reginald Reefer | Friday Feb 3, 2017

Doesn’t it just sound natural? With everything we are learning about Cannabis, it is almost impossible to miss the benefits it offers in beauty products.


Marijuana Themed Weddings - Until Weed Do Us Part

by DanaSmith | Saturday Jan 28, 2017

Many things can bring a couple closer romantically, and one of them is weed. So it’s no surprise that for couples who share a passion for toking, pot would inevitably become a part of the wedding.


Where The Cannabis Jobs Are In 2017?

by DanaSmith | Wednesday Jan 25, 2017

During the recent Emerald Cup, many supporters and businessmen in the cannabis industry gave some insight on what can be expected in the employment department this year 2017.


Protect Your Marijuana IP Rights and Cannabis Patents

by DanaSmith | Monday Jan 23, 2017

While the USPTO still won’t patent or trademark marijuana strains generally, there are ways around it so that cannabusiness owners can benefit.