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What Does the Shutting Down of the AdvisorShares Cannabis ETF Investment Fund Say About the Future of the Marijuana Industry?

by Chiara C | Tuesday Aug 22, 2023

Does that mean there is no hope for the future of cannabis investing?  Marijuana businesses today are closing for a varitey of reasons, but an investment fund usually has a 3 to 5 year outlook.  One problem with this fund closing is that it is basically a statement that "the 3 to 5 year look ahead to make a decent return is just not there", better to put your money in other stocks or assets to make money for the next 5 years. Another problem that is known by industy insiders is that while big "sales" headlines create nice headlines, profits remain elusive for almost 75% of cannabis businesses in America according to Whitney Economics.


Can You Solve the Illicit Cannabis Market Problem by Throwing Money at It? New York Bets $16 Million It Can Fix the Unsolvable!

by Laurel Leaf | Sunday May 7, 2023

According to the Buffalo News, the budget bill in New York has earmarked $16 million to tackle unlicensed cannabis dispensaries. Governor Kathy Hochul (D) signed the legislation, which raises fines for unlawful operators from $500 to a maximum of $7,500 for initial offences. The bill also increases monetary penalties to triple the taxes that could have been generated from the sales.


Is It Expensive to Grow Weed? - How Much Cost Does Cost to Grow Cannabis Across the Country

by BostonBakedPete | Thursday Apr 13, 2023

In addition to the costs of labor, utilities, and fertilizers used in crop cultivation, farmers must also pay for the transportation of their products to different parties, such as processors, distributors, and retailers. They must also pay numerous taxes and fees frequently deducted by state and local authorities to receive a cultivation license.


All Dispensaries Are the Same, Really - How A Dispensary Can Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

by Joseph Billions | Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

But, differentiating your store and increasing market share is crucial for success. In this article, we will uncover effective strategies for gaining a competitive edge as a cannabis retailer. These tactics will help you attract and retain customers in this competitive industry.


Oregon Weed Compay Files Lawsuit to Be Able to Export Cannabis to Other States Citing the Dormant Commerce Clause

by Laurel Leaf | Tuesday Nov 22, 2022

There is no legally sufficient cause for any other State or Oregon to prohibit marijuana importation or exportation, it argues. Protecting the local cannabis sector is inherently protectionist and thus clearly unconstitutional under the Dormant Commerce Clause. However, it's uncertain if the state would accept the plaintiffs' offer.


Which Jobs Do the Most Drug Testing for Weed?

by Karhlyle | Sunday Oct 9, 2022

It was found that industries that are not safety-sensitive recorded the lowest rate of testing for cannabis. In contrast, industries that are safety-sensitive carried out more tests on their employees, especially the warehousing and transportation industry which recorded the highest percentage of testing workers.


Do Pesticides Change the Taste and Smell of Your Cannabis? How Can You Tell?

by Joseph Billions | Friday Oct 7, 2022

It is safe to say now that we can all agree that pesticides can affect the flavor of cannabis buds. This piece of information might just be the reason why customers are not getting that cannabis on the shelf. Therefore, it is something that must be considered carefully by cultivators during the cultivation process. In cases where its use can be avoided, its best to avoid it and in cases where it cannot, limited use is advised.


Is It Time for Some 'Adulting' in the Cannabis Industry?

by Chiara C | Wednesday Oct 5, 2022

If we don't, as CEOs of a vertically integrated cannabis company, we will often find ourselves returning to this "adulting" issue as the years go by. This post contains comprehensive information obtained from respected cannabis stakeholders in the US cannabis market about their views on navigating the cannabis market..


Pennsylvania Begins Large Scale Pardoning for Non-Violent Cannabis Convictions

by Laurel Leaf | Friday Sep 16, 2022

Wolf and Fetterman's goal to pardon thousands of Pennsylvanians for minor cannabis charges may be the state's only chance at effecting cannabis reform projects. This is because cannabis legalization hasn't been a prominent topic in the upcoming gubernatorial race in the state. As expected, the success of this program may convince the Republican-led legislature of the need to introduce cannabis reform, in addition to swaying the popular votes in Democratic favor in the coming elections.


Nitrogen-Infused Cannabis? Debunking a Myth about Marijuana Packaging

by HighChi | Wednesday Sep 14, 2022

The reason for the airtight slogan is that oxygen is the last element you want resting with cannabis compounds like THC. Oxygen is entirely reactive and will interact with THC molecules in cannabis and convert it to CBD. This reactive nature of oxygen is known as oxidation. It is what makes apple sciences turn brown and make metal rust.