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Dispensaries vs. Delivery - What is the Future of Cannabis?

by Laurie Lyons | Thursday Sep 13, 2018

Marijuana delivery has become a point of contention in many states, like most laws pertaining to cannabis, they differ from state to state and even county to county.


RTP GOLD Series - Manual Twist Rosin Press - Review

by Thom Baccus | Thursday Aug 30, 2018

RTP GOLD Series Manual Twist Rosin Press was developed by Rosin Tech, the company behind many of the best Rosin Presses currently on the market.


How Dispensaries Can Make Use Of Customer Loyalty Marketing

by DanaSmith | Monday Jul 16, 2018

Customer loyalty programs communicate to your customers that you value them and the business they bring in, and that their loyalty doesn’t go unnoticed. It will inspire them to stay loyal to your store as well as the community that it helps to create.


Why Reliable Cannabis Tracking Software Will Be a Necessity For Legalization

by christalcann | Friday Jul 13, 2018

Seed-to-sale technology refers to software innovations that are used by the marijuana industry to monitor processes and track inventory all through the marijuana supply chain. With it, operators can track every aspect of the marijuana supply chain.


Cannabis Industry To Create 340,000 Full-Time Jobs By 2022

by The Undercover Stoner | Thursday Jun 21, 2018

A separate report from, a job postings site, stated that cannabis job posts saw a whopping 693% increase from the last quarter of 2016 to the last quarter of 2017. Most of the jobs were for California, Washington, and Colorado, not surprisingly.


6 Cannabis Cyrptocurrencies You Should Know About Today

by Lemon Knowles | Friday Jun 15, 2018

The cannabis markets carry plenty of potential for cryptocurrency and blockchain applications. Blockchain technology can alleviate both of those issues for the cannabis industry and enable businesses to thrive despite the hurdles they face.


Cannabis Marketing Fundamentals: Creating Powerful Buyer Personas

by Lemon Knowles | Thursday May 10, 2018

Basically, a buyer persona is a fictional character that represents a specific demographic that a marketing campaign is targeting.


5 Successful CEO’s & Billionaires Who Use Cannabis

by Lemon Knowles | Friday May 4, 2018

So the next time someone tells you that smoking pot will make you stupid or will prevent you from achieving a successful career, here’s a list of some of the biggest and wealthiest names in business who have admitted to using pot.


Why Aren’t Cannabis Industry Workers Serious About Workplace Safety?

by DanaSmith | Friday Apr 6, 2018

But before you point your fingers to executive level management and business owners, the study also found that many employees show up to work stoned and get high in the workplace.


Cannabis Legalization Helps Struggling Local Economies Study Proves

by Nanci Chi-Town | Friday Mar 23, 2018

Pueblo’s economy suffered from the downfall of the steel industry which caused them to struggle for years just to stay afloat. Many thought the city was permanently doomed.